Tuesday’s EW TorchCenter: GWO, Hostility Results, Miss USA Interview- part 2

Today on this edition of the EW TorchCenter:
-the GWO finally posts the Theater of Destruction Results
-Shawn FX- out of the GWO
-Siberian Wrestling results
-High Octane Wrestling results
-Part 2 of Tessa Martin’s interview with PCW’s new star Miss USA
-Hostility results and more…

EW TorchCenter for Tuesday June 30th
Hosts: Johnny Suave and ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin

Suave: “Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of EW TorchCenter- the nightly E-wrestling wrap up show.  I am Johnny Suave.  This woman over here is the former PCW Women’s champion Tessa Martin.  And let’s get to it…”


Genocidal Wresting Organization Theater of Destruction

Suave: “All right, Shawn FX gets the night off to a rollicking start by going right after Ryan Maxem.

(courtesy of the GWO)

“The issues between Ryan Maxem and myself go way deeper than any of that. Anyone who follows the GWO close enough knows the real story of the heat between Maxem and myself. Ryan Maxem you’ve heard this once and you will hear it again. You are a locker room CANCER! You think because you’ve been here one week longer than me during GWO’s new era, you can try to run this place and run down everyone else in the process? HELL FUCKING NO! How was a bush league hack like you ever GWO Champion? The game has changed my friend! Remember that as soon as you started spouting off challenges I was the first one to get right in your motherfucking face Ryan “Maxi Pads” Maxem and call YOU out! I’ve found the PERFECT way to settle this.

“This is a contract for a Loser Leaves Town Match. Now, I already know this type of thing has been booked so Maxi, since I know you’re listening, I’m going to up the ante just a bit. If I beat you, you’ll not just leave the GWO, but you will make a public apology in this very ring I’m standing in…. to me, to the locker room, and especially Jimmy Lemke himself about how much of a DOUCHE BAG you have been to EVERYONE the last few weeks. Not only that, you will pucker up those Angelina Jolie looking lips of yours. I will pull down my pants and you WILL….KISS….MY…..ASS!!!!!!”

Match #1 Totally Bored’ Hyan Borg and The Eagle
goes to no decision when Padraig Lawler stops the match and takes both men out.  He calls out Dylan Wolfe which leads to…

Match #2 Padraig Lawler vs. Dylan Wolfe
-Lawler in control until Borg exacts a little retribution…

…Lawler throws Wolfe to the ropes and hits a flapjack. Wolfe stands up, taking a swing at Lawler that misses its mark.

MD: What the hell?

Hyan Borg climbs in the ring with a steel chair. Dylan Wolfe punches Lawler, and turns around just in time to see Borg swinging a chair at him.

MD: Wolfe is hit!

A: No!

Wolfe ducks at the exact moment, and the chair shot finds Padraig Lawler, lifting him off the canvas and right back down.

MD: God damn it! Interference be damned!…

Suave: “Interference be damned indeed! Wolfe takes advantage of the easy cover and takes the win.

Ryan Maxem lays out Shawn FX before the Extreme Elimination Match.

Match #3 GWO World Champion Tommy Glass vs. The Greatest One,  Axion Jackson, and Apollo
Glass easily dispatches his opponents, getting the Shattered Glass on T.G.O. for the win.

Match #4 Extreme Elimination Match: Shawn FX, Ryan Maxem, Kenny Kapowski, and Alex Cameron

Suave: “Well, this one pretty much started as you thought it would.  Maxem hooking up with Shawn FX.  Kapowski doing battle with Cameron.”

…Maxem finally catches up to Shawn FX, hitting him on the back of the head and throwing his body into the steel steps…

Suave: “Who would be the first one eliminated? Well, not who you would have guessed…”

…Cameron climbs to the ring apron with his steel chair, and Kapowski has gotten to one knee.  Cameron hops off the apron, slamming KKK in the head with the biggest shot yet. KKK is knocked cold.

MD: We have our first pin attempt of the night!

Kapowski lays unconscious as Cameron covers.



Suave: “Meanwhile, Shawn FX and Ryan Maxem kept throwing everything and then some at each other…”

…Maxem and FX trade punches, and neither has the upper hand. Maxem ducks a punch from the Game Changer and gives him a football tackle, sending him to the cement floor. Fans surround the group and it’s difficult to see the action…

Suave: “Elimination number two…”

…Alex Cameron and Harold Marcus finally arrived at the scene, with Cameron having the more pronounced arrival. As Cameron takes another shot at Maxem, Shawn FX grabs a steel chair of his own and takes a swing at the newbie.  Cameron is sent down the arena steps, and he hits his head on a cement stair.

