Sunday Night EWTorchCenter: E-Wrestling Week in Review

Tonight on EWTorchCenter:
-Miss USA issues apology to DWF and HOW
-6/24-FWO reAction Coverage
-WMW Party in the Park
-E-Wrestling Week in Review

Max Danger: I’m going to start boycotting your reviews, Ted, if you don’t figure it out. ***** Simple. Easy. You can even copy and paste it. ‘Cause it’s he only star rating that you’ll need.

EW TorchCenter for Sunday June 28th
Hosts: Johnny Suave and ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin

Tessa: “Happy Sunday everyone.  Tessa Martin along with Johnny Suave and welcome to Sunday EWTorchCenter.”

Suave: “We’ll have a look at FWO’s reAction and have the rundown on the order of tonight’s FWO Meltdown.”

Tessa: “But first, the continuing saga of Miss USA.  After a tumultuous final weekend with DWF, the stunning announcement that she was pregnant, and topped off with the sale of her contract from HOW to PCW, yesterday came the appearance of a videotape of her final moments in DWF.

“Today, Miss USA issued the following statement through PCW Press Secretary Robert Gibbs:

I would like to take this opportunity to address the way I’ve handled myself the past couple of weeks.  First off, I am not pregnant.  I became completely overwhelmed by a series of events that quickly spiraled out of my control.  My intent was to better myself as a professional wrestler by joining High Octane Wrestling.  But the way I went about it left a lot to be desired.

First, I want to apologize to my fans.  I let you down and I promise to work hard to gain back your respect.

Second, I want to apologize to the Dream Wrestling Federation.  I regret handling my departure from the DWF in the way that I did.  There is a way to correctly do your business and there’s a way not to do it.  I obviously did not handle the business end of this very well.

Third, I want to apologize to Lee Best and High Octane Wrestling for the way I handled my business with HOW.

I want to thank PCW for taking a chance on me.  And I will do my best to justify their confidence in me.

Tessa: “We’ll have part one of an interview with her tomorrow.  Johnny?”

Suave: “Thanks Tess, now let’s run down some Fans Wrestling Organization action from last week.  reAction leading up to FWO Meltdown.


Suave: “Michelle Masters put the FWO Cruiserweight title on the line against Jade Argent in the first match of the night. It was back and forth action early on…”

(courtesy of FWO)
The Fiery Thunder Girl grabbed the wrist of the Australian and whipped him across the ring. He hit the opposite corner with a thud which shook the entire ring. The kept up the head of steam now as she ran in for a cross-body splash. Argent ducked out of the way and as she turned she was caught in a violent arm drag takedown and the Australian Opportunist went straight back to work on the shoulder with another arm-bar. Masters struggled as she writhed from one side to the other.

TWO! Shoulder up!

She laid flat on her back for a second, then onto her side, facing her aggressor.

“Give up!” he spat, “Ask her!”

“Not on your life, prissy boy.” she squeezed through her lips between stifled breaths…..

Masters sprinted to the opposite rope and launched herself at the prone Australian, straddling his neck and shoulders across the middle rope. The referee warned her about using the ropes and she raised her hands apologetically as Argent came back off the ropes and flat on his back.

Masters made the cover.


Argent was sat up, clutching his shoulders and chest, and the Fiery Thunder Girl grabbed his wrist, pulling him to his feet and into the far corner. She followed up with a strong clothesline, but was met with a high boot from the larger Australian Opportunist, who then exploded out of the corner with a desperation clothesline of his own, flooring the champ’.

Masters popped straight back up to her feet as Argent lay in wait for her and she was met with a standing missile dropkick to the face.

Argent crawled with intent over the floored Champion and hooked a leg.


Suave: “But in the end, the Cruiserweight champion nails a pair of ‘Chelle Shockeds on Argent and gets the pin.

Match #2 One Eye and Xin Xin Xiong def. Blitzkreig Funk (Hans Wilhelm and Bastian Van Bismarck) after One Eye nails a spinning back kick on Bastian for the pin.

Match #3 Spike Saunders and Callie Urban def. the Legion of Dairy (cHEESE and egg NOGG): Urban Gentrificates cHEESE and gets the pin.

Suave: “Max Danger then came out and he had a few things on his mind…”

“I came here to the eff double-you oh to compete against your Garvins, your Zimmermans, your Flying Frenchies, your High Flyers, your Rosssss, Rosses, Rossi, whatever, against the creme of the crop. The very best that this profession has to offer,” Danger shook his head then, “Not to have ten second matches.

