The “Not” Keith Rant for WTFL Game Over Repost

Ted Caldweller note: Due to the impending demise of GeoCities, E-Wrestling Torch is proud to repost some classic Schmucks material on our site. Enjoy!

The “Not” Keith Schmucks Rant for “WTFL’s “Game Over””

Once more into the breach, dear Schmucks, once more… Once more I, “Not” Keith, return with views, reviews and more mixed metaphors than you can shake a ten-foot bargepole at. Tonight, we’ll revisit the WTFL for their “Game Over” Pay-Per-View. Onwards!

-We’re Live-ish from the MGM Grand in Lost Wages, Nevada. Jim “I shot J.R” Ross and Jerry “Welfare Sucks” Lawler are our hosts. Game Over is to feature a Royal Rumble-like match, with the winner getting a title shot. Tonight. That’s stacking the odds for the champion slightly! The Rumble is the first match on the card, so let’s get started!

-Game Over Rumble

Aggonizer gets lucky number one, Flame gets number two. They tussle a bit, then hit a a quick wrestling sequence and fight on the ropes. Flame hits a belly-to-belly as the buzzer goes. (As is traditional… nothing ever happens in that first period.) Snakehead is number three, and he goes right after Flame. Aggonizer attacks from behind but can’t dump Snakehead out. Flame thanks Aggonizer for his help with a spinebuster, Snakehead adds an elbowdrop for kicks. The usual Rumble brawling as contest 4 is revealed as Sweet Dick Willy. Wow, from President to wrestler in six months? Oh, wait, wrong Willy… They pair up, Flame tosses Snakehead out by his Snakehair. J.R refers to Sweet Dick Willy as SdW, and I suddenly recognise him from the tag team of Sweet Candy. I believe I shall also abbrieviate him, lest this Rant be consored. Superkick drops Aggonizer, SdW DDT’s Flame and the buzzer brings in contestant 5. Meanstreak hits the ring, uniting Malicious Intent. They beat SdW down and toss Flame out. Double-teaming galore on SdW including a double spinebuster and a nice German from Aggonizer. Hands up all those who thought Eye Candy would be next out? Yup, me too. He is, giving us a rematch from WrestleMania 2.0 and popping the crowd with this simple, yet sensible piece of booking. He saves SdW from elimination and we get a quick, though good, mini-match before Aggonizer is blasted out by Eye Candy. X is out at 7, pairing up with Eye Candy. SdW hits a nice release Northern Lights on Meanstreak and charges X, who body-drops him out. X and Meanstreak double-team Eye Candy out to the apron. He retaliates, hot-shotting Meanstreak on the top strand. Innovative missile-dropkick to powerbomb reversal by X stops that flurry in a hurry.

