[SSWA] Shootout – 2/15/16

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DATE & STREAM TIME: February 15th, 2016 at 4PM EST on EVOLVE!
LOCATION: Shooting Star Arena in Newcastle upon Tyne, England
FAN ATTENDANCE: 6,000 (100%)
COMMENTATORS: Bill Hall, Kevin Carrey


The camera fades in as we Misha LeCavalier walking down the hall towards guerrilla. She’s already dressed for her match. She turns and looks at the camera. “Forgive me,” she says. “I’m not in much of a talking mood. For, you see, the time for talking has long passed. It makes me sick to my stomach that people like Gunnar Stahl are allowed to simply waltz into this company, thinking he’s someone. In a few moments, I’ll prove that he is not elite; he’s just another man thinking he’s greater than he really is.” She stares directly into the camera as it fades out.


Match #1: Submission Match
Gunnar Stahl vs Misha LeCavalier

The bell rang and the two competitors slowly circled the ring before they locked up. Gunnar quickly slipped behind Misha and lifted her before he drove her onto the mat with a back suplex!

Gunnar finally went for the first submission attempt of the match in the 2nd minute, locking in a half crab! Misha struggled to find a way out of the submission until she crawled to the ropes and managed to get a hand on them, forcing Gunnar to release her. In the 4th minute, Gunnar caught Misha with a jawbreaker that sent her stumbling out of the ring!

However, this played to Misha’s strengths as a minute later, she caught Stahl with a rolling back elbow on the outside, laying him out! Seconds later, Misha hit a 450 splash before she quickly grabbed Gunnar’s right leg and locked in a kneebar! Gunnar yelled out in pain, but after a few seconds in the hold, he was able to grab the bottom rope close by, forcing Misha to release him. In the 7th minute, LeCavalier laid out Stahl with a high roundhouse kick to boos from the audience! A minute later, she locked in the Calf Killer on the same leg she locked in a kneebar! Gunnar screamed out in pain as he tried to get out of the hold, eventually crawling and making his way to the ropes before grabbing hold of the bottom one, forcing the breakup of the hold!

Stahl fought back in the 9th minute, catching Misha with an enzuigiri to cheers from the audience! Around a minute later, he locked in a sleeper hold, trying to wear Misha down, but she grabbed hold of the ropes as quickly as she could, forcing Gunnar to release the hold! In the 12th minute, Stahl hit Stanssen Driver (a series of three shinbreakers) to a big pop from the audience! He then went for the Gunnar Hook (heel hook) seconds later, but Misha quickly scurried to the ropes, forcing Gunnar to abandon his plan of locking in the devastating heel hook!

LeCavalier took control back in the 14th minute, surprising Stahl with a sick kick! She then performed On The Other Side of Grace (Butterfly Suplex Lift into Flying Cross Armbreaker)! The audience booed as Stahl was locked in and had no place to go! After nearly half a minute in the submission hold, Stahl tapped out, knowing he wanted to live to fight another day!

Misha got to her feet afterwards and had her hand raised to boos before she looked at the nearest camera and mouthed the words “told you so”.

WINNER: Misha LeCavalier (14:52)

George Cracknall observes to the rest of Mill Road Massive that part of him wants to goad Reinado into attacking him, so that – as per the mandate of BKH – they get stripped of their titles. Jade Malling reminds him that if there’s any altercation both teams will be banned from competing for honours, and that he would additionally, in the man’s own words, “make their lives hell”. George says it’d be worth it to screw with Reinado. Jade shoots him a capital-L Look and he’s quick to assure her that he’s joking. Jade narrows her eyes at him and asks, “Are you?”

He shrugs. “Well… mostly.” Jaspal Singh, who’s been lying seemingly asleep on a couch, pipes up and says the best way to screw with Reinado is going to be to relieve them of their Trios Championship come Supercard #12. If Jaspal was built for any type of match it’s a ladder match, he adds, the anticipation evident in his voice.

It’s not just Mixcoatl, JUNKETSU and Holly Chainsaw they need to prepare for, Jade reminds him. Ingrid Storm is sure to be there too. Not to mention the legion of friends they have in Mexico to call on. Jaspal nods in agreement and says it’s a good thing they have friends too…


Match #2: No Disqualifications Match
Ingrid Storm vs Jacob Figgins

The bell rang and Figgins quickly caught Storm with a high knee that dropped her! Jacob then quickly exited the ring and grabbed a steel chair before he rolled back into the ring and drove it into the back of Ingrid’s head! He went for the cover afterwards, but only got a two count!

