May 2009 Best of E-Wrestling Poll Results

Here’s what EW Torch readers nominated as the Best of May!

1. MVP

– Cameron Cruise, NFW

– Hannah Rickman/Laura, Evolution Wrestling

– Jason Snow, PRIME,

– Krow, FWO

– ‘Triple X’ Sean Stevens, EPW

2. Best Singles Wrestler

– Jason Snow, PRIME

– Sebastian Cross/Tim, TFWF

– Joe The Plumber, NFW

3. Best Tag Team

– Vox Nihili (Alias and Karina Wolfenden), FWO

– Project Nova/Marc, Manny Rodruiguez/Jayden Knights, TFWF,

– Hollywood Wrecking Crew (Blaine Hollywood and Malik Anderson), NFW

– Bold New Disaster (Problem Child & Castor V. Strife), NFW

4. Best Female Wrestler

– Aimz (Amy Campbell), SCCW

– Kirsta Lewis, TFWF

– Karina Wolfenden, FWO

– Teresa Quaranta, NFW

5. Best Match of the Month (Ted’s top matches, plus reader nominations)

– Chandler Tsonda vs. Garbage Bag Johnny vs. Jason Snow (Hell In A Cell Universal Championship Match) PRIME, UltraViolence 2009 ****1/2

– Vox Nihili (Karina Wolfenden & Alias) vs. Team VIAGRA v2 (Mary-Lynn Mayweather & David Noble) (Steel Cage Match), FWO reAction 5/6/09 ****1/2

– Max Danger vs. Krow, FWO, reAction 5/27/09 ****

– Kobe Gyant vs. Dr. Silaconne M. Plants, BOB, Gluttons for Punishment 2 ****

– Jerri Li vs. Sarah, BOB, Gluttons for Punishment 2 ***3/4

Reader Nominations:

– Krow vs. KSZ, FWO Hardcore Title, reAction (I gave this **3/4)

– Level One vs. Crazyman, I Quit Match

– “Majikal Mayhem” Vance Bonesteel vs. Aramis (Falls Count Anywhere Grudge Match) Xtreme 5/3/09

6. Best Roleplay

– Jason Snow, Cosa Nostra 2.09 – Worst Enemy

– Level One, One’s Forgiveness

-Jon Rhine, The Pelican

7. Best On-Card Segment

Where No One Has Gone Before (Ivy, XS and the star of the seg… Tony Davis)

– Kirsta Lewis, The Management and Mike Mitchell

One Answer, Many Questions, Chandler Tsonda + Jason Snow + Garbage Bag Johnny

8. Best PPV/TV Show

FWO reAction 18 – Free Wrestling Day, FWO,

– Level One vs. Crazyman, The Experts, (here and here)

ReVolution 194, PRIME,

9. Best Angle/Storyline

– FWO Free Wrestling Day – In the latest champter of FWO vs. Seattle, the Beav decides that to boost attendances and win over some of the locals he’ll host a free wrestling day. It didn’t turn out to good (duh!). The crowd may have swelled, but most were more interested in starting a fight than watching one, and the chaos spread to backstage where the less disciplined superstars got a little too into the spirit of the event… especially Xander Scott who ended up vomiting his title shot into the toilet, allowing Krow to step in and make Ivy’s worst nightmare a reality by taking out High Flyer to win the FWO world title, FWO,

– Dorian Wong vs. Sebastian Cross for TFWF Death or Glory 2009. Basically a big feud between two of the top guys in TFWF where Dorian, a dark and twisted character, wants to maim Cross, and Cross, an anti-hero, wants to rid TFWF of Wong. Wong made a match for D.O.G. 09, an Inferno Match with his own career on the line, before going on to burn Cross in the weeks leading up to the PPV,

-The mystery in PRIME surrounding assaults on Jason Snow, Garbage Bag Johnny, and Chandler Tsonda, all perpetrated by the mercenary Hessian, comes to a head at PRIME when Hessian embraces GBJ. On the following week’s Revolution, Hessian reveals that a myserious benefactor has paid him to protect GBJ, and he only attacked the man to throw off suspicions.