MD: What the hell? Cameron is out!…

Suave: “Shawn FX covered and Alex Cameron is excused from the match.  While FX was busy doing that, Ryan Maxem received a little present…”

…Maxem is greeted by loud cheers from the fans. Stirring into focus, he sees Dylan Wolfe with a present for him: a sledgehammer and a bow wrapped around it…

Suave: “Of which he would use with cold precision on Shawn FX…”

Shawn FX stands up, spitting on Cameron’s lifeless body. He turns around slowly, ready to make his way to Maxem.


…Ryan Maxem, who had taken off after FX with his favorite weapon, slammed the Game Changer right in the jaw with the sledgehammer like a battering ram….

Suave: “In the end, it’s the GWO Hardcore champion who becomes the new #1 contender for the GWO World Title…”

…Shawn FX crumbles to the ground, unwilling to move. Maxem picks up the sledgehammer, standing above FX with a smile on his face. He presses the head of the sledgehammer down on Shawn’s chest, and Marcus makes the count.


Suave: “Maxem gets the win and the title shot.  Shawn FX gets a one way ticket out of GWO.  Here’s GWO President Jimmy Lemke this morning:

“Shawn Phillips, known to GWO fans as Shawn FX, was released this morning.  The separation of GWO and Phillips was purely based on creative differences.  He asked to be released from his contract, and we obliged.  We have no interest in holding the contracts of wrestlers who don’t want to work for us.  It’s bad business, and if Shawn Phillips believes he can find better bookings, than we wish him luck.”

Suave: “Also released today, ‘Totally Bored’ Hyan Borg and The Eagle.  Tess?”


Hostility Wrestling Federation Violence 37

Tessa: “Hostility Wrestling Federation’s Industrial Revolution kicked into full gear last night during Violence 37.  Mike Polowy was the GM for the night and all the ingredients were in place for The Industry to impart its mark on the HWF.  How did the night go for Chris Bond, Polowy, Bobby Dean, and Dave Milenko?  Let’s find out…”

Match #1 Julien Fiasco vs. Cody Williams
Fiasco wins his first match back with the Sacred Oath over Williams

Match #2 Fatal Four-Way between Christian Bryce, Steve Harrison, Omnis Ra, and Sean Kage
-It’s Bryce who comes out on top, hitting the Semper Fi and pinning Omnis.

Match #3 Handicap Battle Royale: Heroic Henry vs. Michael Macbeth, Johnny Murphy, Hooligan, AirStrife, Xavier Cross
-could Heroic Henry survive this?  He got some help when Xavier Cross didn’t answer the bell because he’d been taken out before the match.  Let’s go to the match…

(courtesy of Hostility)
…Heroic Henry turns his attentions back to Airstrife and quickly clotheslines the high flyer out of the ring. He then picks up Murphy and Hooligan before hitting them with the “Meeting Of The Minds!” The two stars go down once again and this time, Henry climbs up the turnbuckle! He signals for it and YES! He hits “A View From The Top” onto Macbeth! Henry makes the cover…


Tessa: “Okay.  That’s two down.  Could Henry make it three?”

…Airstrife kicks out and the two men struggle to be the first back up to their feet. Henry is first and he tosses a left hook at Airstrife nailing him on the jaw. Henry quickly follows that up with a powerbomb into the turnbuckle! Heroic Henry goes for the cover…ONE! TWO!  THREE!…

Tessa: “Three down; two to go.”

…Heroic Henry rises up behind Hooligan. Practicing his Poker face, Murphy continues to argue with Hooligan when all of a sudden, The Hockey Punk is lifted up from behind and dropped in a Pump Handle Slam from Heroic Henry! Henry makes the count as Murphy leans against the ropes, catching his breath, soaking up every moment…ONE! TWO!  THREE!…

Tessa: “Down goes Hooligan.  One more to go.  Could Heroic Henry finish the job?”

Before the ref can respond though Henry spins Murphy around and sets him up for a powerbomb! Murphy however explodes out of it and flips Henry behind him. He picks Henry up, looks left and right, signaling that the end of the match is coming with The Dublin DDT! However before Johnny can execute his finishing maneuver Henry powers out of it and hits a piledriver from out of no where! Wasting little time, Henry quickly climbs the nearest turnbuckle and hits “A View From The Top” on Murphy! All the air is crushed out of the Irishman’s lungs as Henry makes the cover.  ONE!  TWO!  THREE!

Tessa: “YES!  Heroic Henry does it.  He runs the gauntlet and gets the win.  His reward?”

