[VOW] Double Jeopardy 2016 – 2/7/16

Pre-Show Special
8-Man Over The Top Rope Visionary Rumble – Zero-Gravity Contendership
Alec Rose vs. Rebecca Saint vs. Valerie Beasley vs. Dustin Holt vs. Jamo vs. Grim Ragnarson vs. Lukas Emery vs. Julius ‘Bama’ Brooks


Our cameras cut through a visual of all 8 competitors, having made their respective entrances, within the ring. This will be the debuts of Lukas Emery, Grim Ragnarson and Julius ‘Bama’ Brooks, aiming to make an immediate impact in the company. A rather hot-tempered Dustin Holt gets into Bama’s face upon his arrival, bringing up the fact he has not lost a match in Puerto Rico. Valerie Beasley and Rebecca Saint also have a war of words, with Valerie threatening to tear Saint’s head off with her bare hands. Once Alec Rose enters the ring, having not competed since Breakthrough #37, several officials surround the ring, ensuring this contest goes off without a hitch.

Once the Visionary Rumble begins, Valerie immediately pursues Saint. Thaddeus looks on with repulsion from the outside, watching as Saint dodges Valerie’s attacks until the latter is taken down by Dustin. Spared from Valerie’s act of vengeance, Saint concentrates on battling the aged Brooks instead. Meanwhile, Lukas and Grim are attempting to throw each other over the ropes, neither willing to let go. This entices Rose to confront both men and, contrary to his size, manages to force both Lukas and Grim over the ropes to the floor at the same time!


After dusting his hands and smiling at his achievement, Rose is attacked from behind by Dustin. Jamo, being uncharacteristically patient, finally targets Dustin with clubbing blows, allowing Rose to recover from Holt’s assault. Valerie still goes after Saint, but Brooks clotheslines both women down, with Jamo and Dustin continuing to counter each other’s offense with brutal shots. Minutes later, Jamo has Dustin reeling with headbutts. He backs off and charges forward with a Shoulder Block, but Dustin smashes Jamo with an elbow strike, stunning his foe long enough to grab his attire and hurl him over the ropes to the floor!


Tapping his head to insinuate how intelligent he is, Dustin laughs and turns around, only to be taken down with a DDT from Rose. The mute wrestler capitalizes on this as he brings Dustin back up, launching him at the ropes and nailing a dropkick that causes the self-confessed Psycho to tumble backwards over the top rope!


Enraged, Dustin stomps the steel steps and tries to re-enter the confines of the ring, but two officials block his path and order him to go backstage. As this goes on, Brooks and Rose trade moves with one another, eventually leading to a double clothesline that sends both men falling to the canvas!

Finally, after Brooks and Rose have been incapacitated momentarily, Valerie has Saint right where she wants her. The two collide to mass excitement from the crowd and trade blows, with Valerie getting the upper hand. Saint targets Valerie’s knee, but the former MMA fighter smartly side-steps her kick, bringing Saint into a Double Arm Suplex. Rebecca struggles to her feet, but after taking some jabs and a spinning kick from Valerie, Saint is sent tumbling over the top rope with a running hook clothesline!


Appalled by this transgression, Thaddeus belittles Valerie as he attends to Saint. Whilst Rebecca throws a tantrum and screams at Valerie, who feels she has gotten some form of revenge by costing Saint a Zero Gravity Championship Match, Brooks sneakily rushes up to Valerie and scoops her up and over, eliminating Saint’s current nemesis as well!


Frustrated, Valerie slowly gets back to her feet, staring a hole through Saint as Thaddeus leads her to the safety of the backstage area in a hurry. That’s when Valerie gets fire in her eyes and pursues Saint, storming towards the entrance and disappearing behind the curtain in a rage.

Due to this elimination, we are now left with two participants. Brooks and Rose battle back and forth, with Brooks raking Rose’s eyes in an attempt to blind him. After giving Rose a Spinebuster, the veteran Brooks then dumps Rose over the top rope…

Only for Alec to fall onto the apron and save himself!

Believing he has won, Brooks thrusts his arms towards the ceiling, only to turn around and witness Rose’s recuperation. Annoyed by this sight, Brooks charges with a clothesline, but Rose ducks under it and nails a Wheel Kick! Sensing victory, Rose directs his attention to the ropes and grabs Bama, running him towards them with speed! Rose then manages to chuck Brooks over…

But Bama is able to grip his body close to the ropes and fall onto the apron as well!

Rose tries to push Brooks off, but the veteran squirms his way under the bottom rope and back into the ring. They trade more shots again, this time with Rose blocking an uppercut and delivering a Swinging Neckbreaker to Bama! Rose then drags Brooks up and tries to eliminate him again…

That is until Brooks manages to reverse the momentum by twisting his body around, consequently grabbing Rose and sending him over the ropes… until Rose grabs the top rope and hangs there, saving himself again!

With great fortitude, Rose pulls himself onto the apron… but Brooks has noticed way too soon, charging at Rose and booting him off the apron to the floor for the victory!


Finally Brooks can celebrate! Not only has he achieved his first victory in VoW, he has also stamped his ticket to compete against Katie Moicelle at Breakthrough #40 for the Zero Gravity Championship!

Jerry Heisenberg: Here is your winner of the Visionary Rumble… JULIUS ‘BAMA’ BROOKS!!!

The Hybrid’s Vow to VoW


The scene fades away from the visual of the preshow to the backstage interview area where Zelda Lawson stands by with microphone in hand.

Zelda Lawson: Hello ladies and gentlemen, apologies for this brief interruption from my husband wanting to address the VoW audience, but I just wanted to take a quick moment to let everyone know who isn’t aware that in the days following this Double Jeopardy event, I will be debuting my new show to you guys. “The Vision with Zelda Lawson” will be taking the place that was left vacant following my colleague Joey Nitro stepping back from his duties and thus the Nitro/Lawson Report was ended. My show will be following a similar format with news stories pertaining to the previous event along with, whenever I can, an interview with a member of the Visionary roster. So please keep an eye out because the debut episode, like I said, will be coming out in the days following this event, and it will feature as my first guests on the show the Chaossworn, so be sure to tune in for that. With that out of the way, I’ll hand the mic over to the man who in a few short moments will be heading out there in front of his family of Witnesses to defend his I4NI Championship against Dathyn. Ladies and gentlemen, my husband, “The Hybrid” Tyler Storm!

Tyler walks into frame, championship draped over his right shoulder and wearing the pink variant of the “Be Hybrid” shirt along with some new ring gear including black tights with a large blue lightning bolt covering on the outer sides of both legs, the bolts outlined in and waistband a shining gold. Zelda hands the microphone to Tyler, then the two share a kiss before she walks away and Tyler looks to the camera.

Tyler Storm: Hey there guys, so here we are. Double Jeopardy coming to you from Caguas, Puerto Rico, an event highlighted by matches like Cera taking on Matt Slater, The Requiem defending their Twin City titles in the titular match against The Neon Babes, Seth Iser looking to capture to World Visionary Championship from Casanova English, Ryder Blade trying to keep the amazing winning streak alive and keep his title from being all taken away by Constance Chapin, and so many more matches. Heck we all just saw a pretty damn awesome Battle Royal a few moments ago, and I tip my metaphorical hat to all the competitors, but of course the official start of this Pay Per View begins with yours truly looking to defend his I4NI Championship in a Tables Match against Dathyn.

Tyler grabs his title and holds it up to the camera, giving a slight nod.

Tyler Storm: Dathyn, we are about to have one hell of a match. If anyone can kick this show off with a bang, it’s The Hybrid and The Visionary of Wrestling. We have been in a face to face scenario before sir, this time though there are no tag partners and there is no extra guy. It’s One on One, no questions asked, two men ready to beat the hell out of each other and try their best to put the other guy through a table and hold this title up high. So brother, I just want to say good luck to ya, and whatever goes down by the end of all this I hope this isn’t the last time you and I get a chance to beat the hell out of each other in that squared circle.

Tyler places the belt back on his shoulder, a more serious expression now coming across his face before he continues.

Tyler Storm: Now you might all thing that’s just all that needs to be said, but tonight I’m taking this little chance to get some things off my chest. And this is Tyler Storm flipping his script a bit because it’s time to turn that nob up a bit, something I’ve been trying to do but if I don’t do now fully then some things may pass me by, so if any VoW board or staff members get a bit pissed off cuz I ramble a bit my deepest apologies but a lot of this is aimed towards you guys.

Tyler takes a deep breath, then goes on.

Tyler Storm: To all my fans and to the people who not only compete for this company but also run this place, very well running it might I add, right now I’m in a pretty damn good place. I have had a lot of good things go right for me since my first days in this company and to be more specific since after my father’s death. VoW has brought me a lot of joy, and during my time here I found new purpose in my career, as did my wife, and maybe because of those added new purposes we were finally able to be graced with the chance to soon be parents. I can’t tell you all how much I am grateful to be in this company, because I truly was to a point of giving up on this business before VoW came along. In this company, I have won some, and I have lost some. Tonight is my 11th match for VoW, and in the 10 I have already been through I have gone 50/50 with wins and losses. Among the wins, a Quest for the Case qualifier and victory, a title defense and title win back, and among the losses a humiliating debut and a Tyler Storm thinking to much resulting in him letting people get the best of him and in one of those instances losing the title I have made a symbol of everything I stand for.

Tyler glances at his I4NI title and smiles.

Tyler Storm: To take risks, to be able to not only represent the good this business doesn’t see a lot of, but also the viciousness we see plenty of. To go out there, and no matter what say “anything you bring, I’ll bring back 10 fold.” The I4NI Championship represents what I have tried, and at times admittedly failed, to do throughout my 6 year career in professional wrestling. But, I’m a point right now where as much as I don’t want this title misrepresented and even now I would drop everything if I saw this belt get in the wrong hands, I also know of another thing I try to represent in myself that needs it’s own physical representation. The I4NI represents so much already, but when it comes to trying to be the best at what I do, even throughout losses and slip ups, trying to be an example for people to follow, only one thing in this company holds more true to that kind of mindset more than anything, and that my friends is the World Visionary Championship.

Tyler turns back to the camera, the smile that he once bore now gone.

Tyler Storm: Now don’t take this as me trying to say “no one in this company deserves that title more than me, I should be at the front of the line, yada yada yada.” No, I don’t want that to be my message right now nor would I ever. When I am among people like Seth Iser, like Ryder Blade, Constance Chapin, Stacy Jones, Katie Moicelle, The Requiem, and so so so so soooooooo many more, I have 0 right to lay claim to the front of any line because I know any of those people can and would if they really wanted to kick my ass. In fact it’s on f(bleep)ing tape, Ryder Blade kicked my ass, albeit he pulled some dirty moves, but I’m man enough to admit Mr. Xcellent loudmouth was able to kick my ass. But what I am saying, is it’s time Tyler Storm rose to the occasion like he knows he is capable of doing. I came into VoW with a simple goal, to win a title if I could, and I accomplished that dream within 4 matches. But I can admit when I set that goal, the top of the mountain was where I really wanted to be.

Tyler pauses for a moment, taking in his thoughts before continuing forward.

Tyler Storm: I’ve got a lot to prove, and I know that is the case. Like I said, I’m at 5 wins and 5 losses, and even after tonight I’ll be no better than 6 wins and could very well be at 6 losses. That’s a fact, whether I like it or not. But I know where my mindset is now, and even though I still want to make sure I am the best damn I4NI Champion ever and that I represent this belt with the most passion I can give, I like anyone else in this company WANT to reach the top of the mountain. It’s gonna take a lot, it’s going to make me have to possibly go through some people I consider my best friends, and I may lose them because of how hard I try to push them out of my way. End of the day though, the other night I realized that in a few months I am gonna be a dad again to a beautiful baby girl that I hope looks every bit as gorgeous as my amazing wife. She is going to be the possible future of the Storm legacy if she decides to follow in my footsteps just like every child that bore the Storm name before me, boy or girl, that followed in their wrestling parent’s footsteps. I want to leave a legacy, and in my mind I need to set that legacy as soon as I can. I’ve won plenty a championship, including a World title, but in my mind there would be no other belt that could compare to the World Visionary Championship only because of the amount of hard working, dedicated, kick ass people that compete in VoW.

Tyler smiles as he finishes.

Tyler Storm: I want to reach that mountain top as soon as possible, because being in this industry long enough I know sometimes time is limited due to injuries that could come about or something I really hope never happens in the foreseeable future a closing of a company. That’s why, I am officially placing my path on a road to Fate of the Gods. What lies in front of me as I go off my own safe net towards the greatest event this company holds, I don’t know. But what I do know, I am going to find some way, through sweat, tears, and a hell of a lot of blood, to get some kind of opportunity to reach the top of the mountain. I’m gonna piss off some people by saying that, whether that be my friends and fellow competitors or the staff, but I don’t care. Tyler Storm is going to reach that peak, one way or another, and he is going to do it with all the pride in the world, hopefully having as many people backing him as possible. I’m gonna need a lot to get there if that’s what I want, I just hope I have what it takes. Until then, it’s time for Dathyn to Be Witness…it’s time for Tyler Storm to Be Hybrid…and it’s time for VoW to prepare for the biggest one man revolution it will ever see. Because like my music says…it’s my time…to shine. Oh and English…Iser…I’ll be watching.

Tyler flashes a west-side looking hand signal to the camera, then walks off as the camera fades to blackness. Soon enough the VoW logo pops up, officially starting the main show that is Double Jeopardy 2016!

Fading out from the visual of the promotional poster for Double Jeopardy, we can hear the sounds of Drowning Pool’s “No More” echoing throughout the arena. The Coliseo Héctor Solá Bezares is lit up with strobes, the flashes of cameras, and as always, the excitement of the fans. We trail along the cheering crowd, taking in individual handmade signs and banners. Our view then pans out to take in the thousands upon thousands of fans in attendance, as well as the VoW ring set up in the middle of it all. The lights fade slightly, the music lowering in volume, as our view slides over to the commentary table…

Axel Reid: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the second annual Double Jeopardy!!! We’re here in Caguas, Puerto Rico at the biggest arena in the area, where we have nearly sold out! This building’s capacity is 10,000 and almost every seat has a VoW fan sitting in it! In comparison to the first Double Jeopardy, at only 4000, we have grown astronomically within a single year!

Ruby Parvati: Within a month, Alec. Even our last pay-per-view was not this big, in both crowd and match-ups!

Axel Reid: Very true… and we can only go up from here! But for now, we have reached the night everyone has been waiting for! A night where we’ll start off strong, seeing an opening Tables match involving Tyler Storm and Dathyn! And for the I4NI Championship no less!

Ruby Parvati: After all that Tyler spouted, he better deliver. And speaking of delivering, we’re also going to see ChaosSworn setting out to deliver a message of pain in their biggest tag match yet! Well, sort of. Against Patrick Jones and Owen Gonsalves… who both have nothing to lose at this point.

Axel Reid: Which may just end up being their greatest ally in this match. But anyway, following that is another pretty hyped up match in Zahara versus Kelsey. Can the latter finally break the former’s streak, or will it continue?

Ruby Parvati: I have money on that one. But not so much on Kincaid versus Desmond Knight…

Axel Reid: Both have something to prove, with Kincaid desperately wanting the ZG belt (or at least a shot at it) back. Perhaps this week he’ll prove that he deserves it!

Ruby Parvati: Just like Katie deserves a swift kick in the ass via the one and only Matt Robinson!

Axel Reid: … and why does she ‘deserve’ that?

Ruby Parvati: Because she’s too… too…

Axel Reid: Cute? Nice? Or too much of a slowly growing fan favorite despite her lack of confidence? Our preshow match determined her next contender for that title around her waist, which will happen at the next Breakthrough.

Ruby Parvati: Right, so let’s hope that Robinson doesn’t do too much damage. -She smirks-

Axel Reid: Moving on, we may have to keep that hope alive for this next fight. Another Orphanage member, and all around lunatic, in Winter Pine facing off against Stacy Jones.

Ruby Parvati: Mmhm. Winter finally gets a chance at Stacy’s throat. These two have quite a bit of animosity between them. This is, according to online polls, one of the matches that are most looked forward to. But easily rising above that is one even I’M extremely excited for!

Axel Reid: I think we all are, Ruby. The eccentric and practically undefeated Ryder Blade going head to head with the strong but aloof Constance Chapin! Two out of three falls and for Blade’s championship no less… will the Xcel title change hands as well as the streak finally being ended? Or will Ryder continue his uh, ‘Xcellent’ reign of terror?

Ruby Parvati: Terror? You mean XCELLENCE!

Axel Reid: That would’ve been a bit repetitive…

Ruby Parvati: Repetition is Xcellent when it involves the Xcellent Champion and his Xcellent title-

Axel Reid: I’m gonna stop you there. Now, our huge matches only get bigger because next we’ll see the World Visionary title on the line… Casanova English against Seth Iser? No wonder so many fans traveled to Puerto Rico for this event!

Ruby Parvati: Very true! Because right after that comes our special annual ladder match for Double Jeopardy, where the tag titles will be up for grabs. The Requiem against the Neon Babes? I’m not sure whether to be excited or disturbed… a match full of weirdos for sure.

Axel Reid: Weird? Perhaps. But certainly a match to be remembered. And since we’re on the topic of memories… add in a bit of heartbreak, history, and hell of a lot of emotion… our final match of the night is Matt Slater versus Cera. Tears, as well as blood, will be shed.

Ruby Parvati: And quite frankly that statement stands for the entirety of this event! It is sure to be an outstanding one… so stay tuned! Because things are about to get rolling!

Opening Match – Tables Match with the I4NI Championship on the line!
Tyler Storm [c] Vs. Dathyn


Jerry Heisenberg: This following bout will be contested in a Tables Match and is for the I4NI Championship! The only way to win, is for one of the participants to put their opponent through a Table in whatever way they see fit.

The arena fades to pitch black, the audience erupting into a frenzy of cheers as they’re aware of just who is about to appear. The sounds of a tornado siren and thunder begin to play through the sound system, a dark blue hue radiating through the lights whenever the siren reaches it’s peak. The thunder sound continues to grow louder and louder until both it and the siren completely cut out. Immediately, words formed from lightning graphics begin appearing on the titantron:



Suddenly, a lightning strike hits the stage and smoke begins bellowing from the spot that was hit as the opening static rift to “Time To Shine” by Saliva begins to play and the word “SHINE” appears on the titantron. Just as the song goes to the opening guitar rift, out from the smoke runs out Tyler Storm to a roar of cheers from the crowd. Tyler smiles as he walks to both sides of the stage, signaling to the crowd and mouthing words of respect to them before walking back to the middle of the stage and letting out a yell of “Time To!” which the audience responds with “Be Witness!” Tyler then begins walking down the ramp towards the ring, high-fiving and hugging fans along the way.

Jerry Heisenberg: First, making his way to the ring, weighing in at one-hundred-and-eighty-five pounds…he is the I4NI Champion! “THEEEE HYYYBRIIID” TYYYYLEEEER STOOOORM!

Axel Reid: Here he is, the man that we heard speak only mere moments ago!

Ruby Parvati: Don’t even get me started on that dribble…

Axel Reid: Dribble? I thought it was very admirable – he made a vow that he’s going to climb this
company’s mountain and go through whoever he needs to whether it be friend or foe –
and it’s all for his lovely wife Zelda and their soon-to-be-born baby girl.

Ruby Parvati: He better get used to disappointing them then, starting with this bout here.

As Tyler reaches the end of the ramp, he pauses for a moment to take in the energy from the audience before hopping up on the apron, then jumping up and using the top rope as leverage shoots between the top and middle ropes feet first into the ring. In the ring, Tyler goes to each corner and signals out to the fans once more, and after he finishes at the final corner walks to the center of the ring, punches the ground, and lets out a warrior yell before walking to his respective corner and waiting for the match to begin.

Like Tyler’s entrance, the arena dissolves to black before a single spotlight shines over at the ramp – the dubstep remix of “Sweet Dreams” by Emily Browning playing through the speakers as the crowd begins to give the man about to enter a standing boovation. Dathyn appears wearing his usual hoodie with a Bo staff strapped to his back and upon an angle, we see a small, sinister smirk on the Kakhard’s face as he soaks in the reaction he’s receiving. However, that changes as he pushes forward – focusing less on them and more on the Champion in the ring, a deathly glare that Storm shows no intimidating towards as he simply raises the title above his head.

Jerry Heisenberg: And now, approaching the ring…the challenger, weighing in at
one-hundred-and-ninety-two pounds…from a Land Long

The screaming within the music takes place, leaving the lights to frantically flash around – hopefully there’s nobody in the audience that suffers from severe epilepsy. It returns to default just before Dathyn makes way up the steel steps, jumping over to ropes before perching upon them and taking off his hood, a strong gaze into the distance. He hops down onto the canvas before taking out a coin and flipping it, cracking a grin as he takes a knee.

Axel Reid: I’m really looking forward to this one, it’s be the PERFECT way to start the show!
What do you think, Ruby?

Ruby Parvati: I’m just looking forward to seeing a BRAND NEW I4NI Champion!

Axel Reid: Don’t get your hopes up, this one could go either way.

Ruby Parvati: The only way Dathyn’s gonna lose, is if that psycho prick Heath comes out and
ruins it.

Heisenberg exits the ring as Storm hands the official his title belt and as Dathyn rises to his feet. The bell sounds and the two competitors walk centre ring, staring each other in the eyes without saying a single word. It’s the slimey Dathyn that strikes first, spinning around and immediately hitting one of his patented signatures – Identity Krisis. With Storm down, Dathyn goes back to his knee position – a thunderous cackle echoing throughout the arena as the audience let out a chorus, verse and even bridge of jeers.

Ruby Parvati: That’s the way, Judas. That’s the way.

Axel Reid: That was certainly A way – to get a good headstart.

Dathyn rolls underneath the bottom rope to the outside, quickly lifting the apron and fishing underneath the ring for a Table that he pulls out and takes with him as he slides back in. Upon making it back up to his feet, he wastes no time in pulling out its black, metal legs before flipping it over into position. He stalks Storm as the Champ begins to stir, cockily sending several little kicks to his side before pulling him up and rolling him onto the surface of the table. He ascends the top turnbuckle, readying himself to perform the Krisis Kore – however, Storm lifts both legs away and stumbles over to the corner before Dathyn can even get the chance.

“The Visionary of Wrestling” drops down before sprinting over towards the Champ, who uses the ropes as support to raise two feet that connect with Dathyn’s cheekbone, knocking him backwards against the mat. Using his agile ability, Storm jumps up on the turnbuckle and spins around before coming off with an Imploding 450 Splash that leaves not only Dathyn in a world full of pain but himself too as he clasps the ribs in a seated position.

Axel Reid: Whoa! What a move there by “The Hybrid”!

Ruby Parvati: If he really wants to fly then maybe he should go and get some wings.

Axel Reid: …is that meant to be an insult?

Ruby Parvati: …yeah…

Axel Reid: Wow…

Like a true Champion, Storm pushes passed the pain and uses the ropes to his left to help pull himself up. He goes over to Dathyn and takes him by the wrist, using all his strength to hoist him up to his feet before rolling him on top of the very same table he had lain on previously. He goes over to the turnbuckle Dathyn had planned to use as the starting point of his Krisis Kore and gets ready to hop up but before that he turns around and watches his downed opponent with a frown, clearly thinking about something before deciding it’s best not to go through with his original plan.

Ruby Parvati: The heck’s he doing?

Axel Reid: Assessing the situation, he’s obviously aware that a high risk move at this point could
very well spark the end of his title reign.

Ruby Parvati: Oh yeah? How’s that exactly?

Axel Reid: Well, think about it, if he comes flying off with a Frog Splash, Elbow Drop, whatever –
then Dathyn could simply just move out of the way and allow Storm to go crashing
through – not only gaining an easy victory but an easy title win as well.

Ruby Parvati: So…what you’re saying is, Storm’s way more intelligent than how he looks?

Axel Reid: Storm IS intelligent. He’s proven it time and time again.

Ruby Parvati: Well, you know who else’s intelligent? Dathyn. He’s way smarter than that dork.

Axel Reid: We’ll see, Ruby. We’ll see.

Storm takes a few steps over, grabbing the bottom of the table and flipping it over – taking Dathyn down with it, covering his back like a blanket. Storm uses each of his hands to take hold of a different table leg at either side before lifting it and driving it down into Dathyn’s spine, he repeats the process twice before flipping it back over and setting it up again. He takes a hold of Dathyn by his underarms but instead of bringing him to his feet, he gets a punch straight to the eye that knocks him back a few steps. Dathyn – seemingly abolishing the effects of the things Storm’s put him through – jumps up to his feet, taking hold of the table with a single right hand and spinning around – literally throwing it straight at the Champion’s face. He’s sent reeling through the top and middle ropes, the table bouncing off of them and falling to the canvas.

With a mile-wide smirk, Dathyn climbs out of the ring on the opposite side and hops off of the apron before walking around to the timekeeper’s area, grabbing the I4NI Championship and taking it with him on his trek around to where lays Storm.

Axel Reid: Oh no…he has malicious intentions I’m sure…

Ruby Parvati: Of course he has malicious intentions, he’s Dathyn for christ sake! I’m loving this!

Axel Reid: I bet you are.

Dathyn kneels down beside Storm, holding the title in front of his face – just taunting him with it. We can only just faintly hear what Dathyn’s saying.

Dathyn: Get used to seeing me holding onto this title, Storm! This bout’s mine, you complete utter reject.

He slams it against Storm’s cheek, who goes rolling the other way with a groan. He pulls Storm back and wraps his fingers around his throat, grimacing down at him whilst holding the championship high above his head.

Dathyn: You know what? Imagine this is Lawson…

He brings the title in close with the tip of his tongue emerging from his mouth – it almost connects with the gold but it becomes apparent that he’s only entered the eye of the storm as “The Hybrid’s” jaw clenches, his fist along with it as he reaches up and sharply clocks Dathyn against the jaw before taking hold of the title strap with his other hand and pulling it, the gold slamming against Dathyn’s nose and forcing him backwards. We see blood just before Storm gets up to his feet and stares down at Dathyn who wipes at his nose, a stain of crimson printing on his forearm.

Axel Reid: Rule Number One, never say anything disgusting about Tyler’s wife. Because THAT’S what happens.

Ruby Parvati: That’s not fair! Get the EMTs out here and pronto!

Storm doesn’t stop though, as he sends several kicks towards Dathyn’s chest that pushes him against the apron. To avoid another, Dathyn sneakily scurries underneath the ring – Storm tries to grab an ankle but his opponent’s too fast and quickly disappears into the abyss. He strides around to the right side, lifting the apron and peering under for any signs of life but there’s nothing so he goes around the corner, just before the commentary table and does the same thing – this time we can clearly see somebody moving around. Storm reaches under and grabs the ankle, dragging it out but here we see that it’s not Dathyn he’s got a hold of – it’s Ryan Gallagher, the son of Hardcore Heath.

Ryan gets up to his feet and looks Storm in the eyes with a scowl, the Champ confusedly scratching the back of his head. Upon angle, we see Dathyn crawl out from where Storm had checked prior and runs around, using the distraction caused by Ryan to his advantage and pushing passed “The Hybrid”, grabbing hold of his neck – Ryan moving away as the Snapmare to the floor is performed.

Ruby Parvati: Way to go, kid! You keep diverting Storm’s attention like that and Dathyn’s got this
one in the bag!

Axel Reid: Well, he can’t be disqualified so I think that may just be the approach they’re taking.

Dathyn points down at the apron and instructs Ryan to fetch him a table and he does just that – sliding it out from underneath the ring and even setting it up for him in perfect position just by the side of the ring. Dathyn takes a hold of Storm and rolls him in before following suit, he pulls Storm up and leans him against the ropes before climbing out onto the apron and maneuvering the champion so he can pull him through and rest his midsection against the middle rope.

Ruby Parvati: Here it comes! Spike DDT through the Table!

As if to ruin Ruby’s fun, Storm reaches up with a hand that shoves Dathyn in the stomach – pulling away and collecting himself on the mat. Dathyn loses footing and falls off the apron but instincts cause him to push himself off so that he doesn’t go through the table – he lands just behind it. He’s visibly frustrated by this turn of events and slides back into the ring as the champ makes it back to his feet, Dathyn pulls him into a Suplex that connects. Storm’s back arches in pain before he rolls over onto his stomach.

Dathyn stands and grabs a handful of Storm’s hair, yanking him up to his feet and ragdolling him into the corner. Pointing and cussing at him before derogatorily slapping him across the right cheek, followed by the left. He trades the slaps with Knife Edge Chops until Storm has no choice but to slump down against the bottom turnbuckle however Dathyn’s not too fond of that, as he pulls Storm back up – utilising several more Knife Edge Chops.

“The Hybrid” has had enough though, as he throws a few Knife Edge Chops of his own before reaching around to the back of Dathyn’s head and stepping out of the way so he can drive it into the turnbuckle. Storm tears off the safety pad and drives his head into it again before spinning him around on his heels and wrapping his arms around the surrounding ropes so that he stays up right despite showing no life. Storm takes several steps back before launching himself forwards, aiming and nailing the Shining Wizard that causes Dathyn to roll over onto his spine. Storm capitalizes – climbing the turnbuckle and sizing up for a Frog Splash – he goes soaring through the air but his plans are brought to their climax as Dathyn lifts a single foot that gets him straight in the ribs.

Ruby Parvati: Yes! Quick thinking, Judas! Nice one!

Axel Reid: Despite being in such a dreary state, Dathyn was still able to get himself out of harms

Ruby Parvati: Yep, that’s what I call talent.

Upon angle we see Dathyn slowly blinking his eyes and bringing himself back into reality, though still clearly seeing stars he rolls over on his stomach and points towards Ryan then the Table. Ryan disassembles it before sliding it into the ring and rolling in, picking it up and setting it up where Dathyn instructs – which is just beside the same corner Storm had just tried to Frog Splash from. Ryan helps Dathyn to his feet and together they each grab one side of Storm, dragging him over to the Table and placing him on top of it. Holding his head, Dathyn goes over to the corner and slowly ascends the turnbuckle – the Krisis Kore in mind.

Ruby Parvati: This is it, Reid! There’s about to be a new I4NI Champion! And his name’s Judas Dathan!

Axel Reid: It’s not over ‘till the fat lady sings, Ruby!

Ruby Parvati: Then where the hell’s Adele?! We need her out here!

Axel Reid: Don’t be so mean.

Just about ready to go through with his plan of attack, Dathyn is surprised when Storm bounces to his feet and wraps his arms around Dathyn’s legs before pulling him into a position ready for Eye of the Storm. He takes a few steps over to the Table and it connects, the wooden surface snapping in half as Dathyn’s driven through it.


Jerry Heisenberg: Here is your winner and STILL the I4NI Champion! “THEEEE HYYYYBRIIID”

Axel Reid: And there it is, ladies and gentlemen! Tyler Storm has once again proven just how talented he is!

Ruby Parvati: Hmph. I should just go on strike.

Axel Reid: Hey, don’t forget that English’s in action later on tonight.

Ruby Parvati: Yeah, good point. Okay, no strike for me.

Ryan goes to check on Dathyn as Storm rolls out of the ring, the official picking up the I4NI Championship from where it had been left and handing it to the pleased victor who raises it above his head in triumph. He goes over to the fans, celebrating with them for a moment before turning and making way around the corner, slapping the front row audience’s hands as he passes. He reaches the top of the ramp and turns, lifting the title up one more time before the whole thing’s brought to an end when Little Pills by Devilskin plays.

Ruby Parvati: Oh for pete’s sake.

Storm turns as he’s met with a psychopathic face-paint wearing Hardcore Heath. They stare at each other for a moment before Heath slowly extends a hand, Storm accepting it as he’s given props from The Hardcore Hero behind the crowd’s cheers. Heath turns his attention to the ring as Storm exits, Ryan quickly ducking out and hiding underneath it.

