[SCW] Fear and Loathing Wrestling EP.5 – 2/10/16

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Fear & Loathing Wrestling Ep V, Streaming February 10th, 2016
Taped from The Luxor Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Mil Vidas Jr. vs Riley O’Kyle

– Mil Vidas Jr. & Riley O’Kyle started their match with a respectful hand shake, before engaging in some back and forth chain grappling. Vidas made the mistake of trying to get into a kicking battle with O’Kyle, which he soon regretted, as Riley got the better of him with his stiff strikes, and scored a few near falls before grounding him with holds. Mil Vidas Jr. managed to work his way up, and arm drag his way free before running wild with his high flying offense, and scoring pin attempts of his own. He then got caught with a single arm-DDT into the Kimura lock, which forced the tap to secure the victory for Riley O’Kyle via Submission @ 6:09 seconds

-After the match, O’Kyle offered another hand shake, which Mil Vidas reluctantly accepted, when they were interrupted by vicious chair shots courtesy of Schiavona A.T. who had snuck up on them. She beats the hell out of both ot them, focusing most of her attention on Mil Vidas, even driving the lip of the chair into his throat before calling for a mic. She paced around before exclaiming that her #SATipOfTheDay was for everyone to shut their whore mouths and listen to her. S.A.T. said she’d been doing some thinking, and realized someone was playing a trick on her. That Jack Halliday’s music hitting last week was an illusion, just like the illusion he’s perpetrated that he’ll ever return to action. She said she’s going to move forward, and win the ‘Vision Quest Championship or whatever’ at the next supercard, and that nobody could stop her … when she’s interrupted by familiar music again, and Jack Halliday makes his way out in the flesh! She was frozen in fear as he stalked down to the ring, before grabbing the chair she had been using as a weapon. As he entered the ring, she tried to swing it, but it got kicked out of her hands and sent flying. She then quickly bailed out of the ring, and fled as Halliday stared her down, soaking in the crowd’s reaction as a “Jack’s Gonna Kill You” chant rang through the air.

Nick Sanders vs Manbearpig

– It was a wild brawl off the bat, but the taller, quicker Sanders was able to land more strikes. He went for an Irish whip off the ropes, getting reversed and knocked down with a big shoulder block. Manbearpig followed with a side belly to belly suplex before backing up, measuring Moose for a spear. He charges, but gets hoisted up for a Limit Break (F5) in an impressive feat of strength. The move connects, scoring the win for Nick Sanders via Pinfall @ 0:53 Seconds.

– Afterwards, Moose grabbed a mic and said that now that he’s done getting super cereal about Manbearpig, he had something to say. It took a little bit of playing to the crowd for him to get to his point, but he eventually stated that The Highlander might have gotten one over on him last time, but he’ll learn from his mistake the next time they meet. He concluded by pointing out their match still did go to a double countout, while ending with a cheesy line about how their can only be one, which drew a mixture of chuckles and groans.

A Hills Invitational Special
Goliath w/ Trent Easy vs Gracie Glamazon

– Gracie Glamazon, as expected, was a low rent ringer for Grace Amsel. Trent Easy said before the match, that once again there wasn’t any competition here for him and G so he had to find their own. He wishes there was, and he’s ready to dominate when there is, but for now he’s letting his friend have the spotlight. Goliath quickly dismantled her, scoring a win with a pair of Murder II’s (Electric Chair Driver) for Goliath via TKO @ 0:25 Seconds.

Main Event
Kenji Gosenkugi© vs The Highlander

– The match started as a striking battle with Gosenkugi getting the slight edge with his crisp techniques, before Highlander doubled him over with a punch to the body. He took control of the match, using old school grappling techniques and small joint manipulation to try and wear down the FLW Champion. A short arm clothesline scored him a nearfall attempt, and he had several more pin attempts. Kenji managed to get back in it after a missed diving fist drop, and started using brutal thai clinch strikes to take control. He used several hard kick variants to score nearfalls, and then went for a roundhouse kick to a kneeling Highlander which got caught and turned into a NFNN (kneebar) attempt. Kenji used ground and pound to free himself, and scored a close nearfall with Musha Gaeshi (Leg-hook STO).He went to follow with COMATOSE (Backdrop Driver) and Highlander slipped out while hitting a European uppercut to the back of the head, then a rolling elbow for almost three. Highlander looks to finish him off with a Scottish Hangover which got dodged, and Kenji grabbed the leg to perform a dragon screw leg whip. He rolls up to a sitting position, and Kenji performs a FLYING Sankaku-Jime (Shining flying Triangle Choke) which he rolls through into a mounted triangle pininng the shoulders down. Gnarls Robinson goes to check the shoulders, and Highlander gets a hand on the ropes for the break which Gosenkugi knocks down so the ref never saw it- securing the three count win for Kenji Gosenkugi via Pinfall @ 14:34 Seconds.

– It only takes a brief glance at the official from Highlander- who was street smart enough to know the score- at the official for Kenji to catch him with a hard soccer kick to the ribs. He keeps kicking at him, and backs up, looking for a soccer kick to the temple when Grace Amsel comes running out to a big pop to make the save! She dodges a spinning elbow, and then kicks Kenji in the gut, before lifting him up for a powerbomb! He just slips out, grabbing the ring ropes to land on the apron, and a running shoulder block sends him flying off into the guardrail! Moving gingerly, he keeps his eyes on her as he goes to retrieve the FLW Championship while slowly making his way back up the ramp. Grace keeps an eye on him as she goes to check on Highlander, who is grimacing, but indicates that he’s fine. A wide shot of the image at ringside is the last thing we see as the feed cuts out.