The Ring of Fire: Introduction

In a day and age where more and more people find themselves engulfed in the interwebz, there is a decline in interest in professional wrestling. We have taken a serious blow. Gone are the days of thousands of wrestlers along the side with hundreds of promotions putting out show after show. Gone are the days of much originality in the sport. Today we sit with a handful of promotions that stick around and maybe a few hundred wrestlers in the talent pool. Why? Is it because there are no good alternatives right now? Is it because the creative teams of promotions blow and it’s causing everyone to lose interest? Maybe it’s because we’re all aging. Well, this is just one of the subjects I plan to tackle in ‘The Ring of Fire.’

I’m Patrick J. Star, and every week I’ll sit down and explore different aspects of our sport in which the majority of members to The Torch SHOULD be involved in. I may even explore as to why some not involved continue to hang around. Any and everything will be touched upon in the coming weeks, months, and… well, we’ll see if this can last years. Nothing and no one is safe from becoming subject matter in ‘The Ring of Fire.’ Expect interviews and retrospectives as we touch on what makes the sport of professional wrestling  tick.

I’m Patrick J. Star, and you’ve just entered ‘The Ring of Fire.’ I’ll be seeing you soon.