Rawkus is out at 8. ALGORE ALGORE ALGORE on X, T-Bone on Meanstreak, Katie bar the door, etc. Everyone brawls until Double “What Happened To My Other H?” H arrives at 9. He and Rawkus hit a double Suplex on X (My Rant is rhyming a lot today…) before Rawkus hits a DDT on HH. He may be DOA. Call 911, ASAP! Okay, I feel better now… Meanstreak snapmares Eye Candy, cinches in the Clasp and heaves him out. Mixx is number 10. He goes after HH as Rawkus, Meanstreak and X brawl amongst themselves. Rawkus clears house by tipping both of his opponents over the top. Mixx takes over, hitting a gut-wrench powerbomb on the Man In Need of a Prosthetic H. Fameasser on Rawkus as Gabrial Storm arrives at 11. He drop-kicks Rawkus as HH is slammmed and leg-dropped by Mixx. Lawler refers to Storm as the “Angle of Death”… He’s either confusing him with Kurt, or geometry is much more interesting in Memphis. Double Z is out at 12. (Damn it, HH and ZZ in the same match… If someone called “Double U” arrives, I’m leaving…) He helps Rawkus work on Storm as HH brawls with Mixx. Rawkus hits the “No Boundaries” on Storm, ZZ bails, running right into a tilt-a-whirl from Mixx. ZZ is hit with a Manhattan Drop. Sitruk is next in, fufilling the “Big Man” requirement by immediatly eliminating Rawkus, then chokeslams Storm out for an encore. ZZ follows seconds later. HH and Mixx double-team him with some well-placed GROINAL KICKS OF DOOM! Kris Karnage is next to arrive. Double K attacks Double H as Mi-Double X works on Sitruk. (One of these things is not like the other…) HH hits a neckbreaker on 2K, before hip-tossing Mixx out off a whip by Sitruk. Ja Lam is the 15th man out as we hit the halfway point. Sitruk and Ja lam double team 2K, who bounces around like a pinball for them. We brawl away for a minute or two before Deadly Dean (Not Douglas) enters at 16. Sitruk attempts a chokeslam on HH, Ja Lam makes the save and is hung out to dry on the top rope for his troubles. Karnage knocks him out with ease. Madd Dogg is next into the match, Sitruk calls him in. Madd Dogg makes him wait, then cheapshots him as Deadly Dean is eliminated by H/H. Madd Dogg pounds on Sitruk, then spears Karnage over the top rope. He brawls with HH, before the two realise that teaming up against Sitruk is a much better idea.

Biohazard is number 18. HH, Madd Dogg and Biohazard exchange moves while Sitruk takes a time-out. Mavericks’ next and he goes straight for the biggest man in the ring, running headlong into Sitruks boot. Nice entrance, Mav… Sirtuk makes everyone in the ring play Ricky Morton, but is caught in a grapevine/crossface by Madd Dogg. Nightmare is next. He hits the “BY GOD” CATACLYSM on Maverick straight away, and Mavericks night ends early. I have bad Hogan Flashbacks as Nightmare no-sells HH’s punches, then eliminates Sitruk by himself. Participant 21 is Fusion. He tosses out Biohazard in three seconds… they’re booked for a match later in the card, you see… pyschology! Nightmare continues to no-sell, even ignoring a double-team by Fusion and Madd Dogg. Double noggin knocker, Madd Dogg eliminates Fusion in the aftermath. Mark Richman is in and out in twenty-five seconds as Nightmare continues to dominate. HH and Madd Dogg double-team Nightmare… who sells! (Hooray!) For about twenty seconds, before hitting a Last Ride on Madd Dogg. Mike Hawke is next into the fray attacking Nightmare. It’s no-sold. HH clotheslines the hapless Hawke out. HH hits a DDT on Nightmare as Silent Assassin enters. He cleans house, until Nightmare decides to stop selling once more and spinebusts him.

Jake Ellis is in at 25. He hits the Ellis Edge and eliminates HH right away. Random brawling until Big Tex enters, then exits fifteen seconds later courtesy of Madd Dogg. Andy Karmello is next out. He lasts longer than Tex, but not by much, suplexed out by Silent Assassin. (Is he Silent, But Deadly?) Ellis follows, after Madd Dogg blocks an Ellis Edge. Roundhouse kick ends Ellis’s night. Adrenaline is out at 28. He brawls with Nightmare, who actually sells for him. Silent Assassin joins in, then brawls with Adrenaline. Right Angle is 29, attacking Madd Dogg. Adrenaline attacks both Assassin and Nightmare with simultaneous headshots. No guesses as to which one no-sells it… Right Angle hits the Special Olympic Slam on Adrenaline. On rising, Nightmare is there to hit the Cataclysm on him. Silent Assassin and Madd Dogg get Nightmare to sell briefly, before Assassin tries a sharpshooter and gets DDT-ed by the Dogg. Non-Retard is the final man in. Three-way brawl erupts with Angle, Retard and Adrenaline, until Nigthmare clotheslines all of them simultaneously. Assassin spears Nightmare. Right Angle hits the Olympic Slam on Retard and tosses him. A criss-cross sequence and lowblow sees the end of Angle, thanks to Assassin. He tries a double-team with Adrenaline, but Nightmare just shoves them off. A jawjacker drops Nightmare at last. Madd Dogg and Silent Assasin duke it out, Madd Dogg clotheslines the Assassin out. Lowblow from Madd Dogg and Implant DDT from Adrenaline drop Nighmare again, who’s suddenly selling everything! We get an impromtu triple threat match from the remaining men. Pump handle drop from Nightmare on Adrenaline. Madd Dogg spears Nightmare and hits a swanton. Inverted atomic drop on Adrenaline, Madd Dogg goes up. Nightmare abrubtly decides he’s sold enough for one match, thank you very much, doing the Zombie Situp and hitting a Cataclysm on Madd Dogg, then another on Adrenaline. He tosses both out effortlessly to win the match. I don’t rate battle royals. Had its moments, though.

