Thursday’s EW TorchCenter: FWO Meltdown- Day 2, PCW action, HOW preview

Tonight on EW TorchCenter:
-FWO Meltdown Day 2 Coverage
-PCW Extreme Political TV
-HOW Turmoil Preview

EW TorchCenter for Thursday July 2nd
Host: ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin

(Rana Venenosa vs. High Flyer for the FWO World Heavyweight Title-courtesy of FWO)
((Flyer shook his monstrous green hair as his name was said and threw up a devil horn taunt to the fans in attendance. He handed Mary-Lynn the World Championship, and without a second notice, sprinted into the ring.

As he entered, Rana was waiting. The Poisonous Frog pounced on the Lunatic with kicks and elbows to the back. Flyer fought to his feet and began to lay in rights and lefts into Rana’s gut, up till his face. Suddenly, the two highest fliers in the FWO were having what amounted to little more than a boxing match. Without technique.


Rana drove his shoulder into the Lunatic’s gut, sending both men through the middle ropes and down to the outside. Even a ten foot fall didn’t stop them from waylaying on one another with fist after fist. First Rana had the advantage, but Flyer rolled on top and then laid in himself. Rana rolled on top and fired lefts and rights and then even got in an eye poke, before Flyer let loose with a vicious kick directly to the masked superstar’s genitals.

Wincing in pain, Rana broke from the mounted punches and tended to his man hood. The Lunatic rose to his feet, and went RIGHT after the eyes of Rana. One eye gouge later, and Flyer tossed Rana into the steel turnbuckle.))

Tessa: “It was another war between two former friends turned bitter rivals.  High Flyer, the FWO World Heavyweight Champion, and Rana Venenosa as day 2 of FWO’s Meltdown got underway.  High Flyer came out high flying but Venenosa had a few tricks up his sleeve…”

((One suplex crashes Rana into the mat, and Flyer kept the chancery hooked. He rose to his feet and nailed another suplex, and continued to keep Rana in his grasp. Flyer lifted Rana for the third suplex, but held him up in the air for a moment.


It was a moment that he would regret as Rana spewed red mist into the Lunatic’s eyes. Rana dropped from the suplex onto his hands and knees as Flyer CLAWED at his very eyes.


Flyer fell to his knees CRYING from the pain as Donald Caine reprimanded the Poisonous Frog for his actions. Rana had none of it, pushing through the pain of his leg to hook Flyer and lift him in a spinning kudoh driver.))

Tessa: “High Flyer in a world of hurt after Venenosa sprayed him with the red mist…”

((The Lunatic was planted in the center of the ring, but Rana wasn’t finished. Rana lifted Flyer to his feet and shot him off the ropes. Returning, Rana dropped his head and back body dropped the Lunatic up and over. Rana fell to his knees from the pressure put on his joints by both this and the kudoh driver, as Flyer flipped over and landed on his feet!

But no! His left knee crumpled out from under him and he fell back to his knees just as Rana recovered to his feet. Rana turned, saw the injured prey, and pounced with a chop block of his own, crashing the Lunatic to the canvas.

The Poisonous Frog hooked the prone Flyer by his left leg and spun, spinning toe holding the champion’s injured leg. Another! And a third sent Flyer pounding once on the mat in excruciating pain. Donald Caine slid over, questioning the champions resolve, until Flyer waved him off.

On the outside, tiny attorney Mary-Lynn Mayweather slammed her hands into the ring apron. And again. And again.))

Tessa: “MLM- Mary Lynn Mayweather would play a pivotal role in this match.  When the referee became distracted…”

((Distracted by the Fairview Reed fans in attendance, the official was worried about keeping order and making sure security stopped them from leaping over the barricade and entering ringside. This allowed Mary-Lynn Mayweather to reach underneath the bottom rope, swept in and hooked Rana’s leg, sending him crashing back down to the canvas.

Mayweather spun quickly away and winked toward the camera as she did.))

Tessa: “Renevosa and the Champ would battle back and forth until High Flyer finally ended the match…”

((…the elevated modified Boston crab locked Rana far enough in the center of the ring to keep Rana from breaking the hold. Even still, Flyer’s knee being on top of Rana’s head and neck didn’t allow the Poisonous Frog to spit his patented mist into the Lunatic’s face.

Rana screamed, and even slammed his hand into the mat twice. He shouted ‘AAAAAHHHH!!!!” as the Lunatic leaned back even further. It appeared he would tip over, and his leg would give out. And in fact it did, but not before Rana slammed his open palm into the mat four times in a row.


