SW Lockdown 17: Sam X v. Olivia Quinn in the Main Event

SHOW: Siberian Wrestling Lockdown 17
DATE: June 29th
HOSTS: Gregory Rupin and Ivan Brody
SITE: Siberian Wrestling

The Warden tells Siberian Wrestling Champion Andrei Sorokov and the new #1 contender Sam X that neither can touch the other for the next 6 weeks until At Any Cost.  If Sam X does, he loses his #1 contendership.  If Sorokov does, he forfeits the title.

Match #1 Jack Purnell counters Roland Fury’s Twisted System to pull out the win.

Post match, Purnell attempts to give Fury some ‘friendly’ advice.  Fury gives Purnell another Twisted System and leaves to the cheers of the crowd.

Kristina Belov interviews the Warden who announces a new Siberian Wrestling title- the Siberian Warehouse Title.  There will be an 8 man tournament to determine the champion at At Any Cost.

Match #2 Claire Voyant and Alannah Halliwell def. Abbey Spears and Alex Rettop- Halliwell hits the Churchill’s Revenge on Rettop for the win.

Spears and Voyant continue the fight after the match with Spears DDT’g Voyant.

Kristina Belov talks with Marcus Doyle.  Doyle is attacked by Xander Gates and laid out. 

Match #3 Voyle Champion Dan Filat def. Neil Climer in a non-title match via leg lock submission.

Post match, Filat jumps Climer from behind and puts him in a Feofilakt Lock. 

Kristina Belov talks with Olivia Quinn about her match with Sam X tonight.  Quinn is still extremely upset with Sam X over the mind games he played with her and her father Andrei Sorokov.

Match #4 Sam X def. Olivia Quinn with the cradle piledriver.

Sam X then drills Quinn with a steel chair after the match and starts to choke her out with it causing Sorokov to come to the ring.  Sam X taunts him and basically tells him ‘your daughter or your title.’  Out of nowhere Cecile Lecrux bashes Sam X with a chair and tells him that she’s back.