More Fall Out from High Octane TV

Two days after High Octane Television announced that they would only carry High Octane Wrestling programming…

HOTv Goes Octane Only– High Octane Television

…the other two wrestling federations involved, Siberian Wrestling and Political Championship Wrestling have made their moves.

Siberian Wrestling announced yesterday on their website that they would be joining The Experts E-Federation…

Experts Ranking for 6/14 – Siberian Wrestling

“As most of you know by now we are a part of The Experts, one of the most original and and consistent interfeds around.” – Bryan from Siberian Wrestling

Political Championship Wrestling released a statement last night that they had re-upped their deal with P-SPAN to continue to carry PCW programming on Sunday nights.

PCW Re-Ups with P-SPAN – Political Championship Wrestling

PCW stated that they would have more to say about what happened tomorrow night during PCW Extreme Political TV.