Vote for the Best of E-Wrestling for June

At EWTorch, we’re continuing our monthly feature that tracks the best of e-wrestling from each month.

You may nominate wrestlers/angles/matches from your own fed(s) or feds you follow because I WANT you to comment on what you know about, and help the entire e-wrestling community find out about the good stuff that’s going on in your world.

So, feel free to nominate on any or all of the categories below. I will stop taking nominations July 15 and I’ll compile all the results here on EWTorch. I will not comment on it. I’ll just provide the nominations and associated links.

Note: Nominations must be based on writing that happened in June. So if a show happened in April, but you posted it in May, that doesn’t count.

You can send your nominations to, respond in the comments section below, or respond in the Best of E-Wrestling for June thread in the EWTorch forums.

1. MVP: (Wrestler’s Name, E-Fed Name, E-Fed Link)

2. Best Singles Wrestler: (Name, E-Fed Name, E-Fed Link)

3. Best Tag Team: (Team Name, Team Members, E-Fed Name, E-Fed Link)

4. Best Female Wrestler: (Name, E-Fed Name, E-Fed Link)

5. Best Match of the Month: (Match Participants, Stipulations [i.e., World Title Match, Barbed Wire Match], Link to Event)

6. Best roleplay: (Name of RPer, Title of RP, Link to RP)

7. Best On-Card Segment: (Segment Participants, Link to Event)

8. Best PPV/TV Show: (Title, E-Fed Name, Link to Show)

9. Best Angle/Storyline: (In 2-3 sentences outline the key details, E-Fed Name, Link to E-Fed)

10. Other: Is a category or something else missing from this list? Here’s your chance!

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