PCW: Breaking News- Miss USA to PCW/Update: Homemade video surfaces of confrontation in DWF locker room

Miss USA, late of the Dream Wrestling Federation and High Octane Wrestling appears to be headed to Political Championship Wrestling.

Owner Lee Best confirmed on HOW’s website that the contract of Miss USA had been purchased by an unnamed company.

PCW’s Gina Ramsey just confirmed that Miss USA will be at PCW Extreme Political TV July 15th.  More details to come.

Also, Tessa Martin will have an exclusive interview with Miss USA tomorrow night on EW TorchCenter.


UPDATE:  This homemade videotape has just surfaced today.  It shows the final confrontation between Miss USA and DWF Owner William Peters in the locker room prior to her final ‘appearance.’

Miss USA sits on a bench in the locker room while DWF Owner William Peters hovers above her.

Peters: Well?

She doesn’t answer. 

Peters: I said, well?

Miss USA: I don’t believe this.

Peters: What’s not to believe.  It’s all there in black and while.  This is your exit angle from the DWF. 

Miss USA (angrily): It’s insulting and demeaning.

Peters: So?

Miss USA: After everything that’s happened this week, you actually expect me to go along with this?

Peters: Listen, *****. We have a contract.  You’ll either do the angle as written or we will bury you so far that no federation will ever want anything to do with you.

Miss USA: I will not do this.

Peters: We made you the DWF Women’s champion!  You owe us this after everything we’ve done for you.

Miss USA pulls the belt out of her duffel bag and throws it on the floor.

Miss USA: There’s your belt. Have your fake Miss USA, you know, the one who posed for those pictures that you photoshopped the hell out of. Yeah… why don’t you have her drop the belt.

Peters:  You can’t prove a thing.  Who are they going to believe?  Do you think anyone will believe you after those photos came out?  Hah.  What do I always say?  In the Dream Wrestling Federation, if you cross me, your life will be a nightmare.  Welcome to your nightmare babe.  You either do the angle or else I will do everything in my power to see that you never wrestle anywhere ever again.

Miss USA: That’s it.  I’m leaving. 

She gets up to leave. Peters grabs her by the arm.

Peters: Like hell your are.  Now you listen to me you- urp…

Peters suddenly finds his throat in the grip of a six foot blond wearing a leather top and mini-skirt and a pair of 4 inch stiletto heels that adds four more inches to her height.

Peters (half-choking): W-w-who the **** are you?

His answer is a swift shove that sends Peters down hard into the bench. The woman hands him a card.

Peters: Dawn McGill.  Six foot tall demolition machine in a short skirt? 

McGill motions to him to turn the card over.  He does.

Peters: Sterilized more men with her stiletto heels then most doctors do in a lifetime?  Hah!

Peters pulls himself up and takes a menacing first step towards Miss USA.  McGill thrusts out her leg and her stiletto heel stops mere millimeters from his crown jewels.  Peters looks down and turns white. 

McGill: Next time… 

She smiles.  McGill takes Miss USA by the arm and escorts her from the DWF locker room.