OPW Fans Refunded Money for Friday Night No-Show

from Orlando Pro Wrestling:

Fans who stood in line for several hours to buy tickets to a recent Orlando Pro Wrestling event were told to return their ticket stubs in order to recieve a full refund.

Orlando Pro Wrestling no longer has a television contract with the FOX Sports Entertainment Network and seems to be in jeopardy of folding in the very near future.

One fan, receiving a refund, had this to say. “I feel like we’ve been ripped off and had our time wasted. We came here to see a wrestling event and instead we’re being treated like this? We’re all being handed our money back and just told ‘Sorry for the inconvience’ What’s going on?”

Another fan also voiced her concerns. “They shouldn’t have even scheduled a show if they were going to cancel it on everybody the last minute like this. That’s just a bad way to do business. People are upset. I’m upset. My family and friends are upset. I was really looking forward to having fun tonight. I guess we’ll just go to City Walk and get drunk and raped instead.”

There is also a rumor going around that soon after John Angelo reacquired Orlando Pro Wrestling from Pamela Vance and Shawn Fox, another entrepreneur laid a very tempting offer on the table to purchase the promotion. That man is none other than the former owner of the Superstar Wrestling Federation and Future Wrestling League, Mr. Matthew Martin.

Despite this week’s show not happening, a non-televised event is scheduled for Saturday, July 4th. Will this event end up being another cancelled show or will OPW find a way to pull itself together? So far, Orlando Pro Wrestling is off to a rocky start. It’s faithful followers may be willing to forgive Orlando Pro management this time but if fans are left disappointed again, what will be the fate of Orlando Pro Wrestling?