Heath strides down the ramp and goes around to the timekeeper area where he requests a microphone before climbing up the steel steps and into the ring. He brings the mic to his lips, everyone going quiet as this is the first time he’s ever cut an in-ring promo. He looks down at Dathyn, who’s still writhing around in pain.

Hardcore Heath: I’m not here to speak with you, Judas. Though, I do advise you keep your ears
open and listen. Ryan, wherever it is you may be because I know damn well
you’re out here…I want you to think about this, sure – I may be a useless father, I
may have been a useless partner to your mother and hell I may even be
useless on this mic but what I’m NOT useless at, is kicking total f***ing ass.
You see this guy, this guy Dathyn? I’ve kicked his twice. So why him? Why have
you picked HIM to shadow behind? Why not Casanova English? Why not Seth
Iser? Hell, why not Ryder f***ing Blade? Out of all the “Heels” so to speak in this
company you go and pick this sorry excuse?

Heath jabs him with a foot.

Hardcore Heath: THIS sorry f***ing excuse?! I truly am insulted, son. Because even though I had
a feeling that this would someday come…I thought you’d pick somebody
much bigger and much badder than Judas Dathan. You’ve gone and how they
say…dun goofed it. This guy isn’t the one who’s going to get you your
vengeance. You don’t believe me? How about I show you?

Heath pulls Dathyn up to his feet and throws him over the top rope to the outside. He follows and reaches under the ring for another table, setting it up just beside Dathyn’s lifeless body. Once again, he pulls the Kakhard back to his feet and rolls him on top of it before fishing underneath for another one that he sets up on top. One more time, he fishes underneath and brings out a Steel Chair that he takes with him as he slides back into the ring. He sets it up a short measure away from the turnbuckle and sprints over to the ropes before bouncing off and making way to the chair, putting one foot on its seat as we see Ryan slide into the ring with Dathyn’s Bo staff. Heath leaps over to the turnbuckle but instead of coming off with the Suicide Leg Drop he had intended, Ryan smacks him across the back with the staff – causing him to go flipping over and onto the floor outside.

Ruby Parvati: Ha! That’s what you get!

Axel Reid: Damn, what a shot to Heath’s pride that would’ve been.

Ryan picks up the microphone.

Ryan Gallagher: The only thing you’ve shown me, Williams…is that Dathyn, is a better father
figure than you’ll ever be…

He drops the mic and goes to check on Dathyn as EMTs come running out. We fade to the backstage area…

Here, There, Everywhere


Backstage it’s a flurry of activity and we’re only one match into Double Jeopardy! Agents are running in one direction, producers in another, but bucking the flow for the moment is the freshly-returned Darius Yates. Perhaps he’s just got another engagement to get to, or perhaps he’s on the lookout for a surprise interview subject to get back into the swing of things. What Darius gets is the latter when he, in an effort to dodge a caterer rushing by with an empty food cart, bumps into someone near the locker rooms. About to turn around and apologize on pure reflex, he doesn’t really get the chance.

The subject of his mid-hall collision is a dark-haired figure not much shorter than Yates himself, dressed in a mix of white, black and purple with most of her shoulders and part of her upper torso exposed. The figure gives a coy look over her shoulder, peering out at Yates from beneath not only a curtain of dark hair, but a jauntily-perched top hat.

Zahara Matisse: Pardon me…

The camera had switched to her for a moment, then, as she pulled a pair of fingerless mesh gloves up to her elbows, one on each arm. Turning back to Yates, a bit of confusion is registered on the young man’s face.

Axel Reid: That’s right…I don’t think Darius has had the pleasure of meeting our Magical Maiden yet.

Ruby Parvati: Looks like he missed his chance.

Axel Reid: What do you-

True enough, when the camera turns back a bit, enough to presumably keep both Yates and Zahara in frame, the latter is gone. Darius rubs the back of his neck, wondering if he’s pushing himself too hard after returning so recently. Then, from down the hall in the area where some of the costume folks are making last-minute adjustments to ring gear and the like, a familiar voice is heard speaking.

Zahara Matisse: Yes, it’s absolutely perfect! Thank you ever so much!

Ruby Parvati: Oh, there she is.

Axel Reid: That was weird.

Turning and heading in that direction, Darius gets a few paces in Zahara’s direction before one of the clipboard-wielding agents walks in front of him, slipping past with a hurried, mumbled “excuse me” before moving on. By the time he’s gone…so is Zahara.

Axel Reid: Girl’s, um, in a hurry isn’t she?

Ruby Parvati: More parlor tricks? Ugh.

Now Darius just looks frustrated. Deciding not to bother with it anymore, he turns around to head in the direction he was initally going and finds himself face to top hat with Zahara. She immediately gives him the most sparkling smile as she smooths out her sparkling, form-fitting purple coat, one that reaches all the way to her ankles. Flabbergasted, Darius kinda stares for a moment before Zahara snaps him out of it, extending her hand.

Zahara Matisse: I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure!

Darius Yates: Ah, no. You’re Zahara Matisse, right?

Zahara Matisse: Ya made me!

They clasp hands briefly before Darius remembers that he’s got a bloody job to do.

Darius Yates: While you’re here…

He pauses and looks around, half-expecting her to vanish again. When he looks over his shoulder, she looks off curiously in that direction too, then meets his gaze when he turns back around.

Darius Yates: Right. While we’re here, mind if we talk a little about your match with Kelsey Spencer coming up later this evening?

For just a moment, Zahara’s smile wavers, but only for a moment.

Zahara Matisse: With all due respect, Mr. Yates? The time for talking is over. I’ve done all the talking I care to do when it comes to Miss Spencer and will make any further statements I need to make in front of those amazing fans out there in the crowd.

Call it a cheap pop if you want, but at least she go full-on patronizing by belting out the city’s name with a thumbs up and a cheesy grin. Darius, accepting that answer, tries a different tack.

Darius Yates: Fair enough. Then what does the future hold with you after Double Jeopardy?

Zahara Matisse: Mmm…

One leg crosses over the other, toe tapping gently against the floor. Her arms fold across her chest and she looks utterly thoughtful for a moment, which is cute. Then her expression becomes seriously and she uses the tip of her wand to push her hat up a bit, gazing straight into Darius’s eyes.

Zahara Matisse: …I think I like the looks of some of these titles around here, Mr. Yates. Let’s leave it at that, hm?

Letting the hat back down, Zahara brings down the wand and taps Darius on the shoulder with it a couple times. He looks confused, then briefly surprised, when a white carnation pops out the end of it. Back to smiling once again, she takes the flower and puts it in the lapel of his jacket all neat. Tipping her hat politely, she turns and starts walking down the hallway. Darius looks to the flower for a moment, then turns back to where Zahara walked off…only to find her gone. Again.

Ruby Parvati: I’m-a start calling her Batgirl or something. Disappearing and crap.

Axel Reid: Yeah, but she doesn’t use smoke pellets or anything. Batman always used those…

Ruby Parvati: Axel?

Axel Reid: Uh, yes?

Ruby Parvati: Shut up and put down your geek flag before you put someone’s eye out.

Owen Gonsalves & Patrick Jones Vs. Chaos Sworn (Emma Carlisle & Joanna Thade)


The opening drum beats of Billy Talent’s “Red Flag” echoes throughout the arena as the crowd erupt in a flurry of cheers and immediately begin to slam against whatever they can to the beat of the song. Once the song kicks in, “Indestructible” Owen Gonsalves bursts out from behind the curtains with his trademark hooded vest on his shoulders and the hood itself covering half of his face, the crowd pops at the sight of him, contuing to slam against the guardrail. Owen stands and doesn’t make a move. You see him join his hands quickly before unclasping them and going ahead with the sign of the cross quickly before flipping off the hood and making his way down the ramp.

“Cast off the crutch that kills the pain

The Red Flag waving never meant the same

The kids of tomorrow don’t need today

When they live in the sins of yesterday”

Jerry Heisenberg: The following is a tag team match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Melbourne, Australia, by way of Detroit, Michigan, weighing 205 pounds…’INDESTRUCTIBLE’…OWEEEENN…GONSAAAALVEEEESSSS!

Axel Reid: And we’re set for non-title tag team action here, as Double Jeopardy rolls on!

Ruby Parvati: And speaking of non-title, there’s a man who won’t be near one any time soon!

Axel Reid: …I thought you were going to mention how ChaosSworn must not be best pleased with the fact that they’re not in the Main Event competing for the Twin Cities Championships…but trust you to insult someone when you have half a chance!

Ruby Parvati: Only when it’s called for, honey.

Axel Reid: It’s NEVER called for.

As the announcers banter, the chorus repeats a second time. Owen is fired up, leaning against a guardrail and joining the front row in slamming against it to the beat of the song.

“Well I’ve never seen us act like this

Our only hope is the minds of kids

And they’ll show us a thing or two

Our only weapons are the guns of youth

It’s only time before they tighten the noose

And then the hunt will be on for you”

Slowly, the song calms down and Owen continues to make his way down the ramp…

…only to be caught from behind by his two opponents for the night!

Axel Reid: WHAT?! IT’S CHAOSSWORN!! And they’re beating down Owen Gonsalves!

Ruby Parvati: Seems the girls wanted to make a fashionably early entrance…

Indeed, Emma and Joanna have decided to once again dictate their own rules, and are currently venting their frustrations on a helpless, downtrodden Owen Gonsalves.

Ruby Parvati: Emma and Joanna must be imagining Owen is that insufferable Tina girl…

Axel Reid: Her name’s Gina…and whatever those two are doing, it’s just not on!

The fans seem to agree with Axel, as they make sure to let ChaosSworn know how they feel about their attack. Emma and Joanna, however, do not so much as acknowledge the crowd, instead proceeding with their beatdown. Not even Opeare Shields, when he tries to plead with Joanna, is able to dissuade the devilish duo, and Owen therefore continues to suffer in silence under the unforgiving boot of Death and War.

That is, until…


The crowd erupts as Patrick Jones comes dashing from behind the curtain at full speed, pushes past Opeare, and clobbers Joanna Thade across the back of the neck with a double-ax handle! This breaks up the attack on Owen, if only momentarily, but also draws the ire of Emma Carlisle. Death Incarnate turns a glowering gaze on Patrick Jones, and – forgetting her downed quarry – begins to stalk him. Jones, however, is always one step ahead of the fearsome Brit, as he and Joanna trade blows all around ringside.

Axel Reid: Patrick Jones is really taking it to Joanna Thade here…but LOOK OUT!!

Ruby Parvati: You can’t run away from Emma…

Indeed you can’t, as Emma proves a moment later by knocking Patrick Jones for a loop with a devastating punch to the back of the head. Emma then promptly grabs him and throws him torso-first against the ring apron. As he bounces back, Joanna pleads with her partner to ‘let her have her fun’, and Emma magnanimously concedes, rolling Jones into the ring as she herself calmly retreats to her corner. Only then does the bell ring, indicating the start of the match.

Axel Reid: Well, it seems we are under way here, at long last…with Joanna Thade and Patrick Jones as our legal man and woman…but it is by no means an even contest anymore, thanks to the ChaosSworn’s tactics!

Indeed, Joanna has a definite upper hand as she and Patrick roll into the ring. Proof of this is that, after bringing Jones to an upright position, she promptly rams him against the ring-post! Then, as he bounces back, he gets hit with a reverse DDT for good measure!

Ruby Parvati: That has GOT to hurt!

The second PJ is down, Joanna begins to stomp all over him, letting out primal screams of rage. From the turnbuckle, Emma Carlisle watches approvingly, her countenance only darkening when the referee tries to tell Joanna to relent. Death’s intervention is, however, not necessary, as the Warchild promptly rounds up on the hapless official!

Ruby Parvati: Shouldn’t have done that!

Much to the referee’s astonishment, Joanna emits a low, hissing sound as she begins to stalk him, with an evil glare and even more evil smirk.

Axel Reid: Wait…is she…hissing at him?

Ruby Parvati: …she’s hissing at him. Oh boy…that guy’s in trouble…

Axel Reid: …NO HE’S NOT!!!

Indeed, yet again, Patrick Jones proves his mettle by jumping in for the rescue – this time, saving the referee from whatever Joanna was preparing to do to him! He catches The Warchild from behind with a clothesline, sending her toppling forward. Before she falls, however, he wraps his arms around her torso and sends her flying with a German suplex. Joanna lands in the middle of the mat with a ‘thud’, and Patrick earns the cheers of the fans!

Axel Reid: Patrick Jones to the rescue yet again, and the fan favorites finally have a way into this match!

That does seem to be the case, as – caught entirely by surprise – Joanna fails to react quickly enough as Jones once again picks her up, this time applying a scoop powerslam. The fan-favorite then brings The Warchild to her feet again and hits a shin breaker, which he transitions into yet another crisp German suplex!

Axel Reid: Look at Patrick Jones go! He has full control of this match at the moment…and the fans are loving it!

Just as Joanna falls to the mat again, Owen Gonsalves finally climbs onto the turnbuckle. He and his partner lock eyes, and Owen silently indicates he will live, by means of a grin and a thumbs up. Satisfied, PJ returns the thumbs-up and turns around to continue to work over his opponent… only to find Joanna on her feet and lunging at him with a Thesz press! To the dismay of the fans, and Owen, Patrick falls to the mat, as Warchild peppers his face with punches, and even – the referee being out of position – the occasional rake with her long nails. Patrick attempts a rope break, but it is no use, as Joanna continues her onslaught without so much as relenting one bit. As such, it is up to the referee to once again stop the Warchild – which he does with extreme reluctance. And justifiably so, as Joanna almost immediately rounds up on him yet again!

Ruby Parvati: That man needs to stop interfering, seriously!

Axel Reid: …you mean ‘doing his job’? And by the way, Joanna needs to keep her focus on Patrick, before…

As Joanna yet again rants at the referee, Patrick Jones crawls over and pulls her into a rollup attempt!

Axel Reid: …there we go!



…Shoulders up by Joanna!

Axel Reid: Only two, but a smart strategy from Patrick Jones, who currently has Joanna right where he wants her!

As the two competitors roll through to their feet, PJ sees Owen’s outstretched hand in front of him, offering a tag should he want it. However, as he brings The Warchild back to her feet, he indicates that he has a handle on things, and Owen should recover.

A moment later, however, his whole plan comes undone, as Joanna once again takes advantage of the fact that PJ’s body is blocking the ref’s view. The punch to the stomach is followed by a rake to the eyes and a headbutt, as Joanna buys her way to freedom! As PJ staggers, a bulldog sends him to the mat, completing Joanna’s escape!

Ruby Parvati: Joanna’s in the clear, and she’s making a dash for her partner…

Axel Reid: …but Patrick Jones won’t stay down!

Indeed, the fan-favorite is somehow still sufficiently aware to grab Joanna’s leg as she attempts to escape, making her stumble and halting her momentum. Jones pushes himself forward, attempting to get a good grip on the leg and definitively trip up the Warchild, but Joanna has other ideas. She pulls her leg free and hits Patrick with a DEVASTATING stomp to the back of his head, drawing a groan of sympathy from the Puerto Rican crowd. She then, almost nonchalantly, goes over and tags in Emma!

Ruby Parvati: Well, that took care of THAT!

Axel Reid: And now here comes Emma Carlisle!

The Nihilist seems in no hurry to end things, instead strolling up to the only-just-recovering Jones with her trademark evil smirk. She then signals for Joanna to re-enter the ring, as she picks Jones up and throws him to the ropes. Coming back, the fan favourite is caught with a double-gutbuster, which leaves him gasping for air on his hands and knees. This, of course, is exactly what ChaosSworn intended, and soon they are hitting tandem kicks to the side of Patrick’s head – Emma a dropkick and Joanna her trademark PsyKick!

Ruby Parvati: That attack was an Inevitability.

Axel Reid: Very funny.

Ruby Parvati: No, really…that’s what it’s called. Ask them if you don’t believe me!

Axel Reid: I’m not asking them anything…cover by Emma Carlisle!




The crowd erupts as Patrick Jones kicks out!

Axel Reid: Patrick Jones will not die!

Joanna seems incredulous, but for Emma, this is only a minor setback. Waving her Warchild back to the turnbuckle, ‘The Nihilist’ picks up Patrick Jones and delivers a front powerslam. She then begins to apply stomps, forcing the poor referee to once again intervene. The look Emma gives him is no less menacing than the ones Joanna was directing at the official earlier, but the man in the stripes bravely stands his ground, and almost indirectly succeeds in drawing The Nihilist’s attention away. As such, Patrick Jones finds himself with an opening, which he promptly uses to start crawling towards the corner, and Owen’s outstretched hand…

Axel Reid: PJ needs the tag here!

The fans cheer as Patrick inches his way towards the corner, his hand almost touching Owen’s… only for Emma to notice at the last second, and promptly reach in to grab Patrick and pull him back by one leg. She then grabs hold of his hair and pulls him to his feet, only to apply a straitjacket hold! As usual when she applies this move, she grinds her knee into her opponent’s back, for added pain. Then, rather less usually, she throws Patrick over with a straitjacket suplex!

Axel Reid: What impact from Emma Carlisle, and the tides have turned for the fan-favorite team!

Ruby Parvati: You can only hold out so long against ChaosSworn…

Axel Reid: Considering they were attacked before the bell, I think their spell of dominance was impressive…and potentially not over yet!!

Indeed, as Emma goes to pick up Patrick Jones a second time, he almost instinctively connects with punches to the stomach! Caught unaware, The Nihilist reels slightly with each impact, until she is sufficiently off-balance for PJ to connect with a running back elbow! As Emma goes down, Jones does not halt his momentum, allowing it to carry him all the way to his team’s corner to tag in Owen! The fans cheer as the Australian steps through the ropes and makes a dash straight for Emma!

Axel Reid: Here at last comes Owen Gonsalves, and he has fire in his belly!

Ruby Parvati: But is it wise to engage Emma like that…?

Wise or not, Owen does not seem to care, as he hits the just-recovered Emma with a clothesline to begin with! He lets his momentum carry him to the ropes, swings upside down for a moment, and rebounds into a pendulum lariat! He and the Nihilist both fall to the mat, and Owen covers!



…Kickout by Emma!

Axel Reid: Kickout that time by Emma Carlisle, but a strong start for Owen Gonsalves in this match!

Indeed, Owen is now firmly in control, and brings Emma back up to her feet, only to wrap his hands around her waist and drop her with a Blue Thunder Bomb, into another cover!



…Kickout by The Nihilist!

Still Owen does not let up, and once again brings Emma to her feet. He grabs the increasingly dazed Nihilist’s wrist, spins around and connects with…

Axel Reid: PERISH SONG! Surely it’s over!!! The cover!

The crowd counts along as the referee drops down!





Indeed, Joanna has just saved her partner by breaking up the pin, and is now taunting Owen, distracting him. The referee intervenes, and Joanna is unusually meek returning to her corner…although it quickly becomes apparent why!

Axel Reid: Did you see that?

Ruby Parvati: See what?

Owen suddenly lets out a sharp cry and falls to the mat, clutching his ankle.

Axel Reid: She bit him!

Ruby Parvati: She never did!

Axel Reid: Did TOO! On the ankle! When the referee wasn’t looking!

That does appear to have been the case – and Emma has just gotten away with it thanks to good improvising by Joanna Thade. The Nihilist shoots her partner a grateful look as she bends down to pick up the still-grimacing Owen. She brings him to his feet and delivers her corkscrew neckbreaker, the Countdown to Extinction, followed by a cover!



…Owen kicks out!

Axel Reid: Owen Gonsalves is still alive!

Ruby Parvati: Yes, but now he’s gone and made Emma pissed!

Indeed, The Nihilist seems fit to be tied as she once again brings Owen up and hits him with another one of her signature moves, this time the pump-handle fallaway slam known as Waking Nightmare! Another cover ensues!




Axel Reid: Not quite yet!

The look Emma directs at Jones is enough to melt ice, but PJ stands his ground, perhaps looking to allow Owen to roll Emma up and get a flash win. The Australian, however, is too far gone at this point to react, and no flash pin is forthcoming. The referee orders PJ back to his corner, and as the fan-favorite complies, Joanna Thade streaks into the ring and knocks him over the ropes to the outside! She then completely disregards the referee’s orders, and strides towards the center of the ring, to join Emma!

Ruby Parvati: Oops! There goes Patty!

Axel Reid: His night did NOT deserve to end like this…

Ruby Parvati: And now the ChaosSworn lifting Owen up…could this be the death blow?

Axel Reid: I’m afraid it must be…

And indeed, as the ChaosSworn stand shoulder to shoulder, the helpless and seemingly unconscious Owen is lifted up…only to be hit with a double-shoulderbreaker and, immediately afterwards, a double belly-to-belly kneeling piledriver, completing the devastating move known as Ultimate Discord!

Axel Reid: …Ultimate Discord connects…and all of PJ’s and Owen’s efforts may have been for naught.

It does, in fact, look as though Owen is going nowhere anymore – except, maybe, on a stretcher – as Emma coolly drops down to cover.



The fans let out a groan as the referee’s hand comes down one last time…


The groan grows louder as the bell rings and EMTs immediately rush in to check on the downed Owen and Patrick.

Axel Reid: So close…these young men came so close…closer than anyone before…

Ruby Parvati: But in the end, Axel…you can’t stop Chaos…

Jerry Heisenberg: Here are your winners… JOANNA THADE AND EMMA CARLISLE, CHAOS SWORN!

In the ring, the ChaosSworn endure the boos of the crowd, their heads proudly held high as the referee nervously raises their hands – clearly afraid of getting glowered to submission once more. As he drops Emma and Joanna’s hands, however, neither of them goes anywhere, instead continuing to simply look up at the crowd, with smirks on their faces as we fade to commercial…

A Declaration From War


As we come back from break Joanna is standing against the ropes facing the ramp and waving as Talon and Sentinel make their way to the ring. Unsure as to why or whom her actions are directed Joanna provides some clarity with her opening line as she hold the mic to her face.

Joanna Thade: Well, didn’t we have fun, boys? But on a serious note, before I begin to unleash my thoughts, I will say that we were right. Jones actually showed up once again in the face of Chaos and is better for it. Owen recaptured his old drive, to rise above our…adversity. I merely promised a message, didn’t I? Destruction isn’t always physical, but it always leads to rebuilding, and it seems Chaos has rebuilt those two. For the better I can’t say, but only time will tell.

Joanna bites her bottom lip as her crooked smile takes over her face. Swaying slowly by herself Joanna hums a few notes to herself as Shields is clearly upset and going off on Doll outside the ring, who is doing her best to calm him down..

Ruby Parvati: Seems her therapist has issues with Joanna giving us some insight into the art of War.

Axel Reid: I wish Doll would let him stop her. Do we seriously need to hear from her after that match? Why hasn’t Sky Sangue fired these lunatics yet?

Ruby Parvati: Because they are the future. Sometimes to beat evil you need a darker evil, Axel.

Back in the ring the other member of the greater group, Talon, has joined Emma in the corner. The woman nicknamed Fury leans against the ropes with an inquisitive look about her. Death, however seems to be enjoying the show and gives Fury a calming look. Sentinel lives up to his name behind the pair, standing like a guardian statue. Joanna seems to have come out of her own head and speaks again.

Joanna Thade: I knew VoW was the perfect place to bring the storm of change. I knew that this was the battlefield most fertile for a rebirth and was polluted enough that a purging fire was needed. What I didn’t know was how corrupted the air was. How can you breath such sad filth?

Joanna pauses, waiting for the crowd to respond and receiving a chorus of boos for her obscure degradation of the crowd.

Joanna Thade: I mean, really? Everyone is so wrapped up in monotheistic morality that they can’t smell the pungent odor of decay. Maybe we should have been a bit more classic with our naming conventions and brought Pestilence into the fold, but looking at VoW that would have been too redundant for me. But I’m already picking at the pieces of a derailed train of thought so please follow along if you can.

Axel Reid: Ruby can you make any sense of the nonsense she is upset our fans with?

Ruby Parvati: I believe she’s about to make her point. Or attack someone with how she is pacing.

Ruby’s final comment comes as Joanna starts to become animated in the ring. Pacing back and forth while using her hands to aid her explanation. And as the Warchild stalks back and forth, Death and Fury look on.

Joanna Thade: With the curtain about to be pulled back as to the full power we hold I thought it was time I put a few heads on display. Firstly all those that sit on their thrones and wonder who will take their kingdom next, stop wondering and look in the ring. Chaos in the form of one of its chosen riders will claim what belongs to it.

In the background Emma nods at Joanna’s words, as her lover begins to speak faster and the words just pour from her mouth as she moves back and forth like a caged beast.

Joanna Thade: Second is that while many competed for a soon realized goldrush in a few short weeks, my intentions are to start from the bottom and defy gravity as I climb over everything Skye can throw my way.

Axel Reid: I think she’s lost it. Get her her medication and get her out of the ring. She talking nonsense.

Ruby Parvati: Now now Axel, clearly aside from an interesting song reference, Joanna is referring to the Zero Gravity title.

Axel Reid: How do you know that?

Ruby Parvati: Simple, I listen when the future kicks in the door like they have.

As Axel groans about not believing his partner, Joanna motions for her hammer that Doll slides into the ring for hesp Picking up Hephty, Joanna holds up three fingers before continuing her list.

Joanna Thade: Thirdly, to all those that think we are here in hopes of running VoW, or being like every group before. Stop thinking so simple. Chaos is about change, unpredictability, and being unbiased. We can fall on our own swords as easily strike down those that oppose us. We are not looking to take over VoW, but force it to be what it was meant to. We are sick of seeing the stagnation that leads this industry to be Rome time and time again.

Axel Reid: What? Does she not understand geography?

Ruby Parvati: Quiet you, she is talking way over your head.

Joanna Thade: How many times have you seen companies you love close because nothing in them has changed? How many times have you watched as one person held be glory so long you lost interest in federations that once thrilled you? Do you want VoW to be the next casualty of this lazy, sad, sickening reason for the slow extinction of what you enjoy enough to sit there and listen to me?

Axel Reid: I’m speechless

Ruby Parvati: If that were true why open your mouth. But now you see how wrong you are about Joanna and the Chaossworn.

Joanna cuts off any rebuttal with a small snicker. Falling to the mat with her legs crossed, Joanna begins to away again as the crowd mules over her questions.

Joanna Thade: It’s easy to label Goldie, Talon, and I evil when we speak down upon you simpletons. It’s easy to grab the torches and pitchforks when change comes knocking, but you will see. We are not like any you’ve seen before or will see ever again. Which brings me to my last point.

With a sudden flip of her hair, Joanna crawls to the bottom rope towards the nearest camera with her eyes locked on it. The cameraman pulls back as she lunges for his equipment before letting out a truly chilling giggle.

Joanna Thade: To all of you pretenders. All of you sick, disturbed individuals that think being quote crazy unquote, is the new trend. Is a way to put asses in seats, or stand out. Don’t get in the ring with me.

I say this not as a belittlement, but as a warning. I served more time in an asylum than any of you, possibly all of you. So when I say that playing the crazy role to appease fans or pander to them will earn you a trip to the hospital for your grave error in judgement.

Extending her arm back to include Emma and Talon, Joanna continues her warning as a wolf would, with bared teeth.

Joanna Thade: What we do is real. What we stand for is no gimmick. And to make light of it will put you right smack dab in the middle of my warpath through this company. You all can call me crazy, deranged, insane all you want. But pretend to suffer for the masses and this crazy b***h will f**—-

Axel Reid: It seems production has cut off Joanna’s mic. And at the perfect time.

Ruby Parvati: I know we have to watch what we say but they have no right to deny the Warchild her right to speak.

Axel Reid: You really want to defend that woman? She nearly flattened the cameraman for her mic going out.

Ruby Parvati: Well as she pointed out she is crazy. But you can’t argue her points.

Axel Reid: How could I? I couldn’t understand her for the most part.

As the commentators continue their banter the Chaossworn leave the arena. Talon and Sentinel first with Emma forcing Joanna forward as the Warchild is enraged at being cut off. Shields and Doll are the last to leave, deep in conversation.

Zahara Matisse Vs. Kelsey Spencer

We head back to ringside.

Jerry Heisenberg: This following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The Dollyrots’ First World Anarchist blasts from the sound system, and a few seconds later, Kelsey Spencer bursts out from behind the curtain. She stands at the top of the stage for a moment, gazing out at the jeering fans. Taking it all in her stride, she arrogantly makes her way to the ring, blowing off the young fans she once adored.

Jerry Heisenberg: Introducing first, from The Gold Coast… She’s a member of The Bellis Street Socialites… Kelsey Spencer!

Ruby Parvati: Are you set for a fast-paced slugfest, Axel?

Axel Reid: This is going to be an exciting contest, no doubt about that. Both Kelsey and Zahara have turned heads in their time here in VoW.

Ruby Parvati: Not to mention they’re both undefeated!

Axel Reid: Now hold on, Ruby… Only one of those streaks is legitimate…

Standing in the centre of the ring, Kelsey scowls at the fans with a look of disgust that is amplified when the lights go down in the arena and a pulse appears on the screen above the stage, one which reacts in time with the opening beats to the electronica-styled beats of “Melody Circus” by Savant. At every pause and subtle shift in the music, a strobe effect starts up, the first being placed at the top of the ramp upon a figure standing with their head bowed. The second time, the figure is already at the bottom of the ramp. The final shifts in the music come quickly, and the lights give off the image of the figure on each turnbuckle until the song kicks up full blast, with a spotlight on the last corner to show Zahara Matisse standing there, head down and wand raised high.

Jerry Heisenberg: And introducing her opponent! From Atlantic City, New Jersey! She is The Enchanting One… Zahara Matisse!

She lifts her head and smiles at the cheering crowd, twirling her wand skillfully before pointing it at several points over the crowd in turn, sending out bursts of glitter, confetti and flower petals to drift over and upon them. Undoing the front of her ankle-length purple jacket, she opens it wide, tossing it over the top rope to reveal something new in terms of ring attire: a corset-like white one-piece with a connected black, knee-length skirt slit up to the waist on both sides with her legs and forearms both sheathed in the same style of black mesh and black boots going up to her knees. She sweeps off her hat and bows to the audience before hopping down to the canvas, removing said hat and placing it, along with her wand, on the mat beneath the turnbuckles.

Axel Reid: Quite an entrance from the Enchanting One!

Ruby Parvati: She’d better have some damn good wrestling to go with that! Kelsey Spencer is all fired up!

Axel Reid: And Zahara isn’t? They’ve been going at it on Twitter for over a week now! I think Spencer might have actually gotten under Zahara’s skin!

Ruby Parvati: And in her head. Now we’ll see her little streak be snapped.

Kelsey does look pretty impatient at having to sit through Zahara’s show of an entrance, but that’s hardly a surprise based on the aforementioned war of words between the two new Visionaries. The tale to tell is on Zahara’s face; she’s still got a smile but her eyes are intense and she looks more focused than we’ve ever seen her. And she’s not turning that stare from Kelsey for a moment.

Axel Reid: Five bucks says Rebecca Saint gets involved in this somehow.

Ruby Parvati: No bet. Not that Kelsey needs her, mind you…

Axel Reid: No, it’s the other way around.

Ruby Parvati: I see you bought into that crap, too. Saint is helping Kelsey out of the goodness of her heart. Why can’t people see that?

Axel Reid: Uh huh. Anyway. Two very talented and entertaining young ladies here, set to square off in what’s sure to be a tremendous match.

The referee takes Zahara’s jacket, wand and hat and hands them to a stage crew member before signalling for the bell. Zahara respectfully extends a hand to her opponent with a genuine smile — but Kelsey isn’t interested, as she angrily slaps her opponent’s hand away before mouthing off to her. The smile on Zahara’s face washes out as Kelsey gets a little too close; Zahara shoves an unsuspecting Kelsey back, causing her to fall flat on her rear.