“I’ve always believed that you should take pride in your work. If you don’t care about what you’re doing, why even bother doing it, you know? Perhaps my win-loss record so far doesn’t give an accurate portrayal of this, but, hey, at least I’m trying. That’s more than can be said for some folks.”

Suave: “So.  Who exactly did Danger get this week?”

Music: Get Born Again’ by Alice in Chains plays as  “The Devil’s Advocate” Dave Morey struts to the ring.

“You always did think you were better than everyone else, even in the Circle when you were walking around like a cripple in bad need of a wheelchair, but I’m going to prove to you, right here, right now, that I am!”

Danger quickly sent a hard kick into Morey’s knee, causing him to fall down to his other.

Suave: “Danger wanted competition and Dave Morey gave him more than what he bargained for.”

Morey punched Danger right in the mouth, knocking him sideways a couple of steps. A second one sent Max staggering into the corner. Dave whipped Max across the ring and into the opposite turnbuckles, but when he charged in after him, Danger dove out onto the ring apron, causing Dave to slam into the buckles hard.

He stumbled back, giving Max the opening to springboard in with… powerslam counter! Morey drove Danger into the mat, counteracting his attack.


The first pinrfall for “the Devil’s Advocate” almost netted the big man a victory. Morey peeled Danger up off the mat and holding his head nailed Max with alternating knees to the face! Dave then placed Danger’s head between his legs and hoisted him up onto his shoulder

Turnbuckle Powerbomb!

As Danger hung loosely from the buckles, Dave stutter stepped forward and hit a BIG big boot right to Max’s face! The Marvelous One slid down onto his backside and rested there.

Dave scrapped his boot across Danger’s face not once, not twice, but thrice before taking off across the ring and charging back with a big knee to the face! Morey dragged Max from the corner and covered him.


“The Devil’s Advocate” scooped up Danger and lifted him onto his shoulder as if for a powerslam. Instead, he ran him to the corner, tossed him off his shoulder, and slammed his head down across the top turnbuckle. Snake Eyes, in other words……


Danger was contorted inside-out Jannetty-style by Morey’s massive lariat.



Suave: “In the end, Morey was too much for Danger…”

……Dave charged in and ate a boot to the face, knocking him sideways. Danger hopped down off the ropes and charged at Morey. Dave tried a clothesline but Max ducked underneath it.

He came to a skidding stop and when both men turned, Danger was ready with the MARVEL KICK! Morey caught it just inches from his chin, kicked Max hard in the chest, and had him before he could do anything about it.

He was hoisted up and brought crashing down with a thud in the middle of the rin.


With a nod to Ruben Ross, “the Devil’s Advocate” covered the Marvelous One after the sickening suplex into sitout tombstone. On the apron, Mike Bear contorted his face and said, “Brutal.”


Suave: “Superstar Vince Jacobs and Rana Venenosa have been a huge thorn in High Flyer’s side for several weeks.  Spike Saunders and Callie Urban wrestled their second match of the night.  The match itself was an afterthought as both teams were counted out.”

……Saunders and Callie looked back at the ring where the referee was leaning across the ropes having accomplished the full ten count.

They were all so busy up there, the sounds of the fans cheering and hollering, along the referees vocal count from the ring; it was all white noise. Spike shrugged and looked back at SVJ.

Chokeslam!Rana came sprinting out at Saunders in a bloody mess, his mask torn in several sections. A kick to his back of the knee brought the big man down. Behind him however rushed Mary-Lynn Mayweather and Noble. The two grabbed Rana and held him as another figure emerged from the entrance.


The World Champion.

High Flyer.

With a sledgehammer in hand he rushed at the group and shoved the sledge into Rana’s gut. Spike let SVJ back down and held his arms behind his back as Flyer took a free shot with the hammer and then dropped it to the stage.


Rana meanwhile was up in the air on the giant’s shoulders, but not for long.


