Warner Bros. Lands Global Champion

Two days ago Hard Knox Wrestling’s Global Champion Emilio Vialpando tweeted out a photo with him wearing a baseball cap with the Warner Bros. logo on it. Some suggested that it was just a simple picture and there was nothing behind it at all.

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But that was until Vialpando then followed up with a tweet that seemed all too suggestive.
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Today we have learned that Warner Bros. Studios has signed Emilio Vialpando to an exclusive talent deal. The deal allows the company to use Emilio in any of its films and media content. How the deal came about we are unsure at this time but it would make sense for the studio to want the Global Champion because of how big of a star he is across the globe and his recent acting gigs in eVolves’s haVok series and the Bank Heist motion picture that featured other wrestling superstars.
Does this mean we will be seeing Vialpando in future Warner Bros. projects? Yes! Indeed we will as we have also learned that Emilio is set to guest star in a couple episodes in the next upcoming season of eVolve’s Nightwing television series. What else could we see from the LAX representative? Well we’ll just have to wait and see but one thing is for certain. Next time we’ll ever see Vialpando in film it will be under Warner Bros. production.
SOURCE: http://w11.zetaboards.com/HKWOnline