Mortified and embarrassed, Kelsey quickly picks herself (and her jaw) off the mat, engaging Zahara in a rather aggressive collar-and-elbow tie-up, forcing her back into the corner. As the referee calls for the break, Kelsey slowly backs away; but not before slapping the taste right out of her opponent’s mouth.

Ruby Parvati: Ooh, that’s gotta hurt!

Axel Reid: Kelsey Spencer’s showing absolutely no respect towards Zahara Matisse tonight!

Kelsey taunts Zahara by performing jumping jacks as the young woman checks to see if she’s missing any teeth. It seems a fire has been lit under Matisse, as she comes back with an equally-aggressive tie-up of her own, which she shifts into a side headlock. Spencer pushes her back into the ropes, whipping her across the ring into a shoulder block — Matisse hits the canvas flat on her back. As Spencer rebounds off the ropes, Matisse ducks; Spencer rebounds the opposite side, Matisse leapfrogs.

Spencer rebounds a third time, right into a deep arm drag. She recovers instantly, and Matisse goes for what looks to be a sweep of the legs — however, Spencer scouts it, countering with a German Suplex. Utilising her superior athletic abilities, Matisse is able to escape the suplex unharmed by landing square on her feet! Stunned, Spencer tries to follow up with a simple right hand — Matisse ducks under the incoming fist, and takes Spencer off her feet with a well-placed dropkick to the chest.

Refusing to be deterred, Spencer springs back to her feet; both combatants negate each others’ dropkicks with one of their own, and then kneel before each other in a stalemate. The fans roar with excitement as both women catch their breath following that swift exchange of moves.

Axel Reid: Woah, that was intense! And we’re only in the first few moments of this match!

Both women lock up once more, this time with Kelsey shifting Zahara into a headlock. She shifts her weight, grounding her athletic opponent, taking away one of the greatest weapons in her arsenal. Slowing the match’s pace to a snail crawl, Spencer is content on lying on the mat with a side headlock on her opponent all night.

“Ma-gic Maiden!”
clap clap clapclapclap
“Ma-gic Maiden!”
clap clap clapclapclap

The fans will Matisse to her feet, who breaks the headlock by slamming Spencer down with a side suplex. Knowing she needs to follow-up quickly, Matisse gains momentum from the ropes and crashes down onto Spencer with a cartwheel leg drop. She quickly makes a cover.


Spencer wastes no time shooting her shoulder up, then retreating to the ropes where she’s safe to take a breather. Unphased, Matisse takes a moment of her own to appeal to the crowd, smiling with arms wide open as their adulation rains down upon her.

Soon enough, both wrestlers are ready for another round, as they circle each other with Spencer favouring her left arm. Suddenly, she dashes at Matisse, latching onto her midsection and driving her spine-first into the nearest turnbuckle. After ramming her shoulder a few times, Spencer retreats to the opposite corner, charging in for a splash — Matisse manages to avoid, and Spencer bounces face-first off the turnbuckle, turning into a waiting spinning heel kick from Matisse. Another pin attempt follows.



Kelsey kicks out, and Zahara grabs a hold of the left arm, after noticing Spencer favouring it earlier.

Axel Reid: It looks like Kelsey’s the one being outwrestled here tonight, despite having many more years experience than Zahara.

Ruby Parvati: Kelsey’s just warming up, Axel. She’ll bounce back.

As Zahara wrenches the arm, Kelsey manages to hook her toes on the bottom rope, shouting for the referee to call for the break. Matisse complies immediately, choosing not to utilise the five count, and backs off to give Kelsey room to breathe. Visibly upset and frustrated, Kelsey shakes the pain out of her shoulder, then raises her right hand to initiate a test of strength. Zahara accepts, locking fingers with her opponent’s hand — as their other hand mirrors the position, they both test their might, pushing each other with every ounce of strength they have.

It seems as though Spencer is the stronger of the two, as she manages to push Matisse to the canvas, pinning her down for the official’s count.



Zahara pushes her right shoulder up, still locking fingers with Kelsey, who pushes her shoulder back down to the mat.



Zahara’s left shoulder shoots up this time, as she desperately struggles to overpower Kelsey and escape the predicament she’s fallen into. With Zahara’s shoulders down on the mat for a third time, Kelsey lifts herself up — almost performing a handstand — with the intent of sending her entire body weight crashing down on Zahara’s midsection in the descent. Matisse has other plans, however, as she raises her legs, catching Spencer’s midsection with the soles of her feet.

Spencer shifts her momentum, able to get her feet on the ground — but at the same time, she assists Matisse in getting to hers. Fingers still interlocked with each other’s from the test of strength, Matisse makes an impressive leap to the top rope — with incredible balance, she frees her hands and springboards off the rope, latching onto Kelsey’s head in mid-air and driving her down with a spectacular Tornado DDT.

Axel Reid: What a move by Zahara Matisse!! Talk about athleticism!!

She crawls into a cover, hooking Spencer’s far leg.




Spencer manages to kick out, as the fans cheer immensely for the effort being shown by both competitors. Naturally, Matisse is first to her feet after the devastating move, picking Spencer up and placing her into the corner. She props her opponent up on the top rope and begins ascending, with intentions of performing a superplex — however, as Matisse stands firmly on the top rope, Spencer trips her opponent up, causing her to lose her balance and fall.

But, she doesn’t hit the canvas, as Spencer as hooked Matisse’s left foot around the turnbuckle — she’s essentially dangling in a tree of woe position. The crowd is hushed in anticipation as Spencer rises on her perch, staring down at the defenseless Matisse with a sinister grin. Despite Matisse’s attempts to return to the top rope and get free, it’s no use — Spencer leaps off the top rope, driving both feet into Matisse’s chest with devastating force.

Spencer hits the canvas with a hard thud, and Matisse flops down not long after. Believing her opponent to be out cold, the Bellis Street Socialite drags her body to the centre of the ring and attempts a pinfall.

Ruby Parvati: It’s all over after that, ring the bell…




Miraculously, Matisse manages to shoot a shoulder up.

Axel Reid: No, it’s not over! Kelsey can’t believe it, but Zahara’s still fighting!

Ruby Parvarti: Hey, why doesn’t Zahara ever used her wand in matches? Like, she could probably pull off some cool wingardium leviosa shit with it.

Axel Reid: …I’d probably get behind seeing that.

Kelsey rises to her feet, pulling Zahara up by the underarms before spinning her around and sizing up for a Suplex — it doesn’t go according to plan, though, as The Enchanting One wraps one leg around Kelsey’s to remain grounded. Kelsey attempts at the maneuver again, but Zahara’s grip is far too tight. Zahara tries a suplex of her own, but Kelsey escapes and sends a hard shove to Zahara’s chest; it knocks her back a couple steps before Kelsey leaps into the air with a standing dropkick. Zahara smacks Kelsey’s legs away, ultimately allowing her to hit the mat with a thud.

Zahara approaches a kneeling Kelsey and yanks her up to her feet by the forearm, spinning her around and sending a kick to her thigh — a yelp coming from Spencer — before she repeats the process on the other side and completing the set with a leaping clothesline that sends Kelsey back to the canvas. Zahara rolls her opponent over to her shoulders in a pin attempt.



But no! Somehow, Kelsey rolls over backwards, taking Zahara with her and getting The Magical Maiden on her own shoulders.



Nope, nothing for Kelsey either as Zahara kicks out.

Neither competitor misses a beat, climbing back to a vertical basis — however, Zahara’s much quicker and runs over to the ropes, bouncing off and coming back with a stern Facebreaker Knee Smash — Kelsey falls flat on her back, clearly seeing stars after that one. Matisse’s assault continues as she scales the ropes, performing a spectacular Springboard Moonsault. The move comes close to connecting, however Kelsey snaps out of her daze for a split second, lifting up knees as Zahara approaches. Both knees drive deep into Zahara’s stomach and sternum, visibly winding her as she clutches her ribs and curls over.

Axel Reid: Oh, man! Even I can feel the pain of that one!

Ruby Parvarti: As a woman, she’s used to feeling that kind of stomach pain every month… She’ll be alright.

The official takes turns checking on each downed warrior, deciding that a count is the best decision in this circumstance.



Both competitors begin to stir, as Zahara rolls onto her stomach.



Zahara drags herself toward the ropes with one arm, clutching her midsection with the other.


She wills herself to her feet, glancing across the ring to see Kelsey doing the exact same thing. The ref’s count ceases as both gladiators stand tall, each holding their injured body parts — Zahara’s ribs and Kelsey’s shoulder.

Zahara makes the first move, racing towards Kelsey with a clothesline — it’s ducked, as Kelsey trips Zahara over with a drop toe hold, sending her crashing face-first into the mat. Showing a more ruthless side of herself, Spencer grabs a handful of her opponent’s hair, and begins bouncing her head relentlessly off the mat, as if it were a basketball. The official eventually convinces Kelsey to cease, and she backs away as Zahara’s left checking her nose for blood.

Still believing to be better than her foe, Kelsey approaches Zahara with the intention of rubbing her nose in it — but Zahara has other plans, as she springs up, hooking her legs around Kelsey’s injured arm and rolling her down into a crucifix pinning position.



Kelsey expertly counters, shifting her weight to pin Zahara’s shoulders down.



Zahara makes a counter this time, latching Kelsey’s ankles and pulling her into a pin.



Kelsey counters, rolling her into a sunset flip pin.



Zahara rolls out, breaking the chain of pin covers; Kelsey rolls to her feet, getting caught in a northern lights suplex.



She powers out, rolling Zahara into a backslide pin.



Zahara rolls over Kelsey’s head, and both combatants are on their feet. Like-minded, they follow up by simultaneously clotheslining each other, before both kipping up at the exact same time and having an intense staredown. The fans in the crowd give both competitors a standing ovation.

Axel Reid: Can you believe these two?! Going head-to-head like this with such intensity, pin attempt after pin attempt, and they still seem evenly matched!

Ruby Parvati: They’re giving this everything they’ve got, Reid! This is a pay-per-view! It could make or break careers!

Fists raised, Zahara smiles brightly — surprisingly, Kelsey smiles back with a genuine smile, void of any sarcasm; she’s sincerely enjoying herself.

Both ladies scoot around in a circle, locking in another tie-up; Zahara takes Kelsey down with a snapmare, then dashes to the adjacent ropes. She hops over to the outside, then comes back inside with a somersault plancha onto her opponent — unfortunately for her, Kelsey is waiting, and has a backbreaker with her name on it; Zahara flies through the air, and Kelsey catches her, straddling her back-first across her knee. Instead of going for a cover, Kelsey quickly twists Zahara’s legs up and, before she can react, steps over her and cinches in her best move.

Ruby Parvati: The Kelsey Cloverleaf!! Put a fork in Zahara!

Axel Reid: Where did that come from?! Kelsey Spencer just pulled the Kelsey Cloverleaf out of thin air! I’ve never seen her perform that move from that position!

Kelsey leans back, wrenching the back of Zahara, putting an extreme amount of stress on the already-injured midsection. Screaming in pain, Zahara shakes her head defiantly when the referee asks her if she wants to give up. Willed on by the fans, Zahara desperately crawls and grabs the bottom rope.

The referee instructs a frustrated Kelsey to release the hold, which she does reluctantly. Writhing in pain, Zahara tries to use the ropes to stand — oddly enough, Kelsey’s giving her time to recover, perhaps in the spirit of competition.

Axel Reid: Both of these amazing athletes are pulling out the best moves in their arsenal! And some we haven’t even seen from them before!

Ruby Parvati: It doesn’t look as though Kelsey wants this match to end! To be honest, I don’t, either!

Zahara goes back to basics, trying to hit a big boot — Kelsey ducks, catching Zahara in an unexpecting schoolgirl.




NO! Zahara managed to get a shoulder up just in time!

Kelsey argues with the referee for a moment, begging and pleading for him to change his mind, but to no avail. She attempts another Kelsey Cloverleaf — however, Zahara frees her legs, reaches up and flips Kelsey over into a standing hurricanrana, which she follows up with a pinfall.




Ding ding ding!

Ruby Parvati: “It’s over, just like that?!”

Axel Reid: “An excellent counter to end what was nothing short of a breathtaking match!”

Lucky Star blasts through the arena as Zahara pulls herself up, her hand being raised by the official.

Jerry Heisenberg: “Your winner of the match… Zahara Matisse!”

Victorious, the young entertainer ascends the adjacent turnbuckle, raising her fist to the sky in triumph. She drops back down and spots Kelsey hunched over by the opposite corner, hanging her head down low.

In a true display of sportsmanship, Zahara approaches Kelsey and extends her hand once again — just as she had done when the match began. This time, Kelsey accepts the handshake, and Zahara uses it to pull her to her feet. Holding her arm in pain, Kelsey whispers something to Zahara, and then latches her into an embrace, causing the fans to explode in applause and adulation.

Axel Reid: “Neither of these two have anything to be ashamed of… They put on a match for the ages!”

Ruby Parvati: “Yeah, I actually agree with you, Axel. It looked like they were pushing each other further than anyone’s pushed them before!”

Axel Reid: “I think they also learned a few things from each other, too! Great effort by both gladiators, but in the end, it’s Zahara Matisse with the win!”

The camera fades with an exhausted Kelsey holding Zahara’s arm high in victory.

Calling Out a Bitch

The roof of Coliseo Héctor Solá Bezares is currently hanging on a thread since the crowd has been rocking all night long. As the crowd was trying to settle down, “One Shot” strikes up as Valerie Beasley walks out onto the stage. Her fists are still taped up from her match. Her hair is messed up but she doesn’t seem to care. The crowd is going crazy as she waves at them. She starts walking down the ramp as Axel and Ruby are wondering why she is out here.

Ruby Parvati: Why is she even out here?

Axel Reid: It would appear she has something to get off her chest.

Ruby Parvati: There is a reason she was on the pre-show. It was so we didn’t have to see her.

Axel ignores that comment as Valerie walks up the steel ring steps, she enters the ring as the crowd is chanting “Bitch Destroyer.” She walks over toward ring technician and asks for a microphone. Both Axel and Ruby gasp as she walks back toward the center of the ring.

Valerie Beasley: Cut my music

The music suddenly cuts out as Valerie slowly runs a hand through her long blonde hair. She takes a moment to let the crowd settle down before starting.

Valerie Beasley: I am sure you all are wondering why I am out here. I know you are probably wondering where Todd is as well. Well, Todd is in the back talking to some promoter about me fighting down here in Puerto Rico.

A cheap pop is heard as Valerie shows a soft smile.

Valerie Beasley: Now as for why I am out here. Last week, I was attacked from behind by a pathetic wench. I’m pretty sure a lot of you know this wench. She likes to think of herself as “undefeated”, probably even after her defeat at Zahara’s hands. For those who seem to be confused, let me clear it up. Kelsey Spencer

The mere mention of her names causes the crowd to let out a loud boo.

Ruby Parvati: Kelsey already beat Valerie.

Axel Reid: If that was the case then why did Kelsey attack Valerie. Seems to me Kelsey is just a sore winner.

Valerie listens to the crowd before continuing.

Valerie Beasley: I can tell you fans are smarter than the average Joe. Now Kelsey, you did beat me but what you did was uncalled for. When are you going to get it? Rebecca Saint doesn’t give a damn about you. She is all about herself. If you want to attack me like a pathetic bitch then you will regret it. Kelsey if you really want to go down this route then you will hate yourself. Because I’m not going to hold anything back. So you can keep running like a scared puppy. Because when I do get my hands around your neck, you will be begging me not to slay you. Kelsey, consider yourself warned because your ass is mine.

She puts a finger up in the air before raising her left fist.

Valerie Beasley: Beware the Fist

She tosses the microphone down as “One Shot” strikes back up. Valerie stands on one of the corner turnbuckles and poses for the crowd. After a few minutes, she finally leaves the ring and starts making her way up the ramp.

Axel Reid: Kelsey might have made a big mistake pissing her off.

Ruby Parvati: Oh please

Valerie disappears behind the curtain as the crowd is still chanting her name.



The arena erupts with boos as the big screen lights up literally. A lighter gently reaches the tip of a cigarette and Casanova English blows a puff of smoke into the camera. As the camera pans out English stands with a leather jacket over a Guns N Roses shirt, the World Visionaries Championship slung over his shoulder.

English: It’s fine. Boo me, I am used to it. No one wants to admit it. No one wants to admit that right now I am the man. You can say all you want about VoW not being the biggest league to play ball, but I beg to differ. Talent makes the organization and not the other way around. I believe I have been essential in weeding out those worthy to be in this company. The truth is people don’t join VoW because it is too small. . . they don’t because they are scared. They are worried they will just measure up to be another scuff on my shoe; or they might get beat by Ryder Blade. No I have worked long and hard to shape the caliber of talent in this company. This brings me to my opponent.

English sucks back on the cigarette letting the tobacco crackle as he squints his eyes at the camera.

English: This is my second defense of the World Visionary Championship, and I am facing off against a man who is searching for a new spark to ignite his career. Seth I thought that this match was going to my ticket to my name being recognized internationally, but you couldn’t keep up your part of this bargain.

English knocks the dead bits of ash off the cigarette. He’s not intended to be Iser’s spark to a new career path. Truth is the old man got soft, and Casanova is setting out to exploit that. English slaps the championship.

English: Now coming into this match you have lost your last what 2 or 3 matches? You lost that mean streak attitude that kept these fans watching you. Your name it deteriorated, your significance rapidly pummeling. See I thought that if I pinned Seth Iser it would mean something. Now you have fallen, you are not a name that strikes fear anymore. Now I just laugh; I laugh at a sad man’s mid life crisis as he tries to take away what is rightfully mine. It is amusing, maybe you should of opted for mandatory retirement. Then again maybe that is my function, I have served as the kiss of death for every other contender so far. Seth I thought I could have your body brought to a taxidermist, and keep you as a trophy forever. . . but you have fallen out of collectible status. At this point. . . you are just another victim.

English lets out a grunt throwing the cigarette to the ground and stomping on it. Casanova walks closer to the camera holding out the championship.

English: There was a time I was scared to step in that ring with Iser, scared of what he might do to take this championship. My fears are gone now Iser. There was a point in my career where I recognized you as the measuring stick, now it seems like the roles have reversed. It seems like tonight I am your daddy. Feel free to call me that when I am making you my bitch; I won’t kiss and tell.

English laughs walking off camera, propping the championship back up on his shoulder…

Kincaid Vs. Desmond Knight


Following English’s departure, the lights dim to near pitch-black levels. After a brief moment of silence, “Light Work” by Sincerely Collins feat. Rittz & Jarren Benton blares over the announce system. All eyes are on the entrance area, the only light from a single spotlight above can be seen as a very arrogant and very assured Desmond Knight, otherwise known as “The Realist”, can be seen as his manager Genevieve Wisp follows closely behind him. Knight and Wisp stand next to one another as various photographers near the entrance aisle began snapping photos one after the other of the two, as they slowly take in the various chants of disdain. The only ones that show approval are those fans of Knight’s music. Desmond can be seen oozing with nothing but confidence as he and his ring valet Genevieve Wisp walk to the ring, a sickening Cheshire smile on his face serving as the perfect statement to those booing him.

Jerry Heisenberg: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by his valet Genevieve Wisp… he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighed in tonight at 229lbs… “THE REALIST” DESMOND KNIGHT!!!

Axel Reid: Tonight marks Desmond Knight’s true chance to make a name for himself. The first night we saw him, he bloodied Kincaid with brass knuckles. Now these two men are set to battle one-on-one, and after what happened at Breakthrough #39, this is surely going to be a deadly encounter.

Ruby Parvati: As long as there’s blood and plenty of muscles being shown, I don’t care what happens!

Slowly Desmond walks around to the black steel steps, leaving his gorgeous valet Genevieve Wisp at ringside, as he, methodically, walks on up them as the insults and jeers continue to be heard. He slithers up the corner and extends his arms, doing so as Wisp heads to the backstage area, having completed her service for the evening. Once Desmond jumps down into the ring, he eyeballs the announcers and the crowd, shrugging his shoulders confidently.

Ruby Parvati: Desmond always looks so composed… until the bell rings, that is.

Axel Reid: That’s what worries me about this man. He can switch at a moment’s notice, sometimes without any physical or verbal provocation. Fortunately for us, and the rest of the audience, he’s only concerned with hurting Kincaid tonight.

Suddenly a droning, distorted opening chord comes over the speakers in the arena and the lights go dark. The grinding guitar of “Passenger” by Deftones kicks to life and the audience rises, recognizing the familiar music of Kincaid. A spotlight follows him as he emerges from the right side of the stage, with his head down and his wife, Alyssa, nowhere in sight once again.

Jerry Heisenberg: And his opponent… he hails from Bearing, Alberta, Canada and weighed in tonight at 275lbs… KINCAID!!!

Axel Reid: For the second time since his first fight with Desmond, Kincaid is coming out here alone. Alyssa of course will be watching this from backstage, but she has to be worried about what’s going to happen between these two men.

Ruby Parvati: Well Kincaid did win last week and came out of the match fairly unscathed. I don’t think that’s going to happen tonight. Something tells me that blood is going to spill again, and Desmond will destroy him and make a great impact!

Kincaid moves towards the ring, completely fixated on Desmond and no one else. Desmond does not look at anyone else either. Once Kincaid reaches the ring, he waits at the bottom of the steps, bouncing up and down on his toes to warm up. Eventually he walks up the steps and stands on the apron, waiting to see if Desmond makes any sudden moves. Instead, Desmond bides his time, shaking with adrenaline as Kincaid steps through the ropes. His music then fades out as he stands there, locked firmly on Desmond as he waits for the match to start.

Axel Reid: The referee is in check. Desmond and Kincaid clearly want to get this started as soon as possible… and there’s the bell!


Once the bell sounds, there is a moment of hesitation from both men. Almost instantly, this hesitation is cancelled by both men rushing at each other, unleashing punches and elbows to their adversary, much to the delight of the crowd!

Axel Reid: Look at these two go at it! They’re not giving an inch!

Ruby Parvati: Kincaid’s starting to get the upper hand though!

Indeed Kincaid does, overcoming Desmond’s ferocity and punching him towards the corner. After a barrage of forearm strikes, Kincaid grabs Desmond by the throat and turns, throwing his opponent across the ring like a ragdoll!

Axel Reid: And there’s the strength of Kincaid being demonstrated! He made Desmond look like a lightweight!

Undeterred, Desmond gets back to his feet quickly, but he is met by a knee to the stomach from Kincaid. Another knee renders Desmond helpless, allowing Kincaid to Snapmare “The Realist” to the canvas and boot him in the face!

Axel Reid: All of the aggression that Kincaid has stored for this man is coming out in full force! And who can blame him? Desmond left him a bloody mess a few weeks ago, and I think that in Kincaid’s mind, he wants to do the exact same thing to Desmond!

Ruby Parvati: Well if those punches get any harder, Desmond will be bleeding in no time!

Having finished hammering Desmond in a mounted position, the crowd chant Kincaid’s name as he hoists Desmond up and plants him with a Scoop Slam. Kincaid falls to his knees for the first cover of the match…



No, Desmond is still rather fresh despite Kincaid’s early aggression. Not taking his time, Kincaid immediately drags Desmond to his feet and whips “The Realist” to the corner. Without posing or indicating what he is about to do to the audience, Kincaid rushes at Desmond and crushes him into the turnbuckles with a Splash! Desmond looks rather groggy afterward, staggering forward only to slump back into the corner.

Axel Reid: I don’t know if Alyssa will be pleased with this or not, but Kincaid remains in control.

Kincaid whips Desmond to the opposing corner, watching his opponent collide with the pads and grimace. Kincaid then rushes forward for a second splash… but this time Desmond grits his teeth, grabs the ropes at the side of him and raises his leg, causing Kincaid to run straight into it!

Ruby Parvati: I think you may have spoken too soon!

As Kincaid feels his face, Desmond’s eyes nearly bulge out of his skull with intensity. Despite being battered thus far, he is able to leap up towards Kincaid and hook the latter’s neck with his arm, dragging Kincaid down onto the bottom turnbuckle with an STO!

Axel Reid: And there’s the difference maker! Now Desmond is recovering as Kincaid deals with the pain in his head!

After taking some restorative breaths, Desmond stomps down on Kincaid’s head, beginning an assault that consists of boots to the face, shoulder and chest of his larger opponent. Eventually he drops some knees onto Kincaid’s stomach, attempting to wear Kincaid down as much as possible. Soon enough, Desmond scans the crowd as he pulls Kincaid back to his feet, delivering a Sitdown Jawbreaker and following it up with a Step-Up Enzuigiri!

Ruby Parvati: Uh, Alyssa, if you’re listening… I think it’s time you found someone new, sweety.

Axel Reid: How can you say that? Kincaid still has fight in him, and Alyssa loves him more than life itself! Why do you think she’s going to find another man after this match?

Ruby Parvati: Would you want to stick around with a corpse for the rest of your life?

Axel shakes his head in complete disbelief as Desmond continues dealing damage to Kincaid, giving him trapping Headbutts before following these up with Uppercuts. Kincaid falls back towards the ropes, but his size keeps him upright against them. Seeing Kincaid’s predicament, Desmond walks back several steps with his rage building. As he growls, he charges at Kincaid for a Lariat… only to be Back Body Dropped over the ropes to the outside of the ring!

Axel Reid: WHOA! What a counter from Kincaid! That was a hard landing for Desmond!

Ruby Parvati: That’s a hard landing for just about everyone! His back must be killing him right now!

As Desmond writhes on the ground, tending to his back with a pained expression, Kincaid glares at him intently. Eventually Kincaid departs the ring, ignoring the referee before the official is forced to start an outside 10-count.



Axel Reid: This fight has been taken to the outside, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended in a Double Countout!

Kincaid punches Desmond from the ground a few times before he lifts Desmond up and slams his face onto the apron!


Desmond feels his nose, but this leaves him open to another knee from Kincaid and a push into the hard edge of the apron!


Ruby Parvati: I see spinal surgery coming later in life for him… but I also see Kincaid needing face reconstruction surgery after this match as well!

Kincaid then grabs the arm of Desmond and whips him towards the Steel Steps!


Suddenly, Desmond manages to reverse the whip and sends Kincaid into the tough metal instead! The rumbling steps excite the crowd, but they turn to boos once they realize Kincaid is down instead of Desmond.


Axel Reid: The referee is up to six… and Desmond just told him he knows what number it is!

Ruby Parvati: Surely he’d get back in the ring now and win by Countout?

Axel Reid: Anyone would do… but I don’t think Desmond wants to win that way. He’s picking Kincaid up… we’re at 7 now… and he’s rolling him into the ring!

With Kincaid safe from a countout loss yet affected by the steel steps, Desmond finally puts a stop to the referee’s count by entering the ring himself. He tends to his back yet again as he walks around Kincaid, barking insults at the larger man before stomping on his head. Soon enough, as Kincaid gets up to his hands and knees, Desmond tenses before he hits the ropes and rushes back with a Curb Stomp!

Axel Reid: Curb Stomp from Desmond! Will that be it?

Desmond makes the cover…



NO! Kincaid gets his shoulder up in time, much to Desmond’s aggravation!

Ruby Parvati: How did Kincaid kick out of that?

Axel Reid: The desire and fortitude to succeed, Ruby. He can’t let Alyssa or his fans down against this man… but more importantly, he can’t let himself down!

Desmond looks at the referee momentarily but he gets up and stomps on Kincaid some more. The fans are firmly behind Kincaid, willing him on as Desmond starts to lose his mind. Eventually Desmond drags Kincaid up and nails him with elbows… but Kincaid counters with a strong right hand! Desmond deals with the punch and hits another elbow… but Kincaid appears to shrug it off and lands another heavy blow!

Ruby Parvati: What is… he’s become the Terminator!

Axel Reid: That is unrelenting heart, Ruby!

Desmond, looking pissed off, hits Kincaid as hard as he can with a right hand of his own… but Kincaid merely headbutts Desmond in return and drops him with a Clothesline! Breathing heavily, his face contorted with fury, Kincaid tenses his muscles before he drags Desmond up and, after grabbing him by the throat, delivers a Chokeslam!

Axel Reid: Chokeslam from Kincaid! Did you see that power?!

Kincaid makes a cover on Desmond as the crowd count along…




Axel Reid: But Desmond kicks out! With a bad back and all!

Ruby Parvati: This is where it all goes wrong for Kincaid. I just know it!

Wiping saliva from his lips, Kincaid pulls Desmond back up and whips him to the corner again. Desmond leans forward after the impact, his back now becoming troublesome. Kincaid rushes forward for the chance to execute another Splash… but somehow, Desmond catches Kincaid with a high knee before both men fall to the canvas!

Ruby Parvati: HA! I told you!

Suddenly, once Desmond is back up, he aggressively turns to face the corner he was just in and starts to rip apart the top turnbuckle pad!

Axel Reid: Now this isn’t good. What in the world is he thinking of doing?

Ruby Parvati: Isn’t it obvious? I thought you were smarter than this?

However, the referee intervenes and scolds Desmond for his moment of deconstruction. Desmond argues with the referee for a while until he complies, allowing the referee to repair the pad.

Axel Reid: Well thankfully, we’re not going to see an exposed turnbuckle tonight.

Suddenly, as Desmond looks over his shoulder at the referee, who is busy trying to tie up the pad in a good position, Desmond goes to the waistband of his attire and reveals his set of brass knuckles!

Ruby Parvati: But we ARE going to see this! The referee failed to check that out before this match!

Axel Reid: I can’t defend the referee for being incompetent about that, but this is still disgusting behaviour!

As soon as Kincaid finds his feet again, having regathered his bearings, Desmond rushes toward him and drills him the head with a brass knuckle-assisted DRIVE BY!

Axel Reid: NO! NO!

Ruby Parvati: Don’t blame Desmond! Blame the system!

A small amount of blood trickles from Kincaid’s head, having been reopened after the shot! Desmond quickly pockets his brass knuckles again and makes the cover, shouting at the referee to come over and make the count! The referee, having finally replaced the pad, turns and sees the pinfall before he slides into place!

Ruby Parvati: Have fun in the hospital, Kincaid!





Ruby Parvati: WHAT?!

Axel Reid: KINCAID KICKED OUT! The brass knuckles couldn’t keep him down!

Eyes bulging once more, Desmond looks back and forth between the referee and Kincaid. The crowd are cheering on Kincaid, which sets Desmond off. Not caring who sees, he reveals his brass knuckles again, dead set on finishing his rival off once and for all!

Axel Reid: There’s those damn brass knuckles again!

However, the referee realizes what Desmond possesses, and also realizes his prior mistake of not checking both men before the match started. Aiming to rectify his error, the referee grabs a hold of the weapon and confiscates it from Desmond’s grasp, keeping it away from the angered Realist as the latter pursues him!

Axel Reid: The referee did the right thing! Now Desmond has to fight Kincaid like a wrestler should!

As the referee chucks the brass knuckles outside, Desmond instantly seizes the opportunity to charge at the now standing Kincaid. But as Desmond aims to boot his bloodied opponent in the groin, Kincaid smashes Desmond in the face with a Clothesline, dropping Desmond straight to the mat!

Ruby Parvati: He IS the Terminator!

Understandably enraged, Kincaid drags Desmond back up and clubs him to the ropes, whereby he whips him to the other set of ropes and connects with a BIG BOOT on the rebound!

Axel Reid: There’s the Big Boot! Desmond is out!

Not yet finished, Kincaid finally acknowledges the crowd, his eyebrow stained with blood from the small cut that formed due to the brass knuckles. He signals to them confidently as they cheer, going after Desmond and lifting up his groggy adversary. Once Kincaid tells Desmond something, he positions Desmond onto his shoulder, lowers him and drops backwards with the Red River Crossing!

Axel Reid: I think he just told Desmond is over, and it very well could be after that Red River Crossing!

