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Takashi Shinobu, Asuka Yoshiro & KOJIMA vs. Giovanni Moriello, Joey Edwards & Vincent Van Hendriks

James Peterson announced that New Japan Fighting Championship would be making a trio’s tag team championship which would come into full tuition later on this calender year. This tag team division will be known as the “EXODUS” division and each match will be an elimination based tag team match. At Stardom we get to see the debut of three new NJFC superstars as well as the return of two. Making their debut’s on one team are the team formally known as “The Rebellion” led by veteran wrestler who has just come out of retirement, Joey Edwards – former XWA Hardcore Champion and multiple time champion under the bebo wrestling network banner. His team of misfits include Giovanni Moriello who was last seen competing at Glory For Puroresu, and Vincent Van Hendriks who was last seen at Xtreme Wrestling Alliance. They’ll be taking on the team of NJFC originals; Takashi Shinobu, who is a former JFC Heavyweight Champion (during the last cycle of NJFC back in 09) as well as being a triple crown champ. Accompanying him are the familiar pairing of Asuka Yoshiro and KOJIMA who were the last pair to hold tag team gold here in NJFC during the 2009 cycle. 

Josh Garth vs. Talon Miles

Garth was a labeled as ‘weird’ as a child , hanging out with the wrestling geeks. He became so in love with wrestling he decided to start training at Saint Mary’s Academy, later being kicked out for holding in an submission for too long, he found a way to convince his family into moving on a different continent. At Stardom I, Josh Garth will make his professional debut taking on the self proclaimed “Miracle”, Talon Miles. Growing up a fan of professional wrestling, he trained with the best in the world under the tool-age of Montana with Montana Championship Wrestling. He is looking to make a name for himself right here in New Japan Fighting Championship. Both of these Junior Heavyweights will be looking to impress on their debuts, with their eyes on contention for the title in future shows, could the winner of this match soon find himself with a title shot?

Dylan Knight s. Jason Hunter

Both Jason Hunter and Dylan Knight impressed fans in London England at Global Takeover, with Dylan Knight being the man to eliminate the most superstars in the battle royal whilst Jason Hunter displayed glimpses of the superstar he is destined to be. Both young, hungry and wanting to elavate, this match here at Stardom is pivotal for these two Junior Heavyweights; who of course want to get into the title picture, but should also be thinking about challenging for the Global Championship, as both men showed that they’re capable of being up their with the best of the Heavyweight division. 

Tara Davidson (c) vs. King Flip

The Queen of NJFC maybe the new GPC Fighting Junior Hvy Champ but the possession of the championship belt is still with the King, who alongside Nurse Kinsley at Global Takeover; took both the Junior Heavyweight title and the Global title. This didn’t sit well with the new champion who charged into the head offices and demanded that King Flip would be suspended from duty as well his home raided so that the championship belt could be in her possession. The head offices found the proposal from Tara a little outrageous and instead, suggested that Nurse Kinsley would be banned from interfering in the match; if she does, the contract of both superstars being ripped to shreds. As well as this, if King Flip attempts to repeat this stunt; that will also see his contract terminated. With tensions high and a lot on the line, these two fierce rivals will collide at the biggest stage of them all; STARDOM I, for the GPC Fighting Junior Heavyweight Championship!

Bronx Valescence vs. Luke Wolfe vs. Ryan Kidd

This match has the potential to be a main event match in the next coming months. Three of wrestlings juggernauts collide in the ring for the very first time with the controversial Bronx Valescence making his debut. Saying that Bronx is a well known name within the wrestling industry would be an understatement. The NGW Unified Heavyweight champion rose to stardom during his time at Galveston Island Wrestling and hasn’t stopped rising as he’s continued to spread his name across the globe, over at Four Corners Wrestling, Anazac Pro Wrestling, New Generation Wrestling but now, he’s come to Japan! Luke Wolfe needs no introduction to the EWC Universe and NJFC native audience. Currently competing within the EWC; Luke Wolfe is one of the most talented wrestlers of his generation, as well as being a well equipped martial arts fighter, a former UFW Heavyweight Champion during his cage fighting years. And then there’s Mister Ryan Kidd; the former Second City Wrestling (now known as REDEFINE wrestling) World Heavyweight Champion, former UWL Junior Heavyweight Champion as well as UWL International Champion. He dominated during his time in the United Wrestling League, being one of the most decorated wrestlers within the league. He made a name for himself in Frontier Grappling Arts; the place where it all began for the young Ryan Kidd, who continued to rise to prominence up to this day. After a long sabbatical, Ryan Kidd makes his return to the four sided ring and will sure need to rub off any ring rust if he has any, because his opponents are two of the best. 