…Henry gets up to one knee and Murphy rolls out of the ring. He gets shakily to his legs and his arm is raised by the ref. However before any more celebrating can be done two figures slide into the ring behind Henry! The exhausted superstar doesn’t realize that “Beautiful” Bobby Dean and Dave Milenko are standing right behind him until it’s too late!

Dean hits Henry over the head with his fist, quickly hitting him with his version of a vertabreaker called “Starstruck!” Heroic Henry goes down hard as Dave Milenko goes up to the top rope with a chair in hand! With perfect balance he leaps off and hits a Shooting Star Press right on top of Henry, sandwiching the hero between the mat and the steel chair!…

Match #4 Johnny Donovan & Nathan Paradine vs “The Phoenix” Xander Daniels & Christopher Starr- the winning team gets to choose the stipulation to their title match
-bizarre ending alert…

…Christopher Starr glides past Xander, and drills Paradine in the face with his “Starstruck” superkick. Paradine falls flat on his back as Xander looks on in horror. He quickly turns to protest, but Starr is right there to hit him with a superkick as well. Xander crumples to the mat, landing right on top of Paradine.

The referee is right there, but takes a moment to soak in what has just transpired. Slowly, he gets down on his knees and makes the count.


Tessa: “Yeah.  Starr superkicked his own partner who landed on top of Paradine for the pin. Then…

Match #5 Xander Daniels vs. Christopher Starr to determine who gets to name the stipulation

…On the apron, Johnny Donovan is also in disbelief as his team just lost. However, in a situation like this, the well being of Violence: Evolved, the stable that he himself is a part of, is still important. In the ring, the referee turns to the time keeper to have the match officially rung in, and that is when Donovan makes his move. He slides in through the ropes, and hustles over towards Starr. At the last minute, Starr turns and gets caught with the “Strange Journey” behind the referee’s back.

As the ref turns back around to see both Xander and Starr laid out on the mat, Donovan slides out of the ring. Again, the referee looks rather baffled. However, it isn’t very long before Daniels starts to come to. He slowly sits up and looks around the ring. First he spies Paradine, who is still on the mat beside him… and then he sees Starr out cold not too far from him. On the outside, Donovan is urging Xander to finish things off, and it takes Xander a few moments to understand the situation. But as soon as it sinks in, he crawls over to Starr and makes the cover.


With the fact that three of the four competitors in this match being members of Violence: Evolved, one could only assume that it would all end like this…

Tessa: Main Event time!  Polowy used his GM power to book a no DQ double elimination match between all four members of the Industry against the current Hostility Tag Team Champions the Ron and Don Connection.  How would it go?  Let’s find out.”

Match #6 for the Hostility Tag Team title: The Industry vs. the Ron and Don Connection

Tessa: “Things don’t start very smoothly for the Industry.  Beautiful Bobby Dean is attacked by Christian Bryce before the match and taken out of play.   This left a 3 on 2 battle with the Tag Team Champs.  Here we go…”

…Wasting little time or effort, Polowy delivers vicious boots to Ronnie McNeil! Polowy starts the trash talking while kicking the everlasting shit out of Ronnie. However before anything else can be done pandemonium erupts in the ring!

Tiago comes and hits Polowy with an inverted DDT! However while he’s admiring his handiwork “Beautiful” Bobby Dean runs in and clotheslines Tiago out of the ring! The ref prevents Bond or Milenko entering the ring and order is once again restored. Mike gets up first followed closely by Ronnie. Polowy runs at his opposition only for Ronnie to hit him with a massive spinebuster! Tiago is slowly climbing up onto the apron as Ronnie starts to crawl over to make the tag. Tiago seems like he could care less but hold his hand out to his tag partner as Ronnie makes it to his corner!…

Tessa: “The Ron and Don Connection make it an even two on two match after this…”

…Tiago tags in Ronnie just as Dave tags in Polowy! The two refreshed superstars run at each other and hit a clothesline on the other! Ronnie hops back up and Polowy climbs to his feet, only for Ronnie to pick him up and hit “Flawless!” Polowy’s head bounces off the mat and Ronnie goes for the pin. Bond and Dave both try to break it up but are stopped by Tiago who hits them with a double clothesline…


Tessa: “Now two on two, could the tag team champs capitalize?”

…Ronnie tags in Tiago and together they hit Milenko with a high elevation powerbomb! While McNeil is exiting the ring though, Bond has chosen to make his move, swiftly going over to Tiago, tapping him on the shoulder, giving a quick and sarcastic wave, and delivering a Reality Check from out of no where! He makes the cover as Ronnie tries to make the save but is slowed down by a recovering Milenko…


Tessa: “No.  Chris Bond gives the Ron and Don Connection an unwanted ‘Reality Check’ and gives The Industry the numbers advantage once again.”