Ruby Parvati: Whatever he said, I don’t think Desmond properly heard him!

Kincaid hooks the leg as the referee counts…





Axel Reid: And Kincaid redeems himself! He is vindicated tonight in Caguas, Puerto Rico!

Ruby Parvati: Poor Desmond…

Jerry Heisenberg: Here is your winner… KINCAID!!!

Kincaid does not look at Desmond again; he simply looks towards the crowd, leaving the blood stains on his face as he raises his arms victoriously. The referee latches onto his wrist to clarify he is indeed the victor, pointing to him as a stronger indication of that fact. Eventually, Kincaid releases a heavy breath and leans over, placing his hands on his thighs as he recovers from the battle.

Axel Reid: There is no doubt about it now! Kincaid is NOT empty of fire! Kincaid is NOT stuck in mediocrity! He has recaptured the flame, and now he turns his attention to the Zero Gravity Championship.

Ruby Parvati: Unless he gets attacked backstage again and forfeits that opportunity. Things like that tend to happen around here nowadays.

Axel Reid: Even if he was attacked again, I don’t think anything can stop this man from going after what he desires the most. And this victory tonight strengthens that goal. He is on a mission, and not even Desmond could stop it!

Ruby Parvati: Well… at least Desmond will still be remembered in some fashion.

Axel Reid: How do you figure?

Ruby Parvati: He DID make Kincaid bleed twice.

Kincaid finally departs the ring and heads up the ramp, nodding his head to the fans that support his endeavours. Meanwhile Desmond is still out like a light in the ring, an image that translates Kincaid’s destructive power before the scene changes…

The Black Rose


Axel Reid: What a match that was Ruby…it really could have gone either way…

Ruby Parvati: Indeed, it was surely a…

Axel Reid: Hold on a second, Ruby! I’m getting word that something has happened backstage…we need a cameraman back there right away!

We suddenly cut backstage just outside of the locker room belonging to Stacy Jones and we see said Visionary on the floor out cold, surrounded by EMT’s and VoW officials.

Ruby Parvati: You interrupted me for this dyke?

Axel Reid: Have some compassion damn it, Ruby! Someone has assaulted her!

Ruby Parvati: That…or she cut herself again…

All of a sudden, General Manager, Sky Sangue appears on the scene.

Sky Sangue: What the Hell happened?

EMT: We don’t know Ms. Sangue…we just found her like this…

Sky Sangue: Any idea who was responsible?

The EMT shakes his head as Sangue puts her hands on her hips, shaking her head. She looks down and spots something, she bends down and picks it up and in her hand is a black rose.

Axel Reid: Of course…

Ruby Parvati: Of course what? Stop jumping to conclusions…

Sangue raises her eyebrow as she stares at the black rose.

Sky Sangue: This needs to be dealt with…

Looking back to the EMT and then to Jones, she folds her arms across her chest.

Sky Sangue: Will she still be able to compete tonight?

EMT: It’s doubtful Ms. Sangue…

Letting out a sigh, she glances up to the camera and again, raises her eyebrow.

Sky Sangue: Shouldn’t you be elsewhere? Get out of here!

We then cut back to ringside and back to Axel Reid and Ruby Parvati.

Axel Reid: Well ladies and gentlemen, it appears that Stacy Jones has been assaulted by the woman she is scheduled to be facing tonight, Winter Pine…

Ruby Parvati: How do you know it was her? Just because our GM found a black rose? For all we know, Winter could have been set up!

Axel Reid: Oh come off it, Ruby…you know just as well as I do that this attack was carried out by Winter…

Ruby Parvati: Whatever…

Katie Moicelle Vs. Matt Robinson


After a quick word from our sponsor, the camera pans around the arena at the excited, screaming fans after watching yet another exciting contest. They erupt in a roar of approval when a graphic of the following match flashes on the screen.

Axel Reid: This next match is born out of redemption; Katie Moicelle, the Zero Gravity Champion, is looking for redemption after that assault by Matt Robinson at Breakthrough #38!

Ruby Parvati: Hold on a minute there, Axel! These little league players are getting too big for the boots! Robinson was simply teaching Moicelle a lesson in humility!

Axel Reid: …Anyway you want to slice it, Robinson ruined a special moment in Katie’s career, when she finally became Zero Gravity Champ. She’s not about to let that go.

The crunching riff of Hatebreed’s “Live For This” blasts out of the sound system, accompanied by a chorus of boos from the Puerto Rican fans — the combination of the two has become such a staple of VoW programming, one almost seems empty without the other.

The jeering intensifies as Robinson walks onto the stage, displaying that same sly smirk he’s often photographed wearing.

Jerry Heisenberg: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Miami, Florida by way of London, England… Standing 6 foot 5, and weighing 245 pounds… He is “The Punisher”, MATT RRRRRROBINNNSOOONNN!!!

Robinson reaches the bottom of the ramp and slithers underneath the bottom rope. He climbs the furthest turnbuckle, raising his arms to the sky with that same smirk plastered across his face as the boos seem to fuel his desire for punishment.

Ruby Parvati: Robinson’s in the zone tonight, Axel! Look at that confidence, I can feel it from over here!

Axel Reid: Robinson’s never been one to be short on confidence, that’s for sure…

Ruby Parvati: Oh, I’d hate to be Katie Moicelle right now!

As his theme is replaced by Crush 40’s “Open Your Heart”, he sneers over his shoulder, fixated on the entrance way.

Fans cheer as Katie slowly strides out onto the ramp, a little different demeanour tonight than what we’re used to seeing.

Jerry Heisenberg: And his opponent! Hailing from Crossville, Tennessee! Standing 5’4, weighing in tonight at 117 pounds… She is your VoW Zero Gravity Champion!

Katie removes the title binding her waist and raises it high above her head to a loud ovation.

Jerry Heisenberg: …The Cumberland Jet… KATIE MOIICCEEELLLEEE!!

As Katie makes her way to the ring with the gold on her shoulder, the camera catches a clear shot of the maroon jersey she’s wearing this evening — written across the front of it, in big white letters, is the phrase “Never Forget Zaevion Dobson”.

Axel Reid: A touching tribute to Zaevion Dobson; the young man from Katie’s home state of Tennessee, who gave his life to protect his friends in a senseless shooting late last year…

Ruby Parvati: Truly tragic, Axel. May Zaevion rest in peace. A very nice gesture on Katie’s part.

Katie slides under the bottom rope in a more traditional manner, possibly wary of Robinson’s way of operating, and not wanting to take her eyes off her opponent. She holds the championship up once more in the face of Robinson, who visibly scoffs in reaction and shakes his head. She hands the title to the referee, who hands it to the timekeeper and orders for the bell to be sounded.

Axel Reid: And with that, we’re underway! Katie’s surely got a lot of pent-up frustration, as we’ve seen with her change in mannerisms during her entrance out here.

As the bell rings, neither competitor moves a muscle — they simply stare each other down. Robinson chuckles, taunting Katie, non-verbally insinuating that she’s frightened. His plan ultimately works, as she rushes recklessly to prove him wrong; right into a waiting scoop slam. She crashes into the canvas hard, obviously winded from the slam as she retreats to the bottom rope to catch her breath. Robinson doesn’t even make an attempt to follow up, instead displaying his cocky smile as the referee checks on Katie’s condition.

Defiantly, Katie waves the referee off as she gets back to her feet, holding her back. Robinson motions for her to take another shot at him, but having learned from the first interaction, the champ decides to circle around her opponent, perhaps searching for a weak spot. Growing impatient, Robinson’s expression becomes stern as he races at his much smaller opponent with a clothesline — Katie’s agility allows her to duck, and begin hammering Robinson with right hands to the forehead. She rebounds off the ropes to give herself extra momentum; but as she launches into a shoulder tackle, Robinson barely budges as Katie flops to the canvas.

Ruby Parvati: Might as well be jumping into a brick wall with that one…

Axel Reid: Katie’s giving up 128 pounds to Robinson, not to mention over a foot in height.

Ruby Parvati: She’d better think of a different strategy here, Axel. Brute strength is not gonna win it for her.

Robinson grabs a clump of Katie’s hair; the Zero Gravity Champion lets out a yelp as she’s yanked to her feet by the Punisher, who proceeds to deliver a snap suplex to his foe — Katie cries out in pain, obviously having back issues as she writhes on the mat. Robinson wastes no time following up this go around, as he slaps a sleeper on Moicelle.

The official checks for consciousness as the crowd fires up, cheering on their champion. Willing herself to a standing position, Katie delivers several sharp elbows to the mid-section of Robinson — just enough to free herself from his clutches — before sending him reeling with a spinning forearm strike; a move she’s come to rely on quite soundly. Robinson doesn’t fall, however, and stands groggily checking his nose for any sign of blood — Katie opts for the brute strength tactic one final time, as she bounces off the ropes and takes Robinson down with a hard elbow strike.

Axel Reid: Woah, what a tackle from Moicelle! Robinson’s down!

Moicelle stumbles and falls into a cover, but manages to hook a leg as the referee dashes into position.



Robinson shoots his shoulder off the canvas with authority. This doesn’t deter Katie, however, as she continues to adapt her style to her opponent, slapping on a sleeper of her own, much to the delight of the crowd. Their elation is short-lived, however, as Robinson is easily able to power his way to his feet and, after a brief moment, rams Katie back-first into the nearest turnbuckle. Having had her back worked over for the majority of this match, Katie instantly lets go and slumps in the corner, finding herself at Robinson’s mercy.

Or lack thereof.

Robinson begins remorselessly hammering away at Katie’s head with stinging right hands. Leaving Katie limp on the canvas in the corner, Robinson aggressively turns to the booing audience and sarcastically shouts, “This is your champion?!” — prompting them to boo even louder.

As the callous Robinson turns menacingly and grabs a handful of Moicelle’s hair, he’s stunned when the Cumberland Jet catches his foot and sends him crashing face-first into the turnbuckle pad with a drop toehold. Staggering, Robinson walks back, right into a schoolgirl roll-up.

Axel Reid: “This could be it! Katie’s won many matches lately with this very move!”




Robinson manages to roll a shoulder off the mat as the crowd collectively gasps. As he slithers his way back to his feet, the champion tries to take her opponent down with a tackle — however Robinson’s larger frame makes it almost impossible for Katie to take him off his feet. Robinson reacts by clutching Moicelle in a front facelock — struggle as she might, she’s unable to escape the snaring hold, and is driven down to the mat hard with a swinging neckbreaker.

Having seemingly rendered Katie unconscious, Robinson decides to add insult to injury by rubbing the sole of his boot on her face. After several uncomfortable seconds, Katie begins to vigorously try to swat her opponent’s foot away — which just proves to aggravate him. He rebounds off the ropes, and comes crushing down on Katie’s petite frame with a leg drop. Rather than go for a cover, he hits another.

And another.

Axel Reid: Alright, you’ve made your point, Robinson! That’s enough! Put an end to it!

Ruby Parvati: Yeah, this is getting uncomfortable to watch…

Robinson cockily puts his foot on Katie’s chest, believing it will be more than enough to finish the match off.




Katie’s shoulder shoots up off the mat, leaving Robinson with a case of drop jaw. He aggressively shouts to the official to count faster, and bends down for a more conventional cover — but is caught by surprise when Katie latches onto him in a triangle choke!

Ruby Parvati: Where in the world is Katie Moicelle finding the energy to pull this off?!

Axel Reid: Katie Moicelle may not be the biggest member of the roster in terms of stature, but you’d be hard-pressed to find an individual with more heart!

As Katie wrenches the hold with all her might, it seems as though Robinson’s fading, turning crimson as his blood circulation is cut off. Katie releases the hold, rolling Robinson over into a supine position so she can go for the pinfall; she grips his knee pad with her fingertips, pulling it closer to her to half-hook the leg for the attempt.




Robinson, perhaps on instinct, powers out of the pin, sending Katie tumbling onto the referee. Concerned, Katie takes her eyes off Robinson for a moment, inspecting the unconscious official — like a cat ready to pounce, Robinson patiently lies in anticipation. The fans desperately try to warn their beloved champion, but it’s all in vain — Katie turns right into a pop-up European Uppercut; the force of the blow knocks Katie out on her feet.

Ruby Parvati: That’s the Mark Of The Punisher, Axel! You know what comes next!

Axel Reid: Total Punishment could be moments away!

Robinson goes for his finisher — a Double Knee Facebreaker — but Katie’s able to reach out and grab the top rope, holding on for dear life. She’s able to maintain her grip, as Robinson crashes spine-first on the floor. He quickly regains his vertical base, but Katie’s already in the process of performing her counterattack. Robinson looks up just in time to see an airborne Moicelle come plummeting down on him.

“You Wa SHOCK!” the fans simultaneously scream with undying enthusiasm, as Moicelle connects with a springboard roundhouse kick square to Robinson’s nose. Katie desperately crawls into a cover, knowing it’s her best bet to put another W on her record.

But while she lies across the chest of her dazed adversary, she’s reminded of the incapacitated referee. A little frustrated, she slaps the mat and goes over to check on the referee once again. She gently shakes the official, causing him to slowly come to his senses — however, this in turn has given Robinson adequate time to collect his thoughts. He sneaks up behind Katie, and delivers a spine-rattling olympic slam that looks to have put her down for the count.

Learning from his previous mistake, he goes for a conventional cover as the referee slowly crawls to make the count.



Katie yet again manages to get a shoulder up as the audience explodes with appreciation. Frustrated and unsatisfied with the ref’s count, Robinson verbally lashes out at him as Katie rolls to a prone position, taking a much-needed breather.

Overconfidence beams from Robinson once again as he sees his opponent struggling — and the same cocky grin accompanies it. “Come on, get up!” he shouts, loud enough for the camera to pick up comfortably. He derogatorily delivers a series of slaps to the back of her head, exclaiming, “You’re letting them all down! You’re pathetic!”

He lifts her to her feet, arrogantly whipping her to the corner, presumably to deliver a hard-impact maneuver such as a dropkick or clothesline — but, astonishingly, Moicelle uses the momentum from Robinson’s whip to run up to the top rope. Robinson has no time to react as Katie launches herself from the top rope — in a moment that seems to happen in slow motion, she twists her body in an impressive manner, considering the amount of abuse she’s taken. She comes crashing down onto her opponent with a corkscrew senton, straight into a cradle pinning attempt.




The bell sounds and the audience comes unglued as Open Your Heart is heard once again. Katie exhaustedly flops to the mat with small smile of pride on her face.

Jerry Heisenberg: Here is your winner! The Zero Gravity Champion, KAATIIEE MOIIICEELLLEE!!!

Ruby Parvati: It’s the upset of the century, Axel! Katie Moicelle has actually managed to defeat Matt Robinson!

Axel Reid: Katie refused to give up, even when others would’ve thrown in the towel! That perseverance paid off, with Katie coming away with a massive victory over Matt Robinson here at Double Jeopardy!

Ruby Parvati: How can you not be in complete shock after that?! Robinson’s a member of The freakin’ Orphanage! He’s a legend!

Axel Reid: Be that as it may, there’s only one Star in the Night tonight, Ruby… And her name’s Katie Moicelle!

Revenge Is Sweet


Axel Reid: What a match that was! And what a victory for Katie Moicelle!

Ruby Parvati: I still can’t believe this has happened…

Moicelle climbs the turnbuckle and raises her right arm high above her head whilst she clutches her stomach with her left hand. Robinson gets back up to his feet and glares daggers at Moicelle as she climbs back down from the turnbuckle.

Axel Reid: I don’t like the look on Robinson’s face…

Ruby Parvati: I always like any look that Matt has…

Robinson then grabs hold of Moicelle’s hair and drags her over to him as the fans begin booing loudly.

Axel Reid: Oh c’mon Matt! The match is over! You lost! Deal with it!

Ruby Parvati: Stop complaining, Axel…

Suddenly, Moicelle breaks herself free and begins to deliver a flurry of kicks and punches to various areas of Robinson’s body causing the fans to cheer wildly.

Axel Reid: Go on Katie! Teach that bully a lesson!

Ruby Parvati: This is just going to anger Matt even more, Axel…

Moicelle then bounces off the ropes and comes back, but is met with a vicious clothesline, nearly decapitating her forcing the fans to go silent.

Axel Reid: And Robinson with a vicious clothesline…

Ruby Parvati: Told you…

Robinson, now seething, grabs hold of Moicelle again and lifts her up onto his shoulders in an inverted fireman’s carry position.

Axel Reid: Oh God no…don’t do this Matt…please!

Ruby Parvati: Katie shouldn’t have pi<BLEEP>ed him off…

Suddenly, the fans cheer wildly and the camera cuts to the stage as Tyron Bickerton can be seen charging down the ramp, forcing Robinson to put Moicelle down.

Axel Reid: And here comes the cavalry!

Ruby Parvati: What the Hell is lardy doing out here…

Bickerton slides under the bottom rope into the ring and immediately gets to his feet and begins to exchange blows with Robinson.

Axel Reid: And these two are slugging it out with one another!

Ruby Parvati: Has Tyron not learned his lesson yet?

Robinson then attempts to hit Bickerton with a clothesline, however he ducks it and then when Robinson turns around, Bickerton kicks him in the gut before picking him up and then dropping him with a Brainbuster.

Axel Reid: Game Over! Tyron drops Robinson with Game Over!

Ruby Parvati: That was uncalled for!

Bickerton then shoves Robinson out of the ring with his foot before he then calls for a microphone and the Zero Gravity Championship and he’s handed them.

Axel Reid: It’s about damn time that somebody put Robinson in his place…

Ruby Parvati: Tyron will get what’s coming to him eventually…

Bickerton then helps Moicelle up to her feet and he then looks out to the crowd who are cheering wildly.

Tyron Bickerton: Okay…now it’s time to set things right!

He looks down at the Zero Gravity Championship in his hand and looks over to Moicelle before he hands the title over to her.

Tyron Bickerton: Ladies and gentlemen! Please give it up for your Zero Gravity Champion! Katie…Moicelle!

Bickerton then throws the microphone out of the ring and takes hold of Moicelle’s arm and raises it high above her head as “Open Your Heart” by Crush 40 blasts out of the PA system.

Axel Reid: What a great thing to do…

Ruby Parvati: This is making me feel ill…

Bickerton then embraces Moicelle and even though it’s inaudible, he can be seen saying ‘This is your moment’ before he then leaves the ring and allows Moicelle to celebrate with her title.

Axel Reid: What a great display of sportsmanship from Tyron, hats off to the man for giving Katie her moment back after it was wrongfully taken away from her when she won the title first time around…

Ruby Parvati: Boooring!

Can you feel it?


The cameras then cut to the outside of the arena as Dustin is pacing back and forth in the parking lot. His hands are balled up into a fist. He seems to be seething while Jenifer is standing off to the side just filing her nails.

Dustin: I have had it. I am challenging anyone on the damn roster to a street fight on the next Breakthrough. No rules just me beating someone’s skull into thousands of pieces.

He continues to seethe as Jenifer lets out a sigh.

Jenifer: Babe, I think you need to go back to the hotel and rest. You are not thinking clearly.

Dustin shakes his head while glancing over toward his wife.

Dustin: I am thinking clearly babe. I am tired of this boring shit and ready to change my luck for the better. So who is going to take me up on my challenge.

Dustin steps a little closer towards the camera.

Dustin: Someone better step up or I will start filling body bags.

He lowers his eyes while snarling. The cameras slowly cut away as Dustin starts laughing.

Stacy Jones Vs. Winter Pine


Axel Reid: Here we are back at ringside at VoW Darkest Hour, and Ruby up next is probably one of the most demented confrontations VoW has seen in a while as Stacy Jones gets set to fight off something that has been troubling her more recently than anything going on in her life, and that is Winter Pine

Ruby Parvati: Axel, Winter has spent the last few weeks on a mission to mentally destroy Stacy Jones and it’s safe to say she has been doing just that. I honestly can’t explain Winter, whatever it is that drives her is really scary.

Axel Reid: Well we won’t have to wait long to see what the next step in this rivalry is as we go to Jerry Heisenberg in the ring.

The camera cuts to the ring and Jerry Heisenberg stands there ready to introduce the competitors.

Jerry Heisenberg: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Immediately, a loud screech blares through the audio system, causing several people in the audience to cover their ears until the screeching stops, at which time the arena goes pitch black. After a few moments, a female’s voice can be heard speaking softly in a poetic tune.

???: She is rising…all she sees is decay.

She is rising…all she knows is death.

Fear is rising…no one knows what to say.

Fear has risen…Alpha is here

The crowd begins to boo immensely as the female’s speaking is replaced by an ungodly howl unleashed through the darkness followed by the eerie sounds of “Big Bad Wolf” by In This Moment oozing out of the speakers, the lights now at a dim red as the words of Maria Brink creep out, louder and louder.

“Even in these chains you can’t stop me…”

“Even in these chains you can’t stop me!”

“Even in these chains you can’t stop me!!!”

The crowd slowly dissolves into increasing boos, but as they do the music actually stops and darkness fills the arena once more. Then, on the stage, a red light appears in the center and sitting there is what many assume to be Winter Pine, her head lowered with that very real looking wolf head garment draped over it. But the figure on the stage looks very different, the black hair can be seen mixed in with red, and the ring gear she wears is a red with grey trim and black tassels as opposed to the brown with white trim and tassels.


The lights flash wildly as the song returns and immediately kicks up, the arena coming to life. Winter Pine lifts her head to reveal her face being covered in a painted fanged skull, her own mouth painted black along with the majority of the lower half of her face making it seem almost not visible. The fans’ negativity grows as Pine rises, smirking as she makes her way forward towards the ring.

Jerry Heisenberg: Introducing first, from the Darkened Valley, weighing in at 158 pounds and standing 5 feet 10 inches tall…she is a member of The Orphanage…”The Big Bad Wolf” Winter Pine!

Axel Reid: What in the world is this new look of Winter’s? She looks pure demonic.

Ruby Parvati: Whatever this is, it certainly emphasizes the demented way she goes about things here in VoW.

As Pine makes it to ringside, she takes in the boos for a moment before sliding under the ropes and into the ring, a sadistic smile now showing bright among the black paint around her mouth as she stands back to her feet. The music fades softly into the chorus of boos. Heisenberg holds the microphone to his mouth ready to introduce her opponent, but is cut off by Pine forcefully taking the microphone. She scoffs at the ring announcer before shoving him into the corner, leaning against him with her smile growing.

Winter Pine: Jerry, sweetie. As much as I love hearing you do your job, tonight I’m going to have to ask you to kindly f<BLEEP> off.

Heisenberg quickly makes his way out of the ring as she laughs, the crowd still giving a big negative reaction to Pine.

Winter Pine: What a night, what a night. I have to say, I’ve rather enjoyed this event so far. But ladies and gentlemen, it’s time we get down to business, business that actually matters. You see I stand before you today a happy woman. As you can tell, I decided to shake things up a bit tonight by allowing you all to meet…Alpha. And before I let speculation roll, no she isn’t an alternate personality fabricated to create a reaction, no she is just what I feel when I need to send a physical message to my foes. Alpha is Winter Pine, and Winter Pine is Alpha.

Pine slowly pulls off her wolf garment, revealing the black hair fully mixed together with the red extensions she applied to herself.

Winter Pine: Tonight, I introduce the full extent of what I intend to do to Stacy. So let’s just cut the chatting, I have no need to explain anything anymore to you people.

Pine lays the microphone on the ground, the crowd still booing loudly. “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch then blasts out of the PA system, changing the fans’ reaction immediately to one of massive cheers. The song goes by for a little bit before the crowd begins to change into some confused murmurs.

Axel Reid: It’s taking Stacy a long time to get out here, this doesn’t feel right.

Ruby Parvati: Well you have to remember she was found attacked a bit earlier, maybe she is unable to compete tonight.

Pine stands in the ring, now beginning to smile again as the music fades away. She picks up the microphone, the crowd once again booing pretty loudly.

Winter Pine: Well will you look at that…could it actually be that the messed up in the head bitch you all find the need to support has finally got some common sense and decided to not show up? Or…maybe she got caught up in something else.

She begins laughing as she continues.

Winter Pine: You see ladies and gentlemen, this so called warrior who spouts out about having “No Fear, No Negativity,” she is now showing the very essence of fear by not coming to fight her greatest demon. She shows all negativity in herself, and she shows negativity towards you insignificant people. She doesn’t care about you, she barely can care for the ones she loves. As long as I’m here Stacy, you are never welcome here again. VoW doesn’t need some stupid, pathetic, wrist cutting, over dramatic, depressing, little skank like you. Fact is, you are a failure. You don’t even have the guts to defend yourself right now, you let me get to you. And now…now you are as good…as…dead!

Suddenly “Lift Me Up” blasts out of the PA system again, catching Pine off guard as the fans cheer wildly when Stacy Jones bursts out from behind the curtain.

Axel Reid: Here she is!

Ruby Parvati: And she doesn’t look too good…

As the spotlight shines onto Jones, it’s quite evident that she is in no fit state to compete as she is badly beaten up. A trickle of blood coming from the top of her right eye all the way down her cheek to her chin stains the side of her face as she begins to limp down the ramp, flanked by a VoW doctor, demanding her to get to the back for treatment.

Axel Reid: Well Stacy is quite clearly in no fit state to compete here tonight, and that’s evident by the fact one of our doctors is telling her to get back so she can be treated…

Ruby Parvati: I have no sympathy for her Axel…she’s letting her pride get the best of her and it’s going to do more harm for her than good in the end…

Axel Reid: We rarely agree on anything, Ruby…and as much as I admire the heart and determination of Stacy, I think you’re right…

Ruby Parvati: Of course I’m right!

As Jones gets halfway down the ramp, she suddenly drops to one knee, nearly face planting the ramp. The doctor tries to help her up, however she shrugs him off and he finally gives up in his attempt to help her and makes his way back up the ramp to the back.

Axel Reid: Winter hasn’t stopped smiling ever since she saw the state that Stacy is in…

Ruby Parvati: Well wouldn’t you be? This is going to be easy pickings for Winter…

Once she gets to the bottom of the ramp, she unzips her jacket and pulls at it to remove it, and after a few moments of struggling, she finally takes it off and throws it to the ground. Jones then slowly climbs up the steel steps, holding onto the turnbuckle for support before she gingerly climbs through the ropes and into the ring.

Axel Reid: Surely the referee isn’t going to go ahead and allow Stacy to compete here tonight, she’s severely hurt and needs medical attention…her eyes are glazed over for goodness sake! She’s probably seeing three of Winter…

Ruby Parvati: You saw what she did earlier Axel, she turned down medical attention…

As “Lift Me Up” fades out, the referee immediately approaches Jones and tries to make her partake in various tests to make sure she’s okay to compete, however she demands that he rings the bell and start the match.

Axel Reid: Please Stacy, just live to fight another day…you don’t have to do this!

Ruby Parvati: Hey! I’ve been looking forward to this match all night Axel! Let them fight, I say…

Much like the doctor earlier, the referee gives up trying to tell Jones any different and then goes ahead and rings the bell and the match is underway.

Axel Reid: I disagree with the referee’s call there…Stacy seriously doesn’t need to be involved in a match right now in her physical condition…

Ruby Parvati: Are you still complaining? Jeez…man up!

Pine begins to hop from foot to foot and raises her fists up to her face as if she were in a boxing match. Jones also raises her fists and takes a wild swing at Pine, missing her completely and nearly falling over in the process.

Axel Reid: And Stacy misses badly with that right hand…

The Black Wolf then delivers a couple of quick jabs to Jones’ face, dropping her down to one knee, but she quickly recovers and gets back to her vertical base and swings at Pine for a second time and again, misses by a considerable amount.

Ruby Parvati: I think Stacy needs to work on her aim a bit…

Pine smirks sadistically before clocking Jones with a spinning back-fist before she quickly hits the ropes and comes back with a vicious Busaiku knee kick that knocks Jones down to the mat with ease.

Axel Reid: Stacy could very easily be out already, and that was just a basic move…

Sauntering over to her fallen foe, Pine drags the lifeless body of Jones and sets her up in a seated position in the corner. Walking back over to the opposite side of the ring, she then charges towards her with a vicious knee right to the temple.

Ruby Parvati: And it seems as if Winter has re-opened that cut above Stacy’s right eye…

The camera pans in close to a barely conscious Jones and blood can be seen oozing out of the cut above her eye as it slowly trickles down her face. Pine grabs hold of her and drags her up to her feet before she quickly runs at the ropes and when she comes back, she delivers a running missile dropkick to the back of her head.

Axel Reid: Frostbite connects! This one’s over…please tell me this one is over…

Pine rolls Jones over onto her back and covers her as the referee drops to his knees to make the count.




Lifting Jones’ head up herself, Pine forces the pin to be broken as she lets out an evil laugh, shaking her head to signify she isn’t finished yet.

Ruby Parvati: Nope…Winter’s not done yet…

Axel Reid: Oh come on! This is ridiculous!

Ruby Parvati: Winter wants to send a message to Stacy, Axel…

Keeping hold of her head, Pine lifts her rival up onto her feet and yells at her, saying ‘You could have prevented all of this from happening if you had just walked away!” She then sticks out her tongue and slowly licks the blood off of Jones’ face before again running at the ropes and comes back with another Frostbite.

Axel Reid: NO! Stacy ducks! How the Hell is she even conscious!?!?

Pine turns around to face Jones and the look on her face says it all, she’s perplexed that Jones is somehow able to still fight. Meanwhile, Jones is glaring at her and suddenly lets out a blood curdling scream before she begins to deliver a flurry of stiff kicks to both sides of Pine.

Ruby Parvati: Ryder Blade was right…Stacy is a psycho!

Now up against the ropes, Jones charges at Pine and clotheslines her so hard it sends both women over the top rope to the outside.

Axel Reid: And now the action spills out onto the floor here…

Pine quickly gets to her feet and makes her way over to the turnbuckle to try and catch a breather, however Jones charges towards her and hits her with a diving dropkick through the ropes near the corner, sending Pine staggering over to the next turnbuckle.

Ruby Parvati: Where the Hell has this come from all of a sudden?

Again, trying to create some separation between them, Pine tries to catch another breather, but this time, Jones charges towards her and dives through the ropes near the corner again, but this time, on the way through, she grabs Pine’s head and transitions it into a tornado DDT.

Axel Reid: These fans are going crazy! Just a few moments ago, it seemed as if Stacy was as good as beaten…but now…anything could happen!

Grabbing hold of her by the head, Jones picks Pine up to her feet and throws her into the ring before she climbs up onto the apron and measures Pine. Once she gets to her feet, Jones springboards off the ropes and into the ring but is met with a spear in mid-air from out of nowhere as both women are now down in the middle of the ring.

Ruby Parvati: What a spear from Winter!

Both women begin to crawl to opposite sides of the ring and grab the ropes to assist them in getting back up to their feet.

Axel Reid: Both women now getting back to their feet, this could be the turning point of the match here…whoever gets this next blow in…could end up walking away the winner…

Simultaneously, both women reach their feet and turn to face one another and Pine charges towards Jones with a clothesline, however Jones ducks the shot and grabs her arm on the way through before placing her boot on the side of her jaw and hitting her with an inverted stomp face-breaker.

Ruby Parvati: NO!!!

Axel Reid: Yes! Stacy’s Judgement connects!

Ruby Parvati: How in the world…

Both women are down and out, both women looking up at the ceiling and breathing heavily.

Axel Reid: Come on Stacy! Cover her!

Jones finally musters up enough strength and begins to slowly crawl over towards Pine, the sold out crowd willing her on as best they can.

Ruby Parvati: It’s deafening in here…

Finally, Jones is able to drape her arm over Pine’s chest and the referee drops to his knees to make the count.





Ruby Parvati: This match is incredible, Stacy making a big comeback here right now. And this crowd is electric!