Saunders walked over to Callie and checked on her. She opened her eyes and looked over at their opponents. ’Take it the ref woke?’. Saunders nodded his head and helped her up to his feet, then slung her over his shoulder. Callie however shoved her self off him and limped over towards Rana. Mary-Lynn had him in a choke, which allowed Callie to stomp down on the nads as the men in the group cringed. Flyer and Team Viagra, finally got their revenge on SVJ and Rana……

Suave: “Impulse and Xander Scott fought to a time limit draw.  Then the 2009 FWO Meltdown Entrance Order was announced:…”

TEAM NUMBER ONE: Killjoy & Krow

TEAM NUMBER TWO: Spike Saunders & Xin Xin Xiong

TEAM NUMBER THREE: Graphic Violence & Hans Wilhem


TEAM NUMBER FIVE: Khristain Keller & Alias

TEAM NUMBER SIX: Jason Biggs & X

TEAM NUMBER SEVEN: Xander Scott & Jeff Garvin

TEAM NUMBER EIGHT: C.J. Slaughter & Bastian Von Bismark

TEAM NUMBER NINE: Sonny Silver & Vince Jacobs

TEAM NUMBER TEN: Ruben Ross & Jade Argent


TEAM NUMBER TWELVE: Mike Bear & Max Danger

TEAM NUMBER THIRTEEN: Johnny Legend & Brittney Chambers

TEAM NUMBER FOURTEEN: Mary Lynn Mayweather & Omarr Atkins

TEAM NUMBER FIFTEEN: Michelle Masters & Keith Scott Zimmerman

TEAM NUMBER SIXTEEN: High Flyer & Tony Davis Team VIAGRA

TEAM NUMBER SEVENTEEN: Flying Frenchie & Dave Morey


TEAM NUMBER NINETEEN: Rana Venenosa and, taking the place of the injured El Janito… Lowell Dot Com

TEAM NUMBER TWENTY: Beef & Junious Slaughter

Suave: “The main event was a contest of champions.  High Flyer, Keith Scott Zimmerman & Michelle Masters vs. Krow & Vox Nihili.  And it was a wild one…”

……Krow- the FWO Hardcore Champion hurled his championship outside, plowed through his two ‘team mates’ and BLASTED Flyer from behind, sandwiching him between a 240 plus pound high knee and a hard turnbuckle. The air rushed from Flyer’s lungs, as he watched KSZ chuckle amusingly at his misfortune. Krow quickly spun Flyer around and began sending elbow after elbow into his jaw. Flyer groggily fell into the ropes and Krow reverted his attack to VICIOUS MMA-like knees to Flyer’s ribs and stomach. Flyer stumbled helplessly into the corner and Krow was quick to follow with a borage of elbows to the face. The rapidfire elbows easily broke the “DQ-count” as Krow let out a HOLLERING war cry as Flyer crumbled into the corner, seated upright. There, Krow planted two stiff feet on the throat of Flyer and arched his back, pulling on the ropes and BLATANTLY CHOKING the World Champion. The crowd ROARED in jeers as Krow refused to break the choke and forced the official to literally pry Krow’s feet from Flyer’s neck. Krow reacted angrily by SHOVING the official on his rear and snarling frustratingly at him. Krow moved towards Flyer, but Flyer BOOTED Krow in the gut…not once…not twice….but three times……

Suave: “KSZ worked over the FWO World Champion Alias…”

……Keith returned to Alias, who had managed to get to his knees…only for Keith to lock him in a front face lock and DRILL him into the mat with a DDT. Keith went for the cover, but Alias strongly kicked out at two. Keith quickly applied a rear chin lock to Alias, making sure to turn Alias’ weakened neck and head to the side. Keith bent the neck horribly sideways, as Alias struggled to break the hold – but as Keith’s grip weakened, he quickly converted the submission into a Step-Over Facelock, separating the neck from the shoulder and turning his head awkwardly to the side. The crowd began to clap and stomp their feet in order to revitalize Alias, but the move seemed irreversible. And it just may have been…but it wasn’t inescapable. Alias pulled Keith’s head down towards his own with one free hand and sent a SICKENING back fist into Keith’s nose with the other. Keith staggered away with one strike and leaned against the ropes, checking his nose for any crimson. As he did so, Alias cracked his neck a few times to work out the kinks. Keith quickly charged, and Alias with for an elbow, but Keith rolled underneath, jumped to his feet, grabbed Alias around his chin from behind, brought his head down hard…RIGHT onto Keith’s knee! The crowd let out an “OOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!” as Keith quickly covered the World Tag Team Champion…


Suave: “This match had plenty of…HOLY CRAP!…moments…”

……Michelle Masters, seeing trouble ahead quickly DOVE at Alias with the dropkick and scurried out of the ring quickly. K-Wolf angrily entered the ring to charge the Cruiserweight Champion, but was blocked by officials. K-Wolf attempted to even leap over the official, but was prevented. Meanwhile, behind the official’s back, Michelle Masters re-entered the ring with a Springboard Guillotine across Alias’ injured neck. Alias retracted and sat upright, just in time for Keith Scott Zimmerman to perform the “Perfect” Neck Snap. Keith smiled wickedly and rose to his feet when…




Finn: OH MAN! Keith’s head is about in the 5th row right now! The lights are on, but nobodies home after that one!

