Real Wrestlers Used in Original Only eFeds

Before I begin, I would like to say that this article pertains only to eFeds that in a fictional universe and allow original, created wrestlers only. This does not pertain to those eFeds that allow real wrestlers or exist in a universe in which their promotion competes with or acknowledges “real” promotions such as WWE/F, TNA, ROH, Etc.

A few days ago I had a poll about if should real people be allowed to be used in eFeds? Not surprising to me, the majority answer was no. Like most polls, it was just to get opinions and I had moved on from thinking about it. That was until last night my attention was pointed to a thread discussing the usage of real wrestlers in roleplays and segments. Mind you, it was the fed head who pointed me to this thread on his boards with him openly telling me that he does not like it.

Before I go any further, to the people in this eFed or any eFed that has had the same conversation/argument, if your fed head is against it your points are invalid. It is his eFed and if you do not like his choice to say no, that this is not OK, then either stop or leave. The fact that there is a three-page thread on this amazes me. If I was this fed head, the first thing I would do is openly say, “If you don’t like what I want represented in my fed, piss off.” But I’m not the fed head, so it’s not my place. I’m just saying, people who argue with a fed head about how they want to run things should not be in that fed. Period.

But, that is it’s own thing. This is my opinion on using real wrestlers in these eFeds and why you are wrong if you choose to defend the usage.


This is Fantasy Wrestling, We Can Suspend Belief.

Lets start with the basic argument I have seen time and time again. Almost every time this subject has been brought up, somebody wants to use this card. What they don’t understand is that this argument alone is not a catchall. Go back to my first paragraph of the article. I explain what type of eFeds that this article is meant for. Already we have set the grounds that everyone involved is already aware that we are in a fantasy universe in a fantasy wrestling promotion. At this point belief is already suspended.

We do not need to be reminded.

With that being said, upon joining said eFed you have agreed that you will provide an original character that will participate in this original eFed, which in fact does not exist in the same universe as real wrestling promotions. You waved all rights to use real wrestlers in roleplays, segments, and matches. You have agreed to the terms that you will participate with in a completely original and unique way. Using the above argument, what you are doing is saying to the fed head is that you do not share the same vision that they have in the operation of this eFed, and that you want to do it your own way.

You want to do it your own way? Fine. Go. Join an eFed that operates like you would like it to, or start your own. When it all boils down to it, the fed head or person running the eFed has ultimate say. No matter how much you want to do something, if it is not in his vision, then it isn’t acceptable. That’s it. Doing so either way will probably assist in you not winning matches, being pushed, or being booked. At the same time, even arguing about this is disrespectful to the fed head, the eFed, and the ideals already set in motion.

That’s not to say that you cannot have an open, or private, discussion about the subject. Discussions and suggestions are always fine, and I can guarantee almost every fed head will openly listen to your suggestions. They may not agree or change, but they will listen. Once you have said your peace, and they have said how it will be, any further discussion or argument is just unnecessary.


So What, are We Expected to be the Only Wrestling Promotion?

First off, I do not like condescending and sarcastic tone. Take it down a notch buddy. This argument is just plain stupid and childish to throw out. I will openly call you a moron for using it as well. No, the eFed you are in is not the only wrestling promotion in the universe. If it were, the professional wrestling would not exist in said universe just like real life, because people must work their way through the industry to end up in the places people think of when they think professional wrestling.

Now, I am not saying your eFed can’t be the only eFed in your universe, but there are other wrestling promotions. The same person I recently read this argument from is in an eFed that is apart of an interfed with other eFeds. That right there makes this argument invalid and the person throwing it out look more moronic than they have already previously made themselves by arguing the subject.

Almost every eFed acknowledges at least one other eFed as being in their universe.  What this argument is doing, is saying that not only is your eFed competing with real promotions such as WWE, TNA, ROH, etc but also other eFeds, watering down the industry and taking us farther from signs of realism. Your eFed is not the only one, if you want to bring in wrestlers from outside of your eFed, work with characters in eFeds acknowledged by your fed head. Use situations set forth in those places to base things off of.

