What Was Once Official Now Becomes Official!

Bobby finally signs on the dotted line!

As of this moment, it is now official!

“Beautiful” Bobby Dean is a DEFIANT, again…

At ASCENSION, it was alluded that Bobby Dean had signed with DEFIANCE, but that wasn’t exactly the case. You see, Bobby Dean was backstage visiting friends from the currently disbanded United Toughness Alliance that had recently joined DEFIANCE. While at the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex in New Orleans, Louisiana one person Bobby did come across was Eric Dane. The two have quite the storied past, one fraught with violence, fear, and maybe even a little miniscule amount of respect? Nah, mainly it’s just fear and violence, Bobby Dean is scared to death of the man!


Eric Dane:

I felt bad for Bobby, I did get him practically fired from Utah. So when I saw him at the DEFplex I told him he really should schedule a meeting with Kelly. See, Bobby and I have an agreement; so long as he works hard and doesn’t revert back to the joke of a human that he was when I found him in UTA, I won’t break both of his legs. I dunno why I keep giving the guy chances, he can be like a child at times… Maybe this is my Good Deed for this lifetime.


That meeting with his former mentor planted a bug in Bobby’s ear, and thus, began the courtship for “Beautiful” Bobby Dean to re-join DEFIANCE. By courtship, I mean a contract was sent, reviewed, amended, re-submitted, amended once again, re-submitted for a third time, and finally signed. But what was in the contract that needed to be changed?

Section 18. Paragraph 4. Line 8.

Food Allowance Ia

Bobby Dean will receive X amount of dollars while on DEFIANCE business, outside of the DEFPlex, for food consumption.

Food Allowance Ib

DEFIANCE will now be catering X amount of food in which Bobby Dean may eat as much as he wants, without question, comment, or judgment.

It wasn’t what was in the contract, but rather what was missing from the contract! Bobby held up negotiations until the guys in the suits were able to write in the “Bobby Dean Clause” enabling the big man a myriad of food at each DEF Television and PPV broadcast. So all of you out there eating the all you can eat prime rib, or the bottomless nachos supreme, be sure you swing by and give your good friend “Beautiful” Bobby Dean a pat on the back.

I had a chance to speak to the Name that Entertains and get his thoughts about re-joining DEFIANCE once more.


DEFIANCE is like my home away from home. I miss the old guys like COOL Cancer Jiles, Doozer, Xavier Langston, that one guy with the snake mask, that other guy with the cowboy hat, and that dude with the mustache who looks like he came out of the 1930’s.

Lance Warner:

You mean Bronson Box? He’s still here…


Listen, you’re looking at the former UTA World Champion, three time DEFIANCE Southern Heritage Champion, twelve time DEFIANCE and UTA Tag Team Champion, and just over all, the best “big” man in the business!

Lance Warner:

None of that is true.


It can be factually proven!

Lance Warner:

No it can’t, how!?


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Lance Warner:

*Head shake*

“Beautiful” Bobby Dean is scheduled to make his in ring DEFIANCE debut for the third time of his career at DEFTV #62, the big question on everyone’s mind however is, “How long will he remain this time?”

SOURCE: http://defiancewrestling.com