…Dave quickly hits Ronnie with a running Enzuiguri and then follows that up with a slingshot leg drop from the second rope! Ronnie is in some definite trouble as it looks like The Industry members have gained a second wind!

Dave quickly picks Ronnie up and sets him up on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up after him, could it be? YES! Much to the chagrin of the crowd Milenko hits Ronnie with The Milenko Driver! He drops for the pin…


Tessa: “The Industry- Dave Milenko and Chris Bond, pick up the tag team title with the win.”

Match #6 Handicapable Match- Talon vs. Chris Bond- Talon’s hands are tied behind his back
-Bond picks up the easy win here.

Tessa: Later, Beautiful Bobby Dean gets revenge on Christian Bryce by slamming a trunk lid down on his arm and breaking it.  If Heroic Henry couldn’t stop the Industry… Violence: Evolved couldn’t stop the Industry… Talon couldn’t stop the Industry… who could?

….The chorus from “Disease” by Sevendust blares through the arena as the fans howl in confusion… it’s… it’s someone who looks like Steven Steele, only a couple of feet shorter… it’s a Steele midget!…

Match #7 Mike Polowy vs. ‘Steven Steele‘- winner gets a shot at the World Title.

Tessa: “A pint-sized replica of Steven Steele?…”

…Little “Steele” turns around and finds himself victim to a conchairto from Polowy and Milenko! The two take the chairs to the impersonator with vicious abandon, grinning like two gleeful fools as they do so! They then decide to throw the chairs aside as Polowy twirls his finger in the air… he sets the midget up in the most awkward Mike Effect ever seen and nails him to the mat! Polowy goes for the cover, and Milenko slowly drops down to his knees as Polowy blatantly chokes his “competitor”…

Tessa: “…uh….no.”

Polowy lifts the midget back up, before kicking him in the gut and nailing him with another pint-sized Mike Effect! He applies the choke again, kneeing “Steele” in the groin repeatedly.




…The last count does not fall, as Heroic Henry explodes into the scene and kicks Dave Milenko in the head! Milenko tumbles away as Henry tackles him, ignoring Polowy entirely as he forces Milenko out of the ring with a barrage of lefts and rights! Polowy rises to his feet, irritated at what has happened to his referee and stablemate, but turns back to the midget. But wait… what’s this? The real Steven Steele comes out from the crowd to a massive cheer! The rumors of Steele’s release seem to be just that as he slides into the ring and decks Polowy from behind, sending him to his knees! Steele lifts Polowy up and drags him outside of the ring, grunting as he passes the midget Steele. Steele raises his fist in the air, eliciting a cheer from the fans… FOREPLAY! Polowy is out!…

Tessa: “But Heroic Henry and the REAL Steven Steele…..yes.  Polowy is thrwarted in his attempt to get a World Title shot.  Johnny?”


High Octane Wrestling Mayhem

Suave: “Here are the HOW Mayhem results from last night…”

Match #1 Newcomer Jason Wild stuns Shocker in less than 2 minutes.

Post match, another newcomer Bishop Steele joins Wild in the ring.  Wild’s reaction?  He plants him with a Death Valley Driver.

LSD Champion David Black talks about being the guest referee for the Christopher America/Chris Kostoff match to determine the #1 contender for his belt

Match #2 Spook def. Silver Phoenix with a modified choke slam.

Brian Bare interviews Marcus Reinhardt.  Reinhardt warns Trent that he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Match #3 Trent defeats Reinhardt in a match that Reinhardt dominated most of the way.

Match #4 Christopher America becomes the #1 contender for the LSD Title by defeated Chris Kostoff.

Post match, David Black nails America with his finisher.

Max Kael appears and cuts a promo on Shane Reynolds.

Match #5 Shane Reynolds retains the ICON Title by defeating Trip Eisen in a ladder match.


Siberian Wrestling Lockdown 17

Suave: And the Siberian Wrestling results- also from last night…”

The Warden tells Siberian Wrestling Champion Andrei Sorokov and the new #1 contender Sam X that neither can touch the other for the next 6 weeks until At Any Cost.  If Sam X does, he loses his #1 contendership.  If Sorokov does, he forfeits the title.

Match #1 Jack Purnell counters Roland Fury’s Twisted System to pull out the win.

Post match, Purnell attempts to give Fury some ‘friendly’ advice.  Fury gives Purnell another Twisted System and leaves to the cheers of the crowd.

Kristina Belov interviews the Warden who announces a new Siberian Wrestling title- the Siberian Warehouse Title.  There will be an 8 man tournament to determine the champion at At Any Cost.

