PCW: CEO Obama proposes ‘stimulus’; PCW Competition Committee Agrees

PCW CEO Barack Obama proposes a stimulus package and addresses the signing of Miss USA and the Extreme Weather Network- Jim Frascantore, Steve Abrams, Mark Bettis and their valets Jen, Kristine, and Steph.

WWR Top 50: PCW Champion O’Beck Bahama in Men’s Top 25, PCW Women’s Champion Kathryn Randall Collins in Women’s Top 15, and Tag Team Champs Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit make the top 10.

Drunken Luchadors Dan and Don Martini def Green World Order in a match from PCW Extreme Election Night 2006

Kalee Jones- The Eskimo Queen def. Emily List from PCW Extreme Political TV in Alaska followed by an appearance by Al Gore and Bill Clinton in a taped Saxby Chambliss vs. Jim Martin match

Mark Sanford tries to apologize for his affair…EPIC FAIL

Mr. Movie Classic goes to Washington

The PCW Competition Committee approves CEO Obama’s stimulus plan.