-Bensino (w/Xtasy) vs. Wolf (ECW Title Match)

Bensino blindsides the champ prior to the bell and beats on him. Wolf gets in an elbowshot and goes to work the arm. Bensino rakes the eyes. Short-arm clothesline, Wolf responds with a neckbreaker and DDT. In comes the garbage, (Including requiste “STOP” sign” and trash can) Wolf applies a sleeper. Bensino snapmares him off. Miliatry press-to-DVD by Bensino in a nice spot. It gets 2. We get some Trash Can Fu, Wolf ducks a charge and rams Bensino into the buckle. A cute schoolboy trip allows Wolf to lock on a cloverleaf. Bensino manages to roll over, so Wolf simply stomps on Mr Happy. Okay, ouch! Irish whip is reversed, Wolf drop-toeholds Bensino onto the trashcan. Bensino blades. Fisticuffs, Wolf attempts a Fameasser. Bensino powers out and works the arm, dropping a nice handstand kneedrop. Bensino slams Wolf back-first into a buckle and applies a bearhug. Not for long though, and it’s back to the arm. Make up your mind, man! Wolf makes the ropes to break an armbar. Blind charge sees Bensino out to the apron. He quickly stunguns Wolf and steals JR’s chair. (It’s a “steal” chair… get it? Oh, never mind…) He chairshots Wolf and wedges it into a corner. Then runs into it himself on a blind charge. Irony is good for the blood… German suplex gets 2 for Wolf. Bensino bails, Wolf follows and uses some Shovel Fu. They brawl on the floor, Bensino tries some Rope Fu, then some Stop Sign Fu. In a slightly ludicrous bit, he ties Wolf to the ringpost and retrieves a glass table from beneath the ring. Wolf proceeds to use the rope he’s been tied with to choke Bensino as he returns to the floor. (Tie it TIGHT next time!) Wolf frees himself, drop-kicks Bensino, and hangs him. He sets up the glass table in the corner and takes Bensino up top. The Wolf-plex is blocked, Bensino hits the Devils Spiral. No cover, Bensino electing to demonstrate a few suplexes instead. He hits the Vertical Limit (Scott Glenn not included) for 2. Ballshot turns the tide, Wolf sets up for the Wolfs Claw. Multiple hold reversals until Bensino hits the Decline out of absolutely nowhere, putting Wolf through the glass table. Needless to say, blading is in order for Wolf. Nightmare completely breaks the flow of the match by doing a stalk-in, taking the ECW title into the ring with him. He wipes out Besino with it and departs. Did that seem unneccesary to anyone else in the room? Just me, then… Flying headbutt gets the win for Wolf. *** Good match needlessly ruined by a stupid ending. Fine, it sets up Wolf/Nightmare, but a clean finish and a backstage interview could have done that just as well.

