News of DARC 4

“#Energy: #SecondShot is in the books, and the crowning of our inaugural DARC Pro Heavyweight Champion has been decided! The match itself was without controversy, however the aftermath, as everyone is buzzing about, saw the return of our special celebrity guest Scooby-Doo blast our new Champion Carmen Cambridge right in those infamously damaged ribs with a lead pipe. Yes folks, our beloved childhero Scooby-Doo…ruined what otherwise would have been a special moment for our new Champion. Carmen was unavailable for comment as she was being checked for internal injuries as of this newswire. We expect her to address this attack during episode three of #Energy: #Suspicions.”

“THE Parker Van Peters was successful in defending his DARC Horse title, although unlike Carmen, his match wasn’t exactly without controversy. As such, next week on the premiere episode of #Gravity, Parker will be defending that Title – versus all of Cecily Bell, Veronica Taylor, KORO – in three separate, one-on-one matches. Should he be successful here, he will still be required to defend his Title during #Energy: #Suspicions. Yes folks, that’s four title defenses in the span of two weeks. How’s that for a fighting champion?”

“Cory Chevelle got into a bit of a scuffle with Fat White Guy and KORO, until Parker saved the day. Cory was able to shake it off and still went on to fight Carmen in the first semi-final, but some speculate he may not have been at 100% after that attack. In a way…Cory Chevelle lost out on a shot at being the DARC Pro Heavyweight Champion…thanks to The Collective. You can bet the Silverback is pissed…and I know, I for one, would NOT want to be in the way of an angry Hellbilly!”

“Muhammad Murder finally picked up his first win of his DARC career, although he doesn’t feel much like a winner after the antics of #KandyInDemand. James Kelloggs surely isn’t all that happy with these two either, after their antics on him. These four will meet in a tag team match at #Energy: Suspicions, in two weeks, as Muhammad Murder teams up with the Bad Ass, to fight #MrOffBrand, and his girlfriend Kandy Kane!”

“Lastly, you can catch the replay of #Energy: #SecondShot here, and to coincide with the build up to #Energy: #Suspicions, follow along with Carmen Cambridge on social media (@thecarmenway) using the hashtag “#WhoBlastedCambridge”, as she begins her interrogations into who…well, blasted her under the guise of Scooby-Doo. Attached to this newswire is a poll of a small list of many potential suspects – Carmen Cambridge has made a lot of enemies though, so the poll could be limitless. All we know for sure, is that Michael Chadwick, Dennis Varlet, Cruz Bleckley, Logan Caudell, and Delikado, were already present ringside and thus wouldn’t have had time to dress as Scooby-Doo. But as for anyone else…………