Match #2 Claire Voyant and Alannah Halliwell def. Abbey Spears and Alex Rettop- Halliwell hits the Churchill’s Revenge on Rettop for the win.

Spears and Voyant continue the fight after the match with Spears DDT’g Voyant.

Kristina Belov talks with Marcus Doyle.  Doyle is attacked by Xander Gates and laid out.

Match #3 Voyle Champion Dan Filat def. Neil Climer in a non-title match via leg lock submission.

Post match, Filat jumps Climer from behind and puts him in a Feofilakt Lock.

Kristina Belov talks with Olivia Quinn about her match with Sam X tonight.  Quinn is still extremely upset with Sam X over the mind games he played with her and her father Andrei Sorokov.

Match #4 Sam X def. Olivia Quinn with the cradle piledriver.

Sam X then drills Quinn with a steel chair after the match and starts to choke her out with it causing Sorokov to come to the ring.  Sam X taunts him and basically tells him ‘your daughter or your title.’  Out of nowhere Cecile Lecrux bashes Sam X with a chair and tells him that she’s back.


Suave: “And now, here’s part 2 of Tessa’s interview with Miss USA.”

Tessa Martin Interview with Miss USA- Part 2

Tessa: “PCW must have big plans for you.”

Miss USA: “I hope so.  They went to a lot of trouble to bring me in.”

Tessa: “Tell me how you decided you wanted to be a pro wrestler.”

Miss USA: “guess it all started when I was a little girl. My brother used to collect comic books and pro wrestling magazines. I remember seeing my first super hero and thinking to myself, “Wow! I want to be just like Wonder Woman when I grow up.

“Then I saw the 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna. She was the strongest female wrestler I had ever seen. She could pick an opponent up over her head, drop her, and put a foot over her chest for the dominate three count victory. Chyna truly was amazing. I was there, that fateful night, when Chyna defeated Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Championship. She broke a lot of barriers with that historic victory. I’ll never forget what it was like being there in person as Chyna raised the WWE Intercontiental Championship belt over her head for all the world to see.”

Tessa: “So you were hooked at that point.”

Miss USA: “Oh, yeah.  One night I saw an ad on television- an ad for the Future Wrestling League.  I checked out the program online and also went on a walk-in tour of the facility.  I gladly put down my $500 deposit and made sure to pay my $250 each month until my tuition was paid in full. Meanwhile, I was getting a first class education in professional wrestling. The drive from Orlando to Tampa was the only major drawback.

“My trainers had heard about my beauty pageant experience and my father being a former senator. While trying to come up for a ring gimmick for me, it was fellow students Ricky Inoki and Taka Kanji babbling on back and forth about Miss Universe that made them come up with the name Miss USA. Ricky Inoki came up with an interesting look for a mask. It didn’t cover up my whole face, just my eyes. Taka Kanji suggested I color my hair red, white, and blue. I compromised with just coloring my hair red with blue streaks. Ok, for those of you wondering, I’m a natural blonde and proud of it!”

Tessa: “Not that I’m biased, but blondes are very cool.  It looks like you’re going back to the blonde look though.”

Miss USA: “Yeah.  We’re going to make a couple minor changes…that’s all.  At least I won’t have to worry about coloring my hair any more.”

Tessa: “From my experience in PCW, you will find their fans are pretty territorial.  If you get on their good side, they will follow you to the ends of the earth.”

Miss USA: “I am looking forward to it.  Thanks for sticking up for me and for the interview.”

Tessa: “Good luck in PCW.”


Suave: “I am looking forward to July 15th, when Miss USA debuts in PCW.  All right, let’s hit some quick news headlines now…

-HOW Wrestling announced the re-signing of The Masked Marvel yesterday on their website.  He had this to say:

“I am more than happy to return, I am sure the entire HOW faithful are ready to see me clean up the place. I mean, it’s very interesting to see just what kind of filth has descended upon the place. It’s my duty to protect these people from vulgar language, obsessive drinking, and overall vulgar acts of sexuality and obscenity.”

He will debut tomorrow night on HOW Turmoil.

-Dream Wrestling Federation has signed a new tag team- The Animals, Venom and Beast.  They will make their DWF debut next week.  Also, DWF reports that Havoc has been pulled from this Sunday’s Aggression show due to personal reasons.  He will be replaced by Lupin Cy.  No word on whether Havoc will return to the company.  Tessa?”

Tessa: “That’s going to do it for tonight’s EW TorchCenter!  I’m Tessa Martin.  He’s Johnny Suave.  He’ll be in Ohio tomorrow night for PCW Extreme Political TV and I’ll be right here.  See you tomorrow night.”