-High Voltage vs. Danny Moore (Table Match)

Nice little wrestling sequence to start, with High Voltage hitting a flying forearm off the criss-cross. Leg-drop follows. His pin attempt doesn’t count in a tables match. Blind charge, Moore avoids him, but High Voltage hits a neat springboard drop-kick off the middle buckle. Springboard leg-drop and high Voltage GETS THE TABLE! Moore recovers enough to baseball slide it back into his face. Some Table Fu follows, with Moore snap suplexing Voltage onto the folded table. Moore can’t buy crowd heat at this point. They tease a table shot with whip reversals, Moore slides out and stunguns High Voltage. Superkick and choke-a-rama from Moore. Powerbomb is reversed into a DDT for the double KO. Voltage is up first, hitting a Dibiase Fist-drop. He sets up the table. He uses it as an impromptu diving board, hitting a frog splash on Moore. They slug it out, Moore hits a jawjacker and takes High Voltage onto the table. The Danny Death Drop is blocked, High Voltages’ piledriver is likewise blocked, Moore hits the Goodnight Kiss, putting High Voltage through the woodwork for the win. *3/4 The table stip seemed tacked on… these two could have had a much better chance to shine in a regular old wrestling match.

-Deadly Dean (w/Shannon)vs. John Paul Datson (Street Fight)

These two are brothers, apparently… J.R and the King mention that fact three times before the intros even begin! They start off with some punching. This is followed by punching. Then a staredown, and some punching for variety. Dean hits the first actual move, a Samoan drop. John-Paul no-sells. An arm-drag is also no-sold. (I think he’s taking lessons from Nightmare…) Clothesline and elbow-drop from J-P-D. Running leg-drop and we’re back to the exchange of punches. J-P gouges the eys and hits a one-armed Twist of fate variant. DVD gets a 6-count. (Yes, it’s the dreaded “10-count” last man standing rules I love so much!) Blind charge sees John-Paul take a header to the floor. Dean’s plancha KO’s both men. John-Paul is up first, going for a chair. His shot is ducked, J-P hits the ropes and KO’s himself on the backswing. Cute. Back inside, Dean chairshots John-Paul and superkicks him. John-Paul sells this for at least, oh, three seconds before hitting a gut-wrench powerbomb for 7. Dean hits an Evenflow for a double KO. John-Paul uses Chair Fu, then 2×4 Fu, and finally Figure Four Fu. Dean reverses the hold. He heads up for a corkscrew moonsault. Double 8-count results. Ballshot by John-Paul and TORTURE RACK OF HIDEOUS DISCOMFORT. He holds him in the move for literally minutes, killing the match and crowd stone dead. DVD, Shannons’ up to distract the ref and string this abortion of a match out even more. John-Paul chairshots her, Dean makes a miraculous recovery to hit the Deadly Drop, John-Paul bails. Dean brings his unconcious valet into the ring. (Why? Beats nine colors of hell out of me…) as John-Paul shakes off the effects of the Deadly Driver in a micro-second, returning to hit a vertical fishermans suplex. He then racks Shannon for laughs and gives her a Datson Driver. (My friend used to drive a Datsun… but now he has a Subaru!) JPD Chokeslam gets 8 on Dean. JPD heads out and brings half the arena into the ring with him… two tables, a chair, a steel pipe and an OMINOUS-LOOKING BAG OF MYSTERY! (I’ve got ten bucks saying it’s thumbtacks…) Oh, and the SLEDGEHAMMER OF INSTANT “DUD” RATING! He busts Dean open with the sledge. Datson Driver gets 9. Dean makes the Superman comeback, hitting a DDT, senton and a Cork-sault. (The PTC will love that one… oh, wait.. CORK-sault…) Leapfrog moonsault and DDT onto a chair, Dean brings out the ladder, JPD blades off some Steel Pipe Fu. I win my ten-buck bet as Dean sprinkles thumbtacks in the ring and hits the Deadly Drop onto them. JPD pops right back up again, (I’m sorry, Mr Dean, but your finisher appears to have been killed…) Dean applies the Dungeon Deathlock. Once more, we get an over-extended submission hold in a no-submissions match. Dean releases the hold, the ref counts. Dean gains my undying hatred by stopping the refs count at 9 and making me sit through more of this bullshit. He then throws the ref right out of the ring… If it was Darius Smooth from RAW Wrestling, I would have forgiven him. Dean hits a spear to drive John-Paul onto the tacks, then a Deadly Elbow off the top. Running tombstone from Dean, he sets up the ladder and places John-Paul on the table. John-Paul moves and Dean corkscrews himself through the table. The ref is up… and it gets a 9-count. Whee. They actually sit around for a while looking at each other, before Dean runs right into a belly-to-belly throw over the top. They set up the Grand Finale move with a table on the outside and a ladder inside. Dean hits a superplex, sending John-Paul through the table, and this match finally comes to a merciful end. Huge bump, but the match had zero flow, and damn few original ideas. DUD (Automatic Sledgehammer Rating)

