Major Changes to Chaos Tonight

We here at just received some major news that is bound to shake up Chaos for tonight.

We have learned from God himself that the Main Event for tonight’s programming that feature an ICON championship title match between champion, Ray McAvay, and challenger, Cecilworth Farthington, has been replaced with another match and that match is…..

Mike Best vs Chris Kostoff

The battle between the two Hall of Famers, and legendary stars in High Octane Wrestling history continue their epic feud as the two battle it out in an HOFC match.

Who will walk out victorious this Friday night on Chaos as the victor? Tune in to find out.

Other changes made to the card involve the lovable giant, Trent vs the fiery, Electra is the new opener for Chaos which should be a great opener to get the crowd enthused for this action packed event tonight!