In a sporadic “HOLY SHIT” moment, as K-Wolf battled the official, the Satanic God angrily entered the ring and DECKED The Internet Champion with a SICKENING Lariat that flipped the Internet Champion inside out. Michelle Masters looked on in shock, and Krow shot her a daunting stare that invited Michelle Masters…back onto the apron. Krow curled a lip and re-exited the ring and back onto the apron, as K-Wolf stared surprisingly at her eerily silent partner. K-Wolf went back onto the apron as the official counted the 10-count for the two fallen wrestlers……

Suave: “Here’s the finish…”

……The crowd ROSE in cheers as Alias managed to roll out of the ring following the maneuver. Flyer attempted to follow when he felt the tight, large grip of a pair of pale arms wrap around his waist and…

THE PRELUDE!!!!(Super Release German Suplex)


The Satanic God had returned. The Hardcore Champion, and former World Champion, sent Flyer ACROSS the ring and slammed him down onto the back of his neck with the big time release german suplex. As Flyer struggled to his feet, Krow stalked his prey and wiggled his fingers while licking his lips. The signs were there, the impending doom was obvious – the Near-Death Experiencewas coming for the World Champion. Flyer remained dazed as Krow positioned himself behind Flyer when…

Keith Scott Zimmerman returned to the ring! He charged the ring, and dropkicked Krow right into High Flyer, who was forced tumbling through the ropes and to the outside. Krow was temporary shaken up, as Keith quickly rolled Krow up with a School Boy and a hand full of tights. Krow kicked wildly…


K-Wolf began to stir and walk towards the ring…


Krow kicked violently, as suddenly Keith placed his feet on the second rope, where Michelle Masters quickly dove onto them and held them securely to the ropes…

K-Wolf slid into the ring and charged forward…

A second too late…


Suave: “Tonight, it is FWO’s Meltdown.  We’ll have full results and coverage tomorrow night on EWTorchCenter.  Tessa?”


Tessa: “Results from WMW’s Party in the Park Friday night:

Match #1 Amariie defeats Father Nathan and retains the Heartlands Championship
Match #2 ##AWS Man and Kronin become the new MTL Champions defeating AWS Man and Umbridge##
Match #3 Valora Salinas retains the WMW Hardcore title over Justin Evers in a Texas Death Match.
Match #4 Druscilla becomes the new Ace Superior Champion defeating Kronin, Mr. Hero, and Fury in a Widowmakers Mountain match.
Match #5 AWS Man retains the Great Lake title over Ryven


The Week in E-Wrestling (June 21st- June 27th):

Pay Per Views This Week:

Show: Siberian Wrestling Battlefront
Date: June 21st

Match #1 Alannah Halliwell wins a three-way match with Xander Gates and Jaiden Vaughn
Match #2 Clare Voyant defeats Abbey Spears
Match #3 Katelyn Osborne and Stripy over Neil Climer and Alex Rettop
Match #4 ##Dan Filat wins the Voyle Championship, taking two out of three falls from John Q. Everyguy to take the title##
Main Event: Andrei Sorokov defeats Olivia Quinn in an I Quit match


DATE: June 21st

Match #1 Dan Benson defeats Kid Ego Diesel Warren via the Shocker
Match #2 Eric Benjamin hits a Left High Kick on Steve Justice to get the win
Match #3 Antonio Romano over Joey Brannan with the middle rope Capiche
Main Event: Acadian Wrestling Atlantic Champion and XOW Heavyweight Champion Ronnie McNeil and AW “King of Kings” Champion ‘The Angel of Hate’ Joshua Baker defeat NWA World Heavyweight Championship Cam Eustis and Aaron ‘A-List’ Shepherd when McNeil reverses Shepherd’s Suplex attempt into an Ace Crusher.