You know why people use this argument? Because they are too damn lazy to go out and get familiar with other eFeds that exist in their same universe. Trust me, if you want to refer to an now like invasion, or a finger poke of doom, you can find it in a storyline in eWrestling done by fictional characters you can refer to. You do not need to name the real wrestlers who are known for doing it.


It is Dumb to Not Mention Real Promotions. Without [Insert Wrestler Name Here] There Would Not Be Wrestling, and We Would Not Be Doing This.

This argument makes my head hurt. I bet this is the same type of person that blurs the line of OOC when in character to a point that they are seen as the fed asshole. Let me break down eWrestling for those of you who want to use this argument. OK, you ready?

WWE, TNA, WCW, ECW, ROH, Etc all exist to us, as handlers. For whatever reason we, as handlers, enjoy professional wrestling to the extent that we want to, as handlers, live out our fantasy of being professional wrestlers. Once we decide we would like to do this, we turn to eWrestling which is a fantasy writing game based on professional wrestling. When we do this, we join an eFed, and in the case of this article it is an eFed that accepts only original created wrestlers and does not acknowledge real wrestlers.

It is obvious from a logical standpoint; this eFed is not the first wrestling promotion in this universe. That would be stupid in it’s own right. There is years, and years, and years of professional wrestling history that happened leading up to this point. As a character, we know this because as a handler that is what it is like in the real world. Now, with that being said the promotions that came before and currently run beside our eFederation, exist in our already established fictional universe just as the real promotions exist in our real universe as handlers.

This is common sense.

Using this argument is like saying your opponent’s handler’s name in an RP, fucking stupid. Go back to my last argument counter and insert all of that into this reply. It all fits the same way. As an example, I personally use the now defunct fWO and CWL in my universes when fed heading. Why? Because in their day they were presented in the way of the WWF, a world wife promotion seen across the globe in live events, television, and pay per views. I acknowledge them as the grand daddies of wrestling, when in character.

Why do I do this? Because I am not an idiot and I know other promotions exist and not every eFed is on the same level as a worldwide leader like WWE. I chose eFeds, that I thought were closest to be what I compare to, so not to blur the lines of fantasy wrestling and real wrestling.

Common sense people, use it. Does Harry potter mention Merlin the Magician? Wait… I don’t know the answer to that because I don’t read Harry Potter, so if he does then my counter applies to that as well. Moving on.


Your Rule About No Real Wrestlers is Stupid

Then get the fuck out and join an eFed that allows it. The fed head’s rules are law. Get the fuck over it. Next.


Since When Does Logic Have Anything to Do With eWrestling?

This is usually the argument thrown out when someone states that the offending person’s logic is incorrect. This argument is a continuous of this person still being incorrect, and just being argumentative. As covered, we already suspend belief, and yes sometimes things can get a little unrealistic, but when it boils down to it, rules like this are set in place so that these things don’t get too crazy. Once a fed head allows anything to go, without rules or boundaries, then they no longer control their vision thus making the project a failure.

Logic doesn’t have much to do, but structure and common sense do. Quit being argumentative and accept the fed head’s rules, or as I said before, leave. Find an eFed that allows you to do this, they do exist.


Hulk Hogan Made Wrestling popular, Why Can’t I Mention Him?

I used this scenario, because for some reason it is always Hulk Hogan who is brought up but almost anyone can be put into that place. I don’t even need to counter this, as everything said in previous paragraphs once again fits right here. There’s a difference between real life and the OOC atmosphere of being a handler, to the fantasy universe your eFed is in and being an original character.

