Vote for the Best of E-Wrestling for May

At EWTorch, we’re continuing our monthly feature that tracks the best of e-wrestling from each month.

You may nominate wrestlers/angles/matches from your own fed(s) or feds you follow because I WANT you to comment on what you know about, and help the entire e-wrestling community find out about the good stuff that’s going on in your world.

So, feel free to nominate on any or all of the categories below. I will stop taking nominations June 15 and I’ll compile all the results on EWTorch. I will not comment on it. I’ll just provide the nominations and associated links.

Note: Nominations must be based on writing that happened in May. So if a show happened in April, but you posted it in May, that doesn’t count.

You can send your nominations to, or respond in the comments section below.

1. MVP: (Wrestler’s Name, E-Fed Name, E-Fed Link)

2. Best Singles Wrestler: (Name, E-Fed Name, E-Fed Link)

3. Best Tag Team: (Team Name, Team Members, E-Fed Name, E-Fed Link)

4. Best Female Wrestler: (Name, E-Fed Name, E-Fed Link)

5. Best Match of the Month: (Match Participants, Stipulations [i.e., World Title Match, Barbed Wire Match], Link to Event)

6. Best roleplay: (Name of RPer, Title of RP, Link to RP)

7. Best On-Card Segment: (Segment Participants, Link to Event)

8. Best PPV/TV Show: (Title, E-Fed Name, Link to Show)

9. Best Angle/Storyline: (In 2-3 sentences outline the key details, E-Fed Name, Link to E-Fed)

10. Other: Is a category or something else missing from this list? Here’s your chance!

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