Hiroyoshi Suzuki vs. Rick O’Shea

Rick O’Shea was unlucky at Global Takeover when he stepped into the ring with the deity of devastation, Eric Darkthorne, in a back and forth contest where Darkthorne was the victory. O’Shea will be looking to get a win under his belt and he’ll be facing a man who isn’t enjoying his time in New Japan Fighting Championship at all, Hiroyoshi Suzuki. Suzuki made it clear that he believes “his” company is being sabotaged, claiming that James Peterson is trying to exclude native Japanese stars; and that NJFC will soon turn into an American corporation instead of the Japanese wrestling promotion that it should be.  Suzuki and O’Shea are two heavyweights who have something to prove and this match between the two, promises to be an intriguing one. 
Eric Darkthorne vs. Ronin

Eric Darkthorne managed to contradict a lot of expectations and come out with the win against Rick O’Shea at Global Takeover, an impressive win, to say the least. Darkthorne has already been hyped up by James Peterson who was impressed by the showing of both O’Shea and Darkthorne but particularly Darkthorne, he even said that he see’s Darkthorne challenging for the World title in the coming months. Darkthorne has a chance to solidify his status in NJFC as he take son newcomer Ronin. Ronin was raised in a very traditional family His father had been a wrestler and promoter for a short time before starting a family. He taught Ronin about tradition and showed him how wrestling use to be. Growing up there was nothing else he wanted to be and he started studying Judo and mixed martial arts at the age of 12. After graduating he attended Nippon Sport Science University and from there he started working the independent promotions across Japan and even traveling to Mexico, which is where he learned a lot of the high flying techniques he uses today. Ready for his shot at the Big Leagues he has accepted a position with NJFC and EWC. 

Kurt Newman vs. Shelley Silver vs. Olivia Saint

At Global Takeover, Kurt Newman made his shocking return to wrestling and ambushed Johnny Bonecrusher and Stefan Raab, viciously assaulting them before grabbing the Global title and raising it high above his head to the boo’s of the fans. Kurt Newman has since said that the championship should be in his possession as his match at Rising Sun Revolution didn’t have a definitive end and the title was vacated, but he claims the title should have been given to him afterwards. Shelley Silver and Olivia Saint managed to pick up a win at Global Takeover but as a duo but now, they’re going to be facing one another for a chance at competing for the NJFC Global title at Retribution. Newman, Silver and Saint are all desperate to make an instant impact in NJFC and this is a chance of making that impact.

Owen Daniels vs. Storm

It was supposed to happen at Global Takeover but it didn’t. But at Stardom it has been confirmed that these two will be there and will square off for a third and possibly final time at the biggest stage of them all! STARDOM I! One of the most fierce rivalries between two siblings is all coming to an end at STARDOM, both superstars are quoted to have said this will be the match to end all; the decider, between the two brothers who have turmoil dating back to their childhood. The two have reconciled since then and there are even rumors that a alliance between the two may form somewhere down the line. 
Johnny Bonecrusher (c) vs. Stefan Raab

At Global Takeover Johnny Bonecrusher was the victorious one in the invitational battle royal main event, managing to eliminate Nurse Kinsley. Bonecrushers title however was stolen by Nurse Kinsley who’s rumored to be present at Stardom to hand the title back to Bonecrusher. Stefan Raab’s journey to the Global title started back at Rising Sun Revolution when he took on three other opponents and managed to defeat them all to earn his spot at a championship match at Stardom. He wasn’t able to secure the win against Jace at Global Takeover but that won’t stop the hunger or the motivation levels of the 49 year old German wrestler. These two are both veterans in terms of experience and when they collide as Global Takeover, it promises to be a match of skill and back and forth action. 

Jason P Davidson vs. John Pariah

FINALLY! At Stardom we are going to crown our first ever GPC World Heavyweight champion and it’s between the two who reached the finals of the Collision Course tournament last year, in one of the most epic matches in NJFC history; one of the most watched matches on EWC.TV. Jason P Davidson has been unstoppable. No one has literally been able to stop Jason P Davidson who has won every single match he has competed in during his time here in NJFC. The closest to stopping him was undoubtedly John Pariah who has since then been on a war path in the wrestling industry, taking his talent over to Boardwalk Wrestling and making an instant impact over there with consecutive wins. John Pariah was at Global Takeover when James Peterson announced that there wasn’t another number one contender for the title. Pariah came out and asked for one more match against Jason P Davidson, a match that was so illusive and mesmerizing last time round. This one promises to be a five out of five match in rating, promises to be an epic encounter with Jason P Davidson as the favorite but you should never write off John Pariah. Especially with his recent form, he’s looking to contradict the expectations!