SHOW: 3 Hour DWF Slaughter
DATE : June 21st

Match #1 Kelly Evans defeats Stevie Swing and Miss USA
Match #2 Rich Mahogany defeats Havoc
Match #3 T-Money wins a three-way match with Antonio Lopez and Buzz Krueger
Match #4 Myles Jack defeats Lupin Cy
Match #5 Level-One and Mike Polowy defeat Dazed and Confused
Match #6 Owen Manton pins S.G. Martins
Match #7 Jak Nemesis defeats Pierce


DATE: June 22nd

Match #1 Simon Maxwell Pain delivers the Lights Out on Johnny LeSatt to get the win
Match #2 Chris Storm goes over the Joker via the Figure Four leg lock
Match #3 Future defeats the American Dream with the Time Stopper
Match #4 Wynter deep freezes Stitch with his Frostbite submission hold
Match #5 Vincent Kane wins a Triple Threat Match over Korey ‘Rampage’ Jones and 8BALL
Match #6 Dean Williams delivers chaos to Lance Kerwin.  Win via the Chaos Theory.
Match #7 Ryan James defends his Rising Star title over Seth Iser
Main Event: Sean ‘The Natural’ Tyler defeats James ‘Big Trouble’ Kendrick in a steel cage match


DATE: ??

Match #1 Adrian Tanner Jr. and Cecil Kennedy aka NextWave outlast PPD, ‘Nuff Said, and the Rossis to become the first ICWF TV Tag Team Champions##
Match #2 ‘Hangman’ Caleb Walters def. ‘Flyking’ Will Geddings to advance to the finals of the Mother of All Tournaments
Match #3 ’Evil Voodoo’ Dave Pietka def. “Jester” Chad Allan and Vince ‘Vile’ Viper to also advancee to the finals of the Mother of All Tournaments.
Match #4 ##Rich Patterson took the ICWF Television title, winning a three-way match with former Champion CK Walker and Alexander Megalos##
Match #5 ##Eraser def. Lexx Love III to become the new ICWF Intercontinental Champion##
Match #6 ##Iris Galavar becomes the new ICWF Women’s Champion in a three way match over former champion Lindsay Page and ‘NY Knockout’ Nikki Jameson##
Match #7 ##Shattered Dreams def. Champions Adam Caeser and Steve Bradley and Unique Element and become the new ICWF Tag Team Champions##
Match #8 Pietka wins the Mother of All Tournaments final over Walters
Main Event: Dexter Payne retains the ICWF World Heavyweight Title over Lone Wolf



EWExperts Extreme Tournament 2009
In previous years The Experts Extreme Tournament has been one of the biggest events in eFedding over the summer, attracting 64 quality roleplayers from many communities last year. This year however, we’re looking to open it up to a maximum of 96 roleplayers with any character, of any skill level, from any eWrestling community.  The tournament will begin in early July, and culminate in late August with the final two battling it out for the prestigious True Expert Championship; yes, even non-Experts fed members can claim the title, in this event only.  Also this year, unlike previous years, the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final will all adhere to the Extreme Tournament name with a series of hardcore matches, including an Inferno Match, a Barbed Wire Match and a 2 out of 3 Falls Deathmatch.  Check out the Experts at their website for more information.


Political Championship Wrestling Takes Break
First reported by the EWNexus:  PCW Extreme Political TV will go on brief hiatus until July 15th.  PCW Correspondent and Spokesperson Gina Ramsey commented that the break will give the staff and wrestlers a ‘much needed break.’  Ramsey added:..”

“We’ve done 80+ shows in the past nine months since September, 2008 plus constant newslines and other programming.  That’s a pretty good work load for a small wrestling federation.”


Billows Suspended from LoC
LoC just posted that ‘Young Lion’ Ryan Billows failed a drug test and has been suspended for 30 days.  More details can be found at Legacy of Champions website.


Orlando Pro Wrestling Closes
EWNexus broke the news this week that Orlando Pro Wrestling formally closed its doors.  After a weekend where OPW’s Friday night show, as well as their Fox Sports deal was cancelled,  the news turned even worse today with the announcement of the arrest of OPW owner John Angelo.  Angelo will be charged with fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering.  The July 4th event in Orlando, Florida has been cancelled…”


HOW Announces Affiliates
High Octane Wrestling released a memo this week that confirmed that EW Torch and Political Championship Wrestling have joined HOW as affiliates.  Owner Lee Best reportedly was very happy with the additions and made an appearance Wednesday night on PCW’s Extreme Political TV.”