The eFed thread I referred to early on really started because of this argument. Someone came out to “Hulk Hogan’s” theme. To begin with, you are a mark. It is not “Hulk Hogan’s” theme. The name of the song is “Real American.” Your character can come out to “Real American” and the common sense used by the reader can put together that you are giving a nod to real life, without you having to break the unspoken rules of eWrestling. Seriously, use Google, almost every theme you can think of has an actual name that can be refereed to.


But I Want People to Know I will Be the Next [Insert Wrestler Name Here]

I don’t even need to counter this again; a reply to the thread I saw that made me want to write this said it best:

There are, like, at least 30-40 guys active in eFed X right now. Why go so far as to say that you’re the next Insert Real Wrestler Here, when you could say you want to be the next XXX, or Dave McDave, or some other fictional great? That’s my take on all of this. I mean, yeah, I suppose perhaps someone like Marty Jannetty could have had an influence on your character, but even then, you shouldn’t have to resort to using real life counterparts when there is such a rich history of fictionalized characters here to choose from and idolize.

I commend the person who wrote this. They get it. It doesn’t even matter about how many active people there are, what about the people who came before? If you are wanting to be the next, whatever real wrestler you chose, you are choosing to say you want to be the next person who never existed in the universe you are in. That’s like me saying I’m going to be the next Superman. How? He doesn’t exist in my real universe.


I’m Referring to [Insert Wrestler Turned movie Star Name Here] the Movie Star, He Came From Real Wrestling, How Do You Explain That?

Very good argument, but invalid good sir. Usually thrown out when all other arguments have obviously been countered by those the person is arguing with. Although it may stump a few people and they might counter back with “Well, then don’t mention him!” that is not the right way to go to actually counter it successfully.

I began telling a story last night on The Shoot before being cut off by time limit about this and will finish it here.  This is a prime example of what to do when this is thrown out in desperation. Lets say the person say “The Rock” when throwing the argument out.


Everyone knows The Rock is a former WWE/F professional wrestler turned mega movie star. Common knowledge in our real world, and more than likely he will be the person used. I’ve seen it before. This is where the suspension of belief in our hobby comes into play. We are allowed liberties when doing fictional writing to have people interact as needed for the story we tell.

In real life, The Rock, makes moves as Dwayne Johnson. Maybe even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It’s OK, you can refer to that. Here’s where you change things enough to fit the fantasy world of eWrestling. The way I have seen this play out before in a roleplay and even segment is a character was friends with Dwayne Johnson the movie star. You know, the guy in Fast 5, The Tooth Fairy, Etc?

The only difference is, this Dwayne Johnson had his football career ended prematurely and went into acting. He had the nickname “The Rock” from his football days. Same person, the movie star, and completely OK to use if the backstory is explained.

I have also seen the same scenario play out, where someone replaced the name of the wrestler turned movie star and the wrestling promotion they were in with a fictional name and eFed in the same universe. For example, the same situation above using, lets say, using the fWO’s Steven “Graphic Violence” Shadows we can replace the real universe’s Rock with him. IE: Shadows shot The Scorpion King while with the fWO, went on to do a few other movies before leaving wrestling and becoming a huge movie star recently coming out in Pain & Gain with Mark Wahlberg.

See what I did there? I used the suspension of belief and the liberties we are allowed in our hobby to take a real life situation but make it acceptable for the fantasy universe we are in. Once again, your argument is invalid.

To sum it up though, this article shouldn’t have to be a counter to anything. No, when it all boils down to it the fact any of these arguments or others exist baffles me. I’ve said it a few times in this writing; the fed head sets the rules and boundaries for his eFed so that it fits his ideals. If you do not like it, move on to an eFed that allows what you seek.

But at the same time, any fed head that has found themselves in this same situation, you need to stick to your beliefs. Lay it out there that no this is not OK to do. If an argument starts or it continues to happen, stay strong and rectify the situation. Sure you may lose a few handlers through the time, but how many potential handlers are you losing who see this happening and stay away because you allow it to happen.

Just a thought.