The crowd begins to cheer on Stacy as she makes her way slowly back to her feet, Winter barely moving on the mat as she tries to recover from Stacy’s Judgement. Stacy glares down at Winter angrily before realizing she is angled perfectly in the center of the ring. Seeing the great opportunity, Stacy runs towards the corner and begins climbing her way to the top turnbuckle.

Axel Reid: Oh my god Stacy is going to the top! That could mean only one thing Ruby!

Ruby Parvati: The New York Rise may be inbound!

Stacy looks down at Winter who is still motionless, and letting out a blood curdling scream she launches off the top rope into her corkscrew shooting star press. However, Winter suddenly pops up and without hesitation catches Stacy with a hard Icicle Spike Kick to the forehead. Stacy flails as she hits the ground hard, holding her head as the crowd boos uncontrollably.

Axel Reid: Oh this is getting to be too much for me Ruby. These women are out to kill it looks like.

Winter makes it back to her feet, again smiling sadistically as she walks over to Stacy’s downed and broken-looking body. The crowd jeers the Black Wolf as she goes to shoving Stacy around with her boot. Leaning down, Winter taunts Stacy, yelling at her and laughing, but without warning is caught by Stacy with a scrape to the eyes. Using all the energy she has left, Stacy hops to her feet as Winter walks backwards holding her face, and running straight at Winter connects with a spear that flings both of them to the mat.

Ruby Parvati: What a spear by Stacy, but look at this!

As the two flop down, Winter finds a way to move her body above Stacy’s and attempts a pin near the ropes.







Axel Reid: Wait what in the hell?!? Stacy grabbed the ropes but it looks like the referee didn’t notice it and rings the bell to give Winter Pine a victory.

Ruby Parvati: As if Stacy Jones’ luck wasn’t bad enough, this finish has to sting!

Jerry Heisenberg: Ladies and gentlemen the winner of this match, WINTER PINE!

The eruption of boos deafens any music playing for The Black Wolf as her hand is held up by the referee as she is down on one knee. Stacy looks up at the referee in shock, then hops up trying to explain her situation to the official.

Ruby Parvati: She just can’t let it go Axel, Stacy you lost!

Axel Reid: She got screwed over is what just happened Ruby, she has the right to be upset about this!

As Stacy continues pleading with the referee, she is blindsided by Winter rushing at her and shoving her into the corner. Winter smiles as she shoves back Stacy’s head with her hand, leaning it against the top turnbuckle, and then places her chin softly against Stacy’s.

Axel Reid: What in the hell is going on now?

Winter laughs as she leans her head down and bites hard into Stacy’s bottom lip, smiling as she pulls at it and some blood begins to trickle out. As she releases, Winter pulls at Stacy and slams her down to the mat, again pinning her down as the crowd looks on in sickening silence.

Ruby Parvati: As much as I’m not a fan of Stacy, this is a pure sickening display from Winter Pine.

Winter begins mouthing something to Stacy who begins to shed a few tears as she is trapped down by her foe, but out of nowhere the crowd begins to cheer as walking as fast as she can down the ramp comes Zelda Lawson, making her way up the ring steps and into the ring as she pushes Winter off of her best friend.

Axel Reid: Zelda Lawson making some sort of save here but now I just feel more uneasy about all of this. She shouldn’t be out here!

Ruby Parvati: No she shouldn’t, for many a reason, but the biggest being she just put that baby girl in danger!

Winter glares at Zelda who is leaned down next to her friend, Zelda yelling at Winter for a good part of a few seconds before Winter rushes over and pulls Zelda up by her hair. The crowd begins booing again, some people screaming at Winter as she shoves her face right next to Zelda’s, the evil smile growing as she words inaudible things to the wife of Tyler Storm. She slowly looks down to Zelda’s baby bump, this now creating fear on Zelda’s face along with some of the audience members.

Axel Reid: Oh no, no someone needs to stop this. Winter is risking her career here!

Ruby Parvati: I don’t think she cares Axel, she cares only to hurt, to destroy, like she said. Thus is the way of Alpha.

As Zelda is backed up into the corner, Winter places her hands on Zelda’s belly, leaning down her head and placing her ear against it. As tears begin rolling down her face, Zelda places a kick straight into Winter’s gut that sends the sadistic being back. Showing little pain from it, the smile she bore quickly left her face as Winter charged at Zelda, the latter screaming. Before she can execute an attack, however, Stacy finds a way to again come out of no where and spear Winter, this flinging the two out of the ring as Zelda collapses onto her knees in the ring.

Axel Reid: Oh my…I can’t do this right now Ruby this is sick.

Stacy grabs onto Winter’s head and begins slamming it against the floor at ringside, screaming as Winter tries to squirm away to no avail. Zelda manages to regain some composure to exit the ring, pulling Stacy off of Winter to some confusion from her friend. Zelda begins trying to calm down Stacy, but Stacy quickly moves in a more protecting position as Winter jumps to her feet and swings a clubbing elbow right at Zelda, Stacy’s quick thinking resulting in her taking the blow to the back of the head to protect Zelda. Stacy collapses in Zelda’s arms, but Winter pulls Stacy away and drags her towards the ring steps before walking around the ring and taking the mic away from Jerry Heisenberg.

Winter Pine: S…so this is how it has to be huh? Zelda…do you SEE what happens when your influence rubs onto others?!? You are pathetic, a worthless bitch, honestly you are f(bleep)ing lucky I’m not ending you right now and cutting that fetus out of you so it doesn’t have to suffer being a child to you! But no…no you know what I care nothing for you anymore! I’m fixing to show you…what happens when you choose your friends.

Winter lays down the mic as she makes it back near Zelda, the pregnant Lawson fearfully standing back as she watches Stacy get up to her knees, her face directly facing the steel steps. Winter charges at Stacy, and connects with Frostbite as Stacy’s face slams into the steps. Blood pours from Stacy’s head as Winter leans up, placing her hand on Stacy’s face and smearing the blood into it before taking some of it and smearing it on her own. She crawls back to the mic, laughing and smiling as she gets back up and walks over to Zelda.

Winter Pine: Let this be a lesson, to all you pathetic trash here tonight. Your heroes will fall, and there is nothing that is gonna stop me and people like me from conquering. Zelda…go comfort your bitch.

Winter throws the mic at the ring and makes her way up the ramp as the crowd showers her in boos, Zelda running to Stacy and leaning next to her crying as EMTs make their way towards the broken woman.

Axel Reid: Stacy…she…Winter just…

Ruby Parvati: Cut to commercial, we’ll be back. As much as I hate this we need to help out over here Axel.

The scene cuts out as Ruby can be seen getting up and walking towards Stacy, who is surrounded by Zelda and the EMTs.

Fatherly Regrets


We head backstage to see Hardcore Heath – still wearing his psychopath facepaint – sitting on a steel chair, sipping at a green bottled brewski whilst clearly pondering in the world of his own thoughts. His Requiem counterparts in his teammate Tyron Bickerton and their manager Missy Chick come into view, he looks up and raises his eyebrows towards them, acknowledging their presence.

Tyron Bickerton: How are you feeling, dude? You cool to compete?

Hardcore Heath: Yeah, back’s a bit sore but hey, the kids swing’s pretty shitty so I got off lucky.

Missy smirks.

Missy Chick: Seemed to be enough to send you reeling over against the ground.

Hardcore Heath: Shut the f*** up. He got me just as I was about to jump.

Missy Chick: Sure, or maybe you’re just going soft.

Tyron laughs, as does Heath whilst taking a sip of his beer.

Tyron Bickerton: Heath? Going soft? Yeah right.

A look of seriousness floods over Heath’s face.

Hardcore Heath: Still…

The look in his eyes change, almost like he’s left his psychopath state and entered another – perhaps that of the Vigilante.

Hardcore Heath: Maybe I shouldn’t have left…staying with them…those were the best days of my life…how did I do something like that to my OWN son? I’m a -”

Tyron raises a hand.

Tyron Bickerton: I’m gonna stop you right there. You had your reasons, you know you did. Don’t beat yourself up.

Hardcore Heath: Yeah, I guess you’re right…

Despite deciding upon agreement, the look in Heath’s eyes cease to alter. Missy shakes her head with a frown.

Missy Chick: Quit feeling sorry for yourself. If you want your son to change his opinion of you, go out there tonight and show him how much of a badass you can be – nothing less.

She raises her forefinger and taps it against the air, adding to that note.

Missy Chick: Oh and, bring those titles home where they should be.

As fast as a bolt of lightning, Heath’s demeanor changes as he throws his bottle against the concrete – the glass smashing into oblivion. He stands up and looks Missy dead in the eyes.

Hardcore Heath: Were you f***in’ doubtin’ me there for a second, Misseh?!

He grins and gives her a VERY light slap to the cheek.

Hardcore Heath: Well, ya f***in’ shouldn’t have!

He walks passed, Missy turning to Tyron – screwing up her nose.

Missy Chick: Ew, he touched my face.

Fade to the next scene…

An Xcellent Gift


An idle camera in the backstage area picks up the sound of a conversation emanating from somewhere nearby:

Voice: …and one of you dudes needs to keep an eye on Connie’s wife. That chick is whack, yo!

A moment later, the owner of the instantly recognisable voice appears on-camera, flanked as ever by his two masked henchmen. As he notices the lens trained on him, Ryder Blade stops in his tracks and turns towards it, pointing at the camera as he demands:

Ryder Blade: Camera on The X’s face, please!

Then, once his request is heeded, he begins:

Ryder Blade: Hey yo Connie…’sup? Listen, The X isn’t gonna sit here and repeat himself all over again. You know what’s up here tonight. You know you’re not just stepping in the ring with some dude who cheats to win – you’re stepping in there with the longest-reigning, most record-breaking Champion in VoW HISTORY. Someone who’s not gonna underestimate you, and who’s definitely not gonna let himself get Rousey’d. So babe…instead just saying all that stuff all over again…The X wants to give you a present.

Ryder motions to one of his bodyguards, who reaches into a hitherto-hidden shopping bag and removes what is clearly a mock-up of a book. He hands it to Ryder, who smirks slightly before turning the bright-yellow cover towards the camera. In it is a picture of himself beneath a black diagonal strip, bearing the ‘book”s title:


As he presents Constance’s ‘gift’ to the camera, Ryder’s smirk intensifies.

Ryder Blade: The X is just gonna leave this in gorilla for you to read before our match or whatever. Hope you’re a speed-reader, babe…

With this, and a very Ryder-esque wink, The X signals to his bodyguards and resumes his trek towards – presumably – the arena entrance.

Two out of Three Falls Match with the Xcel Championship on the line!
Ryder Blade [c] Vs. Constance Chapin


The camera cuts to the arena right after the Ryder Blade promo. The crowd is ramped up for what might be the biggest VoW match for both members involved.

Ruby Parvati: Now, we are about to witness history being made once again. Ryder Blade the heart and soul of VoW.

Axel Reid: That is the first time I have ever heard that. . .

Ruby Parvati: Well he is, he is on a 13 match winning streak. He is the Xcel Champion, a belt that is meant to define pure wrestling talent. That is exavtly that Ryder Blade does. He the future of VoW, this kid has lots of years left in him.

Jerry Heisenberg: The following contest is for the VoW Xcel Championship. This contest is a two out of three falls match.

Axel Reid: Constance Chapin is the former GPW World Champion, and she has been nothing but impressive since coming to VoW. Tonight she has the chance to make a huge impact and finally stop Ryder Blade.

Ruby Parvati: Keep dreaming. . .

“Ain’t you getting bored with these fake ass broads
I shows and proves, no doubt, how predictably so
Please excuse, if I come across rude
That’s just me”

Jerry Heisenberg: Coming to the ring the challenger standing 5’8; weighing 148 pounds.

As the beat plays and the rhymes flow, the crowd starts to cheer as from behind the curtain comes the apathetic hipster herself, Constance Chapin. Constance walks toward the ring, making no rush to get there and making no acknowledgments towards the crowd despite this being a championship match. Her steps are quicker than before, moving in time to the beat; she’d be toe tapping if it wasn’t such a tacky thing to do. Still she walks close to the sides, letting eager fans pat her on the shoulder or arm as she walks past them.

Jerry Heisenberg: Constance Chapin!!!!!!!

Axel Reid: Look at her demeanor, this woman was designed to be a champion. She treats every match with the same importance; or lack of importance whatever way you want to swing it. She is calm, yet prepared. There is no one with the same mindset in the game Ruby.

Ruby Parvati: I call it arrogance; she is going to pay for not taking Ryder as seriously as she should. She is most defiantly not excellent.

Arriving at the ring , Constance takes the steps and then steps into the ring by going through the top and middle ropes. Inside the ring as the announcer is introducing her, Constance removes a pair of black finger-less gloves that are tucked into the waist of her bottoms and slips them on, preparing herself.

Ruby Parvati: Get Ryder down here before I call asleep!

Jerry Heisenberg: Now introducing the champion.

“Some people have to learn
Some people wait their turn
Some people but not me
I was born a champion!”

Jerry Heisenberg: Standing 6’0 tall, weighing 210 pounds, The Xcellent Champion.

Ruby Parvati: There he is the man that has made a name for that championship. A man that tonight is going to silence all the critics when he beats Constance here tonight.

Chipmunk and Chris Brown’s ‘Champion’ brings the crowd in Peruto Rico to a simmer of anticipation, which immediately turns into boos as a familiar figure appears on the ramp – that of the Xcellent Champion, Ryder Blade. The Champ is clad in a sleeveless red hoodie and matching trunks, both prominently branded with the bright yellow Sprintex logo on the back. The hood of the jacket is over his head as he walks down the ramp in the company of his two masked bodyguards, throwing his taped fists in front of his face in a series of air-boxing moves as he goes. He also takes a moment to display his footwork, hopping nimbly about prior to entering the ring.

Axel Reid: Listen to these fans. He is one of the most hated men in all of wrestling.

Ruby Parvati: If you are getting a reaction like this you are doing something right Axel. These ans hate him because week in and week out he makes their favorites look like idiots.

Jerry Heisenberg: ‘The Blademeister’ RYDER BLADDDEE!!!!

Upon entering the squared circle, Ryder stands in the center, belt held aloft, among a chorus of boos. Only after posing for a moment does the Xcellent Champion pull down the hood and hand the belt over to the match referee. He then gets rid of his jacket altogether and steps into the center of the mat, ready to start the match!

Ruby Parvati: Ryder Blade can’t wait to get his hands on Constance tonight Axel. I can see Ryder keeping this short and sweet ending it in the first 2 falls. Let me remind you he hasn’t been pinned in 13 matches Axel. That’s all your fingers and 3 toes!

Axel Reid: To me Constance seems just as ready. She knows that this is her chance to fast track herself to the top of VoW.

Ryder blade smirks as he eyes the Xcel Championship in the hands of the referee; he slowly walks backwards to his corner eying down possibly his biggest challenge to date. Constance has an intensity that matches, a hunger to dethrone the arrogant champion. The ref holds the belt high and flashes it to the Puerto Rico crowd which erupts in anticipation for the bell. Handing the belt to the time keeper he signals for the bell to ring.


Axel Reid: Almost every match on this card could of served as a man event. So prepare for the final four matches of Double Jeopardy. This will no doubt go down as one on of the greatest wrestling cards in the current era.

Ruby Parvati: I can’t wait to see Ryder out wrestle Chapin and solidify that he is one of the greatest wrestlers today.

For a few moments that pace around one another; both of them concentrated on what the first move will be. Ryder Blade and Constance lock up. Ryder uses his go to “headlock” to but the intelligent Constance stomps his foot causing him to loosen the hold. As his grip is loose she slips out and behind Ryder putting him in a full nelson. Ryder attempts to use his size advantage; but Chapin stomps right in the back of his left knee dropping Blade down and sinking in the nelson deeper. The crowd is getting behind Chapin early in the match. As she has Ryder vulnerable she face plants him hard down into the mat.

Axel Reid: Chapin is just so innovative in her offense. The way she can pick apart an opponent virtually limb by limb.

Ryder is on the ground face first to the pleasure of the packed arena. Constance wastes no time not getting caught up in the moment; this is just another match. She locks in a Boston crab that has Blade kicking wildly, so wildly that he actually is able to break free and get to his feet.

Ruby Parvati: She may be innovative, but we have been witness to watching Ryder become a master of reversals. Look at how technically he maneuvered out of that Boston crab.

Axel Reid: He kicked around like an idiot. . .

Ruby Parvati: It worked didn’t it?

Chapin is still after him though not letting up as she grapples with the champion once again. Again Constance is able to best Ryder in the technical department as she once again slips in behind, she hoists Ryder up popping him back down on her knee with an atomic drop, just as Ryder is jolted by the knee Chapin snaps him down to the mat with a drop toe hold. Much like the first scenario she hops on Ryder with an arm bar; but Ryder is quick to not allow it to get locked in and once again scrambles to his feet.

Ruby Parvati: Again Ryder able to get away from the submission attempt. Isn’t she supposed to be some kind of expert at this.

Axel Reid: It is early in the match Ruby. Ryder has to be worried being put in some dangerous situations early in the match. I would love to see Constance make Blade tap out her tonight. What would he do then? I would love to hear the excuse.

Constance gives Ryder a moment to regroup, allowing The X to think of a new plan of attack. Smirking he locks up with Constance once more. This time going in Ryder rakes the eyes; briefly the ref scolds him, but Blade kicks Chapin in he gut. He follows up with an elbow to the side of the head before bringing her to the ground with a Russian leg sweep. Ryder is all over Constance as she was all over him. He walks over to her; but she up kicks Blade right in the mug causing him to stagger back.

Axel Reid: Even with the rake of the eyes Ryder can’t get the best of Constance.

Ruby Parvati: What a cheap kick by Chapin. The champion deserves more respect that that, he is just going to have to beat it out of her tonight I guess.

Chapin is to her feet now and runs at Blade, who side steps sending her shoulder first into the post. Blade sees an opportunity and grabs Constance by the legs he holds her there laughing to himself as he brings his boot up into the guts of Chapin who falls to the mat holding her abdomen kicking ferociously.

Ruby Parvati: There you go! Get up in her guts!

Blade pulls Constance up to her feet by her hair; he lifts her up and drops her over his knee with a gut buster.

Ruby Parvati: YES! That is vintage Ryder Blade right there, he is pushing the air out of Constance. How is she going to attack Ryder is she can’t even breath. Beautiful game plan by the Xcellent Champion!

Chapin is on the ground on her hands and knees when Ryder runs across the ring and kicks her in the stomach.

Axel Reid: Ouch! A brutal assault for the past few moments by Ryder Blade on the abdomen of Chapin.

Constance Chapin rolls over onto her back and sarcastically Ryder plants himself on her with a splash like he is a certified “big man”. Blade covers.




Axel Reid: No, he hasn’t dished out enough damage yet. Constance is resilient.

Ruby Parvati: I don’t think Ryder has a problem testing that theory.

Ryder smiles to himself, like he knows that it wasn’t going to be enough. Ya can’t blame a playa fo playin! Ryder pulls up the challenger once again, but she catches him off guard with a jawbreaker. Constance bought herself a little bit of time, but she isn’t convinced she needs it. Chapin runs at Blade and lands a Lou Thez press. She is on top of Blade now throwing down punch after punch, after punch. She rolls off of blade and raises her hand to the cheering crowd as Ryder slowly crawls his way to the ropes seeking some form of relief.

Axel Reid: A burst of intensity from the challenger here. Ryder is getting pummeled.

Ruby Parvati: NO! Don’t damage that marketable mug of his!

Constance eyes Blade up letting him use the ropes to establish a base, while Blade is against the ropes Constance comes running with a close line sending both competitors outside the ring. Chapin take the tumble with Blade; but is back on top of him punching away once again. The crowd is really behind Constance as she brings the fight to the self dubed Xcellent Champion. The ref only gets to the count of 4 before Constance rolls both of them back into the ring; knowing full well outside the squared circle was a risk with the Goon Squad lurking.

Axel Reid: Constance is all over the champion now. She is giving him no room to pull one of his dirty tricks.

Constance pulls blade to a vertical base only to be hit with an open hand slap, Blade follows up with a bulldog leaving both participates briefly laid out. A member of The Goon Squad hops up on the apron distracting the ref who argues with him to get off the ropes. Constance is just getting to her feet as another member of The Goon Squad rolls Ryder his board. Blade takes the skateboard and CRACK!

Ruby Parvati: YES! YES here is is! Ryder Blade with another stroke of brilliance.

Axel Reid: What a cheap bastard. He can’t win every match like this is will catch up to him.

Ryder quickly throws the board from the ring as Chapin falls to the mat, and the referee turns in reaction of the loud boo that filled the arena. Ryder is now on top of the immobilized Constance.





Ruby Parvati: WHAT! No!

Axel Reid: He couldn’t even get this first fall by cracking Constance with the skateboard. Get up Chapin. Get back in the fight!

Ryder runs his hands through his hair. This is only the first fall and a skateboard over the head wasn’t enough to put Constance down. He grunts getting to his feet and pulls Constance up with him. Ryder is setting up for “The Edge of The Blade” but Constance pushes him forward groggily. Ryder hits the ropes but is able to spin around sprinting from the momentum and delivering a devastating knee to the head of Chapin.

Ruby Parvati: SPRINT-X! There it is. . . it is over! IT HAS TO BE!

The ref hops down to count as Ryder frantically covers the challenger.





Ruby Parvati: YES! Ryder Blade has pinned Constance. That is 1-0! Pick up the win quick Ryder.

Axel Reid: After that cheap shot and finisher. . . I don’t know how much Chapin is going to have left for the next fall. Blade may steal one again.

Jerry Heisenberg: The WINNER of the FIRST FALL The Xcel Champion RYDERRR BLADDEEEE!!!!

Ruby Parvati: He can add that pin to his long long record.

Ryder smiles as the ref allows Constance to get to her feet before ringing the bell for the second fall. Constance reaches a vertical base and shakes the cobwebs loose casting a glare at the Xcel Champion.


Axel Reid: Here it is the second fall.

Blade thinking his opponent was still in a daze runs across the ring attempting to hit his finisher once again. Constance rolls out of the way, leaving a leaping Ryder Blade to plant himself on the top rope. Chapin in in pursuit trying to rip Ryder down with a super back drop, but Ryder hooks his lefts around the turnbuckle. Constance uses all she has to free him; but all that happens is her falling to the mat leaving Ryder to hang upside down in the corner.

Ruby Parvati: Another brilliant reversal by Ryder Blade there.

Axel Reid: But he did leave himself in quite a dangerous position.

Blade uses his legs to pull him back up to the top rope in a seating position, he does this just as Chapin recovers and she grabs him by the back of the neck pulling him off the top rope with a neck breaker.

Axel Reid: OHHHH! A super neck breaker. The match has turned yet again.

Both competitors are downed; but Constance is back up quick. She hops on Ryder’s back and pulls his head up while pulling his arms over her knees. She pulls back locking in a camel clutch. Constance has been working Ryder with submissions all match long. Constance has regained control as she pulls back on a screaming Xcellent Champion.

Axel Reid: There, she has that one locked in now Ruby. Maybe she couldn’t get a submission sunk in during the first fall; but now she has Ryder.

Ryder gets a knee under himself and looks to be going beast mode; but Constance puts even more pressure on the lower back causing him to fall flat on his stomach once again. Chapin is really pulling; her veins bulging in her pursuit for the Excel Championship.

Ruby Parvati: Come on Blade. You are better than this. Break the hold. You are the champion remind these people why!!!

Blade shakes his head back and forth furiously as he plants a knee, then another. Ryder is to his feet with Constance on his back. Chapin jumps off pulling Blade down into a back breaker. Constance makes the cover.

Ruby Parvati: NOOO!!!! Come on Ryder!

Axel Reid: I told you she has an innovative offense Ruby. This is a different opponent than what Ryder has been used to.





Ruby Parvati: YES! It is going to take a lot more than that to rip the streak and the championship from Ryder Blade.

Blade rolls over in relief as Constance just gets up to her feet casually; not overly disappointed her tactics haven’t paid off. Chapin lets the Champion get to his feet, and he runs toward they begin exchanging rights in the center of the ring Blade headbutts Constance, but it looks like he got the worst of it as he staggers backwards. Chapin like a snake sneaks Blade into an abdomen stretch, not for long though as Ryder drags her over the top of him with a hip toss.

Ruby Parvati: Another beautiful counter by the longest reigning champion in VoW history.

Axel Reid: This match has gone back and forth. One maneuver has swung the momentum for each party. What a match. There is so much on the line in this contest.

Blade falls back regaining his composure. Ryder shakes his head as he walks toward Constance who has scrambled to the corner and rests monetarily. Ryder begins pounding away with rights, the crowd boos as Ryder puts Chapin on the top rope in a seated position. Ryder hooks her shoulder and pulls her off the top rope with a superplex. Ryder sits up clapping his hands at turning the match around as Constance lies in a heap.

Ruby Parvati: Another amazing move by Ryder Blade. A perfectly executed superplex. That is it. Chapin is done. Pack it up and go home. 2 falls for Ryder Blade.

Ryder looks over the challenger who is on the mat and smiles to the jeering crowd, before arrogantly picking up the leg of Constance and wrapping her up in a figure for leg lock. The crowd boos loud as Ryder sinks in the hold causing Chapin to grunt in pain.

Axel Reid: This crowd hates Ryder right now. He is locking in the figure four on Chapin; he finisher is a reverse figure four. This is just insulting.

Ruby Parvati: Ryder Blade wants to win in dominant fashion. He is going to make a submission expert tap here in Puerto Rico and solidify himself as one of the best.

Ryder really rakes in the legs trying to get Constance to break; but Chapin having the technical advantage fakes rolling one way confusing Ryder and flips him over in the hold; locking in her finisher a reverse figure four leg lock.

Axel Reid: CONSTANCE SORROW! That is what you get! That is what you get when you play with fire.

Now Constance is letting out a scream as she sinks in the hold on the champion and Ryder is tossing his hands about like a lunatic. The Goon Squad starts to panic as they look on at the champion squirming in a submission once again in this match. Constance isn’t letting up and Ryder is fading, but in a moment of pure hart the champion rolls.

Ruby Parvati: HE REVERSED CONSTANCE SORROW!!!! That is how the champion works. He is going to make her tap here tonight. He is a complete champion. He pinned her; and he will make her tap. After that Constance will have no case for a rematch.

Ryder now has Constance locked in his figure four once again; just as he does this a member of the Goon Squad hops up on the apron. The ref scolds him to get down from the apron as Ryder reaches out and grabs the ropes for leverage putting immense pressure on Chapin. The ref turns just in time to catch this happening and forces Ryder to break the hold. Ryder, for some reason, does not let go of the rope. The referee warns him again. Still Ryder keeps holding on, damaging Constance the longer this lasts. Suddenly the referee has enough and signals for the bell!


Axel Reid: The referee had no choice! He HAD to call for the bell.

Ruby Parvati: Ryder took a loss for the sake of damaging Constance’s legs further. Now he lets go of her. This is how confident he is!

Jerry Heisenberg: THE WINNER of the 2nd Fall by Disqualification… CONSTANCE CHAPIN!

Ruby Parvati: Ryder Blade is going to end this right now. Constance is rolling away, but Ryder has the advantage.

However, something else happens with the referee. He points in Ryder’s face, then to “The Goon Squad”. Ryder shakes his head quickly in protest as the ref points to his entourage and forces them to the back!

Ruby Parvati: What is he doing!? Those two are the champions managers. How is he expected to win without any support?!

Axel Reid: They led to the first fall, and they tried to cost Constance this match! This is a good call by the ref to prevent them screwing uo the third fall. Get them out of here!

Ryder is hanging over the ropes yelling in protest for “The Goon Squad” to stay; but reluctantly they follow the refs orders and proceed up the ramp.

Axel Reid: It is a match now; it’s 1-1 and the tension in the arena is immense.

Ryder nods to the referee he’s ready, just as Constance gets to her feet.


Suddenly, as Ryder goes towards Chapin, she rolls around him and slips her hand up and rolls Ryder up. The ref spins around to count!





Ruby Parvati: Constance tried to get it there, but this is the reason why Blade has won for so long!

Ryder shrugs off the roll up, knowing full well he is still the Xcellent Champion. He is back at Constance, hoping the figure four is still slowing Constance down. Ryder kicks the front of Chapin’s knee causing her to fall to the mat; Ryder follows up with an elbow drop to the small of Constance’s back. Ryder is quick to get back up and lay down some boots to the back of Chapin’s knees.

Ruby Parvati: There we go! Ryder aint shook. If anything Constance has angered the champion and made things much more difficult on himself.

Blade puts his foot in the back of Connie’s knee lifts it up and stomps it back down with all his body weight. Chapin rolls over kicking with her opposite leg as she grips at the one just stomped.

Axel Reid: OH! Ryder is really working over the knees of Constance. I don’t think I have seen Ryder this focused. He is realizing what is at stake and how close he was to loosing it all.

Ruby Parvati: It wasn’t even close. Now the champion is going to pick her apart Axel.

Now Ryder drags his wounded challenger to the corner and hops out of the ring. He grabs the knee of Constance and throws it into the steal post wrapping it around. Constance rolls back now holding that knee once again as Blade slides into the ring to continue assault.

Ruby Parvati: There is some innovation on Ryder’s behalf.

Axel Reid: He sure knows how to use his surroundings I will give him that.

Ryder graciously helps Chapin to her feet and slips in behind her, he lifts her up; folds her leg up and drops it down on his own knee. Constance staggers into the ropes still holding herself up. Ryder comes across the ring with a closeline; but Constance pulls the ropes down dumping Blade to the outside allowing herself a chance to recover.

Axel Reid: Good ring awareness by Constance. No doubt her time on top of GPW helped with that ability.

Ruby Parvati: If I do recall Casanova English exploited an issue with their all female roster when he beat Gaia. This isn’t GPW it is VoW and Ryder is like no one that Constance has faced.

Chapin is the ring now rolling up the leg of her pants and removing the knee pad underneath; indicating that it is starting to swell. Ryder is getting to the apron as the ref counts 5. Constance sees him though and comes across the ring with a baseball slide to buy herself a few more seconds.

Axel Reid: Smart again by Chapin to keep the champion at bay for the time being.

At the count of 8 Ryder is back up on the apron, Constance grabs him and runs him into the post. As Ryder is dazed she drags him over the top rope leaving his legs hung up on the top rope. Constance drops him down with a elevated DDT. As she hits the ground she locks in a guillotine choke.


Ruby Parvati: No! Ryder come on! Get out of this one too. Everything she has thrown at Ryder so far he has been able to get out of. COME ON BLADE!

She is locking off the airways completely as the Champion begins to panic once again. He tries to lift Constance and slam her but has no luck. He squirms back and forth until Constance lets up and he rolls out. Ryder escapes; but the damage is done as he gasps for air.

Ruby Parvati: Good escape.

Axel Reid: The damage seems to be done. Ryder can’t even get a breath. Constance has slowed the match down to her pace after Ryder attacked that knee.

Blade is back up attempting to engage with Chapin she hits a belly to belly; but Ryder rolls back up to his feet coming at the challenger swinging. Chapin ducks and slips in behind with a belly to back suplex and as Ryder his the ground she pounces with an arm bar. Ryder’s legs are kicking an find ropes causing the hold to be broken quickly. Chapin seems slightly frustrated she can’t seem to get Ryder to tap out.

Axel Reid: I have to admit the way Ryder has got away from the submissions of Constance is important. She has made a career off making people tap.

Ryder uses the corner to find a base and now it is Constace’s turn to attack laying punches at Ryder in the corner. She works Ryder up the ropes putting him on the top, he fights back though with lefts causing Constace to stagger. He is about to come off the rope with an ax handle, but Constance punches him in the stomach. She uses the ropes to pop Ryder onto her shoulders.

Ruby Parvati: NO WAY! She can’t do that!