Ricochet Pro Wrestling Joins Apex Wrestling Association
RPW event, APA Chairman J.C. Barr joined RPW’s owner Buzz Stone in the ring and announced that RPW would join the World’s Toughest Federation and Wrestling Midwest in Apex.  Today, APA released the following memo:

Ricochet Pro Wrestling had a historic Crossfire on Wednesday night. The night started off with Ricochet owner, Buzz Stone, standing in the ring with none other than JC Barr to announce that Ricochet had joined Barr’s Apex Wrestling Alliance, joining with such feds as Wrestling Midwest (WMW) and World’s Toughest Federation (WTF) as their first internationally based federation. This is a historic move for Ricochet as RPW has not been a part of any organization since their very public departure from the NeWA more than two years ago. Ricochet’s joining of the AWA seems to be beneficial both organizations as it will provide much needed funding to Ricochet, which has been having public financial problems since the beginning of this year. It will also provide international exposure for both the AWA and its members feds, which is something they were interested in.


Dream Minor League Recruitment Drive
If you’re looking for a shot at stardom, DML is looking for you.  DML is offering 4 week contracts to those interesting in joining Dream Wrestling Federation’s official developmental territory with the best of the best having a chance to be called up to the DWF.  DML will be based out of Charleston, South Dakota and an announcement is forthcoming concerning their first event- ‘Chasing the Dream.’


Dream Wrestling Federation Fan Appreciation Day
The DWF announced on their website that the July 5th episode of DWF Slaughter will be ‘Fan Appreciation Day’ with ‘free stuff galore’ and feature the big mystery box of fun.  According to the DWF website: “Talent will not know what type of match they will be in until right before it, when a match stipulation will be drawn out of the box.”



GWO Punishment (6/21)
-The contestants for the Extreme Elimination Match this Sunday at Theater of Destruction are: Shawn FX, Ryan Maxem, Alex Cameron, and Kenny Kapowski
-##Tommy Glass stunned ‘Totally Bored’ Hyan Borg with a Shattered Glass right off the bell and becomes the new GWO Champion##

High Octane Wrestling Aftershock (6/22)
-Max Kael keeps his SSE belt by defeating Trent
-Shane Reynolds retains the ICON Title with a win over Trip Eisen
-David Black successfully defends his LSD Title in a knock down, drag out brawl with Christopher America

WCF Slam (6/22)
-Johnny Reb and Dake Ken def. the Tean of Treachery when Reb pinned the Jack of Blades

Hostility Violence 36 (6/22)
-Christopher Starr and Johnny Murphy upset the Ron and Don Connection in a non-title Tag Team match.
-##’Beautiful’ Bobby Dean won back the Hostility Extreme Champion title over Hooligan with a Starstruck finisher.##
-Main Event: Talon and Heroic Henry defeat Mike Polowy and Chris Bond.  Polowy, Bond, and Dean form the Industry group.

Political Championship Wrestling Extreme Political TV (6/24)
-Jack Schett and Bull Schett defeat the Total Eliminators
-HOW Owner Lee Best pushes a portable closet containing Joe Biden off the stage

Phoenix Wrestling Revolution Justice 47 (6/21)
Hawk Henshaw and Latricia successfully defend their PWR Tag Team titles, using a little trickery to score a victory over Scott Rage and John Cross
-##William ends Hannah Rickman’s title reign and becomes the new PWR Revolution Champion##

High Octane Wrestling Turmoil (6/25)
Kirsta Lewis overcomes the bigger, stronger Scottywood and wins a hardcore match with not one, but two Hell’s Bitch kicks.
-HOW World Champion Aceldama and Darkwing in a Scaffold Match.  Declared a draw when both men fall and go through several tables simultaneously.
-Babbinette Carey plants a kiss on Kirsta Lewis.

LARIAT (6/20)
1. Osaka Hate Crime def. Pine Street Posse (4:58)
2. Frank Dylan James def. Jaret Haskeer (5:02)
3. The Dirty Rydas def. The Firebirds (6:33)
4. Dusty Griffith def. Thom Rhodes (8:15)
5. Superior FT draw The Hell Riders (7:56)
6. Wyatt Bronson def. Rich Mahogany (9:13)

Wrestling Midwest Fuel 24 (6/26)
-Hecate, with help from Amariie and Druscilla, defeats Masahiro Kojima

ACW Courage (6/25)
-Ikan Jobtayoo and Conrad Ramsey aka Tried and True defeat Iceman and Hurst

CWO Driven 70 (6/25)
Muru retains US Title after being DQ’d in match with Victor Emnit when Devon Dice interfered on his behalf
-Main Event: Mr. Rich and Mike Logan defeat CWO Champion Johnny Serious and Barret Hawk: Logan pins Serious


Suave: “We’ll be back tomorrow night with the E-Wrestler of the Week and the interview with Miss USA.  I’m Johnny Suave…”

Tessa: “And I’m Tessa Martin…”

Suave: “Good night.”