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UWL Newsletter 2/9/16

There has been talk all day about huge news concerning this years Coronation Cup, we have learned just what that news is. UWL President Jay Jefferson made the announcement concerning the Coronation Cup, which is set to take place starting on April 2nd and run through April 30th. For only the second time in the Coronation Cup’s rich history, the Triple Crown Champion will take part in the Coronation Cup. Jefferson said “this would freshen the Coronation Cup up, and it would give the strongest competition, and see raise the bar even higher”. Jefferson explained how the Triple Crown Champion being apart of the tournament would effect the shot at Grand Voyage. Jefferson said “that in the event the holder of the Triple Crown wins the Coronation Cup, the person they beat in the finals would earn the shot”. Jefferson said, “it’s the Coronation Cup, its time to see who wants to take the next step”.

Shawn Stevens and Josh Eagles, collectively known as Best Team Eva laid out the challenge to the World Tag Team Champions Craig Williams and Franco Coraluzzo at Only the Strong Survive on 2/27. As of this writing, FBI had yet to answer the challenge, but we have learned that we should hear more from this situation at Road to Only the Strong Survive 2/13.

Another match for Only the Strong Survive has been made official. Blake Mitchell and Duke Taylor will battle in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. These two have been having a heated situation, that is about to blow up at any time.

Sunday Night Heat was interviewed recently before leaving Stockton, CA. He said this about facing Billy Sutton, at Only the Strong Survive, for an opportunity at the Triple Crown Title: “It really, really breaks my heart to hear all the stories of how so many of the roster work so very hard to accomplish what they can in this business while I sit at both the top of the Power 6 and get another chance to trash Sutton! Luckily, I pity all these hapless losers! I’m, once again, extending my charity towards the less fortunate. Where’s a ‘thank you’ when you need it, eh? I’m expecting a Hallmark card, Sutton!” said SNH.

After Tureos victory at Road to Only the Strong Survive 2/6, Huracán appeared on the video screen almost taunting Tureos. UWL Officials are keeping a close eye on this situation.

Cory Chevelle attacked World Television Champion Franco Coraluzzo at Road to Only the Strong Survive 2/6 causing him to miss in ring action at Road to Only the Strong Survive 2/13. Cory Chevelle has challenged Franco Corlauzzo to a match for the World Television Title at Honor and Glory on March 26th.

Xaon Andrews is set to make his return to UWL. Xaon Andrews will make his return to in ring action at Road to Only the Strong Survive 2/20.

Another altercation between Future Flock and Omega Combat happened at Road to Only the Strong Survive 2/6. UWL Officials have made it official, these two teams will face off at Only the Strong Survive.

Please welcome Brian Prone and NecroMantis to the UWL roster.

SOURCE:  http://uwlonline07.proboards.com

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