Axel Reid: He has 50 pounds on her, and her knees have just been attacked all match. This is amazing. You were talking heart look no further than Constance Chapin.

Constance doesn’t have Ryder in the air long before dropping him down on top her knees with her signature gut buster. Chapin seemed to do a little damage to herself as she holds her bad knee that took the brunt of the impact dishing out the gut buster. She makes her way over for the count. . .

Ruby Parvati: NO RYDER! It’s the STREAK!! It is the XCELLENT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!




Ruby Parvati: NOOO!


Ruby Parvati: YESSS! Ryder with the kickout! The streak is still alive!

Axel Reid: Constance almost made history just now. She almost shut up the loudest mouth in the business.

Blade pops his shoulder up and the crowd boos as Constance runs her hands through her hair. She couldn’t find a way to submit Blade; now he has kicked out of her signature. Chapin pulls Ryder up by the head of his hair and slaps him across the face to the pleasure of the crowd. Spit flies from Ryder’s mouth into the first row. Chapin is not letting up striking him till he is against the ropes. Ryder nails a headbutt out of no where staggering the aggressive challenger. Ryder now hits a combonation of blows that leaves Constance hunched over. Ryder with a DDT? No, Constance slips out letting him fall to the mat by himself. Constance slips a leg between Ryders and flips him over with a sharpshooter.

Axel Reid: Another submission attempt!

Ruby Parvati: It doesn’t look like her knee is going to help her. Ryder can get out.

Ryder is in this position yet again; but with her knee swelling up nicely Constance is unable to sink it in as deep as he would like. Ryder is able to kick Constance off before too much damage is done. Ryder scurries to his feet and runs across the ring taking down Constance and delivering some fists to her face while they are on the ground. Ryder trying to change it up keep the fast pace knowing he has worked Chapin’s knees. Just as Constance is up Ryder sends her back to the mat with a perfectly executed X-Plex. Ryder’s eyes pop wide from hitting the move; he could have it won right here.

Ruby Parvati: It’s over! It is done!





Axel Reid: YES! Constance Chapin still in this one. The final fall has all these fans on the edge of their seat.

Chapin kicks out of the X-Plex and Ryder Blade doesn’t waste time pulling Constance back up. Ryder calls for it. . .

Ruby Parvati: The Edge of The Blade! Ryder not letting the kick out bother him!

Constance pushes Ryder off again not allowing the move to be hit, and leaps up with a drop kick sending both to the mat. Both competitors are quick to their feet now, but Constance uses all she has to hit another belly to belly on Ryder.

Axel Reid: Once again Ryder unable to hit that finisher on Chapin. She came prepared for this match. It seems as though both of them have done their studying.

They meet in the center of the ring and exchange lefts and rights, momentum going both ways. Ryder pulls Constance over with a hip toss, but she does a front flip and lends on her feet. The crowd cheers at the reversal, but not for long as Blade smartly kicks the back of Constance’s knee. While she is on the ground Ryder comes down with an elbow, Chapin is able to roll out of the way and get to her feet. She attempts another belly to bell suplex, but Ryder drives an elbow into the side of her head. He sets her up for another X-Plex. Chapin wraps the legs around stopping Ryder from hitting the signature move. Constance slips behind Ryder now pulling for a belly to back suplex, but Ryder swings an elbow back cracking the side of Chapin’s head again.

Axel Reid: Both of them looking for some kind of opening here.

Ryder finally grabs the head of Constance and steps forward with THE EDGE OF THE BLADE! NOOO! Constance pulls Ryder back and drops him to the mat with a swift cobra clutch leg sweep.

Axel Reid: COBRA CLUTCH LEG SWEEP to reverse The Edge of The Blade!

Ruby Parvati: NO!

Constance hops on Ryder for the quick cover. . .






A VoW Crowd has never been louder. It is absolute pandemonium!

Ruby Parvati: NO! This can’t be reality! What just happened!!!!


Ruby goes into a state of shock, making noises with her clenched throat.

Axel Reid: The 13 match winning streak has come to an end here tonight and no one can believe it!

The ref is shoving the championship into Constance Chapin’s hands!

Jerry Heisenberg: CONSTANCE CHAPIN!!!

Axel Reid: We knew she was going to do big things when she signed a VoW contract. I even knew that one day she would be a champion here; but to come in and defeat Ryder Blade who was on a 13 match win streak. . . that is unbelievable.

Ryder is on his knees now running his hands through his hair as “No Diggity” pours through the arena and the crowd starts chanting “YOU JUST LOST! YOU JUST LOST! YOU JUST LOST!” Ryder slams his fist into the mat as the Goon Squad runs past Constance on the ramp to help their fallen leader to the back. He watches on as Chapin turns at the top of the ramp raising the championship over her head to the cheering crowd. Ryder doesn’t take his eyes off the belt. He steps through the ropes as the members of the Goon Squad graciously hold it down for him.

Ruby Parvati: This… this is…

Much like Ruby, Ryder is in shock walking up the ramp to the cheers of the crowd chanting “YOU GOT PINNED! YOU GOT PINNED!” He shakes his head reaching the top of the ramp.

Ruby Parvati: I am in shock. I … no. I don’t know… what to… did he get beat?!

Axel Reid: He got beat plan and simple! Now we get the chance to see if Ryder is the man you say he is. How does he handle loss. How does he come back from it now that his streak has ended? All I know is Constance Chapin is going places. She is a superstar and after pinning Ryder Blade she just raised her stock here in VoW.

The scene focuses on Chapin celebrating with the Xcel Championship for a long time, letting this moment set in, a moment that will live long in the memory.

And Strife Makes Four


Their match is long over, yet the Chaossworn yet linger within the locker room area. Perhaps it took that long to cleanse the stench of their opponents off their flesh. Maybe danger, not for them but those in their way, is afoot. What is certain is that while Opeare Shields and Doll chat silently in one corner of the room, Emma sits trance-like on the bench as Joanna paces back and forth with Hephty perched precariously on her shoulder. Off to the side, the newest member of the group, Talon, leans against the wall of flesh, leather and muscle that is Sentinel, both silent and, like most of the rest of the gathering, patient.

That final word is not fitting for the Warchild, however. She looks with growing irritation to the door between some steps and to Emma within others. There is purpose, this much she knows, but her incessant itch to create violent mayhem is never capable of being quelled for long.

Joanna Thade: Why must we wait? Why couldn’t we have done this in the ring? Or on the ramp? The rafters? Gah, I hate waiting Goldie!

The Nihilist barely looks up, peering at the Warchild through her loose, dark hair which hangs heavily due to moisture left over from the shower.

Emma Carlisle: The world needs to see.

Joanna Thade: Yes, but considering your penchant for exposition, wouldn’t anywhere else been more fitting? I’d have figured you as wanting to draw it out and get artistic with our new riders, and instead we’re simmering in a locker room that I’m considering remodeling.

Talon: It COULD do with a redesign…

In this, Emma chuckles softly under the dark curtain of her hair. She turns to Talon standing to her left and smirks…not at the towering redhead but more at the thought of her appearance. Joanna’s pacing has increased to almost a sprint and she doesn’t bother to hide her flexing of her muscles, fighting the urge to swing the tightly gripped Hephty into the lockers.

Emma Carlisle: Sometimes presence is all one needs. Our new friend, here, opened eyes and dropped jaws without the slightest need for grand showmanship. I’ve little doubt that aura Strife possesses…

Her attention reverts to Joanna, then to the door behind her partner.

Emma Carlisle: …will manage the same.

Joanna Thade: And it’d be more interesting to see someone explode from all four in close proximity…what’s taking SO long?!

Emma Carlisle: Patience, my Bloody Queen. I’ve seen to further festivities once business has been handled.

Axel Reid: Always with the ‘festivities’ talk! What could that possibly mean?!

Ruby Parvati: You ARE familiar with the concept of plausible deniability, aren’t you?

Axel Reid: Sure. I watch a lot of Law & Order.

Ruby Parvati: Let’s just say, then, that you’re better off not knowing.

And, as if on cue, a subtle knock comes to the door…and oddly enough, it comes from the lower portion of the door. Emma’s attention is, naturally, drawn and she responds calmly.

Emma Carlisle: Enter.

After a few moments the door opens, revealing Katalina Star, wrestler and dominatrix, entering with a friendly smile on her face. She’s dressed rather plainly with some dark pants and a white blouse, her hands in dark leather gloves matching the material of her boots and her dark hair tied back into a low ponytail. In her hand she has loose hold over a leash handle connected down to a blond crawling along her hands and knees. As she crawls in along with her Mistress her attire becomes much more visible. Glittering pink hot pants, a white tank top, silver glitter boots, black leather collar with a sparkly K along the side of it, and a pink glitter ball gag shoved deeply into her mouth.

Staring at the pair as they enter Joanna’s frustrated demeanor warms into a school girl laugh. Dropping Hephty to the ground the Warchild doubles over in a fit of laughter breaking the aura that the whole room had been building.

Katalina Star: Sorry, loves, for my late arrival. This one still requires some training.

Axel Reid: Katalina Star! Another GPW alumnus, one who was quite prominent for a while there, too.

Ruby Parvati: She had a number of violent, personal wars with Artemis Kaiser as I recall…but very little interaction with Emma and her brood.

Axel Reid: Then why is she here now?

“This one” is in reference to her pet, Candi, who gives one look around the room before landing eyes on Emma and Joanna, bringing her to a swift stop. She furrows her brow and clenches her teeth over her gag, looking like she’s getting ready to pounce when her Mistress gives a sharp tug of her leash.

Katalina Star: Candi, bad. Bad. These are…mm…

Kat looks back over at Emma and Joanna then to Talon trying to figure out the best possible word to use.

Katalina Star: Acquaintances.

That word seems to suit her purpose. The Chaossworn and their fellow Horsewoman exchange looks with Talon looking more bemused than the other two. Emma, having had quite the history with Candi, have different yet equally-amused expressions on their faces. Joanna barely able to compose herself after her outburst, clearly enjoying what has happened to Candi after the closing of GPW.

Katalina Star: Besides, when you agreed to become mine you also agreed to put all personal history aside. So think of this as the…

Kat can already tell she’s explaining in a way that goes way over her pet’s head.

Katalina Star: Don’t fight them.

Simple enough. Candi nods smiling up over her gag at her Mistress then shoots a glare back at Emma and Joanna. Neither Death nor War react to the glare, instead Emma stares coldly at Candi until she, somewhat less meekly than expected, lowers her eyes. Joanna on the other hand is all giggles as she has knelt down on the floor and is looking over Candi’s collar while scooting Hephty closer to her hands with the use of her feet.

Katalina Star: She’ll be like this for a while, I’m afraid. She’s my lion.

Joanna Thade: More like a kitty cat.

Candi: <Incoherent mumbling>

Candi gets another sharp leash tug at that as Kat lets out a sigh and tries to focus back on the task at hand. Of course, it doesn’t help that the earlier lion remark is something Kat says with a questionable tone as Candi nods her head, glancing up at her Mistress and finding solace in doing so. It was suddenly clear who came up with that situation between them. Emma rises to her feet and comes within a few steps of Katalina, heedless of the discomfort in Candi at being this close to someone she’d battled in the past.

Emma Carlisle: Allow me to get to the point, Katalina: we want you to ride with us. And if you must bring your ’lion’ along, then so be it. Be our ‘Strife’ and complete the circle with us.

Axel Reid: Oh, no…

Death Incarnate turns to Talon, then Joanna, before returning her crystalline-blue gaze to the dominatrix before her, prompting the other two to vocalize their thoughts on the matter. Joanna speaks first with a playful grin etched on her face.

Joanna Thade: All the fun you’re used to with no safe words to stop it. Imagine holding the future of a business in your hands, much like you do your pets.

Talon: We don’t deal in boundaries. We deliver messages, each in our own special way.

Ruby Parvati: And how! If I’m Miss Star, I’m taking this offer very seriously!

The tall redhead gives a knowing glance to Joanna, who returns it as they nod in unison. The more violent half of the team had, it seemed, reached an understanding after an early flare-up.

Katalina Star: Tempting.

Kat replies clutching the handle of her leash nice and tightly glancing down at the expression on Candi’s face momentarily. She had concerns about bringing her here, what with her history and this still being fairly early in their relationship, but she’s glad now. To see Joanna thoroughly enjoying Candi like this and see Candi powerless to do anything against her former enemies. It’s all enough to make the dominatrix smile as well.

Talon: It took little convincing in my case.

Emma Carlisle: If you feel the need to ponder, Miss Star, perhaps a tour of the Compound would lend better credence to the seriousness which we put forth toward our cause.

Katalina Star: The castle is only a stronghold for where the beliefs can be protected, not made. So while I would appreciate a tour, this moment isn’t the time. I’ll agree to assist, if the beliefs are something I can get in tune with.

As with Talon before, Emma offers her hand to the dominatrix, paying little mind to the sharpening of the little lion’s stare.

Emma Carlisle: You will find our calling very suitable to your personal brand of, shall we say, exposition and interaction.

Katalina tightens her hold of Candi’s leash pondering the options now laid in front of her. If Candi had her way then her Mistress would just walk right out of the room…and maybe take her pet lion out for ice cream. Butterscotch. With Skittles and whipped cream and a cherry and sprinkles and more Skittles!

Katalina Star: Then I accept, loves.

Kat smiles as she exchanges hands of the now drooling Candi’s leash so she can offer out the other for a shake. Emma accepts the hand and, with that, brings the fourth member of the Horsewomen into the fold.

Ruby Parvati: And Strife makes four. You just witnessed history, Axel.

Axel Reid: This place is getting crazier by the hour…

VoW World Visionary Championship Match
Casanova English [c] Vs. Seth Iser


As we return to ringside, the audible energy of the crowd is that of hushed awe. Some people make themselves heard, but the general feeling in the building is one of astonishment and exhaustion after what just happened in the previous match. The camera’s focus on Axel and Ruby, both commentators having different emotions; Axel seems to be more composed yet a little haggard, but Ruby is staring into space with her lips tightly locked in grief.

Axel Reid: Wow… what a show this has been. And we’re not even finished yet! How are you feeling, Ruby?

Axel turns to his broadcast partner, who parts her lips and absently shakes her head.

Ruby Parvati: … I … I mean…

Ruby is still lost for words, flustered from the Xcel Championship Match between Constance Chapin and Ryder Blade.

Ruby Parvati: … I don’t even… I can’t think clearly right now!

Axel Reid: Obviously you’re still speechless about the previous match. I couldn’t quite believe it either! The streak is over!

Ruby Parvati: … Don’t say that. It’s not funny.

Axel Reid: But it happened, Ruby! Constance Chapin is the new Xcel Champion! Ryder Blade is no longer undefeated since his match against Valquist!

Ruby turns and glares at Axel, her cheeks reddened from shock and sadness.

Ruby Parvati: … You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?

Axel Reid: I’m trying to make you get over it. I mean we have the Visionary World Championship on the line next between Seth Iser and Casanova English!

Folding her arms, Ruby turns and looks away from Axel.

Axel Reid: Okay, suit yourself. Ladies and gentleman, this next match is more than just about the Visionary World Championship. It’s about pride and proving who is the superior man. For weeks English has antagonized Seth Iser with claims that he is has taken the veteran’s throne, but he has also targeted the surgically-repaired knees of the “Deity of Destruction”. Tonight, Iser sets out to prove that he can still reside on the mountain top, and that he can be a World Champion again. But will English prevail and back up his claims? We’ll find out… right now.

With the crowd still recuperating from the previous match, the lights dim down as “Psychosocial” by Slipknot begins to play. Soon enough, Seth Iser slowly walks through the curtain with that familiar scowl on his face, receiving mixed cheers and boos from the Puerto Rican crowd. He absorbs their shouts and screams as he slowly walks down to the ring, hobbling on one leg due to the attacks by Casanova English in recent weeks.

Axel Reid: The story of this match is not Iser’s age or his goal to succeed. It is that left knee. That knee has been the subject of English’s sneak attacks against Iser before this event, used to wear him down before their inevitable encounter. But Iser is not going to forfeit this opportunity. He is going to gain retribution against the Modern Day Messiah and ensure that his throne remains untainted by the words and actions of his upcoming opponent.

Ruby Parvati: … If he can remain stood up, he might just win.

Axel Reid: So you’ve decided to commentate this with me after all?

Ruby Parvati: … I’ll think about it.

Iser reaches the ring and rolls underneath the bottom rope. He then performs a crucifix pose in the center of the ring which brings the lights back on. Iser then scans the crowd calmly, rotating his shoulder and stretching his legs in quiet focus.

Axel Reid: Iser has had one chance to be the Visionary World Champion before. He was a participant in the Six Visions of Pain Match at Heatstroke, where Ziu Zhong lost the title to Valquist. Of course Iser claimed he won that match, as did Casanova English… but it was English who sunk his teeth into contention before Iser, and he went on to win the title for a second time at Armed and Dangerous.

Ruby Parvati: So all this time Iser has been envious that English got awarded that opportunity before him. Now it all makes sense.

Axel Reid: Maybe not envy, but definitely anger. However, Iser can rectify what happened last year and increase his legacy tonight. And what better way to do that then against the self-titled “Gate Keeper”?

After half-a-minute or so, with Iser staring at the entrance without moving, the lights go dim inside the arena once again as the eerie voice of a former member of the notorious Manson Family rings out.

“yeah, I remember her saying:
I’m already dead… I’m already dead… I’m already dead…”

The lights flicker revealing Casanova English on the stage, all while “Real Solution #9” by White Zombie begins to play. The crowd boos loudly as the voice continues.

“You’re going to get up and scream. I’m already dead… I’m already dead… I’m already dead…”
You’re going to get up and-
Burn an x in your head.”

Pyro blasts off from the stage and the lights turn back on as Casanova English takes a long drag of his already lit cigarette, his leather jacket hung loosely over his shoulders. He scowls at the crowd before walking down the ramp slowly, keeping his eyes set on Iser.

Axel Reid: 2015 may as well have been called “The Year of Casanova English”. From the previous Double Jeopardy event to this one… he has only been truly beaten by two people. He was first pinned by Ziu Zhong on Breakthrough #27 shortly after Fate of the Gods, losing the Visionary World Championship in the process. Then later in the year, at Breakthrough #36 in November, he was pinned by Matt Slater.

Ruby Parvati: Ryder Blade only lost once…

Axel Reid: Be that as it may… Casanova English has won the Visionary World Championship twice, and has been featured in more Main Event matches than anyone on the roster. You can credit Blade for having the longest championship reign in VoW history, and that he has lost fewer matches than English… but there is no denying who had the most newsworthy year. He ended the career of Vanessa at Nothing Else Matters. He practically held this company’s future hostage to get that Visionary World Championship in the first place. He recently buried Valquist alive at Darkest Hour and ended HIS career. This man will do anything to remain at the top of this company, and if he gets his way, we could very well see him end another career tonight.

Ruby Parvati: Anything to cleanse the bitter taste in my mouth right now … anything…

English stops to blow smoke in the general direction of some fans before slowly strutting up the steps onto the ring apron. He hangs his jacket on the turnbuckle before stepping through the second rope. English smirks as he pulls the cigarette from his lips, blowing a cloud of smoke straight up into the air and tossing his coffin nail into the crowd. English laughs as people move trying to avoid the ember, and he follows it up by uncoupling the Visionary World Championship from his waist and raising it up in front of Iser.

Axel Reid: Iser is no stranger to big-match situations. He has been in plenty of them throughout his career. Just ask Mike Park. Ask Matt Slater. Ask Hazard… if you can find him. He has failed when it matters the most… but he has also triumphed with flying colors. But if that knee gets taken out, which I’m sure English will intend to do, then even if Iser does win, he won’t be in such a celebratory mood once it’s over. Let’s go over to Jerry Heisenberg.

Both men stand idle in their respective corners, allowing Jerry Heisenberg to commence their special introductions.

Jerry Heisenberg: Ladies and Gentleman… the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the VoW VISIONARY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The crowd roar with approval, clapping their hands as the referee keeps hold of the respective title.

Jerry Heisenberg: Introducing first, the challenger… he hails from Morgantown, West Virginia and weighed in tonight at 246lbs… SETH ISER!!!

There is a strong mixed reaction for Iser, although it is more positive than negative. Iser does not react to this though, keeping English in his sights with a cold, stern expression.

Jerry Heisenberg: And his opponent… he hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and weighed in tonight at 202lbs… he is “The Modern Day Messiah” and the current VoW Visionary World Champion… CASANOVA ENGLISH!!!

English spreads his arms wide, receiving thunderous boos with a spattering of cheers mixed in. Obviously there are English followers in attendance, but the champion seems to be impervious to how the people react, whether it’s fandom or disgust. He is only concerned with defending what’s his, keeping it at all costs against his older, wiser adversary. The referee then approaches the center of the ring and holds the championship aloft, showing it to the crowd at all four sides of the ring to more applause.

Axel Reid: That’s what’s at stake, ladies and gentleman. The most prestigious prize in this company.

Ruby Parvati: Well Iser better have plenty of padding around that knee to survive this match. He’s going to need it.

Once the referee hands the championship over to an outside official and returns to the center of the ring, he checks both men before he nods and signals for the bell.


Axel Reid: And here we go. The Visionary World Championship is on the line. The Modern Day Messiah versus the Deity of Destruction.

Both men cautiously circle each other, calculating what the other could be scheming as they yearn for control. English rubs his hands together in a satisfied manner, as if he adores his chances against his larger opponent. Meanwhile Iser merely keeps his arms at his sides, remaining open for any kind of attack as he focuses on the champion. Eventually, both men stop and step towards the other, going for a standard collar-and-elbow tie-up. That is until English changes his motive at the last second and kicks out at Iser’s knee… only for Iser to quickly grab English’s foot with both hands, having anticipated this deceptive ruse!

Axel Reid: I knew English would go for the knee, but so did Iser!

Ruby Parvati: He’d be foolish to think he wouldn’t.

Forced to balance on one foot, English attempts to hop his way to the safety of the ropes. Unfortunately, Iser simply shakes his head and spins English around on the spot, catching him with a hard clothesline once English completes a full rotation! Casanova gets taken off his feet in an instant, collapsing onto the tough canvas and immediately rolling away from his imposing challenger!

Axel Reid: And look at English exit the ring after that clothesline! Go ahead, take your time, champ.

Ruby Parvati: Could you sound any more sarcastic for what is actually a smart idea?

Axel Reid: For all the talk English has done, I expected him to stand his ground and back up his words. Instead his one trick got foiled, and now he’s taking his time thinking about what to do next!

Touring the outside of the ring, English ignores the booing fans as he stares at Iser, the latter occupying the center of the ring like it’s his territory. Soon enough, English finally re-enters the ring, but Iser does not go straight after him. The challenger seems to be patient, biding his time as English chuckles to himself and circles Iser.

Axel Reid: I’m not sure why he’s laughing. The last thing I saw was Iser knock him to the ground with ease.

Ruby Parvati: Do not question the actions of Casanova English. He is much, much smarter than you. In fact, he’s better than you period.

After much stalling on English’s part, the two men go for each other again… this time with English administering a knife-edge chop to Iser’s chest! Iser tenses up from the sting, leaving him vulnerable to another chop from the champion. Before Iser can retaliate, English suddenly jumps up and connects with a Dropkick, sending Iser backwards into the ropes.

Axel Reid: It seems English is going for a different gameplan now… or maybe not!

Having spoken too soon, Axel, Ruby and the audience watch as English grabs Iser’s leg, attempting to perform a Dragon Screw. However, Iser swings a left hook at English’s head, snapping the champion back and forcing him to let go of his leg.

Axel Reid: Well English had the leg for a moment, but that left fist from Iser quickly changed things.

Walking forward, Iser delivers a knee strike to the abdomen – with his better knee – and follows up with a forearm to Casanova’s spine, keeping his opponent bent over before he applies a front facelock, trapping the champion under his broad arm. Thinking like a wrestler, Seth then grabs English’s side and hoists him into the air for a Vertical Suplex. However, English is able to free himself and begins to fall onto his feet behind the challenger… until his right leg buckles, causing him to immediately tend to his knee and quickly hobble over to the safety of the corner.

Ruby Parvati: Wait… what happened?

Axel Reid: I think English just twisted his knee on that landing. That’s got to be karma right there!

Instantly suspicious, Iser goes after English and prepares to pummel him… but English holds his hand out for Iser to stop, his face clearly pained as he keeps his hand on his damaged knee. Sensing an injury, the referee intercepts Iser, blocking the challenger from doing any damage. Iser is disgruntled as the referee kneels beside English, telling Iser to back off so he can get some room. At first the fans are puzzled… but then they start to boo tremendously.

Axel Reid: Well… I never expected this to happen so early. If 2015 was English’s year on top, 2016 could be English’s year in recovery on the sidelines.

Ruby Parvati: If he is seriously injured, does this mean he has to forfeit his championship?

When the referee asks him if he quits and can’t go on, English grits his teeth and shakes his head “no”. With his hands on his hips, Iser shakes his head and scans the crowd, not expecting this sort of situation himself. Eventually an official doctor of VoW reaches the ringside area, complete with latex gloves as he questions English’s condition. The referee then stands up and approaches Iser as the doctor tends to English, telling him he may have to stop the match. Iser is clearly annoyed with this, telling the referee it should still go on.

Axel Reid: As often as English has been an asshole, no wrestler should suffer a career-affecting injury. No wrestler should… WAIT A MINUTE!

Suddenly, to the doctor’s and the fans’ combined surprise, English bounds to his feet from the corner and rushes at the distracted Iser, chop blocking him in the back of the knee with all his might and sending his challenger crashing down! The referee is bewildered by this, looking at English as the champion laughs, all while most of the crowd boo thunderously!

Axel Reid: That son of a bitch! He wasn’t hurt at all! It was a damn setup!

Ruby Parvati: What did I say about questioning what Cass does? He knows what he’s doing every single time.

Clearly not injured and having deceived everyone, including Iser, English immediately goes to work on Iser’s bad leg, holding his foot with his hands as he drops his knee onto Iser’s knee joint. The challenger yells aloud after every harsh connection, prompting English to stand up and press his foot down onto the knee while pushing Iser’s leg forward in an excruciating manner.

Axel Reid: No leg should be bent like that! English is going to break his damn leg!

Ruby Parvati: Iser wanted this match, Axel. English obliged… and this is what Iser gets.

Shortly thereafter, English executes a rolling leg snap, torquing Iser’s leg at the hip joint and leaving the challenger grounded. From there, the World Champion hammers Iser with rapid elbow strikes, making sure he is suffering pain at every second during this contest.

Axel Reid: Well we all know English is a man who will do anything to achieve his goals, even if it means faking an injury to lead his opponent’s into a false sense of security!

Taking hold of Iser’s leg again, English slips under the bottom rope nearby and pulls Iser toward him. The referee warns Cass about the rules and threatens a count-out. Instead, the champion snaps Iser’s leg onto the apron, causing the challenger to writhe in agony!

Ruby Parvati: Somebody’s going to be on crutches before they leave Puerto Rico, that’s for sure.

Sliding back into the ring, English kicks out at the seated challenger, delivering a boot to his chest… and then a swinging kick to his face! Once Iser falls back, English covers him and hooks his leg for good measure.

Axel Reid: English going for a pinfall here!



Iser kicks out just after the two count is made. After wiping his hands to clarify he’s remaining calm, English targets the left leg of Iser again. He hooks the leg under his arm and stands up… only to drop backward with a DDT to Iser’s foot! The impact does several things at once, but all we can see is how Iser reacts, once again yelling out and reaching for his leg.

Ruby Parvati: We are slowly watching another career come to an end at the hands of Casanova English… and it’s all Iser’s fault.

Axel Reid: The only reason English has Iser in this predicament is because of his trickery!

Ruby Parvati: Don’t play dumb, Axel. Sooner or later this would have happened, and you know it.

After kicking at the leg a few more times, English begins to turn Iser over onto his belly for a Single Leg Crab. The crowd, having been made fools of for falling for English’s clever acting, firmly put their support behind the Deity of Destruction, willing him on to counter this submission. To their delight, Iser does fight against the movement, forcing his spine back onto the canvas and pulling English into another left handed punch from the ground! Like a pitbull, English remains latched on to the leg, but Iser is relentless, delivering a barrage of rights and lefts before one particular left hand stuns English and sends him falling to the side!

Axel Reid: Iser fighting back now, but will he be able to stand up on that bad leg?

Defying the pain that orders him to give in, Iser pushes himself up to his feet to major encouragement. Once he stands, he cannot put any pressure on his knee, having to lightly stand on his toes with his other foot planted firmly on the ground. But before he can muster a strong defence, English runs at Iser and hits a low dropkick at the knee, sending Iser falling back down again!

Ruby Parvati: This is just sad.

Axel Reid: Iser will not quit though. Even with all the terrible things he’s done in the past, he will fight with everything he has to achieve what he desires the most. Right now his desire is to become the Visionary World Champion and push English off his throne.

For a second time, English attempts to pull Iser into a Single Leg Crab. This time, he manages to turn Iser completely over, initiating the submission hold and squatting down for added pressure. Despite all the pain shooting through his leg, Iser fights against the will to surrender, slowly but surely dragging himself towards the distant ropes.

Axel Reid: Iser needs to get those ropes. The longer this hold lasts, the weaker his leg and his lower back becomes!

Eventually, after several moments of struggling to hold on, Iser valiantly reaches the ropes, grasping the bottom rope firmly and gripping it with unyielding strength!

Axel Reid: And Iser makes it to the ropes! English is forced to break the hold.

Hearing the referee declare that Iser saved himself the humiliation of submitting, English lets go of Iser’s leg without much resistance. He acknowledges the state of his challenger, a man who has been on the canvas longer than he has been stood up during this entire match, and simply smirks.

Axel Reid: Look at that smirk. English is enjoying his handiwork, even if Iser did make it to the ropes.

Ruby Parvati: Because he knows he has Iser beat. No matter what Iser does, he will not win. He just won’t!

Suddenly, English goes to the head of Iser and hooks him into a Dragon Sleeper. But instead of applying another submission, English begins to lift Iser up to his feet, keeping him arched backwards under his arm. Only then does it all become clear as English momentarily looks around, dropping Iser onto the canvas with an Inverted Snap DDT!

Axel Reid: English just took a page from Iser’s playbook with that Inverted DDT!

Ruby Parvati: He’s so good he can do his opponent’s moves better than they can!

However, English is not done. Eyeing the ropes and then Seth, the champion runs to the ropes and leaps onto the middle one, rotating backwards with a Lionsault! English quickly hooks Iser’s inside leg again for another pinfall!




Axel Reid: Iser got his shoulder up in the knick of time! His chance to be champion continues!

Ruby Parvati: What chance is that? The chance to be the Handicapped Champion?

Axel Reid: … That was disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Instead of keeping Iser grounded, the “Modern Day Messiah” goads Iser into standing up on his own accord. He acts like a Drill Instructor, leaning towards “The Deity of Destruction” and barking condescending, motivational words to his challenger. Iser does begin to stand, but he is not doing it simply because he wants to get to English. He knows that he needs to stay off the ground at all costs, even if his leg is completely shot.

Axel Reid: I’ve never seen Iser in this condition before. He’s fighting to stand back up, and English is insulting him!

Finally, with the crowd still behind him, Iser makes it to one knee, unable to raise his damaged left leg. That’s when English plots his next move, knowing Iser is too weak to fully stand. He hits the distant ropes and rushes towards Iser… but Iser shocks English and the crowd by valiantly standing up and quickly grabbing English into a Flapjack! He drives the champion neck first onto the top rope behind him with a Stun Gun, collapsing from the weakness of his knee at the same time!

Axel Reid: What a counter from Iser, but he couldn’t stay on his feet for more than a second!

Ruby Parvati: He should get that limb amputated. It’s going to be no use to him soon.

