The Types of eFed Quitters: Part II

Last week I posted The Types of eFed Quitters and got quite a good response from it. Since then, I have come across new types, and figured why not do a follow up article? People quitting eFeds is something every fed head has to handle at one point or another, but it’s the way people quit which can make or break a situation. I myself just experienced a situation that was a mixture of The Divorce and The Main Storyline (Both covered in the first article) with a flare of some of the items that will be covered today. It’s never fun, but the show must go on.

Lets get into it shall we? Oh, and I may use or expand upon some really awesome suggestions I got after the last article. So if you see your addition added, thanks. After you’re finished, join in the discussion in the comment section below!

The I’m Sorry It Wont Happen Again

Simply put this is the guy you feel bad for. You hear their story and think “Okay maybe something came up and we’ll give them another shot.” In the long run they do the same thing yet again. What a lot of handlers don’t realize is this hurts them as well. I’ve seen people come back a third time but low and behold no one wants to work with them. They can’t understand why but it’s simple: You fucked up, twice, so of course no one is going to work with you. You now have to put in time working with an NPC telling a story in hopes you buy back someones confidence and in most cases it doesn’t work out which is usually something that’s easily swept under the rug and leaves “red in your ledger” to steal a line from The Avengers.

The I’ll Be Back Quitter

Think about it. You have those that up and leave, those that are unresponsive for days, weeks, months. Then you have those that will confront the fed head directly or on the board, explaining they need a break for whatever reason. Like the Quiet Mouse, but in this case they have every intent on returning. Be it a few weeks later, after the current season such as Summer is over, or after the new year (if it’s near the 3rd/4th quarter of the year.

The I’ll Be Back Quitter could also be a mixture of another type of quitter as they could give a notice, or they could tell you last minute. It really is up to the fed head how to handle these situations. In a lot of the cases the handler either does not return, or they return sooner than expected. This type of quitter could put a damper in things when the fed is at a roster cap during the time they want to return as well. They may feel like being this type of quitter helps things, but it has a lot of moving parts and could do more harm than good in the long run. Just leave in a way that works for everyone, if you return cool. if not, it’s OK as well. At least it’s better than just disappearing.

The My Dog Died Quitter

OK, maybe it isn’t their dog but a family member or friend. In most cases I want to give the person the benefit of the doubt here and be OK with this type of quitter. However, I’ve seen some sick people in the game use death as an excuse to leave a fed only to pop up in another fed. in some extreme cases, the same family member dies four times in three months across five feds. Yes, it happens. There’s not much you can do when this happens as a fed head, but this quitter exist all the same.

Those who legit quit due to death, please believe I in no way condone anything ill or negative toward you. But you who just use it as an excuse? Promptly fuck off.

The No One Notices I Quit aka The Fed Hopper

This guy owes his allegiance to an interfed or a circle of feds. The individual feds within that interfed/circle, he quits like clockwork, but because he stays in the same circle, it fools a lot of people into not noticing what a flake he is and so they let him keep doing it. Hopefully the fed head that he quits on catches on, but there are some cases in which the circle is so tight that the fed head just assumes they are not booking this person right now.

When someone finally realizes what is going on in this case, it is typically too late to do anything about it. More than likely they will assume this person wont do it again now that they have been caught. However, chances are they will. Maybe in the same circle, or maybe jump to another.

The Deadline Pusher

This guy posts in the shoutbox/chat/AIM/OOC Thread asking for the deadline to be extended another few days so he can have ‘enough time’ to finish his promo. Deadline is extended, and he still doesn’t post, thereby delaying the results for those who did. This is something that is increasingly happening more in the hobby. However, I only feel bad for the other handlers and not the fed head because they have the power to say no.

Hey deadline pushers reading this, and I know some of you who are and will… stop that shit. Seriously. You have a week to two weeks, if not more. Start roleplaying early.

The Grass is Always Greener

Typically, these types will see another fed and think that they’d do far better than the fed they’re currently in. They are typically verbal about said feelings when making the jump which often leads into un-needed banter places like Twitter. In the end, these people and those who take part in the banter don’t achieve anything from it. There is always a chance that they are right and the grass is greener, but typically this person will never truly be happy in any situation and continue to move on from fed to fed with the same outlook.

The Super Destroyer

This person is no good for any fed. If you see someone who has done this, and now they are applying to your fed then it is your responsibility to not accept them for the better of the hobby. This person not only picks one or more of the previous ways to quit, but when they do the fuck shit up.


This person will edit, delete, or otherwise destroy anything they can before leaving. The more permissions their accounts have, the worse you are off. Roleplays go missing, bios vanish into thin air, forums are sank like the Titanic. Basically this person is purely a douche bag. If they do it to one fed, they will do it to yours. This is the type of person that could kill a fed proper if they have enough power, at least until the fed head can get a backup of the site restored.

The worse part is even if they can’t kill your entire fed, even with the roleplays and/or bios gone, then you have a giant gap in your archives and history. My latest run in with this was recently actually. This was a Main Event quitter with a mixture of The Public Rage Quit, and throw in a dash of Super Destroyer. Luckily this person only had enough permissions to delete their roleplays and bio information. I was able to restore a SQL backup from the previous Saturday and within minutes it was restored, but the frustration level to me was high.

I still need to move someone else into his top face spot, but at least the physical damage was fixed. I can guarantee you though he will never be welcome back in my fed again, even if we patch things up later. At least not with any type of ability to delete squat. It takes a special kind of person to take the time to destroy what they can before they quit. I’ll take any other type of quitter over The Super Destroyer.

Just quit.

I think I’ll end it at there for today. Remember, leave your comments below. Who knows, maybe you can help inspire a third part? Also, be sure to let us know what kind of quitter YOU prefer when fed heading. What makes the process easier for you? Coming soon… Types of Fed head Quitters….