Tessa: “High Flyer, #3 in the WWR rankings, earns a tough, hard fought victory over Venenosa and retains the title.  But that wasn’t all.  The crowd was there to see one thing…”


Tessa: “And Meltdown they got.  Ice.  Primetime.  Wretch.  Kellen Kinkade.  Rana Venenosa.  High Flyer.  Six FWO stars who survived Meltdown and came out on top.  Who would do it this year?  Who would earn five title shots (Cruiserweight, Tag Team, Hardcore, Internet, World Heavyweight) against any champion, any time, any place, anywhere?”

((The bell rang and for a moment, just a moment, there was silence. The crowd was a hush. The fans waiting for what would come next.

Krow’s eyes shifted.

Spike Saunders let his expression slide into a tight grimace, teeth barely visible.

Killjoy was stoic, emotionless beneath the mask but his fists clenched, white knuckles exposing unknown scars.

Xin Xin Xiong’s mask a dark leather, hands taped and muscles tensed into tight ribbons.

The sound of the bell echoed; the second to last Seattle would hear for some time.

The silence was all encompassing.))

Tessa: “Krow and Killjoy would start out against Spike Saunders and Xin Xin Xoung.  Graphic Violence & Hans Wilhem would follow, then: Impulse & egg NOG; Khristain Keller & Alias; Jason “Jase” Biggs & X; Xander Scott & Jeff Garvin; C.J. Slaughter & Bastian Von Bismark; Sonny Silver & Vince Jacobs; Ruben Ross & Jade Argent; Karina Wolfenden & cHEESE; Mike Bear & Max Danger; Johnny Legend & Brittney Chambers; Mary-Lynn Mayweather & Omarr Atkins; Michelle Masters & Keith Scott Zimmerman; Tony Davis & High Flyer; Flying Frenchie & Dave Morey; One Eye & Brawn; Rana Venenosa & Lowell Dot Com; Junious Slaughter & Beef.  The EW Torch’s Ted Caldweller in Seattle for Meltdown and he reports from ringside.  Caldweller even took part in the match.  How’d you pull that one off?”

Caldweller: “Yes, indeed, I became part of this match as well. During Krow and Graphic Violence’s brawl in the audience, you may have noticed Krow stealing a (prop) camera and hitting GV with it then punching some guy. That guy was me. Thanks to Krow for not killing me. And can I sell, or what? Keller and Alias, not surprisingly, fought each other, as not even one promotion can contain this awesome feud. A neat spot sees Ross and Argent gorilla press Alias out, but Keller save Alias from elimination (Keller was on the floor after a crazy announce table bump where he crushed killjoy and Scott). GV and Krow’s fight, which went just about everywhere in the arena, was eventually broken up by an army of security around the time killjoy was eliminated. Danger and Bear had quite a bit of success in the middle, eliminating four teams. Cool to see Danger (ACW World Champ) and Flyer (FWO World Champ) go at it at one point. Sadly, Danger/KSZ didn’t have much interaction, though Danger did pummel KSZ after Bear gets dumped. Beef becomes the smartest man in Meltdown by handcuffing himself to the steel post and tossing the key into the crowd. That is, until Frenchie becomes even smarter and knocks him out with the ring bell, one second before Morey gets dumped on the other side, leaving the final two of Frenchie and Morey. Really good finishing portion of the match between them before Frenchie finally gets the pin (and one hell of a successful weekend, having become the first man to defeat killjoy one night earlier). Overall, the match was a bit too brawl heavy, and most of it was basic battle royal fare, but it avoided any extended dead spots. A few neat spots here and there plus the good finish elevates this a bit.  That’s all for now, Ted Caldweller reporting live from FWO Meltdown.”

Tessa: “Thanks Ted.  In the end, it all came down to ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ Dave Morey and The Flying Frenchie…”

((But Dave Morey broke free and once more both men were on their feet. A quick scoop by the Frenchie but Morey hung on and got back to his feet… still holding onto the Frenchie’s waist scooped him up for a piledriver… but the Frenchie reversed into a shoulderbreaker! The Frenchie kicked down into Morey’s head and went to the top rope! The crowd on their feet as the Frenchie dove off the ropes with the flying elbow… which connected! Morey writhed in pain as the Frenchie slowly… so slowly… drug himself over to make the cover…



3… but no! Dave Morey with a shoulder up, and Morey, using the last possible ounce of his energy grabbed the arm and wrenched the Frenchie into an extended Japanese style armbar submission hold. The pain was etched on the Frenchie’s face. Close to the ropes he struggled… he reached… stars were appearing in his eyes, then blackness as the Frenchie struggled to just make it… one… more… inch…

Dave Morey, using his foot pushed the rope away! The crowd groaned The Frenchie gasped… breath leaving him and he twisted, shoving to the side… and broke the hold.