As English feels his throat, Iser growls defiantly and grabs the middle rope, using them as support as he forces himself up yet again! Some of the crowd chant his name, watching as Iser stands fully! Unfortunately, he can’t handle much weight and bends his left leg, having to stand on his toes lightly yet again. At the same time, the persistent English manages to get back to a vertical base and chops Iser. But after he does so, Iser grabs English and powers him upward, driving him down to the canvas with a Spinebuster!

Axel Reid: And now a Spinebuster from Iser! He’s not giving up on his objective to reclaim the throne English says he took from him!

Running on adrenaline and anger, Iser grimaces as he feels his knee, only to summon immense courage as he forces himself back to his feet again! He hobbles around, trying to see if he can survive this contest on one leg, but he still has trouble applying any kind of weight down. Meanwhile the champion is weakly standing, his body shocked by the impact of the Spinebuster. As he turns towards Iser, the challenger levels him with a right hand… and then he connects with three rapid left jabs and an incredible Discus Clothesline, falling to the canvas along with Casanova after the strike! Iser then makes a lateral cover on English…



TH– NO! English popped his left shoulder up before the three!

Ruby Parvati: He’s fighting in vain! It’s not going to work!

Axel Reid: You sound like you’re doubting yourself, Ruby! I see a man who could very well overcome the injury that has plagued him for the past few years on his way to being the Visionary World Champion!

Not allowing his injury to defeat him, Iser courageously pushes himself up onto his better leg again, hobbling forward some more as he massages his left knee and adjusts his visible knee brace. English, groggy from the jabs and the clothesline, wearily gets up on his own accord… only to stumble into Iser’s path. Fuelled by vengeance, Iser punches English in the stomach and grabs him for a Back Suplex. But instead of doing that, he hooks English’s left leg and powers him up, dropping him onto his right knee with a shin breaker! The crowd cheer this act of bittersweet justice, watching as English feels his leg and rolls around!

Axel Reid: That’s payback! Now how does English like it?!

Snarling through the pain, Iser slowly drags English back up to his feet while still balancing his weight on one leg and his left toes. For a second time, Iser powers English up into another Shin Breaker, attempting to snap the leg of the champion and gain a savage form of retribution! The crowd accept this joyously, although there are those in attendance who boo Iser’s tactics and the decimation of their spiritual leader.

Axel Reid: I never thought there would be a day when a crowd of people… even ONE person… would rally behind Seth Iser. This is unbelievable!

Ruby Parvati: For years he’s exposed how flawed and gullible they are… but instead he’s become just like them! He’s lost his way, and because of that, he’s going to lose this match as well.

Axel Reid: So he’s had a change of heart! That’s not a bad thing!

Following up on these shin breakers, Iser leans on the nearby ropes as he stomps down on English’s leg and knee, attempting to give him the same injury that warranted knee reconstruction surgery!

Ruby Parvati: This isn’t going to prove anything! If he injures English, he’ll have Hell to pay from the Orphanage!

Axel Reid: I don’t think Iser cares! All he cares about is redeeming himself and punishing English for his actions in recent weeks!

Suddenly, as English is crawling away from Iser to avoid more kicks, he swings his other leg out and connects with Iser’s left knee! The challenger’s leg gets taken out in front of him, but he stubbornly holds on to the ropes, almost looking like he is sitting on nothing in particular. Once English gets back up, shaking his leg to see if he can move it properly, he slightly limps towards Iser before he hits a low dropkick into Iser’s RIGHT knee!

Axel Reid: Now English is going for the other leg! He’s taken one out already! Might as well get the other one too!

Ruby Parvati: And why not? Iser will be a sitting duck… literally!

After performing a Dragon Screw, English rolls out of the ring and grabs the right leg of Iser. With all of his strength, he drags his opponent across the canvas towards the corner, where he leans in, grabs Iser’s other leg and pulls him closer to the ring post.

Axel Reid: Oh really?! English is going to use that ring post, and there’s no way Iser can defend himself!

Ignoring the referee, who is scolding English for what he is about to do, the champion swings Iser’s right leg into the post, damaging the knee at the joint! Iser yells out in agony, immediately sitting up and reaching for his leg. But instead of letting Iser favour his knee one last time, the champion has other ideas. Taking another page out of Iser’s playbook, English wraps Iser’s legs around the post in a Figure Four position!

Axel Reid: No… he wouldn’t!

As the crowd boo loudly – again with some fans cheering amongst them – English feeds one of his legs through the gap and jumps up, pressing his other leg onto the right ankle of Iser and hanging upside down in a post-assisted FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! The referee immediately starts counting English up to five, doing so as Iser elbows the canvas in a state of anguish!

Axel Reid: This is uncalled for, but English could end up being Disqualified!

Ruby Parvati: But Iser just submitted! He quits!

Axel Reid: His elbow hitting the mat doesn’t count! And Iser hasn’t quit, nor do I believe he will!

At the count of four, English finally lets go of the hold, falling onto his side before he looks up and sees Iser drag himself away from the corner.

Axel Reid: Well English avoided a Disqualification, but the damage has been done. Iser is broken and agonized!

Ruby Parvati: Again… he wanted this match. This could be the last one he ever has.

After sliding back into the ring, English goes after Iser’s legs again. He grabs his left leg and kicks the thigh muscle of his challenger… and then he looks around at the crowd with a smirk.

Axel Reid: What is he thinking now?

Demonstrating his message that he is indeed Seth Iser’s superior and successor, English appears to go for a standard Figure Four Leg Lock. Instead, he twists Iser’s leg with a Spinning Toe Hold, showing complete disrespect to the challenger!

Ruby Parvati: This is brilliant!

Axel Reid: This is pure arrogance from English! I know you’re happier now, but at least… HEY!

Suddenly, to the amazement of the commentators and the audience, Iser sits up and reverses the Spinning Toe Hold into a SMALL PACKAGE!


Ruby Parvati: WHAT!

The referee slides into a position where he can see English’s shoulders!




Ruby Parvati: Well there goes Iser’s last chance for redemption!

Axel Reid: Or is it?!

Somewhat respecting Iser’s tenacity, English still has a sour expression on his face after nearly being beaten with a counter. As Iser remains on his back, unable to really move that much, English angrily runs to the ropes again. He leaps on the middle rope for a second Lionsault… BUT ISER MOVES AT THE LAST SECOND!

Axel Reid: English went for another Lionsault, but instead he hit nothing but canvas!

Clutching his chest, English deeply inhales as he struggles back to his feet. Iser wilfully does the same thing, managing to get onto one foot just as English approaches him. The Deity of Destruction punches out at the champion with rights and lefts, stunning the Gate Keeper momentarily. That’s when, with the crowd screaming loudly, Iser forces himself up to a vertical base, grabs English by the head and DRILLS HIM WITH THE DEPRIVATION DDT!


Ruby Parvati: NO… THIS CAN’T BE!

The crowd are ecstatic as Iser crawls across the champion, collapsing onto his body and breathing heavily as the referee counts!






Axel Reid: I thought Iser had him there! We could have crowned a new Xcel Champion AND a new Visionary World Champion on the same night!

Ruby Parvati: Don’t mention the Xcel Championship again!

Flustered from this grand battle of attrition, both men struggle to get back up. Iser is obviously the one worst for wear, gingerly moving around as English uses the ropes to guide his ascent. Once both men fully stand, with Iser still having to balance on one leg, English is the first to strike his slower, more fatigued opponent with a knife-edge chop. Seconds later, Iser retaliates with a right hand… and English responds with a forearm!

Axel Reid: It’s like we’re back to square one! Which one of these men will leave Puerto Rico as the World Champion?!

English seems to get the upper hand with a series of forearms… but Iser changes things with a well-timed headbutt! Another headbutt sends English down onto his knees, whereby Iser grabs the champion by his hair and pulls him upward. However, English has the wherewithal to poke Iser in the eye, temporarily blinding his opponent before he kicks Iser’s left knee again!

Axel Reid: And right back to the knee! That’s English’s only advantage right now… the ability to properly stand!

After administering another kick, this time to Iser’s stomach, English then leaps up and drops the Deity of Destruction on his face with the ENGLISH LESSON!

Ruby Parvati: Now this match can end! Iser put up quite a fight, but in the end, I told you so!

Axel Reid: Then why isn’t English going for the cover?

Ruby Parvati: I’m sure he’s got a reason!

Axel is right; English does not go for the cover. Instead the champion heads towards the nearest corner, scaling the ropes and perching himself on the top rope. He is facing away from his opponent… which can only mean one thing.

Axel Reid: He’s not going for a Moonsault, is he? That’s adding insult to injury yet again!

However, Iser does not want to stay down. Using all of his available resources, he battles back up to his feet as English hurriedly wonders what to do against this man. Hobbling forward, Iser slowly pursues his antagonist… and that’s when English leaps backwards with a Moonsault Crossbody!

Ruby Parvati: THERE HE GOES!

But to complete shock and awe, Iser CATCHES English against his broad chest and staggers backwards on one leg!



Then, as the crowd are at a fever pitch, Iser’s eyes light up with rage. In a moment of pure insanity, Iser turns English upside down against his body and DELIVERS THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!!


Ruby Parvati: WAIT… WHAT?!

The crowd come unglued as Iser rests across the downed champion, not even paying attention to the referee as the official counts the pinfall!






Ruby Parvati: BUT… WHAT?!

“Psychosocial” by Slipknot plays throughout the arena, but it is drowned out by the overjoyed masses. Iser, bad leg and all, rolls away from English and feels his knee. But his anguish and sacrifices have truly been paid off, something he realizes as the referee hands him the Visionary World Championship. Iser collects the gold belt and studies it wearily, knowing he has overcome everything and achieved his goal.

Axel Reid: Seth Iser has overcome his knee injury and reclaimed his throne! This man had one leg… ONE LEG… but he still managed to beat Casanova English! I can’t believe it! What a night we’re having here in Caguas!

Ruby Parvati: But… something isn’t right here…

Jerry Heisenberg: Here is your winner…

Suddenly, as Jerry is about to announce the victor, Iser’s music is suddenly replaced with “Sick Like Me” by In This Moment. Bewildered, Iser looks towards the entrance as the VoW General Manager Sky Sangue steps out onto the stage, holding a microphone and studying Seth Iser from afar. Meanwhile English has not moved, remaining still in the ring after suffering the Tombstone.

Axel Reid: Wait… why is Sky Sangue out here?

The music fades, allowing Sky to hear the confused remarks from the capacity crowd.

Sky Sangue: As you are all aware, it is my priority as the General Manager of VoW to legislate rules and contests, and ensure that those aforementioned rules and contests are properly adhered to. With that said, I would like to bring to your attention a particular ruling that was made last year… to prevent severe injury and promotional hindrances.

Iser stares at Sky from afar, keeping hold of the Visionary World Championship at his sweat-laden chest.

Sky Sangue: Mr Iser… I am out here to remind you, and all of those in attendance here in Caguas, Puerto Rico… that your Tombstone Piledriver was banned after numerous injury reports related to its execution.

Axel Reid: Oh no…

Ruby Parvati: I knew it! I thought something wasn’t right!

The crowd continue to boo this announcement, all while the color fades from Iser’s exhausted face.

Sky Sangue: Therefore… it is my duty to inform you… that you have hereby been Disqualified for using the Tombstone Piledriver.

This causes the crowd to boo more so. Suddenly Iser starts to force himself to his feet, although he knows he has made an irrational error, fuelled by anger and malice.

Sky Sangue: As a result… I am also reversing the decision of this contest. Mr Heisenberg, if you will.

Having heard her verdict, Jerry nods at ringside and speaks again.

Jerry Heisenberg: Ladies and gentleman… due to the ruling of our General Manager Sky Sangue… the winner of this match via Disqualification… and STILL THE VoW VISIONARY WORLD CHAMPION… CASANOVA ENGLISH!!!

Thunderous boos flow around the packed arena with a few cheers mixed in as Sky disappears backstage. Aggravated by what just occurred, Iser refuses to let the championship go, knowing he won and wanting to possess what should be his.

Axel Reid: Oh man… that’s a heartbreaker. But the move was banned last year. Sky Sangue had every right to change the outcome of this match based on that move.

Ruby Parvati: And I’ve just realized English hasn’t moved either! He could have a broken neck!

The referee, who is also hating himself for counting the pinfall when he should have known the move was banned, asks Iser to give him the belt back. The crowd refuse to accept this, booing as Iser reluctantly hands the championship over to the official. The referee then approaches the still-downed English and lays the belt on his stomach and raising his arm, initiating the outro version of “Real Solution #9” by White Zombie.

Axel Reid: So English is leaving here still the Visionary World Champion… but neither of these men will feel the same ever again.

Iser stumbles to the corner and sits in deep contemplation, watching painfully as several staff members tend to the champion. Eventually they get him out of the ring, whereby English is somehow able to stand. Still, he does need help leaving the ringside area, but he still has the strength to hold on to his championship, not wanting to let it go for as long as he lives.

Ruby Parvati: English remains on the throne, Axel. I told you Iser wouldn’t win.

Axel Reid: He did win! He beat English fair and square! But because he used a banned move and had a lapse of judgement in doing so, he was forced to abdicate the title. English won by a technicality. That’s the real situation!

English is able to raise the belt aloft in silent triumph as he is escorted to the backstage area, causing the crowd to boo and cheer at the same time. But the story is about Seth Iser’s mood, with everyone turning to focus on a man who had everything… and lost it in a matter of moments. He stares at the canvas silently, not willing to move from his spot. But eventually, as he does start to move, some of the crowd applaud his tenacious effort, prompting him to look around with a slight glare.

Axel Reid: This man deserves respect. For years he demanded it… but tonight he earned it.

Ruby Parvati: I can’t believe he’s able to stand up!

Axel Reid: Only just, Ruby. Only just.

Several other officials aid Iser as he rolls out of the ring, hobbling towards the backstage area in English’s shadow as the scene fades to a brief commercial…

#GamesGinaPlays #GameOfTheDay


The feed cuts to the back to find young hopeful Gina Neon sitting in the communal locker room, frantically mashing away at her Game Boy. Judging by the tinny, tinkling chiptune coming from the gaming device, the game being played is Tetris, which would explain the button-mashing. This seems to be what passes for a pre-match ritual at Camp Neon, if the fact that the youngster is wearing her gear is any indication, and it is on the course of this activity that Gina’s partner, Nicole Evans, finds her.

Nicole Evans: Gina…

At first, the rookie does not hear her partner, leading Nicole to gently touch her shoulder as she repeats:

Nicole Evans: Gina…!!!

Feeling the contact of her partner’s hand, Gina jumps about an inch off the bench, with a yelp. Then, pausing her Game Boy, she turns to glower at her partner.

Gina Neon: Geez, Nicole! Don’t come creepin’ up on people like that!

Nicole holds up her hands apologetically.

Nicole Evans: I’m sorry, love. I was just coming to check if you were all right. Because of..you know…

Gina Neon: …ladders?

Nicole Evans: Yes…

Gina shrugs, holding up her Game Boy:

Gina Neon: It’s fine if I don’t think about it. And right now, I’m not thinkin’ about it.

Nicole nods, drawing a grin from Gina.

Gina Neon: Just call me when it’s time to get out there, ‘kay?

Nicole Evans: All right.

Satisfied that she and her partner have reached an understanding, Gina returns to her line-piling, as Nicole motions to leave the locker room. Before the Brit can go too far, however, a call arises, stopping her in her tracks:

Gina Neon: Hey Nicky…!

Nicole swivels around once more to face her seated partner.

Nicole Evans: Yes, Gina?

Gina is grinning from ear to ear as she holds up her portable gaming device yet again.

Gina Neon: …wanna play?

It is with a giggling Nicole sitting down next to her partner and taking the Game Boy from her that the segment ends…

Lashing Out


The errant camera backstage at VoW once again captures the sound of voices – this time, exalted.

Voice: What the FREAK did we say about FREAKING cheating??? We’re trying to get RID of that image, yo! Way to freaking shoot The Blade in the freaking foot! Where the EFF did you get the EFFING skateboard from anyway? The Blade had that hish stored in the EFFING storage room at home for an EFFING reason!!!

The owner of the ranting voice – who appears on camera a moment later – is none other than the former Xcellent Champion and former every-record-in-the-book-holder, Ryder Blade. The targets of his wrath are, of course, the Goon Squad, who contrived to get themselves expelled from ringside on the course of the 2-out-of-3 falls title match earlier in the night. As Ryder gives both a piece of his mind, neither tries to object or argue, instead letting the vanquished Champion vent – which he does.

Ryder Blade: You two buttmonkeys were a FREAKING embarrassment! Some FREAKING help! How’s The Blade supposed to face his Dad now? What’s he supposed to freaking tell him? That he’s an Xcellent Chump? That he let Sprintex down? That he let HIM down? And that you two booger-brains HELPED?!

At this point, one of the guards – the tall, muscular one – motions as if to say something, but Ryder is unreceptive, instead pushing him and the other Goon in the chest:

Ryder Blade: Get the FREAK out of the Blade’s face!

With this, and keeping his head down to hide a visible fluster, the man formerly known as The X strides down the hallway, leaving his two goons to reflect upon his anger-fueled words as we cut to the upcoming match…

Main Event 1
Double Jeopardy Ladder Match for the Twin City Championships!
The Requiem (Tyron Bickerton & Hardcore Heath) [c] Vs. The Neon Babes (Gina Neon & Nicole Evans)


We return from a swift commercial break and there’s a huge buzz in the ring as the camera zooms in on the Twin City Championships hanging high above the ring before panning to ringside where ladders are placed around the ring.

Axel Reid: There you see it, Ruby…The cold, structures made to aid you in changing light bulbs and climbing up to put the christmas lights around the house…Those very structures are going to be used to main and batter four competitors tonight in our first Main Event.

Ruby Parvati: If you thought one legged Iser was bad, wait until you see what Nicole Evans and her freak of a partner do to Wide Load and the 3 Faces of Strange in this Ladder Match!

Axel Reid: But it’s not just any Ladder Match Ruby…It’s a Double Jeopardy Ladder Match, and the ever so popular Jerry Heisenberg is going to explain what makes this variation different in a matter of moments!

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper plays through the speakers as the Neon Babes step out onto the platform. Gina comes out in front and is her usual colourful self, sporting big 80s shutter shades and skipping and dancing to the tune. Nicole walks behind, in a far more dignified and classy way, as befits her nickname.

Jerry Heisenberg: The following contest is scheduled to be the FIRST MAIN EVENT of the evening, and is a DOUBLE JEOPARDY LADDER MATCH for the VoW TWIN CITY CHAMPIONSHIPS! In order to win this match, BOTH members of each TEAM must ascend the ladders and SIMULTANEOUSLY retrieve the championships! Introducing first, the challengers! They weighed in this evening at a combined weight of 261lbs… GINA NEON and NICOLE EVANS, THE NEON BABES!!!

Ruby Parvati: Ah the 80’s…I don’t remember any of it, Axel.

Axel Reid: Neither do I, do you think it might be because we were both born in the 80’s, Ruby?

Ruby Parvati: … That’s probably the reason why. The 90’s were better anyhow.

As the two walk down the ramp, Gina slaps every hand in sight, literally throws herself into photo-ops and – just before entering the ring – gives her shades to a specially selected fan at ringside. All the while, Nicole climbs the steps, leaning over the middle rope and calling Gina over to smack her rear. Her partner promptly hops onto the apron and obliges, after which the two take to the ring and wait for the match to begin, Gina still waving at everyone in sight.

Ruby Parvati: Should see really be this happy for a Ladder Match? She’s going to be broken by the time this one is over.

Axel Reid: She’s excited for this opportunity to be a Twin City Champion alongside Nicole… but I think the gravity of the situation will set in once the bell rings.

Soon enough, Missy Chick walks out to no music of her own, carrying a clipboard. She strides with purpose, stopping at ringside as she turns to the entrance ramp, just as “No Hablo Ingles” by Bowling For Soup begins blaring. Moments later, Tyron bursts out from behind the curtain, fired up and brimming with energy. He delivers high-fives and fist-bumps to fans on his way down the ramp, standing by Missy at ringside.

Axel Reid: One half of the current Twin City Champions and the now former Zero Gravity Champion…The only double champion in the history of VoW. Those are accomplishments that Tyron Bickerton has achieved in a matter of months here in VoW. This match…this match could be another huge feather in his cap.

Ruby Parvati: But was he the longest reigning champion in VoW history and the greatest Xcel Champion in VoW History? And was he undefeated for nearly a year? I don’t think so, Axel… But give me a call when he does do that.

As he jumps up and down on the spot, getting a pep talk from Missy, “Little Pills” by Devilskin plays, introducing the sight of Hardcore Heath as he comes out yelling things that don’t seem to make sense.

Ruby Parvati: I wonder how he feels after his son hit him earlier tonight? He was ready to kill Dathyn!

Axel Reid: Well I’m sure he wants to show his son he’s a good man… and a tough man. If he can retain the Twin City Championships with Tyron in this match, he will prove both at the same time. It’s just a pity his son has been taken in by someone like Dathyn. That man might as well be the devil incarnate.

Jerry Heisenberg: And their opponents… they weighed in this evening at a combined weight of 485lbs, and are the current VoW Twin City Champions… TYRON BICKERTON and HARDCORE HEATH, THE REQUIEM!!!

Once at ringside, Heath slaps Tyron on the back and shouts out, causing Missy to shake her head. She points them to the Neon Babes, whereby Tyron and Heath enter the ring and approach the two women.

Axel Reid: As you should recall Ruby, the first Double Jeopardy Ladder Match was of course won by the Gang Stars, Jermaine Brown and Shay McClure, at last year’s event to crown the first ever Twin City Champions.

Ruby Parvati: I wonder what happened to those two?

Axel Reid: They’re either in Scotland, somewhere in the States… or somewhere completely different. Who knows, is all I’m saying.

After Tyron and Heath hand their respective championships over to the referee, he carefully straps both belts to the lowered cables and signals for them to go up. Both teams stare the titles as they ascend higher and higher, eventually reaching their correct position. Once this is done, the referee notifies both teams of what to do to win, and once they understand, he signals for the bell!


Axel Reid: And here we go! The Requiem defending their championships against the Neon Babes!

Ruby Parvati: In our FIRST Main Event, no less! We still have one match to go after this!

Four participants, two winners. Neon. Bickerton. Evans. Heath. All four meet in the middle of the ring and begin to mouth off…well, it’s primarily Nicole running her mouth at Tyron and Heath while Gina just stares up in awe of the shiny tag team championships. Soon, both teams are raring to go, with Heath squatting down as Tyron slaps his chest to convey his determination. Gina and Nicole look set too, although Gina is still smiling excitedly. They look like they’re going to go for a member of each team… but suddenly, both teams spin around and hastily leave the ring, immediately going for the ladders around ringside!

Axel Reid: It seems both teams don’t want to wrestle! They just want to get the belts and win this match!

Ruby Parvati: Oh they’ll be fighting soon. They’re just bringing in the ladders now for a faster victory!

Axel Reid: There’s quite the size difference between The Neon Babes and The Requiem. Both Tyron and Heath tower over Gina and Nicole, and not only do the boys have a size advantage but they also have experience edge when it comes to being a tag team and ladder matches.

Ruby Parvati: Experience schmerience! The girls are lighter and quicker, and in a match like this, you’ll need all the speed and agility you can get!

Gina and Nicole locate one ladder, both getting at each end and lifting it up with a slight struggle. Meanwhile Tyron grabs one ladder by himself and holds it at his chest, walking to the apron and sliding it into the ring. As he does so, Heath scans the area before he shakes his head, obviously wanting to find a bigger ladder. He searches under the ring, and as soon as he sees the top of a spare one, he smiles and begins to pull it out… only to have a small step ladder in his hands!

Ruby Parvati: Well that’s not going to be much use, is it?

The fans seem to laugh as Heath looks at it… but he shrugs and goes to put it in the ring anyway. Before he can, Tyron sees it and taps him on the shoulder, garnering his attention and pointing at it. Tyron asks him what he’s doing, and Heath points to the Neon Babes and gestures he’ll use it anyway he can.

Ruby Parvati: Dissension already perhaps?

Axel Reid: I think Tyron is just confused why Heath would use that small step ladder, actually!

Shaking his head, Tyron takes hold of the small step ladder… but Heath won’t let go of it. As the two struggle, Missy Chick storms up to them and shouts at them, directing them to the Neon Babes who are back in the ring with their own ladder. As Tyron and Heath simultaneously look at where they are, Nicole surprises both members of the Requiem with a dropkick through the ropes, managing to kick the small step ladder into Heath’s chest!

Axel Reid: And Nicole has decided to keep the Requiem at bay as Gina struggles to put up that ladder by herself!

Missy shakes her clipboard with anger as Nicole gets onto the apron and leaps at Tyron for a Crossbody… but Tyron simply catches her and slams her down onto the floor with ease!

Ruby Parvati: OUCH! Nicole will be feeling that in the morning! That’ll be worse than the pain I felt when I lost my–

Axel Reid: For the sake of everyone, please do not go into that story!

Meanwhile, a valiant Gina somehow manages to stand the ladder up, but she does look exhausted just from doing that! She says something about her size before she locks the ladder tight and, after looking at the rungs and counting each one, nervously begins to climb.

Ruby Parvati: Shouldn’t she wait for her partner first?

Axel Reid: I think she’s overcoming her fear of heights early so she doesn’t let Nicole down when it matters!

Gina stands on the first rung, but she takes breathes as she gets up onto the second rung. But as she does so, Tyron enters the ring and studies her, watching as Gina freezes in place at the rungs left to climb. Moments later, Gina looks over her shoulder, only to see Tyron standing there.

Axel Reid: Well she didn’t get very far, but it was a start!

Neon closes her eyes and sighs as Tyron calmly grabs Gina like a child and places her down on the mat. Chants of “GOOD GUY TYRON!” begin to start as the crowd is almost captured by the moment. Tyron puts up both his hands telling her to “Wait just a second…”! Tyron then gets ready to climb himself… but a frustrated Gina jumps onto his back and latches onto him with a sleeper hold!

Ruby Parvati: Yeah, piggy-back your way up there, ya 80’s freak!

Axel Reid: This is Gina simply wearing down one opponent and not having to worry about two at the same time. But it doesn’t seem to be… yeah, there we go…

Indeed, Gina’s sleeper hold does not work as Tyron grabs her and falls backwards, crushing Gina beneath him!

Axel Reid: GOODNESS! Bickerton may have squashed her!

Ruby Parvati: Ladies and gentlemen, VoW presents…The Neon Pancake, Gina Neon!

Meanwhile, Heath has gotten back up on the outside of the ring, as has Nicole, but it is Heath who gets her first, picking her up and slamming her onto the apron with a powerslam!

Axel Reid: And now Heath slams Nicole onto the apron! If Nicole’s back gets damaged more like this, she won’t be able to climb at all!

Ruby Parvati: If this is what it takes for him to sort out his personality, then he’s being an idiot.

Tyron delivers a Gutwrench Suplex to Gina as Heath brings Nicole into the ring – a strange decision considering it’ll be better to isolate one and keep the other away at all costs. Heath then slams her into the corner and boots her down into a seated position, only to stop as he sees Tyron going up for the titles.

Ruby Parvati: Well, this was fun while it lasted.

Axel Reid: They haven’t even got the titles yet, what are you talking about?

Tyron is half-way up as Heath approaches the ladder, telling Tyron to wait there as he begins to climb. However, as he starts to climb, the heart of Gina Neon presents itself as she forces herself back to her feet and pursues him, grabbing a hold of his leg and stopping him from climbing further. Heath looks down at her, thinking of what to do before he looks at Tyron. The other half of Requiem tells him to stop her, prompting Heath to climb back down with Gina punching at his leg.

Ruby Parvati: She is annoyingly persistent, isn’t she?

Axel Reid: She wants to win this match, as do Tyron and Heath! You can’t tell her to lie down and stay there!

Heath takes some over-the-top punches to his chest, but he blocks a third punch and pulls Gina into a Scoop Slam. Tyron remains on the ladder as Missy barks at Heath to climb again from outside the ring… but neither of them notice Nicole leaving the ring and grabbing the small step ladder! She enters the ring again with it and jumps at Tyron, smashing him in the spine with the metal and causing him to fall off the ladder in pain!

Axel Reid: Nicole just hit Tyron with that step ladder!

Ruby Parvati: I knew I liked her for a reason!

With Tyron writhing in pain, Heath finally notices Nicole, who rushes at him and strikes him in the ribs with the head of the ladder! This causes Missy to clamber onto the apron and shout at her, telling her she’s no good and will never achieve Craig Anderson’s success. Aggravated by this, Nicole swings the ladder towards Missy, but she smartly jumps down and avoid the strike!

Axel Reid: Missy playing mind games with Nicole to give the Requiem some time to recover, and it seems to have worked!

Reason being, Heath is now back up, and he grabs Nicole from behind and gives her a German Suplex that sends her and the small ladder sailing through the air! Luckily for the audience, the step ladder lands outside the ring near the barricade, not coming into contact with anyone as Nicole feels her damaged back again! Afterwards, Heath sees the ladder Tyron slid in before and picks it up, placing it in the corner and wedging it in.

Ruby Parvati: This maniac needs to sort his head out. What good is a ladder when it’s there?

Axel Reid: I feel we may see the result of your question soon enough…

Once again Gina is rising to her feet, all while Tyron is recovering from the ladder shot and the consequential fall. Seeing her fighting on, Heath grabs Gina and whips her towards the ladder in the corner… but Gina jumps onto it at the last second and holds onto the rungs!

Ruby Parvati: What… bloody… Spiderlady?!

Axel Reid: That was amazing!

The crowd cheer her athleticism, continuing to do so as Heath approaches her and gets a kick to the head from the Second Babe as she stands on the upright ladder! However, since she was forced to lean back to deliver the kick, the ladder begins to fall backwards!

Ruby Parvati: Neon Pancake Two is coming!

Reacting quickly, Gina leaps off towards the canvas, allowing the ladder to fall by itself and land on top of Heath’s head!

Axel Reid: That’ll cause a migraine… or a concussion!

Feeling his head, Heath yells out as he stumbles around… only to be taken down by a Leg Lariat from Nicole!

Ruby Parvati: Yay, Nicole is back!

Unfortunately, she is not alone. Once Gina gets back to her feet, she is clotheslined by an aggressive Tyron, who then goes after Gina and pops her up into a Powerbomb! Missy applauds his ruthless side, watching as Tyron tends to Heath and begins to pick him up.

Axel Reid: Tyron may have saved the titles for the Requiem now.

Ruby Parvati: But there’s Neon Pancake like a damn cockroach!

Despite taking a clothesline and being slammed around, Gina is still full of energy. With speed and great agility, Gina jumps onto the middle rope and springboards at Tyron and Heath, grabbing both of their heads and planting them down with a momentum-assisted double Bulldog!

Axel Reid: Impressive move from Gina Neon! She may be new to the sport, but she is certainly fitting in!

Ruby Parvati: As long as she helps Nicole, I’m fine with it… even if Nicole can team with someone better…

Helping Gina up, Neon tells Nicole they can win. Both women shout “NEON POWER!” before they approach the ladder, beginning to climb at the same time!

Axel Reid: And now the Neon Babes are going after the belts!

Nicole seems to be faster than Gina with her damaged spine, but only because Gina is still struggling to get over her fear. Nicole reaches the top and shows Gina it’s easy to do, spurning her partner on to climb faster. However, as Gina manages to reach the third rung, a recovered Tyron charges at the ladder and pushes it over, sending Nicole down onto the ropes and Gina onto the canvas!

Axel Reid: But Tyron stops them and sends the ladder over!

Ruby Parvati: Wide Load got power, that’s for sure.

Gina is the first to get up of the two, but Tyron grabs her and executes a Belly-to-Belly! Nicole is next, and she receives a second Belly-to-Belly for her trouble! Heath then gets up, but instead of helping Tyron, he exits the ring and starts searching under the ring apron for something.

