SCCW Monday Night Aggression Recap

from Simcoe County Championship Wrestling:

“As the crowd continues to chant as Myke Adams slowly gets to his feet, Rifle Willie back steps into the corner and watches as the man steps over and turns his attention to Adams, helping him up to his feet. Adams looks a bit bewildered as he sees the person helping him to his feet before stumbling backwards onto the ropes. The man turns and glares towards Rifle Willie, who now looks like he is going to have to defend himself, but to his astonishment and glee, as Adams gets to his feet, the man kicks Myke Adams and hooks him up..

Ryan Antonelli: EVISCERATE!”

Monday Night Aggression has been aired live from the “A” Channel studios in uptown Barrie Ontario.  If you missed  it, you missed a night of great action that not only saw the return of Barrie wrestling legend Josh Phoenix, but the demolition of Myke Adams and injury of the face of SCCW, Patrick McCarthy. You also missed the crowning of the first All Barrie champion since the rebirth.  Here is a recap.

Jamie Campbell Vs Paul Cain

Paul Cain took out Jamie Campbell with a knockout in what could only be called the nastiest squash match in SCCW history so far. Cain is on a rise here in the SCCW and will be one to watch for.

Dusty Davis Vs Joey Johnson

Joey Johnson wasted no time in defeating what potentially could have been a top rival with the “Fairytale Ending”. Johnson has aligned himself with Modo WHOA! and Damion Darkside to comprise the “Finger Puppet Mafia”. While the name is humorous, it does not take away from the dangerous aspect these three have.

Orange Crush Vs Modo WHOA!

In the closest match we have had in the SCCW rings, Modo walks away barely with a victory over the Japanese sensation. Now with Modo joining forces with Darkside & Johnson in the FPM, will he keep on his collision course with Riflewilly, or go towards the tag team division?

6-Man Tag Team Match: Kirsta Lewis/ Jen Blackheart /Chris Champion) Vs Jay Jerzey/Patrick McCarthy/Scarlett

This match cannot have done Patrick McCarthy any good. Yes his team got the duke, however after the vicious beating McCarthy took, he is out injured for who knows how long. This tug of war between Scarlett Willis & Jay Jerzey with McCarthy in the middle has the potential to tear everything apart. Miss Lewis however is not a happy woman. She has been overheard saying that if one more partner lets her down, there will be HELL to pay from the one and only Hellcat.

MAIN EVENT: All Barrie Championship: Riflewilly Vs Myke Adams

In another close match, Riflewilly became the 3X All Barrie champion by defeating the “Suicidal Superman” Myke Adams for the belt. It was a very hard match that not only showed both men how tough they are, but also showed a respect that can only be between two mean competitors.  Congratulations Willy on your title victory.

We also saw the return of Josh Phoenix. Rumors are running rampant about an Intolerable Cruelty reunion between Phoenix, Miss Lewis and the returning Trey Williams. If said rumors are true, the SCCW will not be the same as there has not been a more dominating stable in the world.


Simcoe County Championship Wrestling would like to welcome both Josh Phoenix and Trey Williams as you already know, but it looks as though the women are going to be well represented here. With the debut of Sydney “The Deviant” LaRoux & Sharlene Berger joining Miss Lewis, Jen Blackheart & Scarlett Willis on our roster, it looks like the old adage of “it’s a man’s world” may not be so true anymore.

This Week’s Aggression Preview

Sydney LaRoux Vs Dusty Davis

SCCW’s newcomer Sydney LaRoux has destined to make herself a name and right quick. She has a lot to prove over such legendary women here as Kirsta Lewis, Jen Blackheart and Scarlett Willis. Dusty Davis however is on a bad losing streak of his own and this match could be an SCCW career defining one.

Guy Kadon Vs Joey Johnson

Joey Johnson made an awesome debut last week with his taking on Dusty Davis. He has his hands full with SCCW legend Guy Kadon. Kadon is trying to prove he is still at the top of his game and Joey is looking to cement his status on his way to becoming the hunter, not the hunter. this match could do it.

Chris Champion Vs Jackie Daniels

Jackie Daniels has not made her way to the rings here yet, but as a protoge of Miss Lewis one cannot take her lightly. Chris Champion however is a monster on the mat and on the street. He will give no quarter and take what he wants. This should be a battle for poor Jackie.

Paul Cain & RifleWilly Vs The Finger Puppets Mafia (Darkside & WHOA!)

Riflewilly is on a role here having won the All Barrie championship last week and now facing a team like Modo WHOA! & Damion Darkside could be his ticket to the All Barrie tag belts as well. Will the antisocial Paul Cain be able to work with the champion, or is it set up to contend for the belt in the future?

MAIN EVENT: Jay Jerzey Vs Scarlett (w/Patrick McCarthy as special Referee)

After the vicious match last week, the injured Patrick McCarthy now will have to choose between his love and former partner Scarlett Willis, or his fan favorite partner in Jay Jerzey. Can he call it down the middle? Will Jay let him? Scarlett betterbe careful as there was one time where both Jerzey and McCarthy were less than loved here.

As usual, make sure you get your tickets every Monday at the “A” Channel studios.