Morey came off, turning… but too slowly. The Frenchie back-somersaulted over Dave, working off instinct more than anything. It was a counter to his now-famous match against Scott Slugger all those years ago. He hooked Morey from behind and brought him up and over… into a float over pin. The referee dove to count… and as the referee got into position the Frenchie put one foot and then the other on the ropes for leverage. The referee didn’t see it, but the crowd did.


Screams throughout the arena… flashbulbs exploding throughout…


Morey struggled, but he had hit the wall… gone past any point of normal match and was struggling to simply stay awake. He heard the hand falling as if from miles away…


Dave’s shoulder came up, and the Frenchie collapsed… but it was a moment too late.

The bell rang.))

Tessa: “The Flying Frenchie goes over and wins the 2009 FWO Meltdown.



Tessa: “PCW in action last night…sort of.  They were supposed to be on vacation but with Miss USA on her way to PCW and a financial problem hanging over their heads, PCW CEO Barack Obama decided to use some airtime last night to address the situation.”

(from PCW Extreme Political TV- courtesy PCW)
((Tonight, I’m announcing that I have proposed a plan to the PCW Competition Committee to get PCW back on track financially. My idea is to stimulate more interest in PCW and thus attract more people to come to our shows. This stimulus package will ramp up excitement and allow us to run in slightly larger venues. First, I will confirm that PCW has purchased the contract of Miss USA. She will debut in two weeks on PCW Extreme Political TV. Second, I have signed a new group to come in- the Extreme Weather Network. Jim Frascantore, Steve Abrams, Mark Bettes with their valets Jen, Kristine, and Steph….”))

((I know that these expendatures represent an additional debt for PCW in the short term. But, this stimulus package will result in larger crowds at our PCW house shows and thus more revenue.))

Tessa: “PCW also reached into the vault to pull out a few classic matches from the past.  Including a match that I’ve personally tried to forget…”

‘PCW EXTREME PIZZA DELIVERY GIRL’ TESSA MARTIN (Joe SixPacks) vs. MIA MARGARITA (Domination Inc.) from 3/3 PCW Extreme Political TV
((Mia feigns going to the right. She feigns going to the left. Both times, Tessa has her covered. Mia suddenly rushes Tessa and… Suave: “HOLY CRAP! SHE’S…SHE’S…KISSING HER?” The crowd stands and cheers. Crowd: “PCW!…PCW!…PCW!” Tessa’s arms and legs suddenly go limp. Her eyes roll up inside her head and Mia gently lays her on the canvas. Suave: “IT WAS HER! IT WAS MIA MARGARITA WHO TOOK OUT DAWN McGILL AND DAVE THE MECHANIC AND KALEE JONES AND EMILY LIST!” Tessa lies on the canvas, not moving. Mia asks for and is handed a microphone. Mia: “Ladies and gentlemen. You can call that the…LONG…KISS…GOODNIGHT!” Mia puts her foot on Tessa’s chest. 1…2…3.))

Tessa: “Thanks guys!  I just needed to see that again.  However, I’m sure there was a lot of guys who wanted to see this…”

(Aftermath of Aceldama vs. Darkwing match from last Thursday’s HOW Turmoil- courtesy of High Octane Wrestling)
((A leg comes outta nowhere and kicks Lee right in the head which sends the owner of HOW over the back of his wheel chair and sends Kirsta down to the ground. She quickly jumps up and gets in the face of the person that just kicked Lee Best…

Joe Hoffman: BOBBINETTE CAREY???!!!!!!

The crowd is in a frenzy as Carey and Lewis are nose to nose……

Carey starts to walk away but then turns back towards Kirsta…

Joe Hoffman: WHAT THE FUCK???????????

Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK???????????

As Turmoil goes off the air we see the final image……

Bobbinette Carey planting a hard kiss on the lips of Kirsta Lewis!!!))

Tessa: “That shocking end to last week’s Turmoil has a lot of HOW fans wondering what Bobbinette Carey has up her sleeve for Kirsta Lewis tonight.  Here’s the rundown for tonight’s show…”

* John Lexicon v Scottywood
* The referee for this match is Joel Hortega, and the rules are Hardcore Match.

*Two men that struggled last week face off and its under Hardcore rules per Scottywoods contract. Both will be looking for a rebound win and the loser might just see their way out of HOW.

* Ethan Cavanaugh v Spook
* The referee for this match is Matt Boettcher, and the rules are Standard Match.

*Spook who was just traded to the Turmoil roster makes his Thursday night debut against a man making his HOW debut in Ethan Cavanaugh. Both will be  looking to make a big impact in their debuts.

* Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey v Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal
* The referee for this match is Joel Hortega, and the rules are Standard Match.

*Two Hall of Famers square off as Carey is the talk of the wrestling world after taking out Lee Best last week and planting a kiss on Kirsta Lewis. O’Neal is coming off some really tough losses against Aceldama and Issac Slade and looks to get on the winning track against Carey.

* Kirsta Lewis v Issac Slade
* The referee for this match is Matt Boettcher, and the rules are Standard Match.

*Kirsta Lewis is undefeated in her return to HOW but that has been overshadowed by the incident last week with Carey…how she responds will be vital as she takes on the former ICON Champion Issac Slade who is looking to continue his dominate ways.

* Bob “Fucking” Jared v Aceldama©
* The referee for this match is Joel Hortega, and the rules are Standard Match

*The transformation of the Tennessee Tumbleweed to Bob “Fucking” Jared can be complete with an upset win over HOW World Champion Aceldama. After challenging Aceldama to a match last week on Turmoil one has to wonder just how Jared will respond and fare in his first ever Main Event here in HOW.

Also this Thursday we will see the return of The Masked Marvel and one has to wonder what he has in store as he is returning to “cleanse” HOW.

High Octane Wrestling



Tessa: “The card for VWF’s King of the Ring has been announced…”

VWF King Of The Ring 7 from The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California – Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Double Main Event
“The Crippler” Steve Ryan vs Mr. Fantastic (c) for the VWF World Heavyweight Championship

“All That” Lee Ryan vs “King Of Sexy” Jonny Cedrone – Two Out Of Three Falls – King Of The Ring Final

Also featuring The Rick vs Jace Gryphon in one final showdown, ‘DBR’ Scott Carr vs Dr. Feelgood vs Scott DiBiase (c) in an Elimination Tables Match for the US Title and much more…


Tessa: “Ted Caldweller also reviews Brawlers on a Budget  and more as we take a spin around the various federations…”


After having recently lost its TV deal with G5TV, parody promotion Brawlers On a Budget has posted their first online Webisode: Total Partial Non-Action Wrestling iMPLOSION! 21.

ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS Scatman and You Gotta Be Kidding Me I Ain’t Doing That, Are You Out of Your Frickin’ Mind T&A XX Division Hardcore Champion Kevin the Pyromaniac both became “victims” of a sword-wielding Jerri Li, vacating the titles. It should be noted, however, that both Kevin and Scatman have died at least once before on BOB programming.

Also featured were the results of the unaired iMPLOSION 21, Trey Vincent giving control over to Michelle and Steve Leary, the return of an old face, and a teaser about another former BOBster returning.

In other BOB news, it was announced over the weekend that Swiss Army Belt holder Axl has been released. Quoting from BOB’s Web site: “No contract…Future endeavors…Yadda yadda yadda.” All of the fed’s three singles titles are now vacant.



(courtesy of the SPW)

Chicago, IL – SPW has become quite large as of late, with a roster of over 40 active exclusive Superstars. A stark contrast from the Black Friday that eliminated a portion of the roster prior to Season 10, this latest season has brought success and growth like never before. Following its announced talent sharing agreement with New Japan Wrestling Federation, SPW is in the market to purchase an independent federation to cultivate the future superstars that will carry the Shootfire brand into the future. SPW is looking for a cult to regional size federation, with an emphasis on cutting edge sports entertainment. All applications will be considered and the purchased federation will have exclusive access to the SPW Superstars themselves. Those organizations interested should contact An announcement will be made at the Season Premier of SPW Conquest, on July 6th, 2009.
Shootfire Pro Wrestling



From DWF Online:

The DreamScape Television Network has approved of a third hour for this Sunday’s Slaughter! Live fans already knew they’d be attending a three hour show, now fans at home will get to experience all of the action as every match has a stipulation added right before the match!

It’s also expected that there will be a HUGE announcement.

Tessa: “And what could be that HUGE announcement?  David Tyrrell over at EWNexus thinks he knows the answer…”

Tyrrell at EWNexus
All indications suggest that the Dream Wrestling Federation will soon be an official part of the Apex Wrestling Alliance. Could RPW, WRF, WTF, and WMW feel overshadowed with this inevitable signing by JC Barr?…

…It will be interesting to see how DWF’s presence will effect the AWA Rankings, considering an inital endorsement such as this. Who else could the AWA have been referring to?

DWF is a member of the AWA. You read it here first.

Tessa: “We will find out soon enough.  That’s going to do for tonight’s TorchCenter.  I will be on vacation until Monday the 13th.  TorchCenter will return at that time.  I’m Tessa Martin and have a good night.”