Figgins kept on the attack as he brought a trash can and a kendo stick into the ring seconds later. He placed the trash can over Ingrid, covering up the top half of her body, before he hit the can with a kendo stick repeatedly, forcing Ingrid to drop to her knees before hitting the mat. Figgins then removed the lid off of her before he waited for her to get up, proceeding to hit her with the Penultimate Extremely Nasty Intergalactic Supernova: Lariat (Pendulum Lariat)! Jacob went for the cover and got the three count, dominating Ingrid from bell to bell!

WINNER: Jacob Figgins (3:53)

A quick hype video for Supercard #12 was shown, showcasing all of the titles matches and all of the intense rivalries that will have matches at the show. The video ends with Danielle Vasquez and Macy Dover, the two women who will main event Supercard #12, facing each other in the ring.


Match #3: Singles Match
Drake Styles vs Oliver Creed

The match never started as Oliver Creed made his way out there, Astaroth behind him carrying Drake Styles over his shoulder. Creed entered the ring as the audience booed him, while Astaroth rolled Styles into the ring. Oliver then told the ref to make the count as he attempted to go for the cover, but the ref refused, exiting the ring and talking to the ring announcer, who announced that Creed would win via forfeit!

Creed chuckled before he shoved Styles out of the ring with his boot, telling Astaroth to get rid of him. Oliver then grabbed a mic and promised the audience that this was just the start and that all should fear him.

WINNER (via forfeit): Oliver Creed

Aria Hall is seated in the locker room. She looks up briefly at the camera. “Tonight, I walk into a battle that no one wants me to win. Tonight, I go up against Selena King.” She pauses. “If I let you all tell it, the woman shits golden turds.” Another pause. “People worshiped her over in HKW. They break their necks to kiss her ass here in SSWA, and everywhere else. I get it, she’s pretty and shit. But that doesn’t mean she’s the best wrestler in this match.” She nods her head. “Shit, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. A couple of yall love me, shoutout to Levi Chambers. But, the majority of yall hate me. That doesn’t mean shit to me. I don’t wrestle for you, I wrestle for myself.” A couple of seconds go by. “I’m not going to bullshit anyone; I’ve haven’t done the best here in SSWA. I’ve been put into some big roles, some big spots here in the company. And, time and time again I’ve come up short. Yeah, I’ve only got myself to blame. But, I’m sick and tired of it.”

Aria runs her fingers through her hair. “So, I’ve come to this decision, on my own accord. Tonight, I’m going to walk into that ring and try with all my might to knock Selena the fuck out.” There’s a pause. “And if I don’t, then I’ll be stepping away from SSWA for a few months.”

She nods again. “Now, get the hell out of my face.”


Match #4: Trios Match
Sosu Seisei vs The Best of British

The bell rang and MOTO quickly took Rupert down with a dropkick, allowing his team to go on the attack first! He went for the cover, but only got a one count!

In the 2nd minute of the match, MOTO tagged out to Owen Fujimoto and the two hit a quick double team suplex before Owen went for the cover, only to get a two count! A minuter later, Owen tagged out to Oliver, who hit a moonsault before he went for the cover, only to get a two count!

Rupert finally took control of the match in the 4th minute, dropping Oliver on his head outside of the ring with a DDT! Rupert then rolled Oliver back into the ring and tossed his lifeless body into Sosu Seisei’s corner. MOTO then tagged in as Rupert tagged in Nigel. Seconds later, MOTO was dropped with a piledriver after a rake to the eyes from Nigel. Kensington then threw him to the SS corner, allowing Owen to tag out.

However, Owen found himself in some hell as Rupert and Nigel took it to him, ending with a double team superkick, allowing Rupert to go for the cover and get the three count, officially destroying Sosu Seisei.

After the match, Nigel and Rupert got their hands raised while Katherine went to the back, disgusted with how her partners went about this match and the past few weeks in general.

WINNERS: The Best of British (6:09)

The vignette began by showing Selena King’s victory in the fatal four way match to capture the World Crown championship. While Selena was celebrating, it transitioned to a shot of Aria Hall in her locker room, watching a monitor as Selena held up her first acquired championship.

Aria shook her head in disgust before she exited her locker room, a scowl plastered on her face. The camera focused on Selena and the World Crown championship on the television monitor until it transitioned to the next visual.

Clips of Selena King taking on Misha LeCavalier began to air, highlighting the hard fought contest between the two. It showed Selena put Misha away with her “Rule 8:11” wheelbarrow sunset bomb, celebrating with her title after the tough victory. Then, Aria Hall’s music filled the arena speakers, getting Selena’s attention as she watched Aria saunter down the ramp. Once Aria stepped inside the ring, she gestured at World Crown championship, telling Selena that she was coming for the title she never received a rematch for. Selena simply nodded her head, and held the championship out toward Aria’s face, showing that she welcomed the challenge.



