OOC Much?: Your character development sucks because of you

From the Handler of “Pretty” Ricky Stanton:

I’m a firm believer in character development. It’s the meat and potatoes of your life in any e-fed. So if you think that you’re going in roleplay a blazing thinking you’re going to win, guess again.

You ain’t winning jack squat.  But why? You may ask. Consider this:

  1. No one knows who the hell this character is. Fed heads have to keep in mind the storyline that’s going to make people read the results. At the end of the day, your character description may sound cool, but your character development is what’s going to win belts.
  2. You really didn’t think through your application process. What are you presenting to the fed? Are you adding anything to their history that people will remember? Is there even a possibility?
  3. Will you generate a following for this character? If you don’t know, then probably not.

Here are a few steps in that character progression: It’s not a blueprint for character development but important.

  1. No, no matter how good he was at another fed there must be room for epic losses until the storyline is found and developed.
  2. The road to a championship at this point is based on opportunity, not entitlement.  Otherwise, continue to work on character development to get victories and capitalize losses in your rps. It will happen. Patience is a virtue
  3. Character development must be an addition to the match rp, NOT THE RP. Don’t aggravate a judge with 800 words of development, but 10 words about the match. You’ve got to fuse both into an rp to provide momentum and understanding to the match. Not to mention, it helps to build up the match when you have something to work with on the other side.


Just another handler with some experience