Non-HMO Elective Quizzical Surgery Wants YOU!

I’m putting out an APB for all of those interested in being interviewed.  Yes, I’d like to delve into the mind of some professional wrestlers out there and see what makes them tick.  Not in the sadistic Cylar way but in the way a journalist makes you say the things you shouldn’t.

Am I journalist?  Not really.  But I’ll ask the questions I wanna know the answers to and maybe some the fans are wondering about.  So, in a nutshell, I’ll beginning my NEW column (which will hopefully be monthly) called…

Non-HMO Elective Quizzical Surgery.

First cab of the ranks, a personal friend of mine… Shepherd!

Expect that interview out in the next few days.  We talk about his early years in EWA, the loss of his hand and where he thinks his career is at right now.  Stay tuned and you can get those “interview requests” into me by going to my bio page and filling out the contact form.

Look forward to hearing who you’d like to see me interview.