-Big Tex vs. Mark Richman (X-Treme Title match)

Tex plays to the crowd as he enters, so Richman lowblows him from behind. Reverse electric chair drop, Richman heads out for the garbage. And the ring crew just finished cleaning up, too! Richman uses some 2×4 Fu until Tex ducks a shot and clotheslines him. Tex uses the 2×4 and gets 2. T-Bone suplex, Tex heads out to toss in a trash can. Richman catches it and lays Tex out with it. Richman clotheslines Tex, then heads outside again. It’s like watching Human Pong by now. Richman sets up two tables on top of each other. He tries to suplex Tex off the apron, Tex blocks and suplexes Richman back into the ring. Kendo Stick Fu from Tex, who applies the Trip To Texas. Trash Can Lid Fu breaks the hold, Richman hits a spinebuster for 2. He attempts a spear. Tex turns it into a belly-to-belly through the tables in a horrible transition that looked worse than it sounds. Non-PC-Named Suplex gets 2 for Tex. Ballshot #2 by Richman and DDT. He attempts a fishermans drop, Tex powers out and hits the Panhandle Slam to retain. * Generic garbage wrestling.

-European Title Fatal Four Way Match
-Fusion vs. Rawcus vs. BioHazard (w/Jasmine) vs. “The Angel of Death” Gabrial Storm (w/Venom)