After the voiceover, the video package immediately transitioned to Aria Hall’s match the following with Kickass Smurf with Selena King at commentary. The match was everything it was expected to be until CruZe’s theme music, distracting Smurf long enough to help Aria Hall steal the victory. The referee raised Aria’s hand high in the air, but the former World Crown champion simply stared at Selena and gestured that she was coming for her title. Selena, on the other hand, looked a bit disappointed that Aria would capitalize off of CruZe’s distraction, and walked around the ring toward the entrance ramp, never looking back at Hall.

”As strong as I might’ve become, it’s my heart that makes me champion. It’s my drive that makes me champion. Aria Hall? She was never a champion. She was the holder of the World Crown title.

There’s a difference…

Champions don’t take shortcuts. Champions don’t brag after winning a match with help from someone else.. Champions set the standard and are role models to fans and even young wrestlers out there.

Aria Hall is no role model.

Aria Hall is no champion.

… but I am.

– Selena King

The video transitioned to SSWA #045 where Selena defeated Ingrid Storm in a minute and three seconds, only to get blindsided by Aria Hall! Aria put the boots to Selena before she threw her out of the ring, and whipped her head and shoulder first into the steel steps! Aria went over to the timekeeper’s area, grabbed the World Crown championship, and dropped it on Selena before she made her leave, proud of what she accomplished.

No disrespect to my girls, but when Diirtyy South held the Trios Championship, who was out there leading the charge?

It wasn’t London…

It wasn’t Veronica…

It was me!

I don’t give a fuck what Selena thinks about me. I didn’t sign up to SSWA to be a “role model,” give out hugs, or kiss babies. I joined SSWA to knock bitches out; I joined SSWA to wrestle.

I’ve been busting my ass in this company ever since I got here. And every time a make a bit of leeway, I get off at the knees. I’m done with all that. Tonight, I shall demolish the so-called “people’s champion.”

– Aria Hall

The final visual showed a split screen of Aria Hall pinning Chelle Harper and Selena King pinning Izzy Anders. The two screens joined together to show Aria Hall holding her arms up in the air after her victory, only to turn around and get drenched with a bucket of barbeque sauce by Selena King! Selena immediately exited the ring, laughing hysterically as Aria wiped the barbeque sauce out of her eyes…



The video turned into a split screen of half of Aria’s face and half of Selena’s, with bubble quotes next to both of their mouths.


As the narrator’s voice was heard, the words “I am” were scribbled into the bubble quotes, with both competitors voices coming in afterwards.

“I AM!”


Main Event: Singles Match
World Crown Championship Match
Aria Hall vs Selena King ©

The bell rang and the two women quickly charged towards one another before Selena caught Aria with a running forearm, proceeding to do a kip-up afterwards as the audience cheered her!

Selena kept on the attack in the 2nd minute, hitting a running front dropkick before she went for the cover, only to get a two count! A minute or so later, King hit a handstand headscissors takedown before she went for the pin once again, only to get another two count! In the 4th minute, Selena hit a frog splash off of the middle rope before she goes for the cover, only to get yet another two count!

Hall finally took control of the match a minute later, hitting a jumping knee before she went for the cover, only to get a two count! Aria then hit a snap suplex in the 6th minute before she went for the cover, only to get another two count! A minute later, Hall hit an axe kick before she went for the cover again, only to get another two count! In the 8th minute, Aria hit a running STO before she went for the cover again, nearly getting a three count!

The match continued on and a minute later, Selena caught Aria with a spinning heel kick, shifting momentum to her side! King went for the pin, but only managed to get a two count! King kept on the attack as she hit a springboard calf kick in the 10th minute before she went for the cover, only to get a two count! A minute later, King hit the Space Jam DDT (jumping DDT) before she went for the cover again, only to get another two count!

In the 12th minute, Aria caught Selena with a german suplex, keeping the bridge, only to get a two count! Around a minute later, Hall caught King on the outside of the ring with a suicide dive before she rolled her back in and went for the cover, only to get a two count! Hall then went up top in the 14th minute before leaping off and hitting a 450 splash in the 14th minute! Aria went for the pin, but only managed a two count! A minute later, Aria hit Nirvana (springboard flying forearm smash) before she went for the cover, only for King to kickout at two!

In the 16th minute, Hall threw King into the ropes, but when King bounced back, she caught Hall with Rule 8:11 (Wheelbarrow Sunset Bomb)! King went for the cover and got the three count, retaining the World Crown championship!

The show came to a close with King being handed back her WC title and having her hand raised to a huge round of applause!

WINNER (and STILL champion): Selena King (16:45)