Wednesday Wrestling Rag Underground Top 50

Wednesday Wrestling Rag’s Top 50- June 29th to July 5th

Rating wrestlers from 31 federations comprising of APEX, The Experts, ACW, CWO, FWO, GCW, LoC, nbW, NFW, Genesis Pro, DWF, HOW, Hostility, ICWF, Simcoe County, PCW, WCF, LARIAT, and XWW.

Vox Nihili (FWO) head and shoulders above in tag team ranks.
Kirsta Lewis still the Queen of E-Wrestling but Michelle Masters closing fast
Sandy Makel still leads the men but his lead is starting to shrink.

1. Vox Nihili (Alias and Karina Wolfenden)- FWO 30 pts.
-the class of the E-Wrestling tag team ranks right now. Big victory last week over Saunders and Urban, Team Viagra, and the Legion of Dairy
2. Hawk Henshaw and Latricia- PWR 21 pts.
3. Blitzkrieg Funk- LoC 15 pts.
4. Spike Saunders and Callie Urban- FWO 13 pts.
4. Viking and Andrew O’Reilly- WTF 13 pts.
6. Big Oil/Kirk Walstreit- PCW 12 pts
7. Team Viagra (MLM and David Noble)- FWO 11 pts.
7. Ellisia Torretto and Super Sams- UWF 11 pts.
-enters the top ten for the first time. New UWF Tag Team champs.
7. The Novas- TFWF 11 pts.
10. Rage and Mr. Larson- VWF 9 pts.
-another newcomer. Brand new VWF Tag Team titleholders
10. The Industry (Chris Bond and Dave Milenko)- Hostility 9 pts.
-New tag team. New title. The Industry making waves at Hostility.
10. Mike Polowy and Jak Nemesis- DWF 9 pts.
-Polowy raising a ruckus in two promotions now.

Rating System for Tag Teams: we’ve finally worked through a formula after four weeks of trial and error.
+2 win/ -3 loss
+5 Additional for winning top title in fed
-5 additional for losing top title in fed
+1 additional for successfully defending title


1. Kirsta Lewis- HOW, SCCW, VWF, TFWF, MCW 31 pts.
-Not a good week for the Hellcat. Singles loss at HOW. Tag Team losses at SCCW and VWF (including the tag team belts). Once the undisputed Queen of E-Wrestling. Now has Michelle Masters right on her tail.
2. Michelle Masters- FWO 28 pts.
3. Katherine Stryfe- HIW 23 pts.
-Stryfe made the big jump forward this week up to 3 as result of her winning HIW’s Barely Legal title
4. Latrisha- PWR 22 pts.
5. Bobbinette Carey- HOW 19 pts
-Tough loss to ‘Explosive’ Mark O’Neil last week has the Queen B sliding back a bit.
6. Karina Wolfenden- FWO 18 pts.
7. Alexia- HIW 17 pts.
-New Women’s titleholder at HIW
8. Serena- UWF 14 pts
-Won a six people scramble match to become the new UWF Television champion
9. Olivia Quinn- Siberian Wrestling 13 pts.
10. Hannah Rickman- PWR 12 pts.
10. Kathryn Randall Collins- PCW 12 pts.
10. Iris Galavar- ICWF 12 pts.
10. Shade- VWF 12 pts.
-New VWF women’s champion
14. Valoria Salinas- WMW 11 pts.
14. Heiki Heidenriech- PWR 11 pts.
14. Angelica Jones- GDW 11 pts.
14. Miss USA- PCW 11 pts.
-Back in the top 15 after impressive debut this past weekend at PCW’s Fourth of July Spectacular.

Rating System for Women:
+2 win vs. other women / -3 loss vs. other women
+3 win vs. men/ -1 loss vs. other men
+5 additional for winning top title in fed
-5 additional for losing top title in fed
+1 successful title defense
+1 Tag Team win
-1 Tag Team loss
+1 win Secondary Title
-1 No activity during the week

1. Sandy Makel- TFWF 49 pts.
2. Nick Stevenson- PWR 35 pts.
3. High Flyer- FWO 33 pts.
4. Shawn Hart- LoC 31 pts.
4. Alias- ACW/FWO 31 pts.
4. Level One- APW/DWF* 31 pts.
-Takes the big jump of the week after winning the DWF title.
4. MDK- SCW 31 pts.
8. Andrei Sorokov- Siberian Wrestling 29 pts.
9. Mr. Fantastic- VWF 27 pts.
10. ‘The All-Star’ Shawn Anderson- WTF 26 pts.
10. Max Danger- ACW 24 pts.
12. Shane Reynolds- HOW 22 pts.
12. Aceldama- HOW 22 pts.
12. Johnny Styles- HIW 22 pts.
12. O’Beck Bahama- PCW 22 pts.
16. Viking- WTF 21 pts.
17. Johnny Serious- cWo 21 pts.
-Loses non-title match, drops way down to 17.
18. Trevor Wilson- ACW 20 pts.
19. Xander Daniels- Hostility 19 pts.
20. Ryan James- Genesis Pro 18 pts.
-Won the Genesis Pro title and breaks into the top 25.
20. Mike Polowy- Hostility/DWF 18 pts.
22. Jack Purcell- PWR, SW 18 pts.
22. Steve Studnuts- XWW 18 pts.
-Won the XWW title over Gordie James and jumps into this week’s top 25
24. Max Kael- HOW 17 pts.
24. Riflewilly- SCCW 17 pts.
24. Hawk Henshaw- PWR 17 pts.

Rating System for the Men:
+2 win/ -3 loss
+5 additional for winning top fed title
-5 additional for losing top fed title
+1 additional for winning secondary title
+1 defending title
+1Tag Team win
-1 Tag Team loss
-1 No activity during the week