They pair up out of the gate, with Gabrial and Biohazard wrestling in one corner, Fusion and Rawcus brawling in the other. Biohazard takes down Storm and applies an armbar. Fusion slides out of an attempted suplex and sends Rawcus to the buckle. Tornado bulldog from Fusion as Storm reverses a whip into a variation of an reverse inziguri. Storm and Fusion stare each other down, then lock up. They give us a nice wrestling display until Rawcus blindsides Storm and beats on him until Biohazrd blindsides him in return. Rawcus T-bones Biohazard and gets lowblowed by Fusion. He teams with Storm to nail Rawcus, followed by simultaneous superkicks on Biohazard. They set up a double-team move on Biohazard, Rawcus attacks Fusion to save. Storm comes off the top, Biohazard drop-kicks him on the way down. German suplex by Rawkus, but his cover is broken up by Biohazard. Snap suplex, Biohazards cover is broken by Storm. Biohazard hits a northern lights on Storm, Fusion breaks the pin up. Rawcus powerbombs Fusion off an atempted rana and sets up the No Respect. Storm saves with a “Redemptor”, but is body-dropped out by Biohazard off a blind charge. Biohazard body-presses him off the top buckle. Fusion hits a nice front suplex on Rawcus as Storm and Biohazard brawl up the ramp. They get too close to the ring, so Fusion hits a corkscrew bodyblock off the top onto them. Jasmine jumps onto Fusions back, Venom drags her off and slams her. This match is re-defining the term “clusterfuck” in my humble opinion. Storm gives Fusion the “Final Descent” onto the ramp, then heads to the apron. His asai moonsault is stopped by Rawcus, who locks in the “Cruel Punishment” (a Tarantula) My tape gets a jarring clip, as suddenly Storm is on the floor and Rawcus is selling a throat injury. (Possibly due to Xenomorphs limited dubbing skills) Biohazard gets 2 off a legdrop, then hits the Epitah on Rawcus for 2 more. Fusion and Storm brawl on the apron, Fusion hits a 360 faceplant onto the floor. Biohazards “Into the Void” is blocked, Rawcus hits a “Head on Collusion” (Either a very cool name, or Jim Ross can’t pronounce “Collision”…) It gets 2 before Fusion saves. Rawcus powerslams Fusion in retaliation for 2. A DVD is reversed into a Whirlpool for 2 by Fusion as the pace starts to hot up. Fusionsteiner on Rawcus is sabotaged by Biohazard, ballshotting Fusion and hitting a nasty crucifx backbreaker. The count is broken at 2 and a half by a Raucous Behaviour off the top. Storm hits the ring, nailing Rawcus with kicks. Springboard wheel kick is ducked, wiping out Fusion inadvertantly. Rawcus capitalises, DDT-ing Storm. Suplex is switched to a sunset by Storm, who neatly converts into an anklelock. They tease the tap brilliantly before Biohazard hits a facecrusher on Storm to break the hold. He hits a german on Storm and goes up. Fusion springs up as well, hitting a sweet armdrag off the top. He hits a Wipeout on Biohazard for 2, Rawcus saves. He nails the Flick of the Switch on Fusion, Storm saves at 2 and 7/10’s. Storm and Rawcus fight to the floor. Inside Biohazard hits a rana for 2.5 on Fusion. Fusion ducks a whip and hits the Undercurrent as Rawcus takes a Casket Call on the ramp. He returns to the apron, but is sent flying as Fusion is shoved into him by Biohazard. He hits the Descent on Fusion for the pin and his first WTFL belt. Wow! What started out as a confusing mess pulled something special out from the mid-way point. Nicely booked, with not a sledghammer or a gratuitous run-in in sight! Match of the Night by a long way. ****

-Kris Karnage vs. Andy Karmello (U.S Title Ladder Match)

All-in brawl starts this one off. Then they brawl on the outside. Then inside again. Kranage eventually hits a DDT and brings in the ladder. In doing so, Mr Observant practically hands it to Karmello, who wallops him with it. Karmello goes up, Karnage pushes the ladder over, dropping Karmello testies-first on the top rope. Karnage takes over, hitting a drop toehold onto the ladder. Belly-to-belly and Vegas neckbreaker, Karnage goes up, Karmello knocks him off. They brawl, Karnage demonstrates some Ladder Fu. Tiger suplex is turned into move #349 (arM-BAr) which is broken mere seconds before the crowd can start the “Boring!” chant. Karnage hits a capture suplex, but can’t follow up. Karmello responds with a Karmello-plex and heads up. Karnage meets him and hits the Jackpot after a brief brawl. They lie around selling the bump, Karnage finally rises and retrieves the belt unopposed to retain. Flat, lifeless match. 1/4*

-HH (w/Valkyrie) vs. Non-Retard (Intercontinental Title Match, Falls Count Anywhere)

