UWL Newsletter 2/2/16

UWL is coming to Los Angeles at the Galen Center for Only the Strong Survive for a Pay-Per-View, and iPPV. Everyone is excited to debut at the Galen Center in front of the Los Angeles crowd. Don’t miss Only the Strong Survive on 2/27 on PPV and iPPV.

Shawn Stevens and Josh Eagles known as BTE expressed their feelings forward Craig Williams and Franco Coraluzzo about how they felt Craig and Franco were trying to make themselves in the image of Shawn Stevens and Josh Eagles. These two teams seeing the tension rise between one another, with the epic match up on Road to Only the Strong Survive 2/6 between Craig Williams and Shawn Stevens, which many are saying is a early match of the year candidate. We will continue to keep a eye on this situation over the upcoming weeks.

Evan was interviewed a day after Road to Only the Strong Survive 2/6. When asked about his contract, Evan is quoted in saying ‘I’m gonna use this as an opportunity and step away from the business for a bit. I’m starting to get worn out mentally and its effected my relationship with some of the guys in the back. I had a lot of fun working throughout 2015 but I need to step back and take some time off before I snap.’

Cory Chevelle recently posted a video online challenging World Television Champion Franco Coraluzzo to a match at Honor and Glory on March 26 for the World Television Title. Here is the video from Cory Chevelle uwlonline07.proboards.com/thread/31118/tonights-show-uwl-com-exclusive

Tensions continue to rise between Duke Taylor and Blake Mitchell. During Road to Only the Strong Survive 2/6, Duke Taylor came to ringside causing a distraction to Blake Mitchell which cost Blake Mitchell his match. UWL Officials are weighing their options when it comes to this situation.

UWL Officials have met with the governing body of UWL deiced that Hillbilly Sutton and Sunday Night Heat will meet in a number one contender match for the Triple Crown at Only the Strong Survive. The winner will face Craig Williams at Honor and Glory on March 26 for the Triple Crown.

Tyler Raptor is still insisting that he get a shot at James Kelloggs and the Prestige Title, but rumblings in the locker room area, has indicated Ron Hamilton believes he should get a shot at the Prestige Title. We will monitor this situation.

Check out the Super 6 Rankings for the month of January as voted on by the fans of UWL uwlonline07.proboards.com/thread/31116/super-6-rankings-23-16?page=1&scrollTo=132988

Please welcome, Huracán, John Raide, Tureos, and Rev Ellion to the UWL roster.