Axel Reid: What on Earth is Heath doing now?

Missy looks at Heath quizzically as he walks around the ring, finally finding what he’s looking for. To the approval of the crowd, Heath pulls out a folded table, propping it on its side and beginning to straighten the legs!

Axel Reid: We’ve seen enough tables tonight, Heath! We don’t need another one!

Ruby Parvati: Does he know this is a LADDER MATCH and not a TABLES MATCH?! He already saw Tyler Storm and Dathyn compete in one tonight before his son hit him, and rightfully so!

Missy questions Heath’s tactics, but he ignores her and sets the table up without a care. Meanwhile, Tyron has straightened the ladder up and has positioned it under the belts, but he suddenly notices Heath isn’t present. He goes to the ropes and calls Heath in, but after he does, he turns around and receives a Superkick from Nicole!

Axel Reid: Tyron gets hit with a Superkick!

Ruby Parvati: I didn’t even see her get up!

As Nicole lingers near the ropes, Heath suddenly reaches in and trips her up. He drags her outside the ring and whips her towards the far barricade, which Nicole collides with painfully! Heath then charges at Nicole and goes to give her a Big Boot… but Nicole dodges and Heath crotches himself on the barricade! This gives Nicole the opportunity to Superkick Heath, sending him out to the audience!

Ruby Parvati: That takes care of him!

However, Nicole is damaged and rests on the ground, feeling her back all the while. With Nicole, Heath and Tyron down, Gina gets up and sees she is alone. She looks up at he belts and the ladder, and even though she knows she can’t win alone, she is going to try and see if she can climb this thing without assistance!

Ruby Parvati: Now Gina is going to try and climb the ladder again. Better make it snappy!

Axel Reid: If she accomplishes this, she can surely help Nicole later on!

The crowd cheer on Gina as she makes her slow ascent, counting each step with a whisper. She tries not to look up or down; she simply keeps her eye on the next rung, willing herself to get up as fast as she can. But with great persistence and crowd encouragement, Gina does reach the top! Once she realizes, Gina screams with joy, proud that she achieved her goal to positive fanfare!

Axel Reid: She did it! She’s at the top!

But Gina seems to be celebrating too much to pay attention to her surroundings, otherwise she would have noticed a now vertical Tyron going behind her! He grabs her by the legs and pulls her off the ladder, amazingly catching her on his shoulders before he turns into an Electric Chair Drop!

Ruby Parvati: The celebrations have been cut short for Gina!

Axel Reid: And look at Heath, clambering over the barricade as Nicole steadily gets back to her feet.

Annoyed with her, Heath immediately goes after Nicole, taking her off-guard with a running Spear that sends Nicole backwards and onto the floor! After this he sees Tyron standing over Gina, and the Psychopath enters the ring to join his partner. Heath and Tyron then climb the ladder themselves, inching their way to their respective belts!

Axel Reid: This could be the Requiem’s night! Nicole and Gina are out!

Heath and Tyron get near the belts, almost experiencing victory as Tyron touches his belt and takes hold of it.


Ruby Parvati: But look at Gina! She’s back up AGAIN!

Surprisingly, Gina fights her way up and jumps at Heath, hammering him in the back to stop him before he can grab his belt! Frustrated, Heath doesn’t climb down; instead he jumps off the ladder and takes Gina down with a clothesline!

Ruby Parvati: And that takes care of her!

That’s when Heath orders Tyron to come down so that they can finish Gina off once and for all. Tyron looks at his belt, and with a shake of his head he lets go and climbs back down.

Ruby Parvati: I guess this will be the end of the Neon Pancake.

Tyron looks apprehensive about it, but if it means they can win without disruption, it’s the only thing they can do. Weary, Tyron heads towards the corner and mounts the turnbuckles, just as Heath places Gina into a Powerbomb position!

Axel Reid: Oh this won’t be good…

With Gina in a Powerbomb position, Tyron straightens his posture on the top rope, ready to perform an aerial attack on her from Heath’s shoulders. But before Tyron jumps off, Gina punches Heath and then flips backwards, propelling Heath into his partner with a Hurracanrana!

Axel Reid: Gina countered! AND THERE GOES TYRON!

Consequently, Tyron loses his balance on the turnbuckle from the collision and falls off, CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLE BELOW!

Ruby Parvati: TABLE FOR ONE!

Immediately concerned, Gina exits the ring and checks on Tyron, being joined by Missy who scolds her and threatens her with the clipboard! Gina relays her innocence, but Missy is having none of it!

Axel Reid: Look at Missy tongue-lashing Gina! She didn’t intend for that to happen!

Ruby Parvati: Well Tyron is out of commission and Gina is being a softie! That just leaves Heath and… Nicole!

Ruby spots the other half of the Neon Babes crawling into the ring, having been recovering outside the ring this entire time. With Heath distracted by Gina and Missy, Nicole stumbles to the ladder and starts to climb, the crowd reacting as she does so. One of her hands is clenched into a fist, but she manages to climb with one hand. Missy finally notices Nicole and frantically points at her, which causes Heath to spin around and see her too. He gives pursuit, going after Nicole and climbing the other side of the ladder!

Axel Reid: And now we have a chase up the ladder, but Nicole or Heath cannot get those titles on their own!

Nicole reaches the top first and gazes down at Heath, who climbs up and knocks her with a forearm. He climbs higher as Nicole leans back from the blow… only to reveal a small spray can hidden in her hand, which she uses to spray something in Heath’s eyes!

Ruby Parvati: SPRAY TO THE EYES!


Both blinded and pained, Heath tumbles off the ladder, clutching his face the entire time! Once Heath falls, Nicole sees Gina and, without her knowing, chucks the spray can out of sight!

Axel Reid: She blatantly did that, and Gina doesn’t know it! Now she’s shouting for Gina to join her at the top!

Once Gina hears Nicole shouting for her, the Second Babe sees Nicole standing on top of the ladder all alone. Realizing what they can achieve, even though she is still concerned about Tyron, Gina abandons his side and scampers into the ring, quickly heading to the ladder and beginning her nervous ascent!

Ruby Parvati: All Gina has to do is climb! Climb you Neon-obsessed freak!

Axel Reid: But she’s still scared, even when she climbed to the top before!

Gina continues to climb whilst Missy shakes Tyron, attempting to get him moving. Shortly thereafter she physically drags him up, slapping his face and yelling at him to wake up. Tyron, shaking away the cobwebs, tries to get his bearings as he leans on the apron. Gina is now half-way up with Nicole encouraging her to keep going!

Ruby Parvati: Wide Load is up!

Axel Reid: But he’s disorientated from the fall, and Heath is still lying on the floor with his eyes covered!

With the crowd yelling at Gina to climb – and at Tyron to stop them winning because of Nicole – Tyron groggily rolls into the ring and tries to push himself up to his feet. Gina has two rungs to go, but Nicole grabs her hand for support!


Finally, Gina is high enough to touch the belts! Nicole grabs one of them as Gina slowly reaches up and takes the other!

Ruby Parvati: UNHOOK THEM NOW!

But Tyron gets to his feet and stumbles to the ladder… only to collapse onto his knees as Nicole and Gina SIMULTANEOUSLY TAKE THE CHAMPIONSHIPS!




Jerry Heisenberg: Here are your winners… and the NEWWWW VoW TWIN CITY CHAMPIONS… GINA NEON AND NICOLE EVANS, THE NEON BABES!!!

Gina joyfully embraces Nicole atop the ladder as “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” plays again, Nicole visually sharing her excitement as the celebrations begin. Missy looks on appalled as Heath still wipes his eyes, Tyron now putting his hands to his face as the realization of their loss sets in.

Axel Reid: I don’t know how Gina will react once she finds out about the circumstances behind their victory… IF she even finds out!

Ruby Parvati: Who cares! They’re Twin City Champions! That’s all that matters!

Axel Reid: Well Gina trusts Nicole to be a good person, but Nicole just proved she will do anything to win and keep it from her partner.

Eventually, both women climb down with their newly-won belts as Tyron checks on Heath. Missy starts to walk to the back by herself, but she is soon by Tyron keeping a hold of Heath, who is still having trouble with his vision.

Axel Reid: You know… I think that might have been mace. His eyes are red from irritation.

Ruby Parvati: Deodrant, perfume, mace, they would have done the same sort of thing. The goal was always to win. How Nicole and Gina got there is irrelevant!

Axel Reid: Whatever the case, I’m sure the Requiem will get their chance again at some point… unless Dathyn and Matthew Robinson have anything to say about it.

Ruby Parvati: Or the Chaos Sworn, for that matter.

Axel Reid: But this was still a great match-up. Congratulations to our new Twin City Champions, the Neon Babes!

Ruby Parvati: Especially Nicole. Good thinking, girl!

Nicole and Gina spend time celebrating in the ring by themselves, jointly or with the fans. Soon, after the festivities seem to be dying down and the moment has been thoroughly established, the scene fades…

Final Reflection

After a quick advertisement promoting Nothing Else Matters 2016, the next PPV for Visionaries of Wrestling, the scene cuts to Axel Reid and Ruby Parvati at the commentary table, clearly flustered from the event and all of the matches and moments that have occurred.

Axel Reid: Yes, ladies and gentleman, our next PPV will indeed be Nothing Else Matters… but what an amazing show Double Jeopardy has been tonight! I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep!

Ruby Parvati: I swear… if every show was like this one, honey, I’d die a lot quicker.

Axel Reid: There have been a lot of mixed emotions tonight, that’s for sure… which, interestingly enough, brings us to our second Main Event of the evening. This, Ruby… I don’t even know what to say about this upcoming match…

Ruby Parvati: I know exactly what to say. It involves a depressed Brit going against his ex-girlfriend. It’s like an Anime battle waiting to happen!

Axel Reid: It’s much more than that, Ruby. I don’t think I have ever seen a match come about quite like this in all my years of wrestling.

A graphic appears on the screen, promoting the encounter between Cera and Matt Slater for one last time. Naturally, the Caguas fans react strongly to the appearance of Cera, but surprisingly less so for Slater. There seems to be a distinct favourite for this match, given the location and its familial history.

Axel Reid: Ladies and gentleman… this match has been five years in the making. Two people who were once tag team partners, known collectively as Merciless Demise… then becoming significant others… until it all came crashing down. Love gained and love lost… with plenty of demons forming along the way.

Ending on that note, the graphic – and for that matter the entire screen – switches to a historical video package of Cera and Slater, showcasing their time as a tag team and winning matches together. This soon leads to candid photos of Slater and Cera as an item… until the package eventually shifts to a darker tone, highlighting the destruction of their relationship. Before the package ends, the fans witness Slater’s descent into madness after his return and Cera’s strange change in behaviour. Joanna Thade is even featured, given her interactions with Slater leading up to this match and her messages about life and trust. The package ends with Cera and Slater bathed in darkness, fading to black gradually as a silver feather falls down the screen, turning blood red in the process.

Once the package ends, we cut to a view of Matt Slater in his personal locker room. We only see his upper body, adorned in his traditional white zip-up hoodie. He appears unshaved and rough around the edges, and his eyes have heavy bags underneath them from the torment he has endured since coming back to VoW. All the while, he stares at his silver sword pendant in his hand, stroking the metal with his thumb as he seems to reflect on the past.

After a short while, Slater locates the chain attached to the pendant and prepares to put it around his neck. Midway he freezes, acknowledging the pendant again and its symbolic nature. Keeping the chain in both hands, he steps forward and slowly places the chain on a coat hook next to the door. This time, he will not be wearing it before his match.

Finally ready to complete his last objective, Slater slowly makes his way to the door, whereby he grips the handle and scans the room thoroughly. Suddenly, he notices something parallel to the door. Letting go of the handle, he approaches this mysterious object… which happens to be a wall-length rectangular mirror.

He stands still, digesting his appearance and what he has visually become. Shortly thereafter, he seems to look deeper, as if coming to some kind of acceptance at what he is about to do. Closing his eyes, Slater silently inhales before he lets out a low breath, gazing at himself one final time with a dark expression before he tenses up and leaves the room, the door shutting with an audible snap.

s our view returns to ringside, where fans are eagerly awaiting the match to come, the sudden sound of a repetitive drum explodes throughout the arena from the speakers, startling everyone in the process. Both the commentators and crowd all look around in confusion, on the edge of their seats for a potential appearance of one of VoW’s superstars before Cera and Slater have their battle. But no one comes, causing the commentators to speak first…

Axel Reid: What the hell is that? After the dramatic, symbolic scene from Matt… now this nonsense st-

~We waged a war with Hell, and look, we still survive!!!~

Ruby Parvati: Uh, what?!

~But just because we live DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE ALIVE!!!~




~…heaven help us, where do we begin?~

Axel Reid: Oh my god, my ears are f-bleep-ing bleeding……

Ruby Parvati: What was the point of that bullsh-bleep!-

It’s apparent that the commentators are agitated by this confusing spectacle, and as the singer’s voice slowly fades back out we hear someone’s voice, distorted, giggling over the speakers now…

Voice: And and, she hissed! Ahahahahahaha… oh, I can’t… I- oh sh-bleep!-, the music stopped?

Another voice speaks, a little deeper and sultry in tone, but just as distorted.

Voice 2: Yes. I’m pretty sure everyone can hear us now.

Voice: Oh. Okay…

The first person clears their throat, which makes an uncomfortable noise through the strange distortion.

Voice: Hello friends, family, and all those in between. How do you like my, uh, toys? You may have noticed a couple chilling out in the crowd…

Our cameras then pan over said crowd, and they zoom in to a total of three random mannequins scattered throughout the seating areas. They’re all dressed in casual attire, holding up signs that consecutively say, “Dynasty Decapitated” “You Might Just See” “A Ghost Tonight!”. Our view trails past the bewildered fans, back up to the tron… which flickers to life, showcasing another mannequin wearing a bright red shirt with gold lettering: “If You Don’t Know, Now You Know”. The distorted voice continues, now coming from the tron… or rather, the mannequin showcased within it…

Voice: Now now, don’t be alarmed. These ones don’t explode. Usually.

Ruby Parvati: Okay seriously, who is giving this person time on our show? Where is Miss Sangue, because this is ridiculous!

Voice 2: Hmm. According to our toys, it seems people are getting frustrated. Should you move on?

Voice: Aw… they don’t like my ramblings? Fine… how about this?

The tron goes dark, then returns to life to show the mannequin closer to the camera.

Voice: The world’s a bitter place, we know, we get it. And some people… seem to believe that humanity can’t progress without strife or their silly little form of… what do they call it?

Voice 2: Chaos?

Voice: Ah yes, chaos. Disrupting the established order. Or ah, unpredictable actions. Orrr my favorite, the infinity of space or formless matter supposed to have preceded the existence of the ordered universe.

The primary voice seems to be reading this, before returning to a more relaxed speech…

Voice: However. Considering no one here precedes the universe… we’ll look at the other two: unpredictable? Please, we see your actions coming a mile away. And how can one disrupt an established order when order has yet to be established? VoW is not a wrestling federation, but a madhouse. And believe it or not, you all fit in.

Voice 1 & 2: That’s where we come in.

The tron goes dark yet again, only for it to return with the mannequin even closer now, this time it’s eyes having been colored in with black sharpie. A hysterical giggle, the distortion making it far creepier…

Voice: What if someone disrupted the disorder?

Voice 2: Like a hero?

Voice: Ha! More like someone who just wants to watch others’ worlds burn… and keep the ashes on their shelf.

Axel Reid: Why all of this now? This person is disrupting what’s been an extraordinary event with their nonsense. The next match has yet to start because of-

Voice: Ohhh how the tables have tabled.

The tron is drained in that darkness again, and soon after we hear loud pops coming from the speakers. And then… “FOOSH”… a noise signalling that of something going up in flames, before the tron returns… only to show a close up of the mannequin’s face, now ablaze and slowly melting. The voice, seeming giddy with excitement, continues in that distorted garbled tone…

Voice: Wanna see a trick?

Suddenly laughter explodes out of all three mannequins in the crowd! The fans nearby start, before frantically moving away from them (in fear of the plastic models being turned to ash as well). But instead, that voice continues over the laughter…

Voice: Welcome to my world of fun! All guests must sign a waiver… you never know what can happen with just a little push. Right, guys?

The laughter abruptly stops, and out of one mannequin comes “right”…. in the sound of Owen Gonsalves’ voice?! The next mannequin follows suit, “right”…. in the sound of Matt Slater??… and the final one, “right”…. in Casanova English’s. Then, silence. It seems like hours pass, as they wait for what’s next… but the tron is dead, and no noise is heard. So the crowd begins frantically speaking to each other, making guesses and voicing concerns. The camera goes to the commentators, as if allowing them to brush this off and move on with the show… but out of the blue comes one final comment, in a somewhat familiar voice, no longer distorted:

Voice: I’ll show you what this crown truly means…


Main Event 2
– No Disqualification Match –
Cera Vs. Matt Slater

Axel Reid: Did that…

Ruby Parvati: There’s no way. I’ve heard rumors about what happened to her…

Axel Reid: If those rumors were true, it’d be all over the news. But… who else could it be? And does this mean we have ourselves a new, or returning, member?

Ruby Parvati: I’m not sure, Axel… but it seems like they were calling out a few people. This could get intriguing. That said, it looks like we can finally begin this ma-

Jerry Heisenberg: The following match is a no disqualification match, scheduled for one fall!

The crowd is suddenly drowned in a sea of crimson light, a heartbeat echoing from the speakers… before we then hear:

“It is from this world of darkness which come the evil, destructive forces of man’s nature…”

The voice fades out and the lights flash brightly once, returning to normal as the opening rifts of “Told Ya So” by Get Scared explodes throughout the arena. The tron remains off as the first verse hits… but the music immediately stops at “when I got back up and the world neglected me”. The lights return to normal, much to the fans dismay, as out walks the not so Baddest Bitch.

Jerry Heisenberg: First to the ring… weighing in tonight at 150lbs and standing at 5’10… her hometown is right here in this city…. CERA!!!

She looks tired and she obviously doesn’t want to be there as she closes her eyes for a moment. The Puerto Rican crowd is shouting abuse her way, a few exclamations of “PUTA” are heard, while the rest of the fans are booing. However, we hear a few cheers here and there, which seem to make her lips twitch upward slightly. With a deep exhalation, Cera’s eyes reopen and she glances warily toward the fans as she moves forward. She reaches the ring, slides quietly under the ropes, then leans against them, staring numbly toward the entrance.

Axel Reid: Cera seems… different… tonight.

Ruby Parvati: Well, if you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on between these two… and what Cera’s been going through on an emotional level… you would understand why.

Axel Reid: When VoW first started and she came here, Cera was full of confidence and vigor. She seems like a shell of her former self… and, despite not being a fan of the things she’s done… it’s still a bit heartbreaking…

As Cera continues waiting inside the ring, the crowd react loudly as “Subconscious” by Yonosuke Kitamura begins to play, prompting the arena lights to fade distinctly. At the song’s inception, only a couple of white lights remain on the stage. However, once the bass beats conclude, giving way to a melodic guitar riff, they are joined by powerful blue and white lights. These lights begin to circle around the arena as the song properly kicks in, sweeping across the tiers of the arena and the capacity crowd. Eventually, after half-a-minute or so, Matt Slater finally reveals himself to the world. He slowly walks out from behind the curtain, adorned in his white zip-up hoodie… but there is a prominent change regarding his attire. Everything is completely black; black trunks, black knee pads and boots, black cut-off gloves, and no graphics or symbols anymore. He is as plain as plain can be, generic in appearance but emitting a morose, unsettling tone.

Axel Reid: Of all the things to think about going into this match… I was not expecting this.

Soon enough, without acknowledging the crowd in any particular way, Slater slowly makes his way towards the ring, keeping his eyes fixed on Cera the entire time. She too stares at him from afar, unsure what to make of his change, as simple as it is.

Jerry Heisenberg: And her opponent… he hails from Manchester, England and weighs in tonight at 224lbs… MATT SLATER!!!

Axel Reid: And there is no mention of the “Silver Knight” either. The rumors must have been true then. Matt Slater has gotten rid of that esteemed moniker… and is simply being himself.

Ruby Parvati: Well that’s also a bit heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Axel Reid: Surprising to hear that from you, Ruby.

Ruby Parvati: Well, despite not liking him or people like him, I still have respect for the people in this sport. And to watch anyone lose themself? That’s not something I, or anyone, should enjoy seeing…

Slater reaches the ringside area and stops, continuing to stare at Cera with solemn yet unwavering eyes. Eventually, he breaks eye contact and makes his way to the steel steps, mounting them slowly before walking across the apron, keeping Cera in his sights once again. He does not pose; he does not look at the crowd at all. He is transfixed on his one last goal; his one last promise to try and keep. He steps through the ropes and moves towards the corner, but he does not mount it. Instead, he turns back to Cera and looks down at the zip of his hoodie, unfastening the garment and taking it off.

Ruby Parvati: Things are about to get serious in here…

Axel Reid: Even the crowd has gone silent. Either they’re not sure what to make of these two, or they’re waiting on the edge of their seats for what’s to come…

Once the hoodie is taken away by a ringside assistant, Slater keeps his focus on Cera, keeping her in his sights as his music fades out. The crowd remains quiet as the two wrestlers keep their eyes locked, standing at opposite ends of the ring. Cera is first to move forward, and we’re expecting her to throw the first punch… but instead, she simply puts a hand out.

Ruby Parvati: …what the hell?

Axel Reid: She’s… offering her hand to shake? Who IS this?!

Ruby Parvati: Perhaps she has enough respect for Matt…

Axel Reid: … or she’s testing him.

The fans wait anxiously as our cameras keep focused on the two superstars. Slater stares down at his foe’s hand, hesitating. But Cera stays patient… until finally Matt decidedly takes it.


On cue, Cera immediately attempts to turn that handshake into a wrist lock! The crowd finally begins stirring with some boos, which explode into cheers as we see Slater predict the outcome and immediately yank that arm away and flow right into a kick that knocks his opponent back into the ropes!

Ruby Parvati: THERE we go!

Axel Reid: And it has begun!

Cera shakes off the kick and pushes herself forward, now throwing a fist out. Slater catches it with an arm drag, which Cera immediately counters by flipping onto her feet. She then instantly goes for a kick, but Matt expertly dodges it, despite her leg being mere inches from his face!

The crowd is cheering excitedly, happy for this back and forth, fast-paced match! And it only continues as Cera throws out another kick, which her foe blocks with a forearm, much to her surprise. Matt flinches, but immediately pushes that leg away with his arm and lurches forward to grab hold and hit a suplex! The crowd’s cheers only grow as he pauses there, then grabs her again to hit ANOTHER suplex! But he doesn’t stop there, knowing full well that this won’t keep her down. So he hooks her up for a final snap suplex… only for her to grab hold of him, twisting out of the facelock! She then ducks under a clothesline attempt via his other arm, then swiftly nails him with a 540 roundhouse kick!!!

Axel Reid: Yikes! THAT was painful!

Ruby Parvati: THAT’S the Cera I know!

Cera watches the downed man for a moment, as if contemplating something, before moving to the top rope. She hovers there, waiting for him to get up… and when he finally does, she immediately leaps off for a missile dropkick! But Slater grabs her legs in midair!!! The fans explode in delight as he plants her down, setting up a sharpshooter! He instinctively places his leg through her’s…

…and stops.

He looks down at her, realizing what he’s doing, and hesitates. As soon as he does, Cera immediately takes advantage and kicks herself free! The crowd switches it up to boos as she rolls herself back to her feet.

Ruby Parvati: What the… WHY did he hesitate?! Doesn’t he realize that on the mat he’s got the upperhand?!

Axel Reid: The thing is… the move is potentially torturous, and he’s not fighting her to harm her.

Ruby Parvati: He shouldn’t be letting his emotions get the best of him! Cera isn’t!

Slater is standing again now, and Cera lurches forward again. She whips a leg out for a kick, but Matt quickly ducks under and grabs her in a waistlock! His foe twists him into a drop toe hold in response, rolling into a headlock, before Slater then turns over and legscissors her head! Cera hurriedly kips up out of it, and soon enough they’re both on their feet again, a bit out of breath…

Ruby Parvati: My god…

Axel Reid: I’m having trouble keeping up with them…

Ruby Parvati: I’m wondering how the hell he keeps dodging her kicks, of all things!!

Axel Reid: Watch when he counters her. It’s not that he’s keeping up with her speed. It’s that he’s foreseeing what she’s about to do. They know each other so well that it’s almost like they can predict each other’s moves…

Ruby Parvati: That’s sort of… mind-blowing.

Our cameras focus in on the ring, and we can see a slightly irritated look crossing Cera’s face as she moves swiftly forward. She goes to kick, and when her foe dodges again, she keeps forward to slap him! It makes contact, but before she can pull that arm away… Matt grabs hold of it! He looks back at her, then hurriedly applies a wrist lock!

But Cera rolls forward, springing up to escape it, and goes for a knife edge chop! And yet he grabs her arm again, this time pulling her down into a reverse armbar!!! Frantic, Cera rolls forward AGAIN and kicks at Slater as he starts to get up. He ducks under at the same time, pulling his opponent into a school boy roll up… but Cera kicks out before the referee can even start the count!

Ruby Parvati: The first attempt and the ref doesn’t even get over to them before it’s kicked out of…

Axel Reid: The ref hasn’t had to do much thus far. Despite it being no disqualification… which…

Ruby Parvati: … hasn’t even been utilized?

Axel Reid: Exactly. Not even Cera has taken out a weapon or hit a low blow. Nothing.

Ruby Parvati: Perhaps the match… doesn’t really need it.

Axel Reid: Or the competitors don’t want to take advantage of it…

Cera rolls a bit away from Slater and stands as he does, before she rushes over again! Matt sees her coming and goes to hit an overhead belly-to-belly to counter, but during the execution of it Cera grabs his head as she’s thrown over… and pulls him down into a neckbreaker!!! The crowd can’t help but cheer that counter despite the fact that Matt is laid out again.

Axel Reid: That was pretty awesome!

Ruby Parvati: This entire match has been impressive! Looks like Cera doesn’t even care to go for any cover though…

We see Cera dragging her opponent up, and she pops him in the gut with a hard knee, then quickly moves around him and violently snaps a kick right into his ass! The move causes Matt to stumble forward between the ropes, and Cera then hurriedly follows, running over and past to swing through the ropes for her tiger feint kick! And yet…

… as she’s swinging through, Slater pushes himself away and grabs her legs!!!

With Cera balanced on the ropes there, Matt pulls her sharply into the ring and immediately drops an elbow onto her leg! With his foe now on the mat stomach first, Slater grabs hold of her arms and puts his feet on either of her legs. The crowd is going nuts as he then stands, pulling back, with a Romero special!!!

Axel Reid: Okay, maybe he DOES want to hurt her…

Ruby Parvati: She’s obviously in pain from this, but it looks like she has an idea. Cera’s swinging her hips a bit, see?

Axel Reid: I think he’s trying to wear her down. She’s been going, barely breaking a sweat… it’s tactical. But so is what she’s doing. And I don’t think Matt wants to keep this particular hold very long…

Cera continues swinging her hips, wider and faster, until she manages to cause them both to fall to the side, forcing Slater to let go. Soon enough, they’re both on their feet again. With a grimace, Cera shakes her head and moves forward again. She pops out some swift machine gun kicks, but Matt catches the third before she can do much damage. He then swiftly spins her into his trip German suplexes! The fans count with each one, looking excited… but before the third one, Cera rolls onto her feet, then falls onto a knee in obvious pain. She favors her back and slowly lifts her head to watch Slater turn around… and she jumps up to hit a Codebreaker!

Ruby Parvati: Cera just pulled Matt Into the Fire!!

Axel Reid: She learned that move from him, after all. It doesn’t surprise me that she’d use it here…

Ruby Parvati: Indeed. And now she’s going for the cover finally… did she just remember that this is a match???

1 . . .

2 . . .-NO!

Running a hand through her hair, Cera slaps the mat and stands back up. There are more shouts of “PUTA” heard, seeming to build with each move she hits. Cera twitches but pulls her foe up, then kicks the man into the nearest corner. Following this, she hits him with a running knee, causing Slater to stumble out and fall to the mat. Cera gets atop the turnbuckle, going for a corkscrew bodypress…. but Matt catches her! He gets her up onto his shoulders…….. and hits the Shockwave!!!! The crowd is on their feet!!!


Ruby Parvati: What is he doing?! He’s checking on her?! SERIOUSLY?!


The fans shout this loudly at the man, who pauses and tenses his body. After a few seconds of them shouting this, he finally emotionally shouts at the ref, “F-BLEEP-ING COUNT”, and covers her…

1 . . .

2 . . .

3 . . .-NO!!!

Axel Reid: WHAT?!

Ruby Parvati: She kicked out… SHE KICKED OUT!!!

Matt seems a bit shaky, as he moves back away from her… but he’s still facing her, and suddenly Cera whips a leg out, successfully kicking him in his face!!! Slater falls backwards, startled as he’s now bleeding at the eyebrow! The fans are enraged as a dazed Cera slowly stands. She flinches and we get a close up of her clenching her jaw, the crowd shouting abuse and insults her way!!!


A dizzy Slater hears this and stares daggers out at the fans, who continue their chant. We now get a close up of Cera’s fists, which tighten and begin to shake. The camera trails up to her face, and her expression has changed. In a fit of rage, she suddenly bursts forward before Matt can even think to get up. She mounts him and begins throwing angry, vicious punches at him!!!

Axel Reid: WHOA! This just took a 180! She is PISSED!

Ruby Parvati: … I feel as if she isn’t really angry with Matt, though. He’s… something to take her frustrations out on.

Axel Reid: Yeah. And maybe those frustrations aren’t just this crowd tonight… but a lot of pent up stuff too. She’s been holding back so much anger tonight and now… well now, he’s getting it all at once.

Slater has been blocking most of the punches, his forearms taking the brunt of the attacks, but soon he begins to falter. After what seems like hours of her attacking him… she suddenly stops. At this point, Matt has taken at least a couple dozen punches. We see Cera sitting atop her foe, breathing heavily. She slowly puts a hand up to her face… and Slater swiftly sits up! He grabs her and rolls her up!!! To everyone’s shock, he quickly makes the cover!!!

1 . . .

2 . . .

. . .




The arena suddenly goes black.

People are desperately turning on their phones, trying to get some light in there. But the ring is blanketed in darkness, and all we can hear is Slater’s confused shouts! We can hear the commentators trying to figure out what’s going on, but to no avail. After a couple of minutes, the lights flicker back to life…. and the scene in the ring is not a pretty sight.

Matt is laid out, groaning… and Cera is unconscious there on the mat, blood trailing from her head. After a minute or two, Slater manages to sit up and looks over at the woman before him. An alarmed look crosses his features as he frantically crawls his way over. He gently shakes her and looks around in confusion. That’s when realization hits him, and he looks back at Cera. He grabs her wrist… and begins freaking out! Through the befuddled murmurs of the crowd, we hear Matt shouting… “GET THE MEDICS F-BLEEP-ING OUT HERE! SHE’S NOT BREATHING!!!”

Axel Reid: Wait… wait what?!

Ruby Parvati: No… this is just a prank. A joke… this isn’t really happening!!

Slater continues desperately screaming, as finally we see EMTs hurrying their way down. As they reach the two superstars, the looks on their faces says it all…

Axel Reid: We can’t end it like this… not like this…

Ruby Parvati: What do we do?!?! What CAN we do?!?!?!

Axel Reid: We’re being told to end it here… we’re being told to end the f-bleep-ing show…

Ruby Parvati: Just… sh-bleep-… okay… thank you all for tuning in… we’ll keep you posted and-

Suddenly, unexpectedly and seemingly randomly, we cut… and fade out on the annual Double Jeopardy poster…