Fast pace is set early, with equal parts wrestling and brawling. Non-Retard gets 2 off a float-over suplex, then misses an elbow drop. Swinging neckbreaker gets 2 for H-H. Chop-fest breaks out, N/R beats on H-Squared and gets 2 off a double-arm DDT. He removes the turnbuckle pad, but Irony intervenes as he takes a spinebuster and a slingshot into the steel. It gets 2. Reversal-Fest continues as Non Retard turns a whip into a short clothesline. Knee-drop and DDT, ballshot turns the tide for Double Aitch. Ten seconds later, he gets body-dropped out by Retard. This is making me dizzy. Valkyrie (AKA I Can’t Believe It’s Not Chyna) brawls with N/R on the floor, HH suplexes him and covers. The Moron Referee is still in the ring, so it only gets 2 by the time he gets into position. Lazy bastard… Brawling commences, and out comes the trash. HH produces four garbage cans, three chairs and two tables. (All that’s missing is a partridge in a pear tree…) All the junk ends up in the ring, HH uses some Chair Fu on Non Retard for laughs. His offensive flurry ends abrubtly as N/R rolls away from a big splash and puts him into the exposed buckle. Brainbuster from Non Retard, before HH obligingly accepts a proffered garbage can that gets kicked into his face. Twice! The second shot gets 2 as HH blades, incidently. Continued Chair Fu gets another 2-count for Not-A-Retard. At least the frantic reversals have ceased… Oh, wrong, as we get a Double reversal spot that puts HH through a table for 2. Another reversal as N-R is DDT’ed onto a chair. They brawl half-heartedly, then trade garbage can spots. HH takes Non Retard to the apron and delivers a Deaths Head tombstone through a table. For 2. Yeah, that’s right, more of this entrhalling match, that’s what we need. They brawl backstage to catering, where Lawler gets off the line of the night… “Don’t touch the salami!”… what, is Pat Patterson back there? Valkyrie mounts a Slightly-Too-Convienient-8-Foot-High-Stack-Of-Crates for a moonsault as some actor runs-in. A private joke, perhaps? NR rolls off and Valkyrie moonsaults through the table. H.H and N-R leave her there and continue the Brawl That Doth Never End, using plaster walls, a Pepsi machine and a Stunt Bump through a window for HH. It gets 2. I’m not making that up. They fight to the production area, where a forklift is brought into proceedings. HH takes a ridiculously contrived bump off the forklift, and so we CUE THE RUN-IN! (Tonight, the part of Run-In Man will be played by Fusion…) He puts out N-R’s lights with a single Whirlpool, and HH covers for an anti-climatic pinfall to retain. Valkyrie walks over to congratulate HH, no worse the wear for her bump… taking lessons from Nightmare, I see. -** Mindless, ugly and about fifteen minutes too long

-Main Event (ECW/WTFL Heavyweight Title Match)
-Nightmare vs. Wolf

Nightmare tries to cheapshot Wolf with the belt prior to the belt, but Wolf sees it coming. He chops away at Nightmare… it’s no-sold. he tries some kicks… ditto. Here we go again. Nightmare beats on Wolf and chokes him, but avalanches the buckle. He grudginly sells a neckbreaker, but quickly powers out of a half-crab. He tries to take Wolfs head off with the Orange Goblin Boot. Blue Thunder suplex gets 2 for Nightmare. He no-sells an inziguri and body drops Wolf out to the floor. He pummels Wolf all over the place, covering for 2 on the floor(??) after a suplex. Nightmare tries some Stair Fu, Wolf drop toeholds him onto the steel and drops a monitor on his head. This is sold, thankfully. Legdrop off the apron gets 2 for Wolf. Three consecutive chairshots gets 2 more. Nightmare blocks a slam to the table, ramming Wolfs head into the woodwork instead. He chairshots Wolf and hits a Diamond Cutter for 2. A table is brought into the ring, along with Wolf. Wolf hits a german suplex out of nowhere for 2. Nightmare stops that little offensive flurry with a running DDT for 2. He intimidates the ref, who gets bumped as Wolf hits a Wolf-Plex. Nightmare is quite happy to sell this, as there’s no ref to count. Wolf tries to wake up the ref, Nightmare makes a miraculous recovery and hits the Maelstrom suplex-to-diamond cutter. Still no referee, so they head outside to brawl. They work on each others knees, before Wolf removes the Kanertakers mask and applies the Wolfs’ Claw. Nightmare makes the ropes and hits the Cataclysm off an attempted armbar. It gets 2, so he gives Wolf a second Cataclysm for the pin and the titles. 1/2* Great… they booked a virtual squash for the main event… and a predictable one at that.

-The Bottom Line: Some excellent matches, interspersed with some overblown, unoriginal ones. Very much a